Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council AGM on June 18, 2019.

Minute of the AGM of Kintore and District Community Council
Held 7.00pm on 18th June 2019 in Kintore Primary School

Fiona Cooper, Alison Cumming, Drew Cullinane, Kenny Thomson, John Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Jess Lumsden, Paul Davidson. Cllrs Fergus Hood and Glen Reid.

Ken McEwen, Lesley Monaghan, Derek Logan, Dave Monaghan, Councillor Martin Ford and Councillor Dominic Lonchay. PC James Stewart.

As all elected office bearers had stepped down prior to AGM, Cllr Reid agreed to Chair meeting and accordingly welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1. Matters arising from the last minute/approval
Glen referred to the Minutes of the lastAGM meeting and asked if there were in order. This was agreed and therefore Minutes were formally approved by Fiona Cooper and seconded by Drew Cullinane.

2. Chairman’s Report
Within the report, Fiona highlighted many of the highs and lows of last nine months (Last AGM was in September 2018). These included the disappointment that both the Town Park and East Kintore Developments have not happened due to the economic climate. However, on a more positive side, there are new lights at the pedestrian crossing at Kintore School and the Kintore Fountain has been restored
and will operate May to September annually.

Fiona thanked all the Community Councillors and Aberdeenshire Councillors for their continued support of the Kintore and District Community Council, in carrying out work done on behalf of the residents of Kintore. It is very much appreciated.

3. Treasurers report
Financial Statement for the year ending has been circulated. Kenny highlighted that the accounting period of 7 months (1st September to 31st March ) was due to align with new Community Council system (New scheme of establishment for CC), and that the accounts have been examined by qualified person, Michelle Paterson.

As there were no points requiring discussion, the Financial Statement was formally approved by the Committee and Kenny will organise for copy of the minutes and the statement be send to Aberdeenshire Council so the this year’s grant can be progressed.

4. Election of Office Bearers Chair, Vice, Secretary and Treasurer

Position | Name | Proposer | Seconder
Chair | Fiona Cooper | Kenny Thomson | Ann Marston
Vice—Chair | Ken McEwen | Fiona Cooper | Jess Lumsden
Secretary | Drew Cullinane | Fiona Cooper | Kenny Thomson
Treasurer | Kenny Thomson | Drew Cullinane | Ann Marston

5. Declaration of Interest
Nothing to report.

6. Police report - Meeting was attended by 2 officers

Community Policing Priorities

Antisocial behaviour, Violence and Disorder:

- On the 25th May, a 17 year old from Blackburn was charged with possession of cannabis whilst within a car on Eastbum Road, Kintore.

- On the 26th May 2019, there was an altercation between 2 males outside the Square Bar in Kintore. Enquiry is ongoing in relation to an alleged assault at this time.

- Overnight between 10 and 11 June 2019, there was a report of a vandalism to a car parked on Mansfield, Kintore whereby the soft top roof was cut and a garden hose placed within and water turned on. Enquiry is ongoing but at this time no suspects have been identified..

Acquisitive Crime:

- On 20th May, 2019 there was a report of an attempt to prize off a Mercedes badge from the rear of the vehicle parked on Wyness Place, Kintore. This caused damage to the badge and paintwork.

- At sometime between 9 and 10 June 2019, there was a report of a break in to a shed at an address at Whitestones, Kintore at which time 2 motor cross bikes were stolen. Enquiry is ongoing.

Road Safety and Road Crime:

- A 41 year old local male has been charged with drink driving whilst another male has been charged with speeding and have lack of thread on this tyres.

Fiona advised that there were a few outstanding issues which still need to be addressed. The bus terminating points, Emergency access Allandale Gardens and visibility at Lochburn drive and the junction near the Co-op.

7. Matters arisinglapproval of the Minute of last meeting

The follow matters were:

Fiona will look into developing a relationship with the schools.

Cllr Hood will clarify matters regarding which trees were covered by TPOs, in line with a recent event, where a resident spotted the company taking down trees on their property

Bunds maintenance was discussed and grass cutting to ensure road visibility will be looked into by Glen/Fergus. No further matters were raised and

Therefore acceptance the minutes were proposed Drew Cullinane and seconded by Jess Lumsden.

8. Treasurer’s report
Following on from the AGM report, Kenny advised that there have been 9 debit transactions and 1 credit transaction through the account leaving a balance of £8,057.84 as of 31st May, 2019. Kenny advised that as a fundraising group we should be very pleased with our efforts, a huge well done to all involved. Our 2 main events,

Summer festival and Fireworks display are hugely supported within the community, allowing us to support other groups within Kintore.

Kenny advised that he is now assisted by Iain Fraser, (next door neighbour to Ainslie Reid) in respect of managing the Kintore Community Council Floral display. The monies being received are becoming very large and therefore and a separate sub bank account has been set up which clearly shows the amounts involved rather than just ring-fenced within our main account. This will make examining of accounts much
easier in the future.

Generator has now been installed and commissioned so it is working with the switch which will automatically start with generator, in the event of a power failure at the public hall and therefore provide power in an emergency situation. There is still £4,500.00 costs still to be met which we are currently applying to the Flood fund, however in the meantime pending reimbursement from the flood fund, Kenny was seeking authority to pay the outstanding funds from our account. This was unanimously agreed.

Food Hygiene training has been completed by Ann Marston and in light of food handling requirements as our two main events, it was agreed other community councillors (Lesley, Dave and Drew) should also get training paid for by the Community Council. Again, this was agreed.

9. Youth Report
Had our residential weekend which was a great success. More trips planned.

10. Planning Matters
Since last meeting, Paul advised a couple of planning applications were passed, Farm shop extension and MacDonald car park extension. Paul advised that change of use re industrial land to GYM planning application and a local business man is complaining on a basis of causing a large parking issue. Fiona will visit and discuss at next meeting.

Extension to holiday caravan Park: Removal of condition 4 of Planning ref APP/2011/1082 - a number of planning enforcement issues which needs to rectified by the council - Paul will make a report and forward to be discussed at next meeting.

11. Correspondence
Drew will pop some details to Ken regarding an on-line survey re Financial literacy for families on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council community planning.

Susan Adam is looking for some volunteers to maintain the fountain, again something which we can advertise on our facebook page.

12. A96 Dualling
It was agreed that a sub team would meet and discuss a view which the Community Council will have and submit it to A96 dualling. Kenny, Jess , John, Paul , Drew agreed to go on this sub team.

13.Aberdeenshire Councillors update
Glen advised that the Garioch area committee has voted 9 -3 for 20 miles per hour zone, completing step one.

Cricket pitch will be re-levelled and re-seeded and third pitch will go in.
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