Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council meeting on May 21, 2019.

Minute of Kintore and District Community Council Held 7.00pm on 21 May 2019 in Kintore Primary Schoo
Ken McEwen, Drew Cullinane, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Jess Lumsden, Lesley Monaghan Members of the public: Paul Davison, Ainslie Reid MBE, Sean Thomson
Councillors: Martin Ford, Glen Reid, Dominic Lonchay and Fergus Hood
Police : PC Jennifer McNulty and PC Lauren Finlayson

Fiona Cooper, Sheila Gray

Ken welcomed everyone to the meeting. Before the formal meeting started it was agreed to record our joint best wishes to our chairperson Fiona Cooper for her recovery to full health.

1. Declarations of interest None

2. Police Report
Reporting on 21 April it was a quiet month generally. There was an incident regarding a man brandishing a knife at the Kintore arms. He is due to be sentenced next week. In acquisitive crime two bottles were stolen, one from Sainsbury’s and one from the Coop.

Two individuals have been charged in relation to the condition of their motor cars. A male has been charged with failure to display numberplates and another driver charged with speeding on the A96.

Paul Davison raised his concerns about road safety in Forest Road with the volume of traffic, parking and buses. The result is a bottleneck. Lesley Monaghan said the situation was likely to get worse with flats proposed. The second concern is the Cottown road, which is full of potholes and the traffic includes heavy lorries, which the road was never designed to take.

Cllr Glen Reid asked Paul if he had flagged up the potholes to the council as they are supposed to respond rapidly to serious defects. He asked Paul to email him.

Ken also mentioned the continuing problem all the bus parking near the new station on a blind bend and also the concern about Allandale Gardens and parked vehicles potentially blocking access for emergency vehicles.

There was also issues in the centre. Sean mentioned an issue with buses and parking on Forest Road. It was mentioned that people are parking on the pedestrian crossing zig-zag markings, apparently unaware that is a considerably more serious offence than parking on double yellow lines.

3. Floral Displays
Ken mentioned that visitors he took into the centre of Kintore had remarked on the beautiful floral displays and invited Ainslie to address the meeting. Ainslie thanked the community council for allowing the establishment of a separate account for the floral arrangements.

Regarding the planters in The Square, there is an issue with the planter in front of The Square Hotel, Restaurant and Pub. The proprietor says it is on his ground and it it was moved off his ground it would be on the pavement. Cllr Glen Reid offered to speak with the proprietor.

If it has to move, the plan would be to move it onto the pavement on the outside of the fountain. What they are considering is to put out pots of flowers to save that part of The Square being bare.

The other planter beside the Town House has to be moved as well. This is to accommodate the Christmas tree. The intention is to move it to beside the florist’s shop. Cllr Martin Ford said that a sketch to the roads service before moving the planter to make sure they're happy with it. Ainslie was concerned about the timescale as this has to be done in a fortnight’s time.

There's a new planter to go at the entrance to Nicol Road beyond the school entrance. They will also be replacing all the barrels. There is also a need to for a minor repair the wall in front of the Town House.
The meeting reiterated its gratitude to Ainslie and his team for the lovely displays in the town.

4. Approval of the minute of the last meeting
Correction to Treasurers report in the draft minutes. 'Our Accountant Michael' should read "Michelle Paterson, who examines our annual financial records” 'Our Accountant" sounds a bit pretentious and Michelle is her name! Later in the Minute, the fireworks guy is "Mark Copeland" (not Mike Copland).

Paul asked about the minute regarding item 7 Planning Matters. The council planning department have changed a number of the conditions regarding the Town Park development. The concern is that the conditions have been changed but the only one needed to be changed was condition number 4 about the junction. Cllr Ford said that the number of applications of the condition to upgrade that junction to cater for a larger volume of traffic. A number of them have asked for the conditions to be changed from a signalised junction, so that they could put in a roundabout.

The new would-be developer of the town Park has applied to change the condition. Paul said that they have change other conditions. Martin explained that the condition about the numbers had been overtaken by a change in planning policy. The planners don’t accept that there has been a change in the requirement to provide land for the park. Paul said that his concern was that the quality of the development had changed. It was agreed that, notwithstanding these concerns, the minute is correct.

5. Matters arising

6. Treasurer’s Report
The Floral Display account £1,694 has been transferred. A pitch at the Kintore Summer Festival has been paid for at a cost of £15. £604.80 is the cost of cabling the emergency generator at the public hall. £431.25 deposit has been paid to Fireworx Scotland for the fireworks display on November 8. The balance of £1293.75 will be paid on the night. £192 has been paid to a contractor for the emergency generating plinth. The balance at the moment is £7481.43.

For the emergency generator a commission ing process will need to be completed and this will incur costs of around £600. it is anticipated there will be a shortfall of around £3500. The expectation is that this will be met from the ‘Flood Fund’ and Brian Johnstone will prepare a report for consideration by the committee that manages that fund. Part of that report will emphasise that Kintore Public Hall as an ‘incident centre’ will also serve the needs of Port Elphinstone.

Food hygiene training has been arranged for Gloria Johnstone, her daughter and Kenny Thomson at a cost of £10 + VAT per person. Although not compulsory it is beneficial for the events we run and interest has been expressed by Drew and Nan Cullinane, Lesley and David Monaghan and Ann Marston. It was agreed the total cost (under £90) should be met from KDCC funds.

Joan Thomson has submitted her resignation from the Treasurer’s role and also from the community council. Kenny said he had intimated his willingness to take this on if supported at the AGM.

Kenny reported the accounts have been examined and signed off. Cllr Ford said there were changes to the funding for community councils. Cllr Reid said this would mean a small increase and Drew said this had been notified as £869.30.

7. Youth Report
A short report from Rachel Lewis highlighted that all groups are going well especially YAFTS. The Bothie will be doing face painting and glitter tattoos at the Kintore Summer Festival. Rachel has written up the projects for funding bids. She is still looking for suggestions of who we could apply to for funding.

The Bothie is all set for the residential weekend away, with a group of 11 young people going for whitewater rafting and stand-up paddle boards.

8. Planning Matters
Paul said there's a couple of fairly minor applications this month. But he wanted to mention that, at the Railtrack meeting they told Paul that start work on an embankment that was originally part of the canal. He asked what planning permission they needed. Cllr Ford replied that they probably needed no planning permission they have development rights on rail land. Paul said he would try to find out if it is rail land.

Paul asked Lesley to contact Aberdeenshire Council regarding the Bridgealehouse TPO tree felling.
Kenny said this was a good opportunity to congratulate the councillors on their response to the noise problems, over the rail works, raised at the last meeting.

Sean raised concerns about the site of the former public toilet and felt it was a community concern about the state of the site. Cllr Ford confirmed that that this has been raised in the council today and councillors are awaiting an answer.

9. A96 Dualling
Public exhibitions are due to take place at the end of the month with changes to the potential options for the route. Still maintaining that they will not reopen the question about dualling the existing Inverurie bypass. Fiona had undertaken a video to try to get responses from Kintore, but there has been little response. Cllr Ford said that people will not get concerned until the plans are imminent.

10. KDCC elections
Forms need to be completed and Drew has offered to take to Aberdeenshire Council. If there are more nominations than places there will be an election on Monday, June 10 in the Bothie (but if there are no more nominations than places this will not happen).

Ken said what we really could do with is to get some more young people involved – but this is a recurring theme in all community councils. We need younger people coming in because we need to have succession in mind. Lesley said a few people from Kintore Church might be interested but having our meetings on Tuesday clashes with the church session. This sparked a discussion about changing the night of the meeting, which would also enable Paul to attend. It was suggested this should be put on the agenda for the next KDCC meeting.

Cllr Reid asked about following up the Kemnay Academy connection. Lesley and Drew said that this had been tried and the representatives came once. Cllr Reid suggested a meeting about what the young people want. Ken said that might tie in with Fiona’s ambition to update the Kintore Action report.

Cllr Reid mentioned pupils at Midmill who have organised and submitted a request for a skate park. Maybe, instead of inviting young people to KDCC, we should go out to meet them. Cllr Hood said that young people don’t understand why things take so long. and it is very frustrating for them.

14. Correspondence
Waste collection:
The correspondence referred to the changes to the kerbside collections. Sean raised particular concerns about the proposed new system. He would love to recycle everything, but it is not practical. Cllr Ford said the council are still"recyclable materials in the black bin and that they face a ban on landfill by 2021. By the time something has gone into the recycling bin, such as a broken yoghurt carton, it is irretrievable. If the waste is not saleable, it cannot be recycled - so the recycling has to be separated at source. Sean asked about glass recycling.

Cllr Ford said that if glass goes into the blue bin and breaks, everything has to be trashed as it has been contaminated. Sean pointed out that elderly or infirm people cannot get to the glass recycling points. Cllr Ford pointed out that the bottle deposit scheme will change this in any case. He said he believed that there needed to be more separation at source. He defended the “rationing’ of black bin collections by pointing out that, if there was no limit on the amount put in the black bins, a large number of residents would simply put everything in the black bin and there has to be a degree of coercion.

Cllr Hood said there an energy from waste plant was proposed in Aberdeen. He said one of the main problems is that surveys suggest there’s still food waste going in the black bins. Food waste should all be going in the small green bin. Supermarkets are not helping with their BOGOF offers. After one such offer on pineapples at a supermarket and people eat one and throw out the others. There was one week when more than 900 pineapples were in the rubbish. He said that 40% of fresh salads get thrown out. Also buy too much potatoes and bread and end up throwing them out.

Cllr Reid said there would be one area of Aberdeenshire run as a trial and if it is successful it would be rolled out next year. He also highlighted the garden waste collection, including grass cuttings on a Saturday afternoon at the Kintore School.

Concerns were expressed about the squeeze on landfill waste collection resulting in fly tipping and dumping of rubbish at bins like the Kintore Public Hall, where people dumped their rubbish at Christmas and one of the hall volunteers had spend an unpleasant time cleaning up the mess.
Investing in communities Fund: Scottish Government have an £11.5 million fund called the Investing in the Communities fund. It is now open to community groups to tackle poverty and inequality. The minimum grant is £3,000 two £250,000 and the fund is open until June 14. Cllr Hood 7,500 children go to school without having something to eat. Some schools have breakfast clubs. Cllr Hood said they would follow this up.

A96 Dualling:
Details of public events at the end of May in Inverurie, Blackburn and Huntly. Community Council Grants: This has been mentioned in the Treasurers’s report.

15. Aberdeenshire Councillors Update
Cllr Reid referred to Wellpark Road play park, the fountain and the football festival. Cllr Hood said that the councillors are expecting moves on the Town Park this year.

16. AOCB
Bunds in Kingsfield Road: Jess said the bunds in Kingsfield road are all being walked upon. She was concerned that if people continued to walk on them they would fall down. Lesley commented that the bunds were low. It was agreed that the bunds will be reviewed.

Water fountains: Sean asked about the restoration of the drinking water fountain in The Square. Cllr Ford felt it was something that should be taken up with Scottish Water.

Midmill Business Park: Part of the application was that there would not be roads out the south because that would become a rat run. As soon as the work finished the service road to the south would be closed. Cllr Ford suggested Paul report it to the enforcement officer.

Kintore Summer Festival: Ann asked what involvement KDCC has and what jobs people are doing. Kenny confirmed that KDCC has a stand beside Action Kintore and will be selling hot dogs and Brian Johnson will focus on telling people about the Town House proposals.

Taste of Grampian: Paul urged people to show their support.

17. Date of next meeting AGM 18 June 2019.
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