Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council meeting on September 18, 2018.


Held 7.00pm on 18th September 2018 in Kintore Primary School

1. PRESENT – Fiona Cooper (Chairperson), Ken McEwen, Lesley Monaghan, John Thomson, Drew Cullinane, Jess Lumsden, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston. Members of the public: Kenny Thomson, David Monaghan, Paul Davison, Steven Cheyne and Dawn Brown (Garioch Partnership). Councillors Martin Ford, Glen Reid and Dominic Lonchay.

2. APOLOGIES – Brian Johnstone, PC Steve Middleton, Cllr Fergus Hood

3. WELCOME – Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

4. Chairman’s Report – Appendix 1

5. Year’s Treasurer’s Report
On behalf of Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson distributed copies of the Income and Expenditure statement for the Community Council over the last year. Within the balance shown of £10,136.35, Kenny highlighted the ring-fenced monies in respect of Kintore floral displays, Community Resilience Plan and Summer Festival Profit gifted to the Bothie for building maintenance costs. With regard to the floral displays monies, Kenny advised that over 50 businesses contributed, which was fantastic but also meant a lot of work involved in gathering donations, banking and documenting accordingly. Within the monies raised for the floral display, £2,000.00 was used to purchase two new planters, one of which is situated at the Square and the other is situated at the Lochburn Drive junction. The Community Council would like to thank Ainslie Reid and his team for their hard work, Joan and Kenny Thomson for all their work in gathering and processing the donations and in particular, Ainslie for his fundraising efforts which allowed the purchase of the new planters.

The next event will be the Fireworks display on the 2nd of November 2018 and we are currently looking for assistance from the Community Council and the community.

The Accounts were fully discussed at the meeting and accepted.

6. Election of the Office bearers
Fiona handed control of the meeting over to Martin Ford for the election of office bearers.

Office bearer Elected Proposer Seconder
Chair Fiona Cooper Kenny Thomson Drew Cullinane
Vice - Chair Ken McEwen Fiona Cooper Jess Lumsden
Treasurer Joan Thomson Fiona Cooper Ann Marston
Secretary Drew Cullinane Ken McEwen Lesley Monaghan

7. POLICE Community Council report – 18th June 2018 – 17th July 2018

• Community Policing Priorities – Anti-Social behaviour, Violence and Disorder:

Between 23 and 28th August 2018 a family cat near Leylodge was found injured by the owners. On being taken to the vet the cat was found to have 6 pellets imbedded which required specialist treatment to remove them. Enquiry is on going.

On 31st August 2018, a 51-year-old local man was charged with a number of drugs offences committed both locally and out with the region.

On the 4th September 2018, there was a wilful fire-raising at Tofthills Farm, Kintore whereby a quantity of cattle food was destroyed. Enquiries are on going.

On 6th September 2018, a male was seen to steal 2 bottles of champagne from Sainsbury’s Kintore. Enquiry is on going.

On 9th September 2018, a local 16 year old was assaulted near Sainsbury and again on Castle Walk by the same named local individual. He is to be traced and charged.

Between 9th and 10th September 2018, a car collided with another vehicle parked on the Square at Kintore. The vehicle failed to stop and enquiry is on going to trace the offending vehicle.

• Acquisitive Crime:
On 9th September 2018 there was a break in to a garage at Wayside, Kintore at which a motorbike was stolen. The Bike was abandoned a short distance away and enquiry is on going.

• Road Safety and Road Crime:
On 1st September 2018, a 31-year-old local man was charged with dangerous driving, driving under the influence, no insurance, fail to report and attempt to pervert by providing false details. He had crashed his car, left the scene leaving his passenger still in the car.

A 24year old male has been reported for driving his car in excess of 100 mph on the A96 near Kintore whilst another motorist was charged at 85 mph.

A further male was reported for not having a driving licence and having no MOT whilst another male was charged with using a mobile phone.

• Community Engagement and Reassurance
It has become very noticeable in recent weeks that the daylight hours are shortening so as a reminder to make sure that children are seen in the dark and a good time to attach light to bicycles if not already done so.

• Discussions within meeting re Police Matters
The result of the speed survey, which PC Steve Middleton did during the School holidays, was discussed. However, this did not take into account the speed reduction to 20 mph, which operates during school term and therefore it was agreed to request another survey to be done during term time to compare results with the initial survey.

8. MINUTE OF PREVIOUS MEETING – MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTE - Minute was approved without any alteration.

9. Approval of the Minute of last meeting - Proposer Lesley Monaghan /Seconder Ken McEwen

10. Matters arising from then Minute
• NEW Kintore and District Community Council Constitution - The new Constitution was formally adopted.

• Community Resilience Plan – The plan is complete and now needs to go to the next stage of Community Consultation and get volunteers signed up. In respect of the Emergency Generator, we have funds to cover installing the concrete base and cables within the next month. We will apply to the Garioch Partnership for the remaining funds to cover the costs for making and installation of the protection frame.

11. Dawn Brown – The Garioch Partnership/ Democracy Matters Consultation
The Garioch Partnership is funded through economic development to support local groups across the Garioch area of Aberdeenshire. Within that role, the partnership is involved in consultations with the Scottish government, bridging the gap between us and those in the central belt. Democracy Matters is the latest consultation whereby people have a conversation about how they feel about how decisions effecting Scotland’s public services are made locally, what works and what doesn’t work within their communities. Dawn will be carrying out events in local communities, one of which will be held at Kintore in the Bothie on 8th October at 7pm.

12. YOUTH REPORT – Rachel Lewis (Youth and Development worker) – All groups are going well and numbers attending are increasing. Dawn from Garioch Partnership did a presentation on “no right Path”, which explained that whatever path you are on, there is always career options to change as and when required. The older group held on a Thursday evening, has been running more informally with activities and talks young adult led. No trips have taken place over the summer; however, day trips are planned over the next couple of terms. Fiona asked for assistance on how to gain access to the community minibus at Kemnay and driver requirements

Paul advised that Scotbeef had applied to have some conditions relating to there planning application APP/2018/2002 be removed. After a full discussion, it was agreed that the Community Council put in an objection on the basis of existing traffic congestion at both Thainstone roundabout and Port Elphinstone roundabout at certain times of the day can be very bad and appears to be getting worse. This situation will definitely get worse with increased traffic due to this and other proposed developments, and therefore the conditions on the application should stay. In addition, there appears to be no clear alternative plans in place to improve the current road network, which makes these conditions crucial to the local community.
Lesley highlighted the problems at the Thainstone roundabout due to selfish motorists blocking exit routes and whether some signage painted on the road could be done. Cllr Ford advised that this was a matter for Bear and not the Council, and he would look into it on our behalf and report back at the next meeting.

Speeding issues at Kintore School – Cllr Reid advised that he is still awaiting information regarding when the new pedestrian lights would be installed. The survey has been done in respect of erecting railings at the School but Cllr Reid is still awaiting the corresponding results along with confirmation that the timings of the 20 mph signs have been fixed.

Cllr Ford advised that the Council is changing its waste collection system. Approximately 43% of what is uplifted is recycled and 50% of what is put in our black bin could be recycled but is not currently being done. This is costing the council millions of pounds and therefore needs to be changed. Two options are currently being investigated and a consultation survey is on the Internet whereby residents can make their views known.

Cllr Reid advised that he is trying to bring a village garden waste collection service to Kintore. Kintore is currently the 10th largest settlement in Aberdeenshire and other communities which are smaller, i.e. Huntly are already in receipt of this service. Since many households use their black bins for disposing of garden waste, this will hopefully help with the recycling and reduce waste costs. Cllr Reid requested support from the community that it would want this service. Information is available on Cllr Reid’s Facebook page, which can be highlighted on Kintore.org and appropriate community Facebook pages.

A Kintore resident recently advised Cllr Reid that he was not being offered a doctor’s appointment in Kintore after the new Health Hub opened in Inverurie. Cllr Reid then wrote to the NHS and it was confirmed that the current service being provided by Kintore Health Centre will remain the same and will not be affected by the new Health Hub opening in Inverurie. Fiona confirmed that a self-checking in system is to be provided very soon at the Kintore Health Centre.

After being advised by Kintore Church that the memorial benches were in disrepair, Cllr Reid has contacted landscape services at the Council and these will be repaired by November.

Cllr Reid also confirmed that football pitches at Midmill School are now accessible to the public. The council are going to recruit a new member of staff to allow both the After School and holiday clubs to operate out of Midmill School, which will mean more places available. (Currently these are operated out of Kintore School only.)

15. AOCB – It was agreed to give £100 to the council towards the cost of restoring the two original benches to be located at the new Kintore Station. Fiona will liaise with Paul Finch in this respect. Fiona confirmed that the Council will be supplying a sandbag container and sandbags and it will be located in Kintore Public car park. Ann advised that at the recent bus forum, it was confirmed that the 1⁄2 hour bus service Kintore to Inverurie would not be re-instated in the near future.

16. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 16th October, 2018
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