Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council meeting on October 18, 2018.


Held 7.00pm on 16th October 2018 in Kintore Primary School

Ken McEwen (acting chair), Brian Johnstone, Sheila Gray, John Thomson, Jess Lumsden, Paul Davidson and Cllr Glen Reid.

Fiona Cooper, Lesley Monaghan, Drew Cullinane, Ann Marston Members of the public: Kenny Thomson, David Monaghan, Steven Cheyne Councillors Martin Ford, Dominic Lonchay and Fergus Hood. PC Steve Middleton
Ken welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1. Police report
Unfortunately, this was not available for meeting but has now been received and is an attached document to the minute. This report along with the November monthly report can be discussed at the November meeting.

2. Matters arising from the last minute
• Ken advised that sadly only two people turned up to the Democracy Matters event run by Garioch Partnership and highlighted at the last meeting. However, Paul advised that during the discussion, a lot of good ideas came up using new technology to make Community Councils more effective.
• Cllr Reid advised that he had sent all the details regarding hiring the Kemnay minibus to Fiona who has forwarded it to Action Kintore (the Bothie).
• Planning Matters - Ken advised that an objection on behalf of the Kintore Community Council has been made regarding Scotbeef’s planning application APP/18/2002 requesting removal of certain traffic conditions.
• Ken advised that Cllr Ford has raised the matter of a box junction or “Keep Clear” markings on the Thainstone roundabout with Aberdeenshire Council. This has in turn been raised with Bear and we await a response.
• Cllr Reid advised that the new signage for speed 20 mph restriction should be in place shortly. Glen also arrived that he is still pushing for safety railings and will continue to do so until we get a positive outcome.
• Cllr Reid confirmed that he would go back to landscape services at the council and ensure that the memorial benches were fixed in time as previously advised.

3. Approval of the Minute of last meeting
Proposer John Thomson /Seconder Jess Lumsden.

4. Treasurers report
Brian advised that as at the Oct 5th statement the balance on the account was £9,705.10. Since then a cheque £470.56 for bedding plants has been issued leaving a balance of £9,287.54.

5. Fireworks Event 2nd November 2018
There will be more expenses/Income associated with the upcoming Fireworks event which will be detailed in the November treasurer’s report. Various local groups will be involved to help run event including the Scouts, Boys Brigade and the Bothie.Brian asked for volunteers to prepare onions. He also need volunteers to help set up on the day, during the event and the clear up at the end of the event. Ken confirmed he would promote this request on social media. As Citizen of the year, our very own Rachel Lewis will be lighting the bonfire.

Ken thanked Brian and Kenny for the tremendous work they do on behalf of the community council to run this event. It is very much appreciated.

6. Youth Report
All the groups are going well. The girls group on a Tuesday is well attended with a varied programs and giving the girls the opportunity to discuss girl only matters in a safe environment. Rachel and Stewart are seeking to get the appropriate qualification for driving a minibus as more day trips are required. Brian also advised the those attending the Bothie are actively encouraged to qualify for the trips by contributing their time to support local events representing the Bothie.

7. Planning Matters
• A long discussion took place regarding the lack of facilities in Kintore given that it is the 10th largest settlement in Aberdeenshire. It appears that we are seen as a suburb of Inverurie and not a treated as the large town we are. Brian enquired how can we get more facilities given that the proposed developments are not happening any time soon and nothing seems forthcoming from the local development plan. Previously, the community was asked about what facilities were required but nothing was done. It was agreed this should be put on the agenda for next meeting. Ken advised that Fiona was keen to update our community action plan which was done in 2015 with Garioch Partnership. Cllr Reid requested that the community council carry out a consultation re facilities required so that the Councillors can take it to the Council officers on our behalf. An age profile would aid this initiative and confirm the need for facilities.

• Paul advised there is planning for 325 houses in and around Thainstone and further houses/commercial development in and around Clovenstone. This was debated but as yet information is still outstanding as to if or when these will go ahead.

• Paul advise that most of the planning applications this month were relating to dwelling houses but also the first phase of Thainstone business park has been approved, i.e. travel plan, archaeological work and landscaping and phasing development framework.

8. A96 Dualling
Representations have to be in by 22nd November 2018. Should the blue, green or violet route be chosen, the main significance to Kintore is the proposed Bridge across the flood plain over the River Don. Concern would be for future flooding caused by the work to be done for the bridge which would have to be of considerable size. It was felt we needed more information before we could establish if the community council should have a position. We should have more information before our next meeting, and we would still have a couple of days to respond.

9. Kintore Fountain - update
Progress has now been made with the contractor Robertson Granite having got the various trades together and the moulds for the the stonemason to copy.

10.Kintore Station - Update
Negotiations have concluded on the 2nd area of land required for construction of the station, that is the land on the far side of the railway at Tavelty Farm. Archaeologists have been commissioned to undertake works on the site, as required by the planning permission consents. Paul Finch was on site with them recently as part of the inception process and expect receipt of their programme shortly. Paul is in the process of commissioning artist to work with the community over the next few months, with the aim of incorporating specific elements into the details design of the facility. Paul expects to work with Schools, other established groups and also possibly drop-in sessions. Option for stand-alone elements will also be developed during this initial phase of work. In the meantime, the Council will continue to work closely with Network Rail, Transport Scotland and ScotRail regarding the final stages of design and contractualisation.

• Ken advised that the Kintore facebook page reached 23,300 people over the last month, with 12,300 people reacting to posts. Over the same time period, kintore.org.uk website reached 2,500 people.

• Brian gave an update re the Town House Project. There had been concerns regarding the viability of raising 1.1 million pounds but after a meeting with a fundraising expert, these were considerably reduced. Brian also advised that they are reviewing all the costings and looking at the possibility of phasing costs where possible. It is hoped that two thirds of the funding can be sourced from grants, however for the project to be viable, Brian needs to be confident that the final third can be fundraised within the community.

• Sheila advised that the guttering along the main street is blocked with leaves, sand etc and need cleaned . Cllr Reid asked for a list of streets and he would request action.
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