Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council meeting on November 20, 2018.

Held 7.00pm on 20th November 2018 in Kintore Primary School

Fiona Cooper, Drew Cullinane, John Thomson, Jess Lumsden, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan. Members of the public, Brian Johnston, Bridget Davidson. Cllrs Martin Ford, Fergus Hood and Glen Reid.

Ken McEwen, Sheila Gray, Joan Thomson, Paul Davidson. Members of the public: Kenny Thomson, David Monaghan, Steven Cheyne, Cllr Dominic Lonchay and PC Steve Middleton

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.
1. Police report
Unfortunately, this was not available for meeting but has now been received and is at the end of the minutes, appendix A. This report along with the January report can be discussed at the January meeting.

2. Matters arising from the last minute
Jess Lumsden requires to be removed from the apologies.

3. Approval of the Minute of last meeting
Proposer John Thomson /Seconder Jess Lumsden.

4. Treasurers report including Fireworks Event
At the end of September the balance in the account was £10,136.35. The majority change since then was in respect of the very successful Fireworks event where we received cash donation on the night amounting to £4,331.37 plus refund of deposit gave a total income of £4,331.00. With Expenses amounting to £2,974.00, the total profit generated for the event was £1,407.00. Non cash donations included Travis Perkins who supplied the tripod lighting in the tents and the tower light at the entrance of the park; J G Ross’s supplied all the burger and hot dog buns;Blackburn Rotary donated the use of hand wash equipment used at the event and Fiona and Derek Cooper donated the teas, coffees and Milk.

As this is a community event, it is felt that the profit should be given back into the community via the community groups involved at the event and therefore the recommended split of profit should be:

Kintore Scouts £200.00
Kintore Boys Brigade £200.00
Action Kintore £200.00
Kinellar Scouts £100.00
Rotary of Kintore and Kemnay District £200.00
Kintore Fund-raising Team £500.00 (Christmas Lights Appeal)

The above distribution of profits was unanimously approved at the meeting.

The admin grant of £912.04 has been received from the council and once the two outstanding cheques in respect of Firework event costs have cleared, the balance in the account should be £12,285.34.

Our sincere thanks go to everyone who helped out before, during and after the event and to Kenny and Brian for all enormous work that they put in not only on day but also for the numerous time taken to plan an event of this scale and magnitude. All this hard work by everyone is very much appreciated by the community, shown through the fantastic support received on the night.

5. Youth Report
All groups running well apart from Thursday night group which is currently being looked at due to the low attendance numbers and will be replaced by another project. YAFTs are doing community projects, the first one being leaf clean up this Saturday. Joint group Christmas party will be held on 19th of December, open to everyone and new members. Girls group have been having visitors in to teach ukulele, crafts and mindfulness. This group is currently attracting high attendance numbers.

6. Planning Matters
The planning report was discussed. It was noted that there is a new application concerning the 24 flats on Forest Road with revised plans and elevations. Fiona to check whether this is a new application or whether a revised one and bring info back to next meeting.

7. Correspondence - Drew advised there is a Community Council Forum on Wednesday 5th December 2018 and a planning matters” Training Course for community councils members on the 30th January in Gordon House (Council Chamber) at 7pm and we are looking for volunteers to attend. Further details pertaining to the later meeting will follow in early January 2019. We also received correspondence from Royal Mail advising of Scam Paper mail instances and where to report it. Drew will pass to Ken to highlight this on the website/Face book page.

8. A96 Dualling - For discussion, Fiona read out information from Ken McEwen’s email containing details pertaining to a recent meeting Fiona and Ken had attended on behalf of KDCC. (Copy of article at the end of Minute, Appendix B). Kintore would be affected if the proposed route is either Green or Blue/violet, as this would result in large bridge take traffic across the River Don flood plane at Tavelty. Fiona advised that the existing A96 route is not an option as it did not meet the criteria given to the project group. Cllr Ford put forward the view that there is insufficient numbers to back this project and as a result may not proceed. This view was supported by many of the attendees of the meeting. In addition, Bridget Davidson commented that should the orange route be selected, the road would have to be so wide to cross the deep valley, making the cost financially huge as well as having a massive impact on the countryside.

9. Paul Laidlaw - Scottish Flood Forum - Paul sent his apologies as he was unable to attend the meeting. Fiona advised that she would be re-arranging a date for Paul to come to the Community Council next year.
• Fiona advised that the Kintore Resilience Plan is close to be finalised, with a request for volunteers to be put out to the community early next year.
• Brian advised that there has been a further delay regarding installation of the generator as Aberdeenshire Council has requested further information prior to laying the cables. Brian is hopeful that this will be sorted out soon and the project can go forward.
• Fiona advised that she has been contacted by Aberdeenshire Council and a container containing sand bags will be located in the public hall car park. Further details to follow.

10.Aberdeenshire Councillors update
Glen advised that the new lights are operational at the pedestrian crossing at Kintore School. A negative response has been received in respect of erecting railings, but Glen has raised the matter with the Area Manager and is hoping she will able to secure a more positive response from the officers. At the last area meeting, it was announced that the cycle path between Kintore and Blackburn is proceeding. Regarding the Christmas light appeal, Glen confirmed that he had been in touch with the Kintore fundraising committee with details of funding which is available from the Council. It is hoped that all the groups within Kintore will support the fundraising committee by holding events to help fund the lights, obviously the sooner the better to take advantage of any discounts which may be available.

Cllr Hood advised that there is some movement in respect of the Town park development progressing and we await further details. Cllr Hood also advised that Winter maintenance and resilience for the Garioch area is currently being discussed and once the plans are known, he will bring us details of the plan pertaining to Kintore. It was confirmed that all councillors are locked in to budget negotiations to achieve between £12 to £20 million depending on the grant settlement Aberdeenshire Council gets from the Scottish Government. This will mean some services will cost more, whilst some services will be reduced. More details will be available in February.

Finally, Cllr Ford referred to an email he had received from Paul Davidson in respect of the validity of Section 42 Planning Application for abattoir approval conditions, and confirmed that planning protocol had been followed and a decision will be made in line with planning policy. It was therefore decided no action is required by the Community Council.

Brian raised the issue of lack of facilities in Kintore and questioned why we don’t get a say in money Aberdeenshire council spend in Kintore for example the £300,000 for a cycle path between Kintore and Blackburn. With projects such as the Town Park development relying on the economic climate, it is disappointing that a town the size of Kintore is severely lacking in facilities and very reliant on neighbouring towns such as Inverurie and Kemnay. Whilst it is agreed the cycle path is a very good idea, there is probably other things which would be of more benefit to the residents of Kintore. Cllr Hood explained that a lot of the money for the cycle path is being sourced through a third party and not actually coming from the council. Cllr Ford also added it is now easy for people to take their motability scooter/ bikes through to Inverurie using the new cycle path which was previously difficult. However not everyone uses these and the demand for cycle lane to Blackburn is not high on Kintore’s priority list .

John Thomson also commented that a lot of facilities that are high on Kintore’s priority list are of a commercial nature, such as a filling station. Brian highlighted the lack of sports and leisure activities and reiterated to the councillors the frustration felt by the community when it doesn’t get consulted on where monies are being spent on behalf of Kintore. Part funded projected which the community wants would be better than monies spent on projects that the council decides the community needs. However, it was accepted that there is strategic decisions being made for areas whereby a cycle lane built between Inverurie and Aberdeen cannot have a bit missing between Kintore and Blackburn because Kintore wants to spend the money on some other project.

Cllr Ford suggested that instead of saying we need more community facilities, that we be more specific about what is exactly needed and this can then be looked at and hopefully supported but not fully paid for by the council.

Cllr Hood suggest maximising access to the community Midmill school facilities such as the sports hall. However, although we should have access to the school, it would need to be staffed which then bring in costs/budget implications. Community groups maybe willing to pay to access. It was agreed that a debate should be initiated which could integrate groups to make a specific list of priorities.

Appendix A
Community Council Police Report
This report covers progress we have made in dealing with your priorities for the Kintore Community Council area during the period 17/10/2018 to 19/11/2018.

The report aims to highlight emerging issues in your area, and to provide crime prevention advice and guidance to Community Council members and residents you represent. Our focus is to reduce crime and disorder, help create safer communities and respond effectively to local concerns.

Community Policing Priorities Antisocial behaviour, Violence and Disorder:
It was noted that, in general across the whole Division, both Halloween and bonfire night passed with little incident as far as policing was concerned.

On 16 October 2018 a 23 year old local male was charged with possession of cannabis whilst on Hallforest Drive, Kintore

On 21 October 2018 a taxi driver was pushed whilst dropping a fare off in Hallforest Drive, Kintore. Enquiry is ongoing with a positive line of enquiry.

On the same evening a 30 year old male was charged with being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs whilst also unfit to drive through drink or drugs at the Gauchhill Roundabout.

On 31 October 2018, a 16 year old male from Kemnay assaulted another youth outside the Kintore Primary school. Due to previous offending he was locked up to appear at court the next day.

On 1 November 2018, a 22 year old male was charged with growing cannabis at an address in Carnie Brae, Kintore.

On 8 November 2018, a 17 year old male was charged with obstruction and Police Assault whilst trying to help another young person who was wanted by Police to make their escape. That individual was also charged with Police Assault.

Acquisitive Crime:
On 21 October 2018 there was a report of a Theft of confectionery from Sainsbury, Midmill, Kintore. There is a positive line of enquiry from CCTV.

At some time between 30 October and 3 November 2018, a large container was broken into at Kydds Croft, Harthill and 2 quad bikes and 2 moto-bikes were stolen. Enquiries are ongoing.

On 4 November 2018, a 26 year old local male was charged with theft by shoplifting alcohol from the Square Bar and Lounge, Kintore.

On 11 November 2018, a male entered Sainsbury, Midmill, Kintore and stole alcohol and confectionary. Enquiry is ongoing with a number of lines being followed.

Road Safety & road crime:
Since the last report one male has been charged with defective tyres on his car.
Another male was charged with driving in excess of 100 mph on the A96 whilst another motorist was charged with no insurance.

Community Engagement & Reassurance
Prepare for Winter
Officers in the North East are encouraging the public to think ahead for driving this coming winter as part of the nations ‘Ready Scotland’ initiative.

Thursday 8th November marked the start of the ‘Ready for Winter’ campaign which looks to ensure that the public are prepared for potentially severe weather over the winter period.

North East Road Policing Inspector Neil Morrison said “With winter almost upon us it is important that everyone recognises the need to prepare for the potential severe weather that we often experience in the North East.

Planning ahead and taking some relatively simple and straightforward action will go a long way to ensure a safer winter period for all.

One of the first things I would encourage all road users to think about is the road worthiness of their vehicle. Check your tyres regularly to ensure they have a sufficient tread depth and that they are inflated to the recommended pressures. The legal tread depth limit is 1.6mm although the greater depth is obviously more beneficial.

Whilst not a legal requirement, fitting all season or winter tyres during the winter months will greatly aid your traction on snow covered and wet roads and increase your stopping distances. However, it must be stated that these benefits are not simply replicated on ice covered roads. Therefore, it is important that you plan each drive, reduce your speed and give yourself more time to react.

Check your fluids levels in your vehicle; engine oil, coolant, including anti-freeze, and windscreen screen wash. Where necessary, top up to the correct levels using the correct grade of oil. Make sure you dilute screen wash to the correct concentration to prevent it freezing in the bottle or on the windscreen. Clean the inside of your windows, removing dirt and dust, as this will increase your visibility in low sun conditions. Windscreen wipers should be replaced if worn and all lights should be maintained in good working order, clean and free from damage.

Driving in adverse, wintery weather presents additional challenges. Always switch on your dipped beam headlamps in rain, snow, or misty conditions; don’t just rely on your vehicles ‘day time running LEDs’, as in most cases this feature does not illuminate the rear position lamps. You should always drive within the posted speed limit AND at a speed that is appropriate to the situation and conditions at the time. In adverse weather reduce your speed, increase the distances between you and the vehicle in front and plan for the unexpected. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking in wet or slippery conditions and drive in higher gear to minimise wheel spinning in snow and slush.

Plan ahead - check the weather forecast - and leave additional time for your journey. Before setting off, make sure you fully clear all windows of snow and frost/ice to provide a clear view of the road all around you. Clear deposits of lying snow from the roof and bonnet of the vehicle to prevent this blowing from your vehicle as you drive or blocking your view when you brake and stop at the first hazard.

Dont be tempted to leave your engine running and vehicle unattended when defrosting it. Apart from this being an offence, it increase the risk of your vehicle being stolen by an opportunist thief and will make for a difficult and embarrassing conversation with your unsympathetic insurance company.

Packing your car with essential items in case if emergencies, traffic issues or if you experience a breakdown is also something you should consider. A torch (spare batteries), extra screen wash, a blanket or sleeping bag, a shovel and some snacks and drinks are recommended. A flask of a hot drink and extra clothes is also advisable. Also ensure you have sufficient fuel for your journey as unplanned delays often happen.”
Whilst the thrust of the winter message is directed towards the motoring public, it is important that all road users consider the weather conditions over the winter months.

Inspector Morrison added: “ I would urge vulnerable road users such as cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, to take extra care during the darker mornings and nights. Consider wearing brighter coloured clothing such s high visibility or reflective clothing where possible to maximise your presence to others. If cycling, wear high visibility, reflective clothing and fit lights to the front and rear of your bike. The legal requirement is one white light to the front and one red light to the rear however, there is no restriction on the number of lights that can/should be fitted and I would suggest more than one is preferable - just make sure the lights are positioned and adjusted correctly to prevent unnecessary dazzle to others.

The winter months can be a very busy time for the Community Policing and Road Policing teams due to the potential for road collisions, road closures and associated weather related issues. If a road is signed as ‘closed’, there is a good reason for this , therefore please adhere to the direction and do not be tempted to drive through. You may find yourself getting stranded which impacts on your safety and our ability to assist overall.

Throughout the winter months, Police Scotland will continue to work routinely with our partner agencies and national and local authorities and will endeavour to ensure that suitable messaging is communicated to advise of local road conditions and any closures. The winter months bring a range of challenges for all, however, planning ahead, driving safely and taking some sensible and simple precautions will help to keep everyone safe on the North East Roads.

Appendix B
A96 Dualling
The team behind the A96 dualling project for Transport Scotland held a briefing meeting for community councils this afternoon at the Garioch Centre.

The team outlined the process which had taken the project to this stage with the proposed corridors for the section of the A96 from Colpy to Aberdeen.

After setting the scenes the team turned to the details of the proposed routes. For legal reasons (the maps are copyright) we are not able to publish the route map (seen above) here, but you can download a PDF of the leaflet with the map here.

The team seemed to acknowledge that the blue-green-violet route would be longer and would also have a considerable impact on agriculture.

But, it is clear that one of the attractions of the northern routes, like the blue-green-violet route, is that it would open up land on the north side of Inverurie for development. Similarly, the team explained, that the orange route would open up new land to the south west for development.

One of the routes dropped before this stage in the consultation was Option Q, which had quite wide support, notably within Aberdeenshire Council. Option Q had the A96 heading from Colpy across to Oldmeldrum and, from there, into Aberdeen on the route of the A947. The team explained it was dropped because it “did not comply with the design objectives”.

One of the speakers said it was not believed that enough traffic would transfer over to the A947 corridor to justify upgrading that route to trunk road status.

Surprisingly, though it appears that there is a belief that traffic would be willing to switch the other way.
As you can see on this PDF, Aberdeenshire Council is among those who believe that a junction near Lochter on the blue-green-violet route, would prove sufficiently attractive for A947 traffic to leave that road and join with A96 traffic to drive into Aberdeen via Kintore.

It seems clear that many are wondering why the road cannot be dualled on the existing Inverurie bypass route.

The team said that even with the use of retaining walls, this corridor was no longer wide enough for the A96 dualling project. One of the parameters for the design team and consultants is that there is to be no demolition involved and that, they say, makes the existing bypass route impossible.

One of the community council representatives asked about the balance between demolition of property and destruction of farmland. While it was acknowledged as a valid question, the team were adamant that there was an absolute ruling about no demolition to make way for the road.

Turning to the issue of most concern to many in Kintore, the team said they are liaising with Aberdeenshire Council and with SEPA and using their modelling to work on the flooding risk associated with the large bridge that would take the traffic across the River Don flood plain at Tavelty.

It suggested the size of the bridge meant it would have to be a viaduct, with some piers on the flood plain, but additional flood plain space would compensate.
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