Minutes of the meeting for 15 May 2017


Held 7.00pm on Tuesday 15th May 2018 in Kintore Primary School

1. PRESENT – Fiona Cooper, Brian Johnstone, Lesley Monaghan, John Thomson, Jess Lumsden, Members of the public: David Monaghan, Colin Stirling, Jamie Perceval, Alan Benton, Paul Davidson. Councillors Fergus Hood, Martin Ford, and Dominic Lonchay.

2. WELCOME – Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. APOLOGIES – Claire Doig, Drew Cullinane, Ken McEwen, Joan Thomson, Kenny
Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, John Barclay, Cllr Glen Reid.

• Antisocial behaviour, Violence and Disorder

During this reporting period there were 4 calls received regarding youths causing annoyance. They were to Elm Way and School Road areas. Where it is clear that there is a pattern of annoyance by the same individuals, names are being passed on to the Anti-social Behaviour Coordinator where a letters are now being sent to parents advising them of their child’s actions. There is one enquiry ongoing around a breach of harassment order relating to a historic domestic.

• Acquisitive Crime
Between the 16th and 17th April 218, 2 motorbikes and a car were stolen from various addresses in Kintore whilst a further car was entered and various items including golf clubs stolen. An individual from Aberdeen has been identified as responsible for these crimes along with multiple other like crimes within the city and shire. There is currently a warrant being sought for this individual.

On the 28th April 2018, there was a report of a theft of a purse and contents from a handbag that had been left on a bus. When the owner got off on Northern Road, Kintore she was aware that she had left it on her seat. The handbag was later recovered by the driver and handed in at the depot but the purse and its contents were missing. Enquiry is ongoing.

Also on the same date, three forged Bank of England £20 notes were used to pay for items within the Co-op on Northern Road. Enquiry on-going to try and identify the individuals who handed these over.

• Road Safety & Road Crime
Since the last report there has been one person charged with travelling in excess of 100 mph on the A96. Enquiry is also ongoing into a hit and run which occurred on May 2nd 2018. On the B977 whereby a vehicle struck 3 others. Another motorist has been charged with various Road Traffic Offences due to the poor condition of the car he was driving. One male has also been charged with using a mobile phone whilst driving on the A96.

Community Engagement & Reassurance
As members may be aware, over the last 2 months there has been an increase throughout Garioch of young males from England attending at residential addresses attempting to sell household items whilst not holding the required Peddler’s certificate.

On 18th April, 2 individuals were charged with offences against the Pedlar’s Act 1871 having been found trying to sell items on Tuach View, Kintore.

Rural Watch Scotland
“Rural Watch Scotland” is an extension of the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland movement and endorsed by the Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime (SPARC) and is aimed specifically at the rural communities of Scotland and aims to bring all the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch to all rural communities irrespective of location, size or demographics.

Rural watch is an online community for any member of the public where appeals, crime prevention tips and safety alerts can be posted by those who subscribe which can be viewed by all members. Subscription is free and the sharing of information on the forum is a great example of real time crime prevention in action.
The objectives of Rural Watch Scotland are to:

Reduce crime and the fear of crime by providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time.
Encourage people to think about the safety and security for themselves, their neighbours and their community.
Improve community cohesion and well-being by supporting communities to develop ‘their watch” their way.
Work in partnership with national and local service providers to develop more resilient communities that are better prepared against threats, intentional or unintentional, such as crime or extreme weather.
The experience of Neighbourhood Watch throughout Scotland and elsewhere across the world is that members of Rural Watch Scotland will be less likely than non- members in the rural community to be a victim of crime.

By joining the Rural Watch Scotland scheme members can receive alerts and advice by phone, text, or email. By keeping members informed about crime and other threats in specific areas, Rural Watch Scotland can help prevent crime, keep communities and residents safe and member’s responses to these alerts can help catch criminals or be better prepared to deal with other threats to communities. To join Rural Watch Scotland simply:
Log onto www.ruralwatchscotland.co.uk

Click the green JOIN button at the top of the page. Follow the on screen instructions
Fiona raised the matter of speeding on Kingsfield Road as per an email received from Lisa Barclay. Cllr Ford advised that they could ask the Council to do a formal speed monitoring test which would last for 7-10 days after which they would then have the relevant data to trigger intervention should it be required. Fiona to forward email on to councillors to request action.

Parking issues at the entrance to Allandale gardens and lack of signage regarding free parking was discussed. PC Middleton has written to the residents concerned but clearly from the photo produced, there is an issue re emergency vehicle access. The signage for free parking is currently be considered by the council but in the meantime it was agreed a notice in the café itself may prove beneficial.

5. MINUTE OF PREVIOUS MEETING – MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTE – Minute was approved without any alteration.

6. Approval of Minute of last meeting – Proposer Brian Johnstone/Seconder Lesley Monaghan.
7. TREASURERS REPORT – Not available

8. YOUTH REPORT – New Girls group is being well attended. Sessions have been run re mindfulness and how to ask for help re teenage girl issues. Ceann Torr Café are coming along next week to do baking with the girls. Feedback is very good and Girl focused appears to be something that is welcomed.


APP/2018/140 Thainstone Business Park Extension

APP/2018/0731 Formation of Access and Car park (serving proposed Railway Stations) with associated landscaping and infrastucture

APP/2018/0778 Erection of Railway Station Site at Northern Road, Kintore

APP/2018/0945 Non- compliance with condition 4 of planning application APP/2015/3048 Erection of Offices (Class 4). Workshops (class 5) and Store (class 6) with associated car park, yard space with landscaping , Access Roads and Suds basin.

Planning Report – Paul Davidson
Paul reported that there are 2 new applications re proposed Railway station at Kintore. He highlighted that there were no telephone facilities available and possible traffic issues at peak times. Cllr Lonchay advised that the possibility of toilet facilities in the car park is currently being investigated. App/2018/0945/6 conditions for Malcolm Allan to improve the junction near the Broomhill roundabout were relaxed by the planning officers due to the absence of Town Park and East Park developments. It was agreed no comments were to be submitted on behalf of KDCC.

Abattoir Planning Application – Update was discussed at the meeting but it was felt that landscape issues still apply. Paul will review outstanding email and advise accordingly. Fiona asked for all comments to be submitted as soon as possible so that she can send a report containing our concerns to Planning department.

• Council flood mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road area – Cllr Hood advised that it appears that Malcolm Allan has been awarded or at least offered the contract to do the work in respect of the bund. We await official confirmation. Cllr Hood also advised that the compensation agreement has been signed by Mr Allan. The council has given an assurance that every day there will be someone on site to ensure that the work is done to the specified plan. There is a set of plans that shows what needs to be done and these will be available at the next KDCC meeting in June.

• Tuach Hill Access – Cllr Ford advised this is an operational matter, which the officers are currently working on to gain a satisfactory solution and further details will follow. Dog fouling issues should be reported to the Dog warden service at Gordon House, Inverurie.

• Community Resilience Planning (CRP) – Brian advised that a drafted GDPR document has been sent to Dawn at the Garioch partnership who has been doing training on these new regulations and await confirmation that this meets with the new regulations. Brian confirmed he had received quotes re generator’s enclosure ranging from £2,000 to £4,000. This will be a metal lean to enclosure with mesh sides. The Electrician has done the survey with us and all cabling plans, runs etc. have been agreed. We will require to meet with the Public Hall Committee to gain their approval for the cable plan. We will then need to speak to Bruce Strachan to see if we need planning permission. Hopefully all this will be done by the end of Summer. Costs will be met from the council grant of £2,000 already received and additional grant from Garioch Partnership who is currently holding monies left over from 2016 Flood fund.

• BT Broadband update – No update.

• Motorists facing potential accident due to current bus Termination Stop – Jamie highlighted that the bus is still parking just down from Overdon Home on a bend making it very difficult to overtake. Jamie has raised this issue with Bus Company, Bluebird, again and is awaiting confirmation that this matter has been urgently addressed. Colin raised the issue that cars parking at the butchers can cause a hazard to buses trying to go up Forres Road. Responsible parking should perhaps be highlighted in Kintore.

11. CORRESDONDENCE – The following items were highlighted during our meeting. Jill Sowden – Consultation link re licencing procedures (closing date 6th June)

Jill Sowden – Details of major work to double-track railway between Aberdeen and Dyce.

12. ABERDEENSHIRE COUNCILLORS UPDATE – Cllr Ford advised that they have a contractor to do Fountain and work will proceed once spare parts have been obtained. The decision in respect of the Thainstone planning application has been deferred at the recent Garioch planning meeting to allow for improvements. They have agreed to providing a shuttle bus going from Thainstone roundabout to new industrial estate but have been asked to consider providing a link to the new Kintore Railway station. Paul advised that the southern part of the cycle path is almost complete. Cllr Hood advised that there were monies coming through from the government to repair pot holes and our share is likely to be £900,000.00. Cllr Hood also advised that the winter maintenance budget was totally spent this year along with the winter reserve fund. £61,000.00 road salt was used this year. Finally Cllr Hood advised that the plan for new council buildings had been decided. Gordon house, which requires significant upgrading will be either be demolished and land sold or simply be sold as is. The town house will undergo a modernisation refurnishment with an extension out the back using the existing car park. To provide 130 car parking spaces, the Marketplace School site will be demolished. New offices built in Ellon and Stonehaven. In 2019, following the railway upgrades there will be a 30 minute service between Inverurie and Montrose and a 15 minute service between Inverurie and Aberdeen at peek times. Parking issue for those who are unable to walk far was raised by members of the community council.

13. AOCB - Brian asked for volunteers for the Summer Festival , which is being held in Kintore on the 26th May 2018. Action Kintore will be showing before and after plans for the Town Hall project. The Bothie will be doing children activities and there will be a large Burger stall. If we get sufficient volunteers, then we can allocate morning or afternoon slots. We would also be promoting the hire of the Bothie.

Fiona advised that she had met with Ainslie Reid prior to the start of the meeting. Ainslie had enquired as to whether a new bank account should be set up for the flowers. This was debated and given the difficulties this would involve, it was agreed that the existing account would be used. Insurance to cover Bowser, planters, baskets and barrels was also discussed. Fiona to investigate if our current insurance covers such items. Advice to be sought from Alison Cummings.

Dave Monaghan raised the issue of what was happening with the Torryburn. Cllr Ford advised that as it is privately owned and currently fenced for safety reasons, the council cannot insist on the owner submitting a planning application or demolishing it.
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