Minutes of meeting for 20 March 2018


Held 7.00pm on Tuesday 20th March 2018 in Kintore Primary School

1. PRESENT – Fiona Cooper (Chairperson), Claire Doig (Secretary),Ken McEwen, , John Thomson, Jess Lumsden, Ann Marston, Joan Thomson. Members of the public: Kenny Thomson, David Monaghan, Colin Stirling, Jamie Perceval, Alan Benton. PC Steve Middleton and Councillors Fergus Hood and Martin Ford.

2. WELCOME – Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. APOLOGIES – Lesley Monaghan, Brian Johnstone, Drew Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Jim Barclay and Councillors Glen Reid and Dominic Lonchay.

• Local Interest Information
On 24/02, 2 males were charged with a Breach of the Peace within the Square Bar. They were dealt with by means of Fixed Penalty.
On 25/02, there was a report of vandalism at a residential house at Henderson Drive whereby a window was smashed. There are no current lines of enquiry.
On 01/03, 2 11 year old children were charged regarding an assault near to Kintore School. They have bee dealt with by Youth Justice Management.
On 05/03, there was a report of theft of fuel from a bus parked at C and M McDonald. There is a line of enquiry being followed regarding a suspect car seen nearby at the time of the offence.
On 13/03, a male was charged with threatening behaviour following an argument with family members in Castlefield Gardens.
On 15/03, a local 20 year old male was stopped in a car on Brae Crescent where he was found to have a personal amount of cannabis. He has been charged and has been reported.
The Roads Policing have also been busy and within the reporting period have charged 4 speeding motorists on the A96 outside Kintore with speeds of 89,106, 109 and 137mph.
• Feedback on police actions in response to matters raised at the previous meeting
Nothing to report
• Details of actions in response to matters raised at the previous meeting Nothing to report

• On-going local/force-wide engagement activities
With the longer delays and the lighter nights fast approaching us, Police Scotland continue to encourage householders to secure their property, any outbuildings, vehicles and property of value and to report any suspicious circumstances to Police at the time.

• Council flood mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road area – There has been money put back into this year’s budget. Fiona advised that Kenny and she met with Bruce Allan to put forward the community’s feelings regarding getting this matter resolved as a matter of urgency. Bruce confirmed that he agrees with most of the contents of a letter received recently from the council but would like to change some aspects of the actual job. Fiona confirmed that she sent an email to Lee Watson requesting an urgent meeting between Bruce and the flood team to progress matters. Fiona forwarded this email to Cllr Hood during tonight’s meeting who immediately emailed Lee Watson requesting the meeting takes place ASAP. Jess and John raised a concern that the Suds are not being maintained and therefore the Tuach Burn easily overflows. This in itself is a very difficult issue to resolve and Fiona will contact Sepa for advice.

• Tuach Hill Access – Fiona also raised this topic in the meeting with Bruce Allan. Bruce highlighted that there were many problems associated with Tuach Hill such as a massive dog mess problem and previous acts of vandalism over the years. Bruce further advised that he has sent a letter to the Environmental Planner at the council, confirming his concerns that the extent of the asbestos contamination has not been established with enough certainty to allow access to be restored. Based on the advice they have been given there is still potential risk to public health not only in the immediate vicinity of the site of the former agricultural building but also along the access routes where mechanical action from people walking and dogs or other animal activity may have spread asbestos fibres. In order to progress matters, Fiona suggested a meeting with Cllr Glen Reid and Bruce Allan.

• Community Resilience Planning (CRP) – The plan is complete and ready for ‘publishing’ but before this can go ahead new Data Protection issues have to be addressed.

The generator has been moved and is currently sitting at the premises of Therm Ltd. An electrician has been sourced and has agreed to carry out all work FOC. A meeting is required with planning to discuss if needed due to noise pollution assessment. Due to the little time the generator would potentially be in use planning permission may not be needed.

• Paul Finch from Aberdeenshire Council thanked Action Kintore Ltd for giving them such strong support and assistance in holding the exhibition re Kintore Station at the Bothie on March 14th 2018. Elements such as Facebook posting (prior to and during the event), helping us get the Bothie set up, and general wider support really make a difference, and enabled a successful event with over 200 visitors. Ken will put links on Facebook for anyone who missed the event and would like to see the plans. Cllr Ford advised that a planning application for the station was expected to be submitted by the end of the month and the decision before summer, probably June 2018.

Assuming permission is granted, construction of station to take place between May and August 2019 whilst the current line is closed due to an upgrading of the track.

6. BT Broadband update - No further update at the moment.

7. Approval of Minute of last meeting – Proposer Ann Marston /Seconder John Thomson

8. TREASURERS REPORT – Joan advised us that the current balance is sitting at £9051.64 with no cheques outstanding.

9. YOUTH REPORT – The Bothie have received funding from Garioch Partnership towards their proposed Girls Only Group. This will start mid April and will run for 10 weeks. It will be open to all 12-18 year old girls within the community. The Youth Groups fund raising disco was successful and to add to funds they will be holding a stall at the Kintore Summer Festival where they will sell tattoos, spray paint hair and also have a ‘Sponge the Worker’ game. A second talk on Drug Awareness was held primarily for parents of Kintore but numbers attending were very disappointing despite lots of publicity. It is thought that perhaps widening the different types of advertising should be looked into for future events. Fiona advised there were plans to start a Film Making Club aimed at older youths. This is at the very early stages but it is hoped will provide lots of interest. More details are to follow.

Prior to discussing this month planning matters, Fiona asked if there was anyone willing to take on reviewing planning matters prior to monthly meetings. It was suggested that Paul Davidson might be the one to ask given his interest in this subject matter. Fiona to contact him and find out if this was something he would consider taking on.

APP/2018/0140 Thainstone Business Park Extension

APP/2018/0270 Listed building consent for change to Insulation specification Approved under Listed Building Consent Reference App/2017/0757 (Monarch Developments)

APP/2018/0428 Full planning Permission for Erection of Abattoir and Meat Production Facility with Associated Roads, Infrastructure and Landscaping. Site would be land to the West of Thainstone Business Park, Inverurie

APP/2018/0140 - Ken advised that he had received an email from Paul Davidson highlighting two main items. In order to reduce congestion on the A96, which will result from the Business Park extension, the grade-separated interchange (GSI) was considered essential but the reporter has given planning permission without this pre-requirement. The Business Park extension meets all the requirements for an EIA development according to the 2011 and 2017 Town & Country Planning Environmental Impact Assessment (Scotland) Regulations. However, in breach of these regulations, planning permission has been granted, without an EIA, or a screening opinion or screening direction being made for the business park. In 1998 the only previous landscape study vetoed any development higher up the hill than the present business park. The current plans for landscaping 8m high buildings on fields on a hillside you can see for miles along the valley is to “utilise locally native species of local provenance and where suitable consist of a mix of trees, shrubs, hedges, wildflowers and incorporate suitable grass seed mixtures.” The impact on the landscape can not be mitigated by shrubs and hedges. A proper landscape and visual impact assessment (LVIA) needs to be made as part of the environmental impact assessment. Once the fields are concreted over, the landscape incorporating the hill with Bennachie in the background will be ruined forever. We desperately need another study to confirm that such development would be unacceptable. We also need studies to explain and support the change in the Council’s position on the A96 congestion issue before access and travel plans are finalised. The closing date for comments re West of Thainstone Business Park extension is 29th March 2018. Ken advised that he would highlight this on Kintore.org and on the Facebook page so that comments would be submitted on time.

APP/2018/0270 – No action required.

App/2018/0428 – Paul made the following comments: The first full planning application for the site is for the abattoir. This will be on a prominent position on the current drove road. The development is funded by a £4 million grant from the government. When Scotbeef/ANM first proposed relocating the abattoir in 2012, they promised that job losses would be minimised. No such promises are being given this time. Why are we paying Scotbeef/ANM to put people out of work? Objections and comments on the abattoir application need to be made by April 12th.
Cllr Ford advised that some of the issues, which Paul has raised, are no longer applicable due to the fact that planning permission in principle has already been granted. However, comments could still be submitted in respect of the positioning and nature of the landscape but not in respect of the principle already agreed when planning permission has been granted. In addition, where ANM received funding from does not form part of the planning process.

Euan Glen from Liberty One Communications has contacted us regarding the Abattoir development and is keen to engage with our community. Attached is documentation forwarded by Euan re previous comments made at the initial consultation stage.
Jamie raised the concern of winter road conditions would make access to the top of the hill at Thainstone very difficult. Perhaps we will seen an improvement regarding this given that the Council Road Maintenance Department will be moving up to this site in the future.

11.CORRESDONDENCE – Jess brought leaflets along to the meeting re Garioch Heritage Centre where admission is currently free for adults until the end of the holidays (15th April). Children have free entry all year round. Groups welcome by arrangement.
Jill Sowden (Garioch Planning officer) advised the Draft Garioch Health and Social Care locality plan consultation is now available online. Links to be put Facebook.

12. ABERDEENSHIRE COUNCILLORS UPDATE – Cllr Ford advised work on the cycle path between Kintore and Port Elphinstone is now under way.
• Cllr Hood contacted BEAR with regards to the flooding on rainy days on the A96 near Thainstone. As it happened this was already on their agenda and work was carried out the following day.

• Cllr Hood advised that £200,00 has been cut from the £3m bus subsidy to rural buses with some lesser used routes having buses reduced/cancelled. No Kintore routes will be affected by these cuts.

13.AOCB -
• An update in the Data Protection Act is to take place in 25th May. This should be discussed at the April meeting.

• Ann advised that along with Sheila and 6 Kintore residents, she would be attending a Bus Forum meeting in Westhill on Thursday 22nd March. Fiona advised that the Buses are stopping just outside Kintore (Inverurie side) on a bend and making it very dangerous to overtake. It seems this happens when the bus is arriving too early and will be raised at the meeting. Update to follow.

• Ken McEwen will be sending the council an email praising them on their fantastic job on carrying out the clearing of bushes on the Balbithan road.

• A local resident went to the Inverurie skip with plasterboard only to be turned away due to lack of facilities to dispose of this. He was redirected to Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Ellon, Turriff or Banchory. It will be looked into as to why Inverurie can’t take such an item.

14 DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 17th April 2018
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