Minutes of the Meeting for 19 June 2018


Held 7.00pm on Tuesday 19th June, 2018 in Kintore Primary School

1. PRESENT – Fiona Cooper, Brian Johnstone, John Thomson, Jess Lumsden, Drew Cullinane, Ken McEwen, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Members of the public: Colin Stirling, Paul Davidson, Barbara Allan, Angus Bruce, Mike Sim. PC Steve Middleton Councillors Martin Ford, and Dominic Lonchay.

2. WELCOME – Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. APOLOGIES – Claire Doig, Lesley Monaghan, David Monaghan, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Alan Benton, Councillors Fergus Hood and Glen Reid.

• Antisocial behaviour, Violence and Disorder

On 24 May 2018, a 21 year old female was stopped driving through Kintore at which time she was found in possession of a personal amount of cannabis and was charged accordingly.

On 25 May 2018, a 21 year ld female was charged with possession of cannabis within an address at Dean Court, Kintore.

The following day a 20 year old male was stopped driving a vehicle through Kintore at which time he was also found to be in possession of cannabis and charged accordingly.

On 13 June 2016, 2 females were charged with assaulting each other at Allandale Gardens, Kintore.
• Acquisitive Crime

On 5 June 2018 there was a report of a Theft of a CD from Sainsbury, Midmill, Kintore. From the clear quality CCTV, the suspect was quickly identified, the property recovered and a male charged.

Between 6 and 7 June 2018, there was an attempt to break into a garage at Harthill Court, Kintore during which time the alarm system was removed. There were a high number of high value motor bikes contained within. Enquiry is ongoing.

• Road Safety & Road Crime
Since the last report one male has been charged with no insurance whilst local Road Policing Officers continue to pay attention to speeders along the A96.

• Community Engagement & Reassurance
In recent weeks Garioch has seen as increase in bogus workmen targeting elderly and vulnerable persons and charging astronomical prices for work often not done. It is important that neighbours look out for each other in this respect. It is good to see the banks having a new protocol whereby they inform police when they have suspicion that an elderly of vulnerable person appears to be requesting the withdrawal of large sums of money and this has had successful results this week within Inverurie.

• Discussions during meeting regarding Police Matters
Steve advised that we should be vigilant to email scams, highlighting they can be
particularly persuasive leading to loss of large quantity of monies.

Steve commented that the boy racers appear to be back at the School and was unsure as to whether it was a new group. In addition, there has been reports of speeding along School road.

Mr Bruce, a local resident, advised that “near” accidents involving children happen on a daily basis. He also advised that the Lollypop lady has also been in danger of being knocked down on many occasions. There are many areas on School road missing double yellow lines. When roads have been re-surfaced, they have failed to replace the previous yellow lines from 7 years ago. This is particularly important at junctions for line of sight to keep people safe and areas where thoughtless parking can result in temporary blockages of the road. Mr Bruce also highlighted that there is no barriers at the School road junction to prevent children running into the middle of the road or to guide children to using the designated crossing. Speed signs were suggested as an effective which highlight to the motorist their actual speed and often embarrasses them into slowing down. Flashing orange led lights like those in Port Elphinstone would be ideal.

Steve advised that he could put his speed safety camera at this area to monitor vehicle’s speeds and report back to the community council at a future meeting. Steve also advised that he would request speed initiatives to be carried out in the area when possible.

Cllr Ford advised that unfortunately this speeding issues is prevalent in many of our local areas but he is happy to contact the council road services to see what traffic calming measures can be applied in this case. Cllr Lonchay and Cllr Ford agreed to ask the road services to see when signs will be replaced/upgraded.

Fiona suggested that at the start of the new term that we request that this issue is highlighted in the School newsletter and perhaps suggest a police visit to chat to the kids.

In the meantime, to address this issue now, Ken advised that this issue will be highlighted on Kintore.org website and facebook page and Fiona will share on Kintore Mum facebook page.

5. MINUTE OF PREVIOUS MEETING – MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTE – Minute was approved without any alteration.

6. Approval of Minute of last meeting – Proposer John Thomson/Seconder Jess Lumsden

7. TREASURERS REPORT – See attached report and corresponding Bank transactions pdf.

8. YOUTH REPORT – Fantastic news of a successful funding application. We received just under £5,000 from Awards for all, which will cover the costs for the Bothie outdoor project of organised day trips such as a visit to Peterhead prison and landmark along with weekly activities for the kids during the summer. Some of the groups have been fundraising for hoodies to further promote the Bothie and this has proved a worthwhile task of team building and sense of belonging which is very encouraging and with sufficient funding, Rachel is hoping to do this with all the groups. Other forms of fundraising are currently being investigated. Action Kintore held a Voluntary Celebration evening last night, which went very well. Many of the volunteers have been working with the kids for over 4 years.

9. PLANNING MATTERS – Paul referred to a recent planning application whereby the owners were wishing to build in their existing garden and suggested the Community Council may wish to have a view on this.

Referring back to Cllr Ford’s discussion regarding planning policy, Fiona advised that there maybe little that can be done if the application does not breach planning guidelines. Fiona will enquire as to whether having a Community Council view inserted into planning policy is realistic and would have an affect. John suggested that perhaps there was a legitimate reason for this building application such as needing income to maintain existing house and all applications should be viewed individually. Other applications this month appears to be straight forward and don’t require any further investigation.

• Council flood mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road area – Nick Rae from the Flood Risk and Coast Protection team at the Council confirmed that the Bund had been started and was progressing very well. Fiona thanked the Councillors for all their hard work along with the council officers concerned. John Thomson reiterated this.
Nick requested that whilst work was in progress in respect of the bund that local residents do not enter the field for obvious Health and Safety reasons. Cllr Lonchay confirmed the work would be checked to ensure that it meets the plan specifications previously agreed between flood team and contractor.

• Tuach Hill Access – Cllr Ford confirmed that they have had two confidential briefings but he was unable to give details at this time except that the plan is progressing.

• Community Resilience Planning (CRP) – see update from Kenny Thomson on page 2 of the Financial Report attached. Quotes have been received in respect of the lean to cover for the generator and the installation cabling required at the public hall. All associated costs to be verified and an application for outstanding funds required to finalise the project to be made to Garioch Partnership who hold the monies raised during the floods in January 2016. Generator now stored locally and the planning issue regarding noise disturbance is currently being addressed. Once this has been approved, we will contact the Public Hall committee to get the go-ahead in respect of the cabling which should be fine given that it has already been agreed in principle. Brian confirmed the GDPR aspect of the Resilience plan has now been done and he was seeking guidance from the Scottish Flood forum on how to roll this out into the Kintore community.

• Townhouse project – Action Kintore promoted this project at the Summer Festival and gained 30 signatures of support in respect of the community engagement aspect of the Community Asset Transfer phase 2 application. Action Kintore aim to hold 2 further informal presentations (30th June and 7th July) in a gazebo in the square to gain further support. The Townhouse will be open during these events to allow interested parties to view the actual building itself.

• BT Broadband update – Nothing to report

• Motorists facing potential accident due to current bus Termination Stop – The new spot doesn’t appear to be any better and it was suggested they need to review this as a matter of urgency. The layby across from post office, beside the disabled toilet was identified as a possible termination stop, which would cause no issues. Fiona to contact Cllr Hood to request support in respect of this and to ask for an improvement in the overall service which is currently be provided.

11. CORRESDONDENCE – Email received from Mr Logan regarding the poor condition of the pathway at the entrance of Allandale Gardens and highlighting the parking issues, which is still going on despite PC Steve Middleton’s visit to the residents concerned. Previously the council had advised that residents from Airlie house should use this path instead of the one through the Bothie car park but given the current condition of the path and current parking causing obstruction, this would not now be a safe option. Matter to be raised with the Councillors at the next meeting as a matter of public safety.

• ABERDEENSHIRE COUNCILLORS UPDATE – Cllr Ford advised that there were a number of planning applications before the Area Committee meeting today. Firstly, the new railway station car park, access road etc. was passed and everything seems to be going to plan. The Extension to land round Thainstone Mart has now been passed after approving a counter proposal from the developer which gave most of the items requested in respect of landscaping, phasing, drainage and public transport. The conditions were considered the best that could be achieved within the planning process. Application for Abattoir was also approved but Paul expressed the concern that the slaughter of animals other than cattle is a big problem for the area.

Cllr Ford was asked by the Chair to confirm what Councillors are able to do and what they are not able to do.
Councillors set the Council’s budget and policies. They do not manage Staff or take operational decisions. Professional officers write council policies. Councillors then make decisions based on these policies within the pre-agreed policy framework and national guidelines in specific areas such as Licencing and Planning matters. It is important to understand that once the period of consultation has elapse and decisions have been taken, you cannot change them and therefore you need to move on to the next stage The Councillors are the visible part of the council and as such we can make representations to them to highlight issues on our behalf. The Councillors can then highlight this issue with the Area manager and Area team, which will hopefully result in raising the profile to a higher level of importance. However, the Councillors cannot instruct officers as this is not under their remit i.e. they do not manage staff or take operational decisions.

• AOCB - Mike Sim from Kintore United asked for support in trying to get more land use to build pitches due to their expanding club. They now have over 200 kids resulting in 4 Eleven a side teams and need enough pitches to play as well as a training area. They have been working with Cllr Reid to gain access to the new Midmill School facilities but this is proving insufficient. Brian suggested Kintore United contact the Council in respect of land which maybe available near Guachhill with a view that the Community Council would be happy to support this application given the current demand.

• Sheila enquired if the new planter at the Lochburn Drive junction should be on the pavement or indeed further back on the gravel. Fiona to check with Ainslie Reid and advise accordingly.

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