Minutes of f Kintore & District Community Council meeting on July 17, 2018.


Held 7.00pm on 17th July 2018 in Kintore Primary School

1. PRESENT – Fiona Cooper (Chairperson), Lesley Monaghan, Brian Johnstone, Ken McEwen, John Thomson, Jess Lumsden, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston. Members of the public: Kenny Thomson, David Monaghan, Colin Stirling, Alan Benton, Paul Davison. Councillors Glen Reid and Dominic Lonchay. Alison Cumming (Area Committee officer, Aberdeenshire Council)

2. WELCOME – Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. APOLOGIES – Claire Doig, Drew Cullinane, PC Steve Middleton, Councillors Fergus Hood and Martin Ford.

4. POLICE Community Council report – 18th June 2018 – 17th July 2018

Community Policing Priorities – Anti-Social behaviour, Violence and Disorder:
On 24th June 2018, a male attended a shop on Northern Road, Kintore where he started shouting and swearing at staff within. A male has been identified and is still to be traced.

On 2nd and 9th July, two persons were arrested and charged in connection with domestic assaults.

Acquisitive Crime:
On 24th June 2018, a strimmer was stolen from the Broomhill Caravan Park, Kintore.
On 5th July 2018, two thefts, possibly related occurred.
A trailer was stolen from a property on the road between the Hillhead Caravan Park, (near its junction with the B944 Kemnay to Kintore road) whilst engine parts from JCB digger were stripped from it at a construction site on Northern Road.

Road Safety and Road Crime:
Our colleagues from the Traffic Department have been busy monitoring traffic offences mainly on the A96 at Kintore.

This led to a driver having his Audi motor car seized from driving with no insurance, a campervan was also seized for being in a dangerous and un-road worthy condition and a motorist received 6 penalty points and a £200 fine for having two bald tyres.

A driver of a lorry was charged with four tachograph offences of failing to have at least a 45 minute break every 4 and 1⁄2 hours of driving. Another lorry driver was charged for having an overloaded vehicle.

A vehicle was seen driving at up to 104 miles an hour and was later found abandoned. Enquires are on-going to trace the driver.

An elderly driver was spotted and prevented from joining the A96 from a slip road whilst travelling in the wrong direction. Only the immediate action from a passing Police mobile crew prevented a possible serious incident as a lorry was behind the police car with the elderly driver about to pull out onto its path. The driver was charged with dangerous driving whilst another driver was charged with the same offence for going the wrong way around the roundabout near Tom Forrest’s quarry before going up the slip road to the A96 to Inverurie.

Another reckless driver was reported for careless driving for tailgating and performing a reckless overtake.

Community Engagement and Reassurance
Following the last meeting, (and press coverage) PC Steve Middleton has been on annual leave but will install the speed survey camera on School Road to monitor speeds as promised. The results will be ready for the next Community Council meeting in September for everyone’s information.

Speeding Results Survey Information form PC Steve Middleton – 16th Aug, 2018

Following discussions after a recent CC meeting - the one when the lollypop lady and resident attended, I put the camera up to the South of the school tracking vehicles approaching the crossing at the school.

Looks like the battery suffered a problem after a week or so, but still recorded 4146 vehicles.

The average speed was 28.5 mph, 85th percentile was 32.4 mph.

Discussions within meeting re Police Matters
Fiona advised that she had received a number of complaints stating that the 20mph speed restriction signs are going off at times when the School is closed and causing confusion. After the evening express picture mistake, many people from the Midmill School have advised that there is a speeding issue during term time and therefore both speeding issues at both Schools should be investigated. Cllr Reid advised that new led lights have been ordered but will take 6 – 8 weeks to arrive but it is hoped that matter will be resolved within the next 2/3 months at the latest. The timing issue of the 20 mph speed restrictions will also be resolved. Cllr Reid has requested the council look into putting up railing to direct children to use the pedestrian crossing. An update on this will follow.

Minute was approved without any alteration.

Approval of the Minute of last meeting - Proposer Ann Marston /Seconder Ken McEwen

Last month’s report and Bank Statement referred to a balance of £10,965.60, with one outstanding cheque being for £450 to John Dossett, for burgers for the Summer Festival. That cheque has been cashed and with no further transactions, the balance is £10,515.60, as shown on the latest statement (dated 5th July). Annual Accounts will soon be prepared. Joan should be sufficiently recovered to take on that process and details will be available for next meeting in September.

Total ring-fenced money included in that above balance is £3,679, break up as follows:
Kintore Floral Displays
Income: £4,245
Expenditure: £2,816
Balance £1,429
Community Resilience Plan Income
Action Kintore – Summer festival burger/hot dogs stall
Profit: Gifted to Bothie repairs
Therefore, net funds for KDCC use are £6,836.60

Rachel Lewis (Youth and Development worker) – Rachel advised that we were successful in gaining just under £5,000 from the Awards for All funding application. It as agreed at the previous Action Kintore meeting, that we would be working on a number of funding applications to ensure that monies needed for projects and general day to day costs over the next few years can be met, thus ensuring the Bothie is on a more sustainable financial basis.

Fiona and Rachel have met with Cllr Reid and Cllr Bailey to bring more events to the Bothie using contacts for music through Ruby Mackay for example. The existing groups are going well and the pilot Girls group has gone brilliant and therefore will become a permanent part of our youth programme. It is hoped during the following months, that day trips will be organised for the children, such as Peterhead Prison Museum, Landmark are a couple of ideas that is currently being looked at.

APP/2018/1223 24 Flats to accommodate 78 people build 4 blocks of flats on T square of land on Forrest Road

APP/2018/1475 E-Blast Ltd – full planning permission for alterations and extension to workshop

APP/2018/1484 E- blast ltd – full planning permission for formation of Access Road.

APP/2018/1569 Formation of Private Way – Thainstone Business Park Relocation of former Drove Road

Planning Report – Paul Davidson
App/2018/1223 – Objection has gone into Planning from Community Council on the basis of size being totally out of character for the area, parking issues and traffic implication and speeding issues.

App/2018/1475 & 1484 – Not a great amount of details on the website regarding these applications, however complaints were made a number of years ago regarding noise impact during early hours of the morning. Alison has suggested that we contact enforcement to ensure that all terms and conditions are being adhered to prior to looking at the current applications. Jess advised that dust was also an issue.

App/2018/1569 – Paul enquired why there are no comments allowed on this application. Alison confirmed that this is only prior notification application and not full planning permission application.

Alison advised that although the Community Council is a consultee on all planning applications effecting the area of Kintore, the onus is on ourselves to contact Planning Department and if required request an extension where appropriate for example time until our next meeting for proper discussion.

10. New Community Council Constitution
Alison Cumming (Area Committee Officer)

Decisions agreed at the meeting as follows:

Name of Community Council shall be Kintore and District Community Council

Aim and function of Community Council as per standardised format.

Members: minimum 5, maximum11 but this can be increased with a valid reason through an application to the Area manager.

2 junior members can be admitted between the ages of 14/15 years old, educated within local School district.

Paul Davidson as a planning expert can become an associate member.

Section 3.1 - Ken McEwen can now become a full member despite the fact that he lives outwith the community council area, due to his voluntary
work within the community.

Co- member facilitates a community council to carry on to next AGM should numbers fall too low.

Section 3.6 Membership of Community Council can cease if a member does not attend enough meetings or leaves the area. This is away of allowing space for people who do actually wish to play a part in the Community Council.

Meet at monthly meeting excluding August and December with all dates agreed at AGM.

Elections – Any vacancies will be advertised before the AGM and elections held if there is more than one nomination. The Council will administer all elections and will appoint a Returning Officer at the commencement of the election period. As a result, we require to advise Alison of the names of the office bearers every year and any other information appropriate at the time.

As it is not clear when everyone joined, everything will carry on as normal until June 2019, whereby a full election will be held with those elected for a three-year period. Officer -bearers are elected each year at the AGM. It was agreed that a chair can serve as long as they wish as long as they are doing a good job due to the fact that there is not a long list of willing volunteers.

Finance -All monies raised by or on behalf of the Community Council shall be applied to further the objects of the Community Council and to maintain its administrative structure. Accounts need to be independently verified prior to AGM.

New Constitution is flexible and not set in stone.

Training for new Community Council chair will be available although Alison has given information to Fiona and Claire on how to access details of the Council website which has been found very helpful.

Alison requested our attendance at the quarterly Community Council forum meetings. These meeting are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month, March, June, September and December usually in Inverurie Town hall. Fiona agreed to attend these meetings but would appreciate others taking a turn where required.

11. Correspondence
Alison advised that the council is running a Networking Event on 15th September 2018. Correspondence including an agenda and booking form is available to everyone on the community council. Fiona has received an email from Paul Finch, Strategic Transportation Project Manager advising that they have managed to purchase one of the original benches formerly installed at the original Kintore Station. The plan is to get this restored, prior to getting it installed on the platform of the new station. They would like to get involvement from the community along with a small financial contribution if available. It was unanimously agreed and Fiona will contact Paul for further information.

Fiona advised that she had received an email form Stacey Macdonald, Communications Manager for Network Rail requesting to attend our meeting. It was agreed that Fiona would invite Stacey along in February/March 2019 when the information regarding the building of Kintore Station would be available. In the meantime, Fiona will request some information regarding timescales of the project and details of routes, which will be used for bringing in construction material. Information will also be requested re the closure of level crossings and closure of bridge between Blackburn and Hatton of Fintry.

Jess advised The Garioch Heritage Centre in Inverurie has a new temporary Exhibition: Scottish Diaspora Tapestry. This project brings together stories from Scottish communities documenting their connections in more than 300 embroidered panels. A fantastic exhibition and well worth a visit.

Speeding issues at Kintore School – Cllr Reid has confirmed his request for railings at the School to guide children to cross at Pedestrian crossing. Led lights have been ordered and Cllr Reid will chase information as to when they will be installed. Signs re Speed restrictions at School will also be looked at to ensure that they are only working at the correct times when School is actually opened.

Council flood mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road area – The Bund has been built according to specification based on a study done back in 2003/4.

Tuach Hill Access – Cllr Reid has advised that access has been restored and the council is trying to obtain a guarantee to ensure access remains open. Fiona has confirmed with a local resident who has been using this route for 25 years, that the access is now back to what it was prior to the closure. Complaints have been received re dog fouling and Cllr Reid has received agreement for a dog bin to be installed at the entrance. However, residents should still report instances they have witnessed to the dog warden with photographic documentation if possible. Profession dog walkers have been seen sometimes with 7 dogs and despite a local resident picking up the poo and leaving it at the side of the van, the driver drove away leaving it behind. It was suggested that we approach Aberdeenshire Council to see if they can bring a policy to limit the number of dogs that one person can walk.

Public Toilet Access – Cllr Lonchay advised that they were trying to get Network Rail to agree to provide toilet facilities when building Kintore Station. However, In the meantime, they have obtained agreement with the School Library and The Square (Pub) for the public to use their toilet facilities.

Cycling Path (Kintore to Inverurie) – This appears to be a success with lots of users being spotted using this path on bikes and for walking. Plans are being investigated for Cycle paths between Kintore and Blackburn and Kintore and Kemnay. The latter to help Kids bike to Kemnay Academy safely. Sheila enquired about the size of the new fence. It was put up to limit the noise factor of the Road/Path for the residents and was to replace a hedge, which was removed when the works were carried out.

Demolition of Piggery on Tuach Hill – Paul wanted to know what documentation was required when this was demolished in July/Aug 2016. Cllr Reid advised that he did ask for this information but did not receive a reply prior to meeting. It should be available for the meeting in September.

13. AOCB
Brian Johnston resigned as Community Council with immediate effect. Brian will be sorely missed due to his fantastic dedication to the Community Council. However, he has agreed to still be contactable so we can access help with on-going issues but on consultation basis only.

14. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 18th September, 2018
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