Minutes of meeting for 16 January 2018

7.00pm on Tuesday 16th January 2018 in Kintore Primary School

1. PRESENT – Fiona Cooper (Chairperson), Ken McEwen, Brian Johnstone, Lesley Monanghan, John Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Joan Thomson Jess Lumsden. Members of the public: David Monaghan, Colin Stirling, Ken White and Joe Narducci. PC Steve Middleton Councillors: Fergus Hood and Dominic Lonchay.

2. WELCOME – Fiona Cooper welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. APOLOGIES – Claire Doig, Kenny Thomson, Drew Cullinane, Cllr Glen Reid and Cllr Martin Ford.

Representatives from the Scouts and Boys Brigade were gifted with cheques from the KDCC as a gesture of goodwill within the community. Both organisations received £200 each from funds raised from the fireworks display.

5. POLICE REPORT Interest Information
There have been concerns raised about the local garage parking on the chevrons on Station Road. This has been monitored and nothing has been noted.
Feedback on police actions in response to matters raised at the previous meting
Nothing to report
Details of actions in response to matters raised at the previous meeting
Nothing to report
Ongoing local/force-wide engagement activities
Plans to monitor traffic on various roads around the village using speed gun and mobile cameras are imminent.

Local Development Plan was emailed out. Fiona has requested that any comments regarding the plan be emailed to her by the end of the week. If none are received, Fiona will confirm to Ailsa (Senior Policy Planner, Aberdeenshire Council) that we are in agreement of main issues identified in their summary.

Joan Thomson proposed the approval and was seconded by Sheila Gray

Joan reported that the bank balance was sitting at £10,065 with a total of £1,538.50 to be paid out. This comprises of £838.80 to GWR Energy for the automatic changeover panel for the generator, £400 donated to Scouts and Boys Brigade plus addition donations of £100 each to Airlie House, Provost Lawrence Court and Overdon. With these totals accounted for the balance would be sitting at £9,060.00.

Rachel is still regularly attending assemblies at Kemnay Academy. 2018 is the ‘Year of the Young Person’ and Ruby Chalmers from Chalmers School of Music is keen to work with the Bothie to celebrate this. Fiona will meet with Rachel to discuss this. The Bothie received 50% of the £10,000 Learning Development Grant awarded by Aberdeenshire Council.

APP/2017/3228 6 Craigbank, Kintore. Full Planning permission for alterations and extension to dwelling house (change to roof design).

APP/2017/3116 Kintore Arms Bar, The Square, Kintore. Full planning permission for installation of keg store and air conditioning units with associated mesh screening.

The above proposals were discussed and it was agreed that no action was required.

Fiona has been contacted by Senior Roads Engineer Wendy McLaren as she has been approached by a member of the public enquiring about making Castle Hill a one-way system. It was agreed that this should be looked into.

Dominic has been asked from a Kintore resident why there is an undeveloped house across from Sandy Thain. The KDCC are unaware of this and Cllr Lonchay is to contact the enquirer Mr Reid to discuss further.

There have been enquiries as to why the post box at Midmill has been boarded up. Cllr Lonchay will contact Royal Mail to find out.

Fiona attended a meeting re A96 dualling east of Huntly. She is awaiting brochures via email and will forward to anyone who would like to read them upon her receipt. It was also noted that if anyone has any objections to the Bennachie route then time is running out to state your views.

Work to repair the fountain outside the Town Hall is planned to get under way spring/summer as money from the Common Good Fund has been allocated and a contractor finally found to carry out the work. The toilet on Northern Road will also be removed although no date for this has been confirmed as of yet.

The Councils budget meeting is to take place on 8th February with the council tax due to be increased at a maximum of 3%.

Councillors have been working to gain community access to Midmill Primary School. There’s already limited access but they are looking at a policy change to go through council procedures to formalise the access. Their report will go to their February meeting.

13. AOCB
A mention and a note of thanks was given to the Kintore Fundraising Team for their wonderful work in organising the village Christmas tree and lights display. Once again, they were brilliant and it was even suggested that the lights were the best in Aberdeenshire. Thank you to their volunteers and well done.

Cllr Reid phoned Margaret Jane Cardno the Garioch Area Manager re floral planters and hanging baskets. She has advised to contact Ainslie to get a quote for what is needed. Hanging baskets will not be allowed to be fixed to the building as it is listed but the planters outside would be fine. A reasonable request will be budgeted for.

Action Kintore Ltd who runs the Bothie have submitted Cat 1 Community Asset Transfer Application for the Town House. The Cat 1 has been approved and they now have 3 months to create a business plan and submit and present to the council.

Brian is in the process of finalising an agreement with the council for the Angling Club to take over the Common Good Land at the Golf Course. Kintore and Inverurie are going to take over the Burgh council fishing for 2018 for a 1-year licence.

There was widespread concern amongst the community with regards to the lack of gritting of pavements during the bad weather with many accidents being reported due to icy conditions and reports of older residents being housebound. Cllr Hood advised that the council changed their policy on gritting due to the past few milder winters but the policy would now be reviewed to reinstate gritting routes and pavement gritters. Fiona is going to email Stephen Archer the Director of Infrastructure re the community’s dissatisfaction at the Council’s gritting policy and request that it be changed to ensure that pavements would be gritted along with roads.

14. Outstanding matters
• Council flood mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road area – Cllr Hood advised that this was discussed with the council today and the Chief Executive Jim Savage has said that the Infrastructure Director has put a hold on this scheme as the council currently has overspent £3.5M of their budget. However, this does not mean that this scheme has been cancelled. It has also been realised that the bund that has been initially planned will have to be made longer. Bruce Allan is looking for an offer of compensation from the council in respect of the strip of land he was going to give up to facilitate the building of the bund. He would also like to know who would be responsible for the bund, as in maintenance and repairs. This too is slowing the process down. It has been suggested that the KDCC contact Mr Allan and invite him to the next meeting.

• Tuach Hill Access – Tuach Hill access has again been closed and now gates are blocking 2 access points. Council officers have visited the site and marked out the asbestos site and outlined it on their map and it is their view that the area blocked off is actually accessible. The informal process has now ended and now formal communications will begin this week with a view to opening the path and hill. It is the view of the council that this is a well-used area and should be open to the public. Environmental Health and Planning confirmed that the Local Authority has indeed asked the landowner to restrictpublic access to the area of land which has been contaminated. However, Officers do consider the interventions taken by the land owner at Tuach Hill to be excessive and disproportionate and have been trying unsuccessfully to negotiate with the land owner to allow access. The Council has confirmed that these discussions have not been as productive as hoped so a formal procedure to gain public access will now begin.

• Community Resilience Planning (CRP) – The community resilience plan is almost complete. Paul Laidlaw from the Scottish Flood Forum has suggested that rather than put the 18 pages out to view that it should be condensed down into 2-3 pages for easier reading. This should be made up of the key elements: Plan, repair, respond and recover.
Brian advised that because of the noise element planning permission would have to be applied for ref the emergency generator. A surrounding frame is still needed and Alex Black of Black Iron Finials has said that he knows of a company which may be willing to give us a suitable 2nd hand housing unit for free. Failing this Alex has offered to supply a quote for a new one and is offering the labour for this FOC with only material having to be paid for. Trying to find a local electrician who is willing to carry out work on installation is proving to be difficult as none are too willing to undertake the job.

• BT Broadband update – Unfortunately, there are no updates at the moment. BT will be having a meeting with Aberdeenshire Council in the near future to discuss local broadband issues.

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 20th February 2018.
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