Minutes of Meeting for 17 April 2018

Held 7.00pm on Tuesday 17th April 2018 in Kintore Primary School

1. PRESENT– Brian Johnstone (Acting Chairperson), Lesley Monaghan, Ken McEwen, John Thomson, Jess Lumsden, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Joan Thomson. Members of the public: David Monaghan, Colin Stirling, Jamie Perceval, Alan Benton. PC Steve Middleton and Councillors Fergus Hood, Martin Ford, Glen Reid and Dominic Lonchay.
2. WELCOME – Brian welcomed everyone to the meeting.
3. APOLOGIES – Fiona Cooper, Claire Doig, Kenny Thomson and Drew Cullinane.

• Local Interest Information
Since the last meeting the following crimes of note for the local area have been recorded.
Sometime between the 11th and 24th March, an insecure outhouse at an address at Upper Townhead was entered and a number of power tools along with some spirits were stolen.

On 24th March 2018, there was a report of a hit and run whereby damage was caused to some fencing at Boat Road, Kintore. A driver was later traced and has agreed to pay for the damage.

At some time between 29th and 30th March 2018, external fencing was cut at E Blast, Tumulus Way, Kintore. Nothing appears to have been stolen.
On 1st April 2018, a 19 year old male and a 17 year old female were charged with possession of a controlled drug within a property in Kintore.
On 3rd April both the organiser and person who allowed use of the land were charged following an unofficial end of year party which was held at Tavelty Farm, Kintore for school leavers which was unlicensed and at which there were a number of incidents requiring police attendance including thefts and underage drinking.

On 6th April 2018 there was a report of a vandalism at an address in Brae Crescent, Kintore whereby a window was broken. Enquiries are ongoing.

On 11th April 2018 police received a complaint regarding an assault by another motorist near to the Kintore Golf Club following an altercation around the manner of driving. Enquiry is ongoing.

Road Police Officers charged 7 motorists with speeding offences along with other offences including towing a defective trailer, no MOT and insurance.

• Feedback on police actions in response to matters raised at the previous meeting

Steve advised that he contacted the council re the 20 mph flashing lights being on at all times and awaits a response.

• Details of actions in response to matters raised at the previous meeting Nothing to report
• On-going local/force-wide engagement activities

As highlighted in the Crime review above, during the weekend of 30th March to 1st April, there was an unlicensed end of term leavers party which had been held on Tavelty Farm with the permission of the land owner. Both the organiser and land owner were spoken to prior to the event taking place and advised re their responsibilities. These end of term “private” events are becoming more prevalent within the North East and is something that our Licensing Department are actively looking at.

With the longer days and lighter nights fast approaching us, Police Scotland continue to encourage householders to secure their property, any outbuildings and property of value and to report any suspicious circumstances to Police at the time.

• Discussions within meeting re Police Matters

Steve spoke of incidents within Inverurie, Kintore and Westhill of people coming round doors attempting to sell items. Whereby they receive no reply, the property is searched for items to steal. Over a weekend, there were several arrests for 9 offences. Steve commented on the excellent assistance the Police received from the community and social media.

Steve confirmed that the Speed camera was up today and report will follow.

Finally, Steve advised of two thefts just happened, one relating to a theft of a vehicle and one relating to a theft of items from a car’s boot. Alan Benton advised of an attempted theft of motorbike, which was also vandalised and dumped between 2 houses. Steve agreed to pass on this information. Given this, Steve reinforced the previous warning, to lock your property, cars and outhouse buildings even when you are home.

Colin Stirling raised the matter of obstruction of a emergency vehicle on the way to a fire. Recently the fire brigade was hampered by on street parking at Allandale Gardens, Kintore. Steve suggested that the Fire Station contact the council who will then be able to impose parking restrictions where applicable. In the meantime, Steve offered to visit the houses round about the entrance to Allandale Gardens to make them aware of the situation.

• Planning Application APP/2018/0428 – Abattoir and Meat Production facility On 27th April at the Bothie, Members of the development team will be available to discuss any concerns/issues regarding their planning application to move to Thainstone. Fiona to advise time of meeting as soon as possible. There was a discussion regarding the impact of this building on the landscape and it was agreed that as a Community Council we should exercise our right to become a statutory Consultee for this application.

• Amendment to minute – apologies should include Jim Barclay 2

6. Approval of Minute of last meeting - Proposer Joan Thomson /Seconder Ken McEwen.

7. TREASURERS REPORT – Joan advised us that the current balance is sitting at £8,083.28 excluding the floral display monies with one cheque outstanding re £500.00 in respect of Bothie repairs. This originally was to pay for internal repairs but has been put towards the cost of upgrading the external walls of the Bothie building. It has also been agreed that the part of the profit of running the BBQ at Kintore Summer Festival would also go toward the cost of the upgrade given that the total cost of the repairs amounts to £1352.40.

8. YOUTH REPORT – Rachel Lewis (Youth and Development worker) has prepared the Junior and YAFTS group plans for the term. These include games and activities, which encourage group participation and team building. Each session encompasses individual support where needed along with information on subjects such as health and managing stress. There is also the opportunity to encourage group participation for future program ideas. Rachel has been selected ( out of approximately 100 applications!!! ) to do the PDA (Personal development in Youth Work) giving her a National 6 qualification. Action Kintore were successful in their funding application to the Garioch Partnership to run a 10 week girls group. Therefore this term Rachel is introducing a new group to the Bothie called Girls Rule, which is open to all girls aged 12-18 in the community of Kintore and District. During each session they will be able to access advice and support for personal issues and benefit from specially selected speakers brought in to help them deal with the current issues affecting girls in society today. Joan advised that bookings at the Bothie had increased and Brian confirmed that Action Kintore would be promoting the use of the Bothie at the Summer Festival with new brochures being printed.

APP/2018/0140 Thainstone Business Park. Local residents objected to the measures presented by the developers for Phasing, Strategic Landscaping, Drainage, Public Access, Public Transport & Travel Plan, Archaeology and the Camie's Stone handling, as the measures failed to ensure compliance with the specific conditions set by the DPEA Reporter. In particular, we pointed out that strategic landscaping required measures need to be based on a landscape and visual impact assessment made as part of an overall environmental impact assessment for the development. The Planning Dept are continuing to fail to comply with the T&C (EIA) Regs, which require a formal screening opinion to be made to confirm that the business park extension is an EIA development.

APP/2018/0428 Thainstone abattoir. Local residents have objected to the application to build an abattoir on the Thainstone ridge, because of its adverse impact on the landscape, it being a source of statutory nuisance from artificial lighting due to its location on the high ridge, and because it offers no net benefit to local farmers and the local community, as it will not generate employment, will require farmers to transport their sheep and pigs out of the area for slaughter, and fails to comply with several Scottish planning policies. Also, we identified several issues the application failed to address.

APP/2018/0693 Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse 6 Tuach View (end of cul-de-sac off School Road). Applicant wants to extend his house, building a new family room, and convert his garage to utility rooms. New family room extension is near boundary with neighbouring property. Public comments by Mon 23 Apr – none to date.

APP/2018/0821 Erection of Garage The Neuk, Broomhill (should this be Broomfield, Midmill?). Applicant wants to build a new double garage close to his house, alongside boundary with neighbouring property. Public comments by Thu 03 May – none to date.

Cycle track from Kintore Business Park to Thainstone rdbt. Work in progress. Narrow section in front of Murrayfield house not started or design finalised. No consultation with affected property owners before construction work started.

Paul advised that he has written to regional MSPs & to Alex Burnett asking them to support Planning Democracy’s proposed modification to the Planning Bill to give Community Bodies the right to appeal against bad decisions by local planning authorities. http://www.planningdemocracy.org.uk/ This would be a useful tool for community councils to have a say in local planning decisions – likely to be more effective than the government’s proposals for local plans. Cllr Ford advised that in the past he tried to get support for changing the current one sided appeal system and found that Aberdeenshire Council and the sitting government were both against this. However, Cllr Lonchay advised that currently there were many planning applications that only gained planning permission if they adhered to certain conditions.

Finally, Paul confirmed he had not yet received a reply from Network Rail re his query about the closure of the private level crossing at the Kintore Business Park.

• Council flood mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road area – Cllr Hood advised that he had sent an email to Fiona on the 21st March, 2018 confirming that he had discussed the flood defence scheme with Lee Watson. Lee confirmed that a bund will be built as part of the flood defence scheme for Kingsfield Road. The plan is to use the additional topsoil that was spread on the field to make the bun. There was a huge amount of topsoil added to the field so removing it should have no impact on the field drains etc. Mr Allan will be allowed to tender for the work provided he satisfies the Council tendering process. Cllr Hood advised that the compensation agreement is now with Mr Allan’s Solicitor and is expected to be signed very soon. A date for commencement of the works cannot be given at this stage as it depends on when the agreement is signed and the time taken to award the contract. However, the good news is that £35,000 has now been allocated in the budget for this and Lee Watson envisions that date of completion will be by the end of Summer i.e. prior to 23rd September, 2018. Finally, to give the community some reassurance, it was confirmed by all the councillors that this matter was the biggest priority in the ward.

• Tuach Hill Access – Cllr Reid advised that this issue is at a stand still as the issue to protect the public from the asbestos overrides the public access right. Cllr Ford has therefore requested a report of the full facts to be given the Garioch Area committee so that a plan to progress matters can be formulated. In meantime to open up some dialogue on this matter, Fiona has agreed to arrange a meeting with Mr Allan and Cllr Reid and appropriate council members. Again, it was reiterated that this matter was a priority for all councillors in the ward.

• Community Resilience Planning (CRP) – Brian has received a request from Sheila and Ann to update plan with bus routes which will be done along with changes to ensure compliance with the new data protection regulations coming in on the 25th May, 2018. In respect of the generator, Brian advised that after further investigation the metal enclosure from Balfour Beattie would not work and is now pursuing a profiled metal shed lean to structure as a temporary enclosure. Once this is finalised, he will seek clarification from Planning re the possible noise element in relation to the 28 day rule. Brian confirmed that an electrician is now in place and has agreed to carry out the work. A meeting at the Public hall to confirm cable runs after which they will be measured and ordered by which time we should have a cost for the shed. Cable runs and the shed then need to be approved by the Public Hall committee. Assuming all goes well, everything should be finalised by end of summer.

• BT Broadband update – Ken advised that he had been in contact with Open Reach regarding a community fibre partnership in Balbithan which if worked could be rolled out to Leylodge and Cottown. Unfortunately, the response was that this route would prove to be too costly i.e. £20,000 per home and therefore not viable. Ken advised that there is now no option but to wait for the Scottish Government R100 program which promises to make superfast fibre broadband accessible to 100% of rural households. Cllr Hood advised that there was a scheme being piloted in the Western Isles whereby broadband signal would be beamed to each household. Cllr Hood offered to find out more and report back at the next meeting.

• Kintore Station – Cllr Ford confirmed that both planning applications have been submitted. Cllr Hood advised that they have contacted officers in respect of a provision of a toilet at the station and this is being considered. He also advised that Network Rail has been confirmed as the contractor who will be responsible for building the station, platforms , bridges and now the car park and associated infra structure round a bout. Details of the arrangements for passengers during line closures have yet to be revealed.

• Bus Forum – Ann advised that lots of people from Kintore present at the meeting. It was confirmed that there will be only one bus per hour between Inverurie and Kintore which has been changed for commercial reasons. However, there is currently 3 buses per hour from Kintore to Aberdeen, one of which terminates in Kintore. This bus is still parking just down from Overdon Home on a bend making it very difficult to overtake. This requires to be brought to Bluebird attention again.

• Plasterboard Recycling - Cllr Ford advised that the reason this is not accepted at all recycling centres is that when it gets wet, it emits a toxic gas and therefore it need to remain dry. Obviously, open topped skips like those at Inverurie are not suitable. It hoped that this will change in the near future.

11. Data Protection changes 25th May 2018 - Brian highlighted the importance of these changes. Fiona had emailed out the presentation notes from the Garioch Partnership and further action requires to be taken to ensure compliance.

12. CORRESDONDENCE – Dominic highlighted the problems at Kintore Caravan park which come under 3 problem areas:
a) Intimidation and abuse – they should contact the Police.
b) Licencing enquiries - Trading Standards issue
c) Environmental Health Matters – HSC

It appears that there is little that can be done except in relation to whether to grant the licence which is based on the owner being considered fit and proper to run the site. Cllr Ford advised that these incidents must be viewed as allegations and along with other evidence will determine whether the licence will be granted.

Kintore Resident highlighting health and safety issue in Allandale Gardens. Fiona to forward email to councillors for further investigation.

13. ABERDEENSHIRE COUNCILLORS UPDATE – Cllr Lonchay advised that there has been a request for a pedestrian crossing just outside the Co-op and he will keep us updated with any progress.
The removal of the public toilet is imminent....maybe !!!

Cllr Reid advised that the Community Council budget has passed with an increase of £9.81. Road upgrades include 700mtres on School Road and 190mtres between Kingsfield place and School Road (beside the Church). He also advised that an upgrade to the bridge on the way to the Golf club is on the reserve list, which means it should be done next year.

14. AOCB - Jess asked for community support on behalf of the Garioch Heritage Centre Society in respect of a community buy-out of their current building. This has been identified as the best way to secure their long term future and is dependant on community support if it is going to succeed. (Correspondence attached). Jess asked Ken to highlight the two meetings which are to be held in support of this application on both Kintore .org and our facebook page.

Update on Town House Project – Action Kintore – Brian advised that Malcom Fraser has kindly arranged for large display boards, which will be used to promote the project at the Kintore Summer Festival. Our Business Plan will finalised and submitted in the next few weeks.

Joan advised that we need additional volunteers to help at the Summer Festival on the 26th May 2018. We are responsible for the Burger stall and therefore we require approximately 12 people on the day.

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 15th May, 2018
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