Minutes of AGM and meeting for September 19, 2017


7.00pm on Tuesday 19th September 2017 in Kintore Primary School


1. PRESENT - Brian Johnstone (Chairman), Fiona Cooper, Joan Thomson, Ann Marston, Kenny Thomson, Sheila Gray, John Thomson, Jess Lumsden, Ken McEwen, Claire Doig, Cllr Glen Reid, Cllr Fergus Hood, Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Dominic Lonchay, PC Steve Middleton. Members of the community: Irene Davidson.

2. WELCOME - Brian Johnstone welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. APOLOGIES - Lesley Monanghan, Steve McDonald, Paul Davidson, Drew Cullnane.

4. VOTE OF THANKS - Brian thanked everyone for their continued support with special mention to Fiona, Lesley, Kenny and Joan.

5. CHAIRMANS REPORT - Brian expressed his frustration of the delay in many proposed developments in the area mainly due to the current economic climate and added that he hoped that progress would be made soon. He acknowledged the great support received from local businesses and volunteers with a special thanks to Ainslie Reid and his team for the floral displays around the village. After thanking fellow KDCC members too for their support Brian resigned from his position of Chairman with the intention to remain a KDCC member.

6. YEARS TREASURERS REPORT - Highlighted in the accounts were:
• Extra £2000 received from council towards generator installation along with the £902
annual admin grant
• £1770 taken in for floral displays
• £10,182 paid towards generator
• Account balance sitting at £9625.23
It was also noted that profits from the fireworks display were down from previous year, due to the poor weather on the night.
Cllr Hood also pointed out that now we have a major asset in the form of the generator we may want to discuss with council area manager to check how this should be recorded in our accounts.

7. Cllr Hood assumed temporary Chair and all KDCC members resigned.
MEMBER RESIGNATIONS AND NOMINATIONS FOR NEXT YEAR - The office bearers, proposers and seconders are:

Chair Person: Fiona Cooper (Brian Johnstone, Kenny Thomson)
Vice Chair: Lesley Monanghan (Brian Johnstone, Jess Lumsden)
Treasurer: Joan Thomson (Ann Marston, Fiona Cooper)
Secretary: Claire Doig (Fiona Cooper, Kenny Thomson)
CC Member: Shelia Gray (Brian Johnstone, Fiona Cooper)
CC Member: Ann Marston (Brian Johnstone, Fiona Cooper)
CC Member: John Thomson (Brian Johnstone, Fiona Cooper)
CC Member: Jess Lumsden (Brian Johnstone, Fiona Cooper)
CC Member: Drew Cullinane (Brian Johnstone, Fiona Cooper)
CC Member: Brain Johnstone (Fiona Cooper, Joan Thomson)
Co-opted Member: Ken McEwen (Brian Johnstone, Fiona Cooper)

Kenny Thomson resigned from the Community Council but agreed to continue supporting current projects and attend future meetings.

Interest Information
Nothing to report

Feedback on police actions in response to matters raised at the previous meting
Nothing to report

Details of actions in response to matters raised at the previous meeting
In relation to complaints coming from youths in vehicles parked in the evenings at Kintore School the location has been visited and the youths spoken to. They have been asked to reach a compromise and take their cars to Midmill School where the nearest residential property is around a quarter of a mile away. As long as no offence is committed no charges will be made.

A speed survey camera was erected on Gaughhill Road at Hawthorne Way on the 4th August and the data checked on 16th August. The camera was situated on the west side of the road facing south and here are the results:
  • 10,700 cars passed the camera
  • The average speed was 29.3 mph
  • The 85th percentile was however 33.9 mph
The location was attended on another 4 occasions with a speed gun and that showed more or less the same data.
Outside the fire station on Northern Road near Mansfield was also attended but no speed issues found.

Ongoing local/force-wide engagement activities
Nothing to report

• Town Park - Cllr Reid brought up at Planning Obligation Presentation Section 75 legal agreement to build a cricket pitch but suggested that he was unsure if a cricket pitch meets the requirements of the residents of the village. The council can’t alter Section 75 but KDCC could request that the area manager change the wording from cricket pitch to generic sports pavilion. The developer would have to agree with this before any closure. Football pitches, tennis courts and a skate park were amongst sports mentioned but all suggestions would have to be researched and considered.

• East Kintore Development - No change. Hoping for update at next meeting.

• Council flood mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road area - A letter has been sent to land owner Bruce Allan with a summary of proposed works. We are still awaiting a response.

• Suds Pond - Irene stated that it looks like oil has been dumped along with sandbags. Photos have been taken for recording purposes as Greenbelt are looking for photographic evidence before they will visit to check. Irene said that residents were keen to start a petition against the factors as no work seems to be carried out. Cllr Ford pointed out that to sack the factor 75% of owners would have to vote for action making it an extremely difficult thing to do. At this point there is nothing more the KDCC can do until we hear back from the residents as to what action, if any, they wish to take. Photos were given to Fiona by Irene Davidson and will be used to support any action the residents which to take in the future.

• Community Resilience Planning (CRP) - Names of keyholders of public hall, church hall, Kintore School and Bothie needed. A letter is also needed for records showing permission has been given to access Kintore School in case of emergency.

Fiona advised that once the Inverurie District Resilience Group has its CRP in place, communities from Kintore, Kemnay and Inverurie would form a higher level Garioch Community Resilience plan to be brought into place in case of major disaster such as train derail, spill on bypass etc.
Developments regarding the transportation and installation of the generator is ongoing with an updates to follow at future meetings along with total budget cost, when available.

• Community Arts Project - Fiona will update as soon as she receives information from the art teachers at Kemnay Academy.

• BT Broadband update – Ken advised that situation remained unchanged with no feedback received from any of the local MSPs.

• Best Garden Competition - Winner Ainslie Reid has been invited to attend the next meeting to be awarded with the prize cup.

• Approval of Minute of last meeting – Kenny Thomson proposed the approval of the minutes of last meeting and was seconded by Ken McEwen.

10. TREASURERS REPORT - Refer to Item 7

11. YOUTH REPORT – Further update due at next meeting.


Proposal of Application Notice for construction of car park at Kintore Station

Full Planning Permission for erection of dwelling house

Full Planning Permission for extension to existing garage to form new workshop.

Listed Building Consent for installation of external lighting, cigarette waste bin and painting of windows.

Advertisement consent for erection of signboards.

The above proposals were discussed and it was agreed that no action was required.

13. CORRESDONDENCE - Fiona advised that there was a Supporting Community event on Saturday 30th September at Woodhill House and if anyone wished to attend to let her know. Other correspondence was Greener spaces better places incentive by Stewart Milne Group which was discussed and noted for any future highlighted community space which may benefit from a green make over.

Cllr Ford confirmed that money had been budgeted, a contractor found and a tender signed for the restoration of the fountain outside the Town Hall to be carried out this financial year.

Cllr Hood discussed with Network Rail the possibility of dedicated buses being made available for transporting train passengers between railway stations while the tracks are shut for upgrade purposes in relation to the new station being built. No agreement has yet been made. Because of the order of events and the train lines closures for upgrades the opening has been pushed back from July 2019 to nearer the end of 2019.

Cllr Reid assured us that a budget was in place for the derelict public toilet on Northern Road to be removed and this would be carried out this financial year. He also mentioned that the council was looking into possible routes for opening a cycle path between Kintore and Blackburn.

17. AOCB
Joan spoke of complaints from a member of the public about street signs around the village being in a poor state of being dirty and some with letters missing. It was agreed that this be reported to the Council who a responsible.

Brian has received a donation of a Kintore Coronation Souvenir Programme. He will copy this and make available on Kintore.Org for everyone to view. .

Article will be required for 1st November for December publication.

9 DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 17th October 2017.
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