Minutes of meeting for 17 October 2017

7.00pm on Tuesday 17th October 2017 in Kintore Primary School

1. PRESENT – Fiona Cooper (Chairperson), Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Jess Lumsden, Ken McEwen, Drew Cullinane, Rachel Lewis, PC Steve Middleton, Cllr Glen Reid, Cllr Martin Ford.

Members of the community: Irene Davidson, Jan Pratt, Ainslie Reid MBE, Paul Davidson, Colin Stirling, Alan Benton, Jim Barclay and Jamie Percival.

2. WELCOME – Fiona Cooper introduced herself as new Chairperson and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. APOLOGIES – Claire Doig, Sheila Gray and Steve McDonald.

4. BEST GARDEN PRESENTATION – Jim McCall from the Beechgrove Garden was the judge this year and thought the Best Garden Award should go to Ainslie Reid and for this the KDCC presented him with a well-deserved trophy. Ainslie and his team of volunteers were also thanked for their continued hard work in the community. While accepting his trophy Ainslie asked if the Community Council could arrange for a couple of floral displays be provided for outside the Town Hall. This will certainly be looked in to.

Interest Information
Nothing to report

Feedback on police actions in response to matters raised at the previous meting
Nothing to report

Details of actions in response to matters raised at the previous meeting
Steve reminded us all of the importance of making sure cars and doors are locked to discourage opportunist thieves especially as the darker nights are drawing in.

Residents from Strachan Cottages have reported that youths are jumping fences and using their gardens as shortcuts which is quite unnerving for some of them. The residents are wondering if bushes could be planted at the fences to discourage this from continuing.

Rachel voiced concerns over laughing gas canisters being found on 2 separate occasions in the Kintore school carpark.

Ongoing local/force-wide engagement activities
Nothing to report

• Town Park - Interest into changing application from cricket pitch to generic sport pavilion to be gauged before application submitted to council. Cllr Reid suggested that the public and relevant parties should be invited to future meeting to discuss requirements.

• East Kintore Development - No updates at the moment.

• Council flood mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road area – Cllr Ford has met with Bruce Allan and the Community Council will also write to him. We are hoping for an update within a few weeks.

• Community Resilience Planning(CRP) – Kenny, Brian and Fiona have attended meetings with the Scottish Flood Forum re assessing Inverurie setting up their plan. This has brought about a couple of changes to Kintore’s plan which will be updated for the next meeting.

Planning permission will have to be sought for the Emergency Generator Housing as it will have to be permanently attached to the Community Hall for safety reasons.

• Community Arts Project - Fiona awaiting response from Kemnay Academy Art Department. Hopefully an update will be available at next meeting.

• BT Broadband update - No change to report.

• Approval of Minute of last meeting – Ann Marston proposed the approval and was
seconded by Jess Lumsden.

7. TREASURERS REPORT – There has been £78 spend on a tea urn for use at public events and Ainslie Reid has been paid £1,138 for the village floral displays leaving the bank balance at £8,484.00. There will be a lot of expense for the fireworks on bonfire night but we are hoping to recoup this in donations and food sale profits.

8. YOUTH REPORT – Rachel is currently running 3 youth groups that attract on average 60 kids per week. A Facebook survey was carried out to see what the residents of Kintore were looking for from the Bothie. The results are currently being assessed.

The trip funded by The Co-op Community Charity to Newtonmore for outdoor activities was a great success.

The youth group will be hosting an open Halloween party for both children and adults to drop in to see for themselves what the Bothie has to offer. Rachel will also be attending weekly assemblies at Kemnay Academy to try and raise awareness of the Bothie.


APP/2017/2401Full planning permission for alternations and extension to dwelling house.

APP/2017/2192 Full planning permission for continued operation of Sunday market, Hardstanding and overspill car parking and floor lighting: Non- compliance with condition 4 (operating hours) of planning permission ref: APP/2005/3216

The above proposals were discussed and it was agreed that no action was required.

10. CORRESDONDENCE – The AVF office have been in touch with KDCC looking for volunteers to take part in a survey re Aberdeenshire town parking.
There has also been a request from the Patient Public Informant looking for volunteers re a survey about catering in hospitals. If anyone would like any further info please contact Fiona and she will sent you a link to this.

11. FIREWORKS – This year the display is planned for 6.30pm on Friday 3rd November. Fireworks Scotland will be carrying out the display but unfortunately the fire spinners have pulled out so Brian is looking for another company to hopefully replace them.

There will be 4 gazebos this year. One will house the generator and PA System, while the others will serve burgers, hotdogs, soft drinks, crisps, sweets and teas and coffees. The 2’s group have kindly offered to run the sweets and crisps stall. Kids from the Bothie will be selling teas and coffees with any monies raised from this going directly to Bothie funds. The pavilion will be open for use of toilets and for space to carry out first aid if needed.

Volunteers are still required for on the night so Ken will post on Kintore.org looking to see if anyone could spare us a couple of hours of their time.

12. ABERDEENSHIRE COUNCILLORS UPDATE – Cllr Reid advised that asbestos testing was still being carried out at Tuach Hill and that the Council Access Officer was working with the landowner to try and minimise the restricted access area. This is currently on going. Kenny has suggested that a sub Community Council action group be set up with a representative attending the KDCC meetings.

13. AOCB – Nothing to report.

14. KINTORE KONNECT – If anyone has anything to submit to the KDCC article please pass to

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 21st November 2017.
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