Minutes of meeting for 16 May 2017

7.00pm on Tuesday 16th May 2017 in Kintore Primary School

Minute of Meeting

Kenny Thomson (Acting Chairman), Joan Thomson, A Marston, S Gray, K McEwen, J Lumsden, Fiona Cooper, Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Dominic Lonchay, Cllr Glen Reid, Members of the community - Drew Cullinane, Irene Davidson, Bill Soutar, John Thomson, Jamie Percival, Terry Ware (visiting Fintray community council member), Alan Benton, Paul Davidson, PC Steve Middleton,
APOLOGIES Brian Johnstone, Cllr Fergus Hood, Lesley Monaghan.

WELCOME Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Recorded crime of note as follows:

I. On 17th April 2017, there was a report of a minor child assault by another Juvenile at the Kintore Playing Fields. Enquiries are on-going.

II. On 18th April 2017 a bankcard stolen from a shop in Inverurie was used to purchase goods at Sainsbury Store, Midmill. There is CCTV and a positive line of enquiry.

III. Between 21st and 22nd April 2017, a front window of an address at Castle Park Grove Kintore was smashed by what appears to have been a bottle being thrown at it. There are no further lines of enquiry.

IV. On the 26th April 2017, 4 bottles of champagne were stolen from Sainsbury Store at Midmill. There is a named suspect and enquiry on going.

V. On 1st May, a male was charged with vandalism with an address at McFadden Crescent, Kintore.

VI. On the 6th May 2017, a number of household items were stolen from the Co-op on Great Northern Road, Kintore. There is CCTV with a positive line of enquiry.

VII. On the 13th May 2017, there was a report that a male was bitten by a dog within a builders compound in Kintore, Enquiry is on going.

VIII. There were 3 cars traced with no tax. One male charged with no insurance and one male charged with careless driving on the A96.

IX. A further two males have been charged with no MOT, no Insurance and speeding, again on the A96 at Kintore.

The Chairman made contact after the last meeting as there had been concerns raised around the drugs that had been seized and sought some further information. He was updated accordingly for feedback as below.

I. On 22nd March 2017, Police stopped a vehicle on the A96 outside Kintore and recovered a substantial amount of cannabis from the car. This male has been reported – related to a local individual and as a result of a routine stop.

II. On 13th April 2017, Police were called to an on-going house party on Hallforest Drive. The party was ended on Police arrival and one 16-year-old male was charged with possession of drugs – Youth with a very small bag of Cannabis for personal use.

III. On 16th April 2017, Police stopped a vehicle on Carnie Road due to his manner of his driving and while speaking to the male; he was detained and found to be transporting controlled drugs between Kemnay and Kintore. The male has been charged and reported - £50 worth of cannabis following a routine stop.

IV. Re- the damage of cars, the Police have no doubt that those responsible had been attending the party which had been on-going earlier in the evening. Enquiries identified


that there was some CCTV, which captured males in the area around the time, however footage is not clear enough to be anywhere near making any identification.

I. As you will all be aware, there have been some issues recently with the youths from as far afield as Aberdeen, Stonehaven and Portlethen gathering in Inverurie for pre- arranged fights with local youths. To date 18 youths have been charged with various crimes relating to anti-social behaviour and a number of cars have been seized. There were various stories that Kintore was one of the locations being mentioned for further troubles last week but these did not materialise. This was partly due to increased patrols and the large number of youths charged. We would ask that should any stories be heard re future troubles that these be fed back to us.

II. There is a shop lifting initiative due to take place at the end of the month. This will target a number of towns in Garioch including Kintore.

III. PC Steve Middleton advised that there is no incidents of serious assaults that he was aware of and that Kintore was a safe place to live. Recent events were of a highly unusual nature and the Police were monitoring the situation closely so that they can respond quickly to stop any future trouble escalating. In addition, there will be further arrests, which will hopefully deter youths from committing more trouble.

Minutes were approved by Anne Marston and Seconded by Joan Thomson.

I. Town Park –No further update at this time, however, there is two council meetings in June, which could progress matters. Cllr MF advised that there may be a problem with the council adopting this project as a Public Open Space as it now has no policy in place but suggested that we await further developments before we take any action.

II. East Kintore Development – Still in the planning system, no update available.

III. Council Flood Mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road Area – Photographs were given to KT to pass to the Flood Management Team in the Council with a view to arranging a site visit. The engineers of the Flood Management Team would then be able to see and discuss the relevant facts with the local residents, which were effected. Cllr MF has requested the work be carried out by the autumn but this will depend on the co- operation of the landowner. KT will contact BJ for further information.

IV. Suds Pond – ID gave FC photographs showing that Greenbelt is not maintaining Torry burn and Rollo Myre. ID confirmed that there are lots of grass cuttings, rubbish, a grill that had not been fixed and an oil container has contaminated the water. There was then a discussion regarding whether Greenbelt were in receipt of money from the residents to maintain this area and if this indeed was the case then Greenbelt are in breach of this contract. FC confirmed that recent correspondence from Greenbelt confirmed that they were still responsible for maintaining this area and therefore it was agreed that we would contact Greenbelt and request a representative visit so that they can see the problems for themselves.

V. Community Resilience Planning (CRP) – KT advised that a drainpipe is currently obstructing the site where we are proposing to put the Generator. The Council have no knowledge of this and we. await permission to either divert or build over the top of this drain whilst leaving it unobstructed.

VI. Community Arts Project – Artwork at new Railway Station – FC advised from previous meeting, BJ needed a volunteer to progress matters. KT suggested that we try and find a volunteer via Social Media and therefore it was agreed that KT and BJ would draft something which KM would then put on the Kintore.Org website.

VII. BT Broadband update – KM has advised that he has drafted a letter enclosing a copy of the survey, which BJ will send to the MP, and two MSPs who cover the blind spot areas of Leylodge, Cottown, Broomhill, Balbithan and Western Fintray and await further advices. KM confirmed he has also drafted a letter for individuals who have been affected by broadband problems to send to their MP/MSP but thought he would wait to see what reaction the Community Council letter got first.

KM then went on to say that he has receive no information on the Enhanced DSSP program and therefore still in limbo as can’t apply for fibre partnership because sometime maybe in the future they will get better broadband but this is not guaranteed. Therefore no solution given, as they may not require a solution. A very frustrating situation for those affected. Cllr GF advised he had met IT people in the council who confirmed that they were pushing on to improve the broadband service with a second phase which will look at Satellite systems but the information was limited as this was a small part of his 2 hour session induction session and hopefully further advices will be forthcoming soon. DL confirmed they had taken this issue up with IT and added that 88% of the population in Aberdeenshire will be covered by fibre, 90% being able to get 4G.

VIII. Summer Festival – KT confirmed that we would be linking in with the Bothie who will be doing face painting, Joan T will be doing lucky dip. Set up will be approximately 10am.

7. Treasurers Report – Joan T advised that she had received the Administration grant monies of £902.23 bringing the Bank Balance- £9,457.90. Although this sum does include £456.00 of floral display monies. Due to the high balance in our Bank Account, KT queried if there was any project, which we could fund. Joan T wondered if we could give money to help local groups but Cllr MF advised that Garioch Partnership issue grants for this. Perhaps something to help the Bothie might be an option, panelling on the walls – KT to investigate and report back.

8. Youth Report – KT advised that the current Youth Development worker, Rachel Lewis was involved with Aids in children project, which was going very well. There have been 3 requests in the past few days by other groups to hire the Bothie. Rachel has recently spent a lot of time completing a Lottery Funding application to fund her post for the next 3 years and is awaiting the decision. Cllr MF enquired if a letter has been sent to Marie Walker, Director of Education to request funding from the £100,000 grant for supporting youth workers in the shire. BJ has sent this to the Action Kintore Chairman for signature and posting but we have not had confirmation that this has been done. KT also advised that the Bothie via Rachel have been providing good support for the children especially in areas that they may have difficulty speaking about.

9. Planning Matters – App/2017/1178 Conifer Grove, Kintore – permission to erect a Dwelling house and Formation of New Vehicular Access. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that no input was required by Community Council.

10. Correspondence –
I. Information has been received regarding a new and exciting programme which Channel 4 are making called Village of the year 2017 for which European Funding grants are available. KM advised that this was advertised on the Kintore website and individuals can apply. There was some discussion as to whether Kintore would fit the criteria of a Village given its current size.

II. With respect to access to the new Midmill School, Cllr MF advised that he had had a telephone conversation, which stated that it was the Council’s general policy to open

one School in each place, which normally would be the newest one. However, there would be financial implications in opening up Midmill school relating to caretaker and janitorial requirements added to the fact that as they would still have to pay for the older school which is why it is open and not the one based at Midmill. In relation to the outside facilities, the Council has no evidence of the demand and is not aware of refusing or re-directing to facilities that are currently open in Kemnay and Inverurie. As this demonstrates, Council officers are following policy in order to use resources efficiently. John T commented that planning permission of the Midmill school included community access. To take matters forward, we need to provide clear evidence to the Council that there is unmet demand.

III. Hamish McDonald has emailed regarding Gateway Kintore, which has been recently confirmed in the local development plan. He advised that the financial commercial climate is not right at present due to the difficulties incurred in attracting potential investors. KT advised that its location close to AWPR should hopefully help progress matters in the future.

IV. We have received confirmation that the Bluebird Timetable has been changed, effective from 8th May, 2017.This means that the No 37 will be every 30 minutes and the Kemnay X20 bus will also come through Kintore. There was an in depth discussion regarding the routes taken by the No 37 and the X20. SG attended the Bus Forum meeting and was assured that one would be go along the main street and one would go up Hallforest Road. Cllr MF also confirmed that X20 goes in by Berryden and No 37 goes in via the Hospital, which means that people have access to both routes into town. KM confirmed that the bus service is operating as per the route that was advised at the Bus forum meeting.

V. Paul Davidson raised the matter of the demolition of the summerhouse at Bridgend. The original application by Monarch Development was to re-vamp the Summerhouse but due to its bad condition, a further application was submitted to demolish the Summerhouse. Although, a listed building, Historic Scotland will not object to the demolish of the summerhouse due to its bad condition. Paul was seeking support of the Community Council to find out more information about when the Summerhouse was built etc. ID had been trying to obtain information regard the trees based at the property but had yet to receive a reply. After much debate, it was agreed that JP, ID and PD would look into this and perhaps obtain the assistance of local history expert, Alison McCall.

VI. Email correspondence has been received in respect of Review of the Scheme for Establishment for Community Councils. The email highlights the dates applicable to each stage of the process. Cllr MF advised that we need to make any objection very quickly, should we have any. One of the reasons this has come about was because a chair of a community council refused to go and therefore highlighting the issue of limiting the time a chair person can serve. The email asked Community Councils to focus on suspension and dissolution of CC and also numbers of members. Further information will follow.

VII. Jill Sowden from Garioch Community Planning emailed to finalise details in respect of displaying Community Projects who have applied for funding through the Councils Participatory Budgeting initiative. Posters will be displayed at the Summer Festival where members of the public will get to vote on the project they feel best deserve funding.

11. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update – KT congratulated Cllrs Martin and Fergus on being re-elected and Glen and Dominic being elected for the first time. KT confirmed the good support we have had from the councillors in the past and hopes that this good relationship will continue in the future. Cllr MF advised that due the Election being on the 4th of May, the new Council has not yet held their first statutory meeting. This meeting will go ahead on Thursday 18th May where a new Provost will be elected. The number of Councillors has increased to 70 of which 33 are new. Cllr MF enquired if we would like all the Councillors to attend all the meetings given that there are 4 instead of

3. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that the status quo should remain with all Councillors invited to attend all meetings of the Community Council. Cllr MF confirmed that the recent Cyber-attacks have had no effect on the Council as far as he is aware.

12. AOCB
I. FC advised that along with Kenny and Joan, attended the Wellbeing Festival held at Kintore School. KT shared that there was a lot of interest and a couple of potential new members for the Community Council.

II. SG raised the matter of a date being set for the Public Enquiry into Kintore Station. Cllr MF advised that this was a good thing as it meant that progress is being made. The position at the moment is that funding is in place, land acquisition and planning consent is required as we have yet to identify the owner of the land. Compulsory order purchase is in place but still hopeful an agreement can be achieved. The Station should be open by mid 2019 to coincide with an upgrade of the line due to the replacement of the railway bridge in Inverurie. This would mean that passengers would only have to be bused for the 3 miles between Kintore and Inverurie.

III. AM enquired if the Gardening competition will go ahead this year with the usual judge, Jim McCall. KM will advertise on Facebook.
IV. Cllr GR resigned as a community council member as he is now a Councillor and will be attending future meetings in this capacity.
V. John T raised matter discussed at previous meeting regarding safety of School Building and Cllr MF advised that there was remedial work required to be done but there was no safety concerns.

VI. On the 28th April, FC attended the “Developing a charter for Engagement (Shaping the way Aberdeenshire Council works with the Third Sector)” event run by Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action and the Garioch Partnership. Given the huge part that the Community played in the recent Floods and the large part Community Councils and other community groups play in servicing the community, the Aberdeenshire Council is keen to formalise the way it interacts with the Voluntary Sector, known as the Third Sector. Discussions were held based on 4 themes, Shared Values, Procurement and Funding, Consultation and Engagement and Volunteering. Once this was discussed, there was an open discussion on what gaps and barriers currently exist between the Council and the third sector, followed by what impact this has and the best way to monitor. All the information will be collated and a draft charter will be written and put out to the community for discussion.

13. Date of next Meeting - Tuesday 20th June 2017 at 7pm.
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