Minutes of meeting for 20 June 2017

7.00pm on Tuesday 20th June 2017 in Kintore Primary School

Minute of Meeting
Fiona Cooper (Acting Chairman), Joan Thomson, A Marston, S Gray, K McEwen, J Lumsden, Kenny Thomson, Cllr Fergus Hood, Cllr Dominic Lonchay,
Members of the community - John Thomson, Victor Nicol, Paul Davidson, PC Steve Middleton,
APOLOGIES Brian Johnstone, Lesley Monaghan, Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Glen Reid, Jamie Percival.

WELCOME Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Recorded crime of note as follows:
Recorded crime of note as follows;
I. On 24 May 2017 there was a report of Theft by Shoplifting from Sainsbury, Midmill, Kintore. There is CCTV and as such a positive line of enquiry.
II. On 31 May, 2 males were charged with possession of cannabis, having been initially stope in relation to a motoring matter.
III. On 9 June 2017, a careless driving as reported on the A96 whereby the driver of a car pulled in front of another at speed and put the brakes straight on and gesticulated. There is a positive line of enquiry.
IV. On 11 June 2017 there was an attempted house break in at an address at Carnie Brae, Kintore. 2 males have been identified with one already charged.
V. On 11 June 2017, a male was charged with possession of cannabis at an address in School Road, Kintore.
VI. On 16 June 2017, there was a a report of break in to a shed at Smithfield, Kintore whereby a padlock was broken off. This occurred sometime between 2 and 16 June and it appears that nothing was stolen.
VII. There were 3 recorded assaults, 2 of which were domestic related.
VIII. One driver was charged with no tax and another with speeding on the A96.
IX. There have been a number of calls during the past month relating to vandalisms occurring at the vacant property at 61 Northern Road, Kintore. The property is under renovation and has now has fencing put up. Steve has requested a key to gain access to the rear of property but has yet to receive this and therefore there is a limit to what can be done. We will continue to give passing attention when available.

There continues to be calls regarding anti–social behaviour by boy racers in the school ground. Checks of both this area and also the Bothy are made regularly.

Steve advised that the speed camera located at the Tyrebagger has been adjusted to reflect the new speed limit of 40.
Steve confirmed that he had knowledge of a number of garden poly tunnels on school premises being vandalised and some bags of drugs have been found. It is proving difficult to combat this without getting lucky and catching the youths in the act.
Speeding cameras will be set up opposite the fire station on Northern Road, to try and catch cars speeding through Kintore. The excessive speed of vehicles is making it dangerous when pulling out of streets near the Co-op on Northern Road and Lochburn Drive.
Fiona enquired if there was an update on the major anti-social behaviour incident in Inverurie last month. Steve advised that there have now been 34 arrested and no further instances of this type of behaviour have been reported.
The Shop lifting Initiative referred to last month has taken place mainly in Inverurie Town Centre but no update was available yet.

The minutes were approved by Joan and Seconded by Jess.

I. Town Park – Cllr FH confirmed the council is still awaiting agreement of a roundabout design from the developers.

II. East Kintore Development – Again the council is awaiting further contact from developers to take this forward, therefore, no update available.

III. Council Flood Mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road Area – A meeting has been arranged with the Lee Watson from Aberdeenshire Council Flood team to discuss the impact of January 2016 floods with local residents. Kenny produced flyers, which have already been distributed along Kingsfield Road inviting them to attend meeting. Bruce Allan will attend meeting representing the landowner. Councillor Dominic Lonchay will also attend.

IV. Suds Pond – Fiona advised that she had emailed Greenbelt customer services advising them of the issues proving that the area is not being maintained in line with recent correspondence received and requested a visit from a Greenbelt representative. A response is outstanding.

V. Community Resilience Planning (CRP) – Kenny advised that he would be meeting with Brian Johnstone soon with a view to progress matters. Kenny will use his Rotary contacts to find transport to get the generator to Kintore and also to obtain the use of a forklift to put generator in place. The rainwater system will not be affected as the generator will not block access.

VI. Community Arts Project – Artwork at new Railway Station – It was agreed that Fiona would approach Kemnay Academy Art Department to see if they would be willing to take this on. The idea would be that they would come up with various options and put those to the community council for approval. Monies would be applied for from Scotrail foundation and once approved, the Art department would carry project through to completion. The Art department has many very talented young people and this would give them a chance to have their work displayed.

VII. BT Broadband update – Ken advised he was still experiencing major problems with his BT broadband and like many others, was in limbo as to how to improve matters.

He suggested that because we now have a new MP and MSP in place that we forward our report and ask for support. It was therefore agreed that Ken should proceed with this. In the meantime, Cllr FH stated that there was no excuse for this situation and that this issue should be raised in the Scottish Parliament at the earliest opportunity. He also added that Aberdeenshire Council still await a proper report from BT in respect of the £16m Upgrade, detailing plans to upgrade services as a matter of urgency. Cllr FH therefore confirmed that along with his colleagues, he would make this a priority to raise at the Scottish Parliament.

VIII. Square Bar Planning Issues – Steve explained he was having major planning issues with his business in respect of signage, lighting and keg storage. Cllr FH enquired whether his issues were of planning nature or indeed enforcement. Councillor’s Code of Conduct prohibits any involvement in enforcement issues. Cllr FH suggested that Steve arranging a meeting with his architect and Bruce Strachan, a senior planner at Gordon House, Inverurie to clarify matters. Everyone agreed that we should be promoting local business in a positive way and it is hoped that this can sorted out as soon as possible.

7. Treasurers Report – Joan advised that the current balance in our account is £10,250.00. This figure includes £1,500 for the flower displays, £2,000 for alteration costs in respect of the new generator at the village hall and £920 admin grant. Joan also advised that we made a slight loss at the Summer Festival as there were very few children buying lucky dips due to the poor weather.
Kenny provided a quote of £506.54 for panelling the walls at the Bothy to save being marked by chairs. Joan provided a sample of the material. It was agreed to proceed and Kenny should be advised accordingly.

8. Youth Report – A letter has been sent to Marie Walker, Director of Education requesting funding of £10,000 from the £100,000 grant supporting youth workers in the shire and we are awaiting a response. There has been no decision received in respect of the Lottery funding application.
Ken advised that the Action Kintore container at Sainsbury was trailing very badly against the 0-3 group. The amount of tokens placed by the Sainsbury’s customers in each container determines which group gets funding. It is hoped that by mentioning it at tonight’s meeting that everyone will encourage their family and friends to vote for Action Kintore.

9. Planning Matters – two items of relevance.
App/2017/1240 – Monarch Developments – listed building consent for removal of remains of unstable roof structure.
App/2017/1421 – 23 Castlefields Crescent, Kintore – full planning permission for alterations and extension to dwelling house.
It was agreed neither of the above planning applications require further discussion. Cllr FH confirmed that the Council has written to Monarch Developments, reminding them that there are Tree preservation orders on this property.

10. Correspondence – the following items were received.

An email has been received from Mike Sim on behalf of Kintore United regarding the planning application submitted by C & M McDonald regarding the football field at Midmill and the land between it and the Suzuki Garage. As no representative turned up to the meeting, it was agreed to carry forward to a future meeting.

James Davidson wrote to the Community council to discuss path proposals in Gauchhill Woods. In particular, he wanted to give an update on recent Aberdeeenshire Council work and future plans including paths and nature conservation issues and discuss Anti-social behaviour, littering etc, volunteering and car parking. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it to the meeting, so it was agreed to carry this forward to a future meeting.
Cllr MF emailed information on the Port Elphinstone – Kintore – Blackburn Cycle route, which included 4 maps indicating the options under consideration. Fiona circulated these around the table and it was decided that further discussion would take place at the next meeting when Cllr MF will be in attendance.

Kintore Fireworks Display has been scheduled for Friday 3rd November, with the Thainstone event on Saturday 4th November.
Jill Sowden, Community Planning Officer has sent us an invitation to their Garioch Participatory Budgeting Awards Evening on Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 7pm to hear about which projects have been successful. Fiona requested that anyone who wanted to attend to let her know and she would advise Jill accordingly.

Application to extend the Thainstone Business Centre – Cllr FH advised that the original application was suppose to be for an extension of 10 hectares with an additional 17 hectares being marked as strategic reserve with a release date of 2024 at the earliest. The application was submitted for the full 27 hectares and at the area committee meeting, it was refused on the basis that the local development plan on included 10 hectares and the additional traffic would have a detrimental effect on the A96, given the current traffic level issues. However, on appeal, the Scottish Government Officer has overturned this decision and granted permission with the condition that Thainstone will contribute money to the new railway station at Kintore, although the actual contribution was not clarified. Cllr FH also went on to say that in the examination report, the Scottish ministries stated that the additional 17 hectares should not be released until the next local development plan. On this basis, Cllr FH feels that Aberdeenshire Council can challenge the reporter’s decision but whether this will be done is still unclear.

11. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update
Cllr FH confirmed that most of the structure of the new council is in place. The new Provost is Bill Howatson and his deputy is Ron McKail. The new administration made up of 23 conservative, 14 Liberal Democrats, and 6 independents gives an overall majority of 43 councillors out of 70. This should give stability over the coming months and strategic decision should be attainable. Cllr FH also advised that all the six area committee chairs have also been selected, and

Cllr FH is the Garioch Area Committee chair with Cllr DL as deputy.

Cllr FH and Cllr DL have been trying to sort out local access to the new Midmill Primary School and its sporting facilities and are confident that this will be granted but not able to confirm time scale.

Cllr FH advised that the project to update Kintore Fountain should hopefully be done over the summer as Susan Adams has found a contractor willing to take this on.

12. AOCB
Kenny brought up the question of road and path maintenance within towns and requested views and comments as to Council policy. Cllr FH said he would enquire and report back. Paul also asked what could be done about the huge Hogweeds that are growing along the river Don, particularly at the Paper Mill. Again Cllr FH agreed to look into this and report back.

The Garden competition is on this year and nominations are required. Ken suggested that details be advertised on the Facebook page. Kintore Community Council is running its Garden competition and is seeking nominations of front gardens by the 31st of July, which should be sent to the secretary, Fiona Cooper. Judging will be take place sometime during August.

13. Date of next Meeting - Tuesday 18th July 2017 at 7pm.
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