Minutes of meeting for 18 July 2017

7.00pm on Tuesday 18th July 2017 in Kintore Primary School
Minute of Meeting

Lesley Monaghan (Acting Chairman), Joan Thomson, Ann Marston, Fiona Cooper, Ken McEwen, Jess Lumsden, Kenny Thomson, Cllr Martin Ford, PC Steve Middleton.
Members of the community - John Thomson, David Monaghan, Irene Davidson, Paul Davidson APOLOGIES Brian Johnstone, S Gray, Cllr Fergus Hood, Cllr Glen Reid, Cllr Dominic Lonchay

WELCOME Lesley welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Recorded crime of note as follows;
Early May 2017, a various number of thefts were reported from Midmill Primary School which was robustly dealt with where one male has been charged with them all and reported.

During the months of May and June 2017, various reports of shoplifting’s were reported over the Aberdeenshire, with 3 being committed within Kintore, a male was charged with all the shopliftings and reported.

On 11th June 2017, 2 males were charged with house break-in with intent and were reported.

The secretary made contact after the last meeting as there had been concerns raised around the drugs that had been seized and sought some further information. He was updated accordingly for feedback.

There continues to be calls regarding anti – social behaviour by boy racers in the school ground. Checks of both this area and also the Bothy are made regularly.

There have been reports of youths as far afield as Aberdeen, Portlethen and Stonehaven meeting in Inverurie for pre-arranged fights. To-date 18 youths have been charged with anti-social behaviour and had their cars seized. Kintore was mentioned last week as a possible area for fights but this did not materialise. This was partly due to the number of arrests made in respect of previous incidents and the increased number of patrols in the area.

Any future instances should be reported directly to the police.

There will be a shoplifting operation to take place at the end of the month in a number of areas including Kintore.

Anti-social behaviour has been reported at Kintore School car park but unless those individuals responsible can be caught in the act, there is little that can be done. However, the police continue to respond and have warned anyone that they find at the school. A nearby resident contacted Councillor Lonchay about this matter and Fiona has emailed the correspondence to Steve who will looking into this complaint and report back.

Sheila passed a letter to Steve from a resident on Elm Way who has complained about all the cars parked on the pavement near the Kintore Arms and broken glass all around as well as children drinking out of pint glasses. Steve will be looking into what type of licence that the Pub have and whether it covers drinking outside. In any event staff should retrieve any glasses on a timely basis. If a car is seen parked on the pavement, the police will request the owner to move.

On behalf of his constituents, Councillor Ford raised the matter of loud music being played at 11pm at night in Kintore Primary car park. Steve advised that if the complainant could confirm that the situation is on-going, there was more chance of the Police attending quicker than the report of a instance that happened an hour ago. Steve further explained that a recorded complaint requires a statement other wise it is dealt with as “passing attention”.

Councillor Ford advised that he has put a request into the council to have the car park shut off but this is not a straight forward solution.

Councillor Ford also raised the matter of speeding at Gauchhill and Steve advised that he would arrange for a speed camera to monitor the problem.

5. Youth report from Rachel Lewis, Bothie Youth Development Work Rachel was unable to attend due to illness but passed information to Fiona. All groups are going well, with the summer programme of events just starting. They have the residential trip next weekend. Everything is in place but they still have to buy food and arrange insurance. Fiona handed out leaflets highlighting the Coffee and Cake at the Bothie. This is a fundraising event, every Wednesday to promote the Bothie in the community and a young lad does the home baking.

I. Town Park – Cllr FH confirmed that this has still not come to the Area Committee stage and therefore no update is currently available.

II. East Kintore Development – Kenny advised he had receive correspondence stating it was their intention to attend a meeting of the Community Council to provide us with a project update prior to the submission of an MSC planning application for the housing details for the Kintore East development. They advised that they are not yet in a position to submit the housing details and the application is not likely to be submitted until the autumn. With regard to the MSC applications already submitted they are still in the process of providing additional information requested by the Council and their consultees. They will get back in touch with Kenny and Brian when they have an update for us.

III. Council Flood Mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road Area – Kenny advised that Fiona and himself met with a number of residents of Kingsfield Road and Lee Watson along with members of his flood team on 23rd June 2017. Photographs and correspondence giving important details was handed over to Lee to help understand what happened during the floods of January 2016. Fiona received an email confirming that their plan is for the work to reinstate the flood protection bund should be done in-house and without the involvement of external consultants and obviously with the agreement of the landowner, Malcolm Allan. A topographical survey has been completed to allow comparison between the current ground levels and those originally proposed in the Envirocentre design report to offer protection. It is thought that in an attempt to keep the field useable as workable farmland over its entirety, the levels have been raised uniformly across the entire field. In doing so, there is no obvious flood protection bund formed. Adversely, the actual available volume for flood storage has likely been reduced.

Given the amount of material thought to have been imported previously to raise the field, it is hoped we can lower the field to form the bund at the required height, around the boundary of the field and to close the gap down at the bridge where it is reported, the majority of the flooding from the burn originated. Ideally there will perhaps, only be a minimal requirement for importing further material to form the bunds with side slopes: 1m vertical to 3m horizontal. This is the exercise we are currently undertaking as we look to submit proposals to Malcolm Allan Housebuilders for agreement.
One possible complication is while carrying out the survey, we noted the presence of a pressurised foul sewer in the lower section of the field (see attached Scottish Water plan). This will have to be investigated as it is unlikely to be possible to lower the ground levels in this area, or significantly reduce the level of cover to this system. It was also noted that there is possible leakage from this system which we are required to report to Scottish Water, as it their system to maintain.

With regards timescales, it is intended we complete the bund proposals for the field and hopefully reach an agreement with the landowner over the summer months. If agreements are in place, we can then look to appoint a contractor to carry out the bund work by say, autumn / winter 2017. Given we are not working in the main watercourse channel, it is not thought that we will encounter any issues working under CAR Regs, requiring approval from SEPA.

Further progress reports will follow when available.

IV. Suds Pond – Fiona advised that she has received a reply to her meeting request confirming that they want photographic evidence prior to agreeing to a meeting to discuss the problems. Irene Davidson said she had spoken to the residents who advised that they had encountered problems with Factor company. However, Councillor Ford said unless the residents get organised, they cannot sack the Factor company. Perhaps after there is a meeting with the residents, information will be forthcoming on how to progress matters.

V. Community Resilience Planning (CRP) – Kenny advised that Brian and himself would be getting together soon to sort out a variety of issues in respect of the installing of the generator.

VI. Community Arts Project – Artwork at new Railway Station – Fiona is awaiting a response from the art department at Kemnay Academy.

VII. BT Broadband update – Ken confirmed he had circulated the disappointing response received from Colin Clark regarding the broadband issues. However, he was happy to advise that Gillian Martin, MSP is happy to take on this issue on behalf of her constituents in Balbithan and Western Fintray. Ken referred to recent article in the Telegraph, in which Open Reach were poised to spend Millions in upgrading broadband in rural areas to bring them up to the new universal service minimum set by the government. However, it was not clear in the article if this included Scotland.

VIII. Best Garden Competition – It was confirmed that Jim McColl will judge the competition on Tuesday 15th August. Ken will publicise this on Kintore.org and hopefully receive nominations. Joan, Ann and Sheila will also locate nominations. Details of the winner will advised at the next Community Council meeting in September.

IX. New Circular Path at Gauchill Woodlands – Kenny advised that they are looking to press ahead with the creation of a new circular path and that they wished to brief ourselves on up-to-date plans. Mr Davidson couldn’t make June or tonight’s meeting (July) but would definitely attend in September.

The minutes were approved by Ann and Seconded by Joan.

8. Treasurers Report – Joan advised that the current balance in our account is

£10,350.48. This figure includes £1,680 for the flower displays. Joan advised that the cost of the fireworks display had increased to £1750.00 and therefore the corresponding deposit paid was £435.00. Taking account of these amounts, the net figure available to the Community Council is £8,235.48.

9. Planning Matters – Fiona advised there was one application which was in respect of land at Clovenstone Croft. This had already been approved in principle and it was agreed no action was required by the Community Council.

10. Correspondence – the following items were received.
o Email received advertising Scottish Flood Forum meeting in Perth on Saturday 5th August if anyone would like to attend. Details to be circulated.

o Email received from the council requesting attendance to our November meeting to share details of the Local Development Plan. Fiona to correspond with the council to finalise arrangements.

11. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update
o Kenny raised concerns on behalf of Airlie House residents with mobility issues using the route through the Bothie car park to access Kintore Health Centre or Co-op. Councillor Ford confirmed that he looked into this and as part of this route is private land, the council are not keen to erect a proper path. Therefore the preferred public path is using the pavement through Allandale Gardens.

o Cycle Paths – Councillor Ford advised that we should receive some correspondence soon for our comments.

o Street Maintenance – The Council does have a schedule to spray weeds but this was weather dependant and they start with the bigger settlements and move onto smaller ones. Lesley advised that the council employees do not do a good job of spraying the weeds and Councillor Ford agreed to forward this concern to the corresponding department Paul raised the issue of huge Hogweeds that are growing along the river Don, particularly at the Paper Mill. Councillor Hood has agreed at last month’s meeting to investigate this and report his findings at a future meeting.

o Councillor Ford advised that there was a big row going on within the council concerning visiting specialist teachers. Councillor Ford stated that the changes regarding the deployment of these teachers, was a management decision, which was taken some time ago. For some time, when specialist teachers have left, they have been replaced by a class teacher. Head teachers have the responsibility to run schools and make decisions regarding operational staffing and therefore this is not within a councillor’s remit.

12. AOCB
o Ken advised that he had heard a rumour that RBS mobile bank is to be withdrawn in September. This is a vital banking service for rural and semi-rural communities. The Bank of Scotland also provides a service. Fiona to investigate and report back.

o Jess advised that the Garioch Heritage Museum will open in October/November this year.

o Irene enquired as to when the toilet in Kintore would be demolished. Irene had received correspondence but was not sure if action was going to be soon. Councillor Ford suggested that it should be quite imminent given what the correspondence says. Irene also enquired if the Square Bar had applied for the grant available if they were to open up their toilets for public use.

o Fiona advised Kintore Konnect deadline for September issue is Tuesday 1st August and asked that any information that anyone wishes included be forwarded as soon as possible.

13. Date of next Meeting - Tuesday 19th August, 2017 at 7pm.
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