Minutes of meeting for 17 January 2017

KINTORE AND DISTRICT COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING 7.00pm on Tuesday 17 January 2017 in Kintore Primary School
Approved Minute of Meeting

PRESENT B Johnstone, J Thomson, K Thomson, A Marston, K McEwen, J Lumsden
Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Nan Cullinane, John Thomson, Isabel Stirling members of the community.
APOLOGIES S Gray, L Monaghan, G Reid, Cllr Fergus Hood, WELCOME Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

No report was presented by the Police but the following report was mailed in.

As is usual over Christmas and New Year, crime levels tend to drop across the board.
On 25 December 2016, some items were stolen from a vehicle within the Thainstone House Hotel. There are no further lines of enquiry.
On 30 December 2016, a break in occurred at Beau Chic at the Inverurie Business Park whereby some hair products were stolen. Enquiries are ongoing
On 6 January 2017, a 23 year old male was charged with possession of cannabis within the grounds of Kintore Primary school.
At 0400 hours on 7 January 2017, a theft occurred from outside the Co-op on Northern Road, Kintore whereby a tray of butteries was stolen. Enquiries continue.
There was one report of child neglect with a youngster being left home alone.

We are very aware of the recent increase in "boy racers" around Kintore Primary School. PC Kevin Marron, Crime Prevention Officer, undertook a joint Crime Prevention Survey at the school along with Duncan McBain from Aberdeenshire Council.
A number of suggestions were made around the positioning of the CCTV and a need to emphasise that everything is reported as we seek evidence to go down the Anti-Social Behaviour route with individuals.
There will also be a number of targeted operations coming in relation to the above within the next month.

Sheila Gray, asked us to pass on a complaint about boy racers speeding along Northern Road on Saturday evenings.

Minutes were approved by Ann Marston & seconded by Joan Thomson

Town Park – We had discussions with developers expressing concern over impasse over the Kemnay Road junction, which was detailed in the project plans as a traffic light controlled junction, there is now a proposal for a roundabout. Malcolm Allan has a developer obligation to complete an upgrade of the junction as part of the NOV development approval, Town Park developers feel they are burdened enough with leisure facilities and were expressing concern over delays. Chairman has written to planning dept. and awaits a reply.

East Kintore Development – No news on this, there are no significant updates to the submitted plans addressing the objections to date.

Town House, and Fountain –The Council shall re-issue tenders for the fountain repair early this year. Action Kintore have proposed amended to their articles of association to cover community projects and shall vote on the Community Asset Transfer application soon.

Kintore Floods Update - Received summary of Lessons Learned session attended by representatives from all affected communities, these were read out and will be reviewed in detail at the next Community Resilience Planning meeting to ensure issues are addressed where appropriate in the Kintore CRP.
Regarding the local burns and the flooding potential, John Thomson presented pictures of debris in the Tuach Burn, which could potentially cause problems in flooding situation. Locals have in the past cleared the burn, but this is the responsibility of the landowner. Concern was also expressed regarding the flood plain to the west side of Kingsfield Road, where the ground level reduces towards the bridge. If this were to be raised it would mitigate some of the risk to homes on Kingsfield Road. Cllr Ford advised that during his recent discussions with officers, it was clear that the problem around Northern Road was further exacerbated by the surface water drains routing through various private properties and then into the Loch Burn, regarding Kingsfield Road, there is a hope that some low cost work can be done from the 2017/18 budget and hopefully there is scope to rectify the issues listed. We shall progress these items with the landowners and the council flood protection team.

Community Resilience Planning, We now have clearance for volunteer working and we shall be covered if we register our CRP with the Insurers and have a process for dealing with volunteers and the relative risk assessments are undertaken.
We now need to progress the project plan and move forward with installation of Emergency generator, purchased in December to save £8-900 over January increase. We need to summarise Generator details to the council to confirm installation proposal. We also need to design a lean–to style protection and obtain estimates, once this is done we can finalise total costs and look to raise the required funds to cover this.

Community Arts Project Need to progress this with CLD, Primary School, Academy and The Bothie to move it forward. Have received contact details for Scotrail Foundation to enquire about funding. We understand there may be an opportunity for a contribution from the Area Community budget we believe so it may be jointly funded.
We looked at examples that were included at the Laurencekirk railway station.

BT Broadband update. A question was submitted to the Scottish Parliament, the response was - In terms of enabling connections to fibre broadband, over 90% of premises who have been connected are benefiting from Fibre Broadband. But 10% residents, cannot obtain any benefit, due to the distance from the exchange utilising the existing copper cable. However, the Scottish Government are committed to providing 100% benefit from Fibre Broadband by 2021, which will include those currently unable to obtain superfast speeds. Although it is mooted that there may be a cost to the end user for this connection to be made.
There are pockets of housing around Kintore unable to access superfast broadband, but due to the small number, are easily ignored.
Community Fibre Partnerships are being supported in some parts of the country, but these need to be partly funded by local “self help” groups, an example given was what was installed at Clinterty. We agreed to place a notice on the Kintore.org website to determine any interest from outlying residents to look into the scope of Community Fibre Partnerships.

Academy School Site retention - Councillors advised that a decision had still to be made on this, as they waited on confirmation of the School Roll Forecast, which showed increase, but were not massively over capacity. Therefore the council do not want to give up the site and the councillors still wait to be advised whether the site being in the LDP for Education will deliver any form of protection from other forms of development.

1. Bank Balance is £11,763 with £5091 still to be paid for the emergency generator,
leaving around £6672.

2. Youth Report - The Bothie celebrated its 3rd Birthday in December and ran an open week, inviting local residents and businesses but were disappointed with the local response. Nexen Petroleum representatives attended and presented a cheque for £10,000 to cover their programme of youth work for 2017. This includes working through discussing topics such as Self Awareness, Confidence Building, Self-Harm and many more. This covers the cost of the Youth Development Workers, who have been very successful during 2016 showing a lot of improvement with the development of young people attending and addressing typical teenager issues and pressures. Many of the youngsters attended the Birthday Party on the Friday evening. Further income is being generated by lets for 3 x Yoga Classes, Employability Service, use the Bothie monthly, a local art group with a lot more potential to expand the use of the Bothie for all types of Community groups for other than youth work, particularly during the daytime when the youths are at school.
Reflecting on the struggle The Bothie has had in raising funds for youth work, a press release issued from Cllr Ford outlined the Democratic Independent Green Group’s proposal for the council budget to retain a sum of money in the budget to fund local youth work in our towns. This will be decided by the council in due course.

3. Planning Matters
Items listed in the Weekly reports from last meeting.
21.11 Alt & Ext to House at 5 Melrose Place, Kintore
5.12 Change of use class 2 to residential, 7 Northern Road, Kintore
Removal of Protected tree at Thainstone House Hotel which had fallen on
neighbouring property.
26.12 Alt & Ext to house at Wester Tillybin Cottage
Extension to Kintore bowling club
30.12 Alt & Ext to house at 15 McFadden Crescent
16.1 Proposal of Application Notice, Kirkwood homes to convert PM4 site for class 4,5 & 6 business uses

4. Correspondence
We have received a Booking form for the 2017 summer festival to be held on Saturday 20th May, we agreed we would participate again asked for ideas for events for our next CC meeting.

Jess Lumsden forwarded information on Inverurie creating a proposal to become a BID Town, (Business Improvement District). As this is a business driven initiative, it has to be proposed by a local Kintore business group, therefore there is nothing for the CC to be involved in until this happens.

Paul Davidson outlining his submission against Thainstone Mart’s appeal ref the E3 / SR2 development scheduled for 15th March.

The council submitted a License Fee Consultation, proposing increases for 2017, they are to be annual and are increased from previous values. We paid £90 for 3 years and it is proposed to increase to £150 annually. CC to respond with comment that these increases could compromise any not for profit, fund raising or community event, such as Fireworks, Summer Festival & other events at Public Hall. So shall propose they should be waived or minimised for non-profit organisations.

We received notice of and EGM for Action Kintore for amendment of Articles of Association to include more community involvement on top of youth work.
The next CC forum meeting is 1st March and a request was made for topic for speakers for further 2017 meetings. It was proposed that we suggest, local business presentations and national politicians with their thoughts on Community Councils.

5. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update
Kintore Station funding package has been confirmed, the Scottish Stations Fund contributed 60%, the Council and NESTRANS increased their contributions to reach the budget figure of £12M. But there will be a delay in the opening. There is a £160M increase in the overall cost of the Aberdeen to Inverness rail upgrade, so to cover this additional cost, the completion date has been pushed out into the next financial control period - 2019/20 to accommodate this. But this means that it will not now be completed until December 2019 not March 2019 as previously targeted. Kintore Station will be open by July 2019 to allow the transfer of passengers during the upgrade of the Don Viaduct, which closes the line between Kintore and Inverurie.

Council expects to let a contract soon to complete the cycleway from Kintore to Thainstone roundabout for completion by end May.
The Council have appointed a consultant to look into options for a cycle path from Kintore (railway station site) to Blackburn and we shall be consulted on this for the report to be submitted by 31st March and delivered to the council on 14th April. The plan is for this to be built during 2018/19 budget.
The City Council have identified a route from Bucksburn out to Blackburn are to look into

The proposal for the Council to build a Headquarters in Inverurie was discussed with the points put forward in determining the viability of this. Gordon House requires major costs to repair and upgrade the building and Woodhill House is way over capacity, in spite of efforts to sublet part of it. Therefore they present a future budget pressure where the monies could and should be spent on services. Generally, if Woodhill House could be sold and a new modern, efficient building could be built in Inverurie on the council owned site at Harlaw.

The major consideration therefore is that if the cost of financing the new building and the ongoing running costs of a new building are less than the projected costs to continue with Gordon House and Woodhill House, then it makes sense to build the new headquarters.

The risks are the state of the property market and what value may be achieved in the sale of Woodhill House and Gordon House.

There is a working group looking at this and the main driver will be the question – Will the proposal save money in the future ?
The decision on Council Tax increases has been made on the higher bands, on the lower bands, this will be part of the Council budget decision on 9th February. Although it was advised that the council will see £1M revenue for each 1% of an increase, so it is not a major income stream to the Council.

We received notification of the Local Development Plan report from the reporters has been published.
It is pleasing to see no major changes were proposed or anything rejected, so it means that subject to full council approval the Gateway Kintore site shall remain in the LDP and therefore be available for development. Cllr Ford pointed out that one change to housing site outline applications is that the numbers of houses should be considered indicative not a limit, which means the numbers may be varied according to the developers plans and or market conditions.
We completed our letting form for the School room for CC meeting and have extended the booked time until 9.30 pm, to allow for any over-runs.

7. Kintore Konnect article was submitted 2nd February for the March edition

8. Date of next Meeting - Tuesday 21st February 7pm.

Minutes Approved Sheila Gray, Seconded Joan Thomson.

Brian Johnstone
Chairman 20/1/2017
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