Minutes of meeting for 21 February 2017

7.00pm on Tuesday 21st February 2017 in Kintore Primary School

Minute of Meeting

B Johnstone, J Thomson, K Thomson, A Marston, S Gray, K McEwen, L Monaghan, J Lumsden, Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Fergus Hood, Alison Cumming
John Thomson, Isabel Stirling, David Monaghan, Jamie Percival, Irene Davidson, Alan Benton members of the community.

APOLOGIES Cllr. Nan Cullinane, Glen Reid

WELCOME Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

The Following report was mailed in.


Nothing reported



Minutes were approved by Sheila Gray Seconded by Joan Thomson


Town Park – We had a reply to our letter from planning, regarding our concerns over the impasse over the Kemnay Road junction and Town Park Development advising the junction consideration was complicated by three developments all at various stages in the planning/application process:- Malcolm Allan, almost completed, NOV development at Midmill, the Town Park proposed development and East Kintore proposed development all had obligations to upgrade the junction as part of their developments.

By coincidence we also received a request to submit our views as statutory consultees on all three developments as each had submitted an alternative roundabout solution instead of a traffic light controlled junction.

This was discussed to some length and Kingsfield Road and East Park residents had been issued with notices regarding the roundabout, but were confused why the notice regarding the roundabout had been issued regarding the East Kintore proposed developments as it was not clear what the notice referred to other than condition 15. Cllr’s Hood and Ford confirmed that the notice was unclear and would raise this with the planning team.

As the CC had previously objected to a traffic lighted junction on the basis of fear of tailbacks onto the A96 as experienced during the Vietchi Homes development construction, it appears that that this solution was a better proposal than a traffic light controlled junction, so we unanimously approved the roundabout proposal.

We were advised separately that Cala Homes had withdrawn their application for the Town Park development and subsequently Scotia homes have had their application for the development approved in principle.

East Kintore Development – No news on this, but identified in the planning records that Flooding & Coastal Protection had objected, requested more info, then based on a report submitted by the developers withdrew their objection, SEPA referred to the report and accepted the developers’ proposals. There is still great concern by Kintore residents of the flood mitigation proposals submitted, so it was agreed that we ask the developers to meet with the community to further present their proposals. Chairman to contact developers to arrange this.

Tuach Burn Update. We received a reply from Malcom Allan Homes confirming they regularly check the burn for construction waste from their sites. They advised a fair amount of fast food, household litter and larger waste around the Midmill Business Park, the B987 bridge and alongside the school site and behind Cairnie Brae and they shared our concerns over waste getting into the burn. They will continue to check the burn and offer any help they can provide in raising awareness and clean up.

Further discussions were held regarding flood prevention remedies and the question was raised whether the relatively “low cost” proposed solutions of fixing the wall and extending the banking in the field alongside the burn nearest to Kingsfield Road down to the bridge, could be done to mitigate further flooding on Kingsfield Road.

As this is due to be looked at by the Council in the future, it was agreed we write to the Council and the Landowner, Malcolm Allan enquiring this was possible, sooner rather than wait until the council do their review. The other proposed action sites at Macallan Road and Northern Road presented more technical problems and would require the council study to consider best solutions.

Community Resilience Planning- We have received details of Auto-changeover control panel for the emergency generator which will now have to be submitted to Council for review, approval and investigate cable routes, a design for the protection frame has been prepared and confirmed acceptable by the mower supplier. This now needs to be costed and grants sought for remaining expenditure. We have also received the application form and shall complete and submit for a CRP grant from Council.

Community Arts Project - No progress with this, CLD and The Bothie kids have expressed interested in helping with this, but need a volunteer to take this forward.
Network rail need to be contacted to enquire about an art project at the new railway station.

BT Broadband update. We discussed the impasse of outlying areas poor broadband speeds and whether there was any opportunity to establish Community Partnerships to form a collective group to establish their own, Community Fibre Solution (which may require significantly higher payments). BT Community Partnership, the Council and Community fibre partnership all support this initiative, but, cannot take an interest in our area at present as it was being considered for an Enhanced Digital Scotland programme. This contract has not yet been awarded and the areas being considered for this enhancement have not yet been confirmed, so they are unable at present to provide any further information.BT have a Gain Share programme where any uptake more than 20% results in funds being returned to the government, which may provide funding for further broadband improvements.

K McEwen agreed to carry out a further survey on the website of the broadband experience in Kintore area.

Academy School Site retention – No further update,

Summer Festival- We shall propose to the committee that we run a Hot Dog Stall and Splat the Pirate along with other smaller lucky dips etc. We shall also support The Bothie with their face painting etc.

Kintore to Thainstone Cycle Path – The Contract let is imminent and it is expected that will be completed by May.

Blackburn to Kintore Cycle Path- There are four possible routes for consideration, so the council will be in touch for our views on the best route.

New Council Headquarters- The council have voted to progress onto the next gateway based on the business case.

TREASURERS REPORT - Bank Balance- Final payment for the generator has been made and the bank balance is £6672 with no outstanding payments due.

Youth Report – Going well, more attendance from young people from Kemnay with the closure of the Kemany Youth Café. This is creating challenges in supervision, so are looking for more volunteers to help out the existing two youth workers. As the young people are all friends going to the same school it is difficult to turn them away. They are planning to submit a funding request to the council, following the news that they are to commit £100,000 towards funding youth work in the shire.
Rachel the Bothie youth worker is running a fund raising event at the Bothie for another trip to support an orphanage and school in Kenya, so encourage all to support this.

Planning Matters
Items listed in the Weekly reports from last meeting.
Donald Russel Plans to extend meat process, storage and offices.
6.2 Ext & Alterations to dwelling house 6 Craigbank, Kintore

There is an invite to an AWPR Briefing 22nd Feb 6.30-8.00 pm Woodhill House, Committee Rm 5
There are plans for a New Park & Ride at Dyce just off A96 at Craibstone, giving park and ride to Union Sq. for £3.
CC comment requested by Council by 28th Feb re a new 20 mph limit at new primary school. We agreed to approve this.
National Grid have advised SSE not to proceed with Beauly-Kintore Pylons via Bennachie.

Garioch Area Bus Forum, Thursday 2nd March, Staff Room Westhill Academy.
Alistair Brown, Bowling club, seeking our support for extension, letter drafted and issued, received confirmations from CC member enough for majority support of this.

Scottish Government CC website for community councillors and for people interested in community council work to find up-to-date information and advice. Looking for any views in a survey.

CC forum 1st March lists changes to scheme of establishment, reviewing numbers of members, elections, younger people joining CC, general CC discussion on local issues, a community engagement strategy and Place Standards, a method of identifying community needs.

Chairman expressed satisfaction with Area Office staff, local councillors, but very poor response and engagement with council officers regarding local issues. It was suggested we engage direct with officers and maintain a record of outstanding issues, not responded to.

Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update - Cllr Ford ran through the Council budget decision voted through by 33 votes to 32, including outlining some his party’s considerations in considering his vote. They were able include the changing of sports and leisure facilities over to charitable status allowing savings of around £1 million pounds per year, the provision £100,000 for youth work, £150,000 for traffic calming and speeding reduction, £150,000 for cycle and walking for active travel and £200,000 for the third sector to provide support and training for charitable bodies and community businesses to hopefully work towards covering the services that the council are having to reduce due to budget constraints. Investment in renewable energy initiatives. The council agreed 2.5 % in council tax plus the increase in bands E to H. This will generate around £3 million pounds for the council.

Cllr Hood commented on the council only having the ability to raise council tax on all the bands. The Scottish Government chose to raise the council tax on bands E to H with council increasing the tax by 2 ½% on all bands. He was unhappy that the government had estimated the increase would only affect around 20% of properties in Scotland but the percentage of homes in bands E to H in East Garioch was 64.8% Aberdeenshire. He was happy the government had done a U turn on the increase in business rates, which reduce the council business rates by £4.1 million.

The eventual budget passed was £540 million pounds with £300 million pounds is salaries and £105 million for integrated joint board for the delivery of health and social services.

There has been no interest in the vacant secretary position, so we should look to a paid minute secretary.

There are concerns about the Torryburn Hotel condition and the safety risk to anyone entering the building, leaving it for this long period in this condition does nothing to deter intruders. It was agreed we should write to the owner expressing our concerns.

There is also concern over the condition of SUDS ponds around Hallforest Avenue, we shall write to Greenbelt expressing concerns over this.

The Angling Club were unable to get a lease proposal form the council in time for the start of the new season, so the council will continue to run the fishing at Kintore again this year!

The club will progress their application and will submit CAT2 forms asap to hopefully take over the fishing from 2018.

Kintore Konnect article was submitted 2nd February for the March edition

Date of next Meeting - Tuesday 21st February 7pm.
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