Minutes of meeting for 18 April 2017

7.00pm on Tuesday 18th April, 2017 in Kintore Primary School
Minute of the Meeting

The Chairman welcomed everyone and confirmed FC as the new secretary.

Present: Brian Johnstone, Lesley Monaghan, Joan Thomson, Fiona Cooper, Ann Marston, Ken McEwen, Sheila Gray, Jess Lumsden, Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Fergus Hood, and members of the community: David Monaghan, Jamie Percival, John Thomson, Irene Davidson.

Apologies: Cllr Nan Cullinane, Kenny Thomson

Police Report

Recorded crime of note as follows;
On 19 March 2017, on the A96 at Kintore one male was seen to be doing 100mph he was cautioned, charged and reported for this offence.

On 19 and 20 of March 2017, two drivers were reported for driving with expired tax. One driver was further reported for failing to stop on the A96.

On 22 March 2017, Police stopped a vehicle on the A96 outside Kintore and recovered a substantial amount of cannabis from the car. This male has been reported.

On 25 March 2017, there was a Road Traffic collision where by a car crashed into a house on Upper Townhead Road. Various lines of enquiry have been completed which has shown the car to be stolen. There are positive lines of enquiry being followed up.

During the early hours of 30 March 2017 there were 5 reports of vandalisms to car wing mirrors on Northern Road. Enquires are still on going in relation to this crime.

CC members reported that many young people were in the town that evening from Kintore, Inverurie and Aberdeen area, assumed for the after-prom party held in the field on the other side of the dual carriageway.

On 2 April 2017, Police attended a reported assault on 3 youths on Hallforest Avenue. 2 other youths have been charged and reported for this crime.

On 11 April 2017, Police were called to an ongoing fight at Kintore Primary School. On Police arrival all parties had left. Enquires are ongoing. One vehicle has been mentioned and enquires to have the driver charged with dangerous driving are positive and ongoing.

On 13 April 2017, Police were called to an ongoing house party on Hallforest Drive. The party was ended on Police arrival and one 16 year old male was charged with possession of drugs.

On 16 April 2017, Police stopped a vehicle on Carnie Road due to his manner of driving, while speaking to the male, he was detained and found to be transporting controlled drugs between Kemnay and Kintore. The male has been charged and reported.

Concern was expressed about the level of drug incidents reported, Chairman to enquire with police if this was the result of a concerted campaign or are individual instances.



With the longer days and lighter night fast approaching us, Police Scotland continue to encourage householders to secure their property, any outbuilding's, vehicles and property of value and to report any suspicious circumstances to Police at the time.

5. Minute of Previous Meeting Approved By Lesley Monaghan Seconded by Jess Lumsden

6. Matters Arising from the Minute

East Kintore Development – Email form Knight Frank advising plan to submit application for housing details April/ early May, propose joining us at CC May or June. Changes to roundabout layout at neighbourhood centre submitted, just bigger version than before. We have requested information as to why this new layout is required but none was forthcoming. It may be to allow for larger lorry access to shops. Hopefully they will answer this and other concerns when they come to our meeting May/June.

Flooding Protection Update: Received confirmation that the council are planning to increase the land levels in the field adjacent to Kingsfield Road and across the road on the left before the bridge during 2017 / 18 financial year. They have requested assistance from the CC as to the current condition of the bund, its height and how effective it was during the flooding in 2016. Photographs during the flooding would be especially helpful. JL advised these were the exact plans which were agreed in 2003 but were never carried out. Chairman to collate photographs. Cllr MF advised that it would simplify matters if the CC could obtain the landowners access permission, thus allowing work to be done as soon as possible. CC to write again to Malcom Allan and confirm a meeting on site with the council early May. Chairman confirmed that all people directly affected will be invited to attend the meeting once arranged. Cllr MF emphasised the importance of local knowledge along with detailed photographs showing the highest point reached during the Flood as the Council can only act on something if they have been told. It should also be noted that the Council is funded this out of its 2017/18 revenue budget and that Kintore remains part of the second phase of the SEPA plan i.e. 2020. There were also discussions about what could be done with the Torryburn and Rollo Myre, and whether there is scope to do some work to improve the flood capacity and perhaps develop a community walk and pond area. CC to write to SEPA to enquire on their views on this. ID advised that there are some issues with the Suds pond which are not being addressed by Greenbelt. Brian advised that recent correspondence indicated that all matters are dealt with during its on-going maintenance plan. Irene was asked to provide some photographic evidence so that the CC could raise this with Greenbelt.
Community Resilience Planning Met with Council Electrical contractor and Public Hall Committee members and discussed plans for electrical installation. Questions were raised regarding location of the ground drains under the proposed installation site, Council cannot provide drains plans, so need a survey carried out. Questions were also raised regarding generator noise and whether planning permission was needed for proposed enclosure. Chairman to write to planning and contact drains contractor re survey.

Community Arts Project No Progress but forms have been received to apply to Network Rail

Town Park - No further update

Broadband update: KM confirmed that Alex Burnett had showed interest in rural broadband problems which also coincided with articles in Evening Express and Inverurie Advertiser. In addition, Louis McDonald confirmed the question of why the copper network had not been changed to fibre as it had been in other areas was due to be answered on the 19th April. At a later date, he was also going to raise issues identified in the Broadband Survey that people living 10 miles out of Kintore were only receiving speeds 140 times slower that those living in the centre of the town. KM confirmed it was a difficult situation to rectify as only a small number of people are effected and therefore can be easily ignored by BT OpenReach. One idea was to give residents standard letters to personalise and send to their respective MP/MSP. Prior to the June General Election, it was agreed KM would draft a letter which would be sent to all the MPs who may wish to use this issue in the election campaign Cllr FH advised £16 million of Aberdeenshire Council tax payers monies were invested in the Digital Scotland which formed part of the scottish wide contract between Scottish Government and BT. These monies were provided to BT to put boxes in all the main settlements within Aberdeenshire which would be fibre enabled, resulting in better service for 95% of users who were located within 1000metres of the box. It has come to light that only £8m has been spent to-date with no plans in place regarding the other £8m. Given this information, it is only right that the Scottish Government take ownership of this matter and hopefully negotiate a new contract to pick up these outstanding issues. This will be re-visited after the general election,

School Site retention: No update available.

Summer Festival: KT confirmed via email that he has organised Splat the Pirate, we also have lucky dips, green dog walking and KT to arrange for a representative from CPR to attend. It was also confirmed we will also assist the Bothie with its activities. Correction from last month’s meeting, we may still be doing hot dogs as it was only the BBQ option which was turned down. Confirmation of plans for the day and volunteers to be finalised at next month’s meeting.

Cycle Paths Cllr MF advised that tender documents have been delayed due to on-going negotiations with the landowner but it is fully expected to done prior to Summer.

7. Treasurers Report Bank Balance £8566 includes £2000 received from Council toward our Community Resilience Plan and £465 left over from the floral displays. JT advised she had spoken to Ainsley and sorted out the donation requests. Ainsley also has plans for more boxes, similar to those in front of FirstPhotographics are to be hung on the rail in front of the Chemist.

8. Youth Report Action Kintore revised MOA accepted by SOCAR, approval to be sought at AGM, then CAT 1 application can be progressed for Town House, Derek Cooper joined Action Kintore as treasurer. A letter has been drafted which Stuart will send to the council applying for £10,000 from the Youth Development £100,000 budget to cover the running costs. There is also a lottery application been submitted by the Bothie.

9. Planning Matters
20.3 Nothing
27.3 Nothing
3.4 Monarch Conservatoires Full planning for alt Bridgend Farm to offices, but will keep original frontage.
10.4 Advertising Consent Co-Op Northern Road
Glen Luss , Midmill, Alt & Ext to House

10. Correspondence
Alastair Brown advising grant application re Bowling Club Extension, we supported had been successful, thanked us for our support.

Steven McDonald looking for advice on using the pavement outside the Town House for outside tables on Festival day, referred by Alison Cumming to contact roads dept.

Mrs Michie, Deputy Head at Kintore Primary, asking our support for their Wellbeing festival on afternoon of Friday 12th May at the school. FC suggested it would be good to have a stall, hand out leaflets on what we do in the community council and encouraging parents to get involved in all aspects of their community. JT and FC are happy to attend.

Garioch Partnership are running a Conversation Café’s at the Garioch Community Kitchen, Wyness Hall, Jackson Street Inverurie on 26th April 10th and 24th May.

Aberdeenshire Council are running a “Developing a Charter for Engagement” event for the Third Sector and our role in developing quality of life for individuals and communities. Seeking representatives to discuss and share ther views with senior council reps. Takes place Friday 28th April 0930 to 1300 at Garioch Heritage Centre at the old Loco works. Application to be in by 20th April. FC advised that the Council is very keen to formalise their relationship with the Voluntary sector after the Floods 2016 highlighted the tremendous asset this sector is to the community. FC advised that the monies collected during the floods will be passed to Garioch Partnership and therefore can be accessed by community councils and individuals. The £2,000 required by Kintore CC in respect of its generator installation costs has already been agreed.

11. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update – Cllr FH paid tribute to Kintore CC which is very pro- active and both Cllr FH and Cllr MF have enjoyed being part of achieving a range of successful projects and those still on-going. Chairman thanked the Councillors on behalf of the Community Council for all their assistance and support. The Chairman advised that after the election, Kintore would have 4 councillors, one more than we have at present. Cllr FH advised they have not received any news re Community access to the new school but the question has been asked. GF advised that he had emailed the council regarding access to the football pitches at Madill as Kinsella (who is currently based at Midmill) is currently having to travel to Kemnay Academy to train. The council that it is their policy only to open one school after hours. GF stated it is a cheaper option for the Midmill School to be opened but Cllr MF explained that from a council prospective it made no difference as it has to be paid for whether open or not for the next 25years. GF suggested a stakeholder key system with no janitorial duties needed. Cllr MFconfirmed that although there will be formal policy in place by the council, variations are done where there are insufficient facilities available to the community as long as it does not affect the competitive use of village public halls. It was agreed both Cllr FH and Cllr MF would contact the council to remind them of their promise of community access and the CC would write to Maria Walker director of educational services to clarify matters. Chairman enquired if there was any update on the standoff between the developers regarding the design of the round a bout and Malcolm Allan’s obligation to meet this. Cllr FH advised that he had been bombarded by Derek Ferguson about the roundabout, not so much Malcolm Allan. Cllr FH replied to Derek Ferguson highlighting that the planning permission granted included a clause that there should be a signalised junction. However, should the developers choose to change this to a roundabout, he should contact the Director of Infrastructure or Road services Dept. It not in a Councillor’s remit to broker agreements on behalf of developers regarding changes to planning conditions. No doubt the changes will come before the Garioch Area Committee in due course.

12. AOCB – JL asked for clarification on the safety of school buildings, as Kintore was mention on Radio as one the problem Schools. Cllr MF confirmed that immediately after the wall collapse in an Edinburgh School building, the Council asked that all buildings be examined and no problems were found. Cllr FH confirmed that the £23m shortfall in respect of business rates collected by Aberdeenshire council and that retained in Aberdeenshire would indeed be remaining with the council but that the revenue support grant would be cut accordingly so we are not better off.

Kintore Konnect next due in 1st May for June KK

13. Date of next Meeting - 16th May 2017
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