Minutes of meeting for 20 September 2016

7.00pm on Tuesday 20th September 2016 in Kintore School

Brian Johnstone, Lesley Monaghan, Kenny Thomson, Joan Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Ken McEwen, Jess Lumsden
Councillors: Cllr. Fergus Hood , Cllr. Martin Ford, Cllr. Nan Cullinane
Members of the Community: Isabel Stirling

Gloria Johnstone, Glen Reid

Brian Johnstone welcomed all to the meeting.

The chairman thanked all for attending and gave a vote of thanks to all of the CC members for their efforts over the last year, Lesley Monaghan as stand In vice chair, Gloria Johnstone for her sterling secretarial duties over the last 3 years, Joan Thomson for her treasurers work and Kenny Thomson for his ongoing support, Ken McEwen for his stalwart efforts publishing all the local information on the Kintore.org website and Facebook pages. Thanks were also offered to Lorna at Kintore Konnect and the local newspapers for their support in publishing items we wish to promote and generally bring to the public’s attention.

The Chairman gave his report on the last Year.

Joan Thomson presented a detailed treasurers report and summary on the finances over the last year.

All members resigned and the following unchallenged nominations and appointments were recorded.
Chairman – Brian Johnstone proposed by K. Thomson and Seconded by A. Marston.
Vice Chair – Lesley Monaghan proposed by B. Johnstone and seconded by K. Thomson. Treasurer – Joan Thomson proposed by A. Marston and seconded by B. Johnstone
Secretary – There were no nominations.
Other CC Members nominated were :-
Kenny Thomson – proposed by B. Johnstone seconded by A.Marston
Ann Marston – proposed by B. Johnstone seconded by J. Thomson
Sheila Gray – proposed by A. Marston seconded by J. Thomson
Jess Lumsden - proposed by L. Monaghan seconded by B. Johnstone
Ken McEwen – Proposed by B. Johnstone and seconded by J.Lumsden
Glen Reid – who previously confirmed his candidacy, proposed in his absence by B.Johnstone seconded by L. Monaghan
Chairman thanked everyone and called the AGM to a close and regular CC Meeting continued.

No presentation this month.

The following crimes of note were recorded since the last meeting;
On 18 August 2016 an incident of threatening or abusive behaviour within a public area was reported to Police. This is currently under investigation with a named suspect.
On 19 August 2016, a wooden garden bench was damaged by 4 or 5 youths outside Strachan Cottages in Kintore. Enquiries are ongoing.
On 25 August 2016 an incident of possessing indecent images was reported. This resulted in a person appearing at Aberdeen Sheriff Court from custody.
On 02 September 2016 an incident of Theft by Shoplifting was reported whereby wine was stolen from the Sainsbury store, Midmill Parade, Kintore. Enquiries are ongoing.
On 05 September an incident of taking an indecent photograph was reported to Police. This resulted in a person appearing at Aberdeen Sheriff Court from custody.
Between 29th August 2016 and 7 September 2016 a theft was reported from a business premises at Tumulus way, Kintore. This is currently under investigation with a named suspect.
On 12 September 2016 an incident of intended theft from a business premises was reported to Police. This is currently under investigation.
I would like to advise all that PC Brian Pirie is moving on to new pastures with the Roads Policing Department. He will certainly be a loss to the Local Policing Team although he will remain working from Inverurie. He advises that he will still be looking to remain proactive within the local area.
As always keep vigilant, lock your doors and report incidents as and when they happen.
Isabel Stirling expressed concern that the 2 reported finds of cannabis reported to the police did not show up on any of the reports. Chairman agreed to write to Police office for update.
CC members reported vandalism to the Co-op street sign, and the theft of washing from Smithfield and Sheila Gray reported what sounded like gunshots from behind the Station garage area on Saturday 17th September.
It is not clear if these incidents have been reported to the police, but the chairman will write to them but recommended that any incident of these types should be reported to the police at the time to help resolve the matter.

The minutes were approved by Joan Thomson and seconded by Ann Marston.

Town Park, Pavilion and Cricket Pitch, Nothing further to report this month.

Town House and Fountain – It was disappointing to hear that no contractor had bid for the fountain repairs, this will have to go out for tender again.

The area committee agreed to proceed with the proposal to lease the Town House to a properly constituted local organization, to take forward the refurbishment of the Town House.

Plans will be to publicise the plans, show people around the town house and generate interest in joining the working group.

Kintore Floods Update –
SEPA gave a presentation at the recent CCforum meeting confirming the plans which stste the study for Kintore flooding issues Wrote to Paul Hendy with a view to establish a Kintore Floods Forum, no reply received to date, Chairman to progress. Cllr Cullinan advised that a council officer has been looking at the burn behind Northern Road and taking photographs.

Community Resilience Planning – Draft almost complete and will be sent to Colin Gray for review, then will move to public consultation. Emergency generator grants are available from SSE, application submitted for Emergency Generator to be at Public Hall.

Community Arts Project No update.

East Kintore Development
A reply was received from the planning team in response to our questions regarding the Phasing Application .

As statutory consultee CC have received letter requesting our comments on a number of points including Landscape, Water Bodies, Archaeology, SUDS Strategy, Waste Water Connection, Construction Environment plans, Waste Management, Ecology, Public Access, Design Guide, Roads & Bridges, Levels Information, Water Bodies, Trees, and a number of other wildlife items.

A review of the plans and discussion was held considering the plans and the planning application details. Those attending confirmed their objections to the Road and Bridge across Tuach Hill and the Water Management plans regarding flood risk potential in relation to the shown 200 year water level, which did not reflect the January 2015 flood levels.. As there were insufficient members to make a quorum, the absent CC members would be canvassed for their views and if a majority decision is taken then the appropriate comments / objections would be submitted to planning.

Fireworks Display It was agreed we would continue along the same lines as last year with burgers on sale, light toys seller confirmed for next year, Fire Spinners written to, to confirm their attendance. Discussions needed with Council to address any issues from last year. Details on appropriate Gazebos to be purchased were reviewed and agreed by members present, if agreed by absent CC members they will be ordered. Council and First Aid Bookings etc. now to proceed.

There is a large set of archive files available going back to the 1700’s so hopefully we will be able to extract some interesting data to share on these publicity days.

Joan Thomson reported that the balance in the KDCC account this month is £7099 with £6,100 available after commitments for the floral displays.

YOUTH REPORT – Kenny Thomson
Normal Bothie activities are resuming, now the schools are back, the planned fund-raising car boot sale had received no interest, so was cancelled.
Efforts ongoing for means of fund raising including a local community “crowd funding / just giving ” initiative. Application to Oil Company needs to be based around a project, rather than applying for Staff costs funding. Further discussions and efforts to be made to progress this.

8.8 Alt & Ext to house at 3 Tyllybin Steadings Alt & Ext to house at 18 Wyness Grove
15.8 Kintore East Development detail plans submitted (see above notes) Alt & Ext to house at Fevela, Torryburn, School Road

Bedding plants order form, confirmation required this has been completed and submitted to the Council.

Kintore Ramblers Walking Leaflets, were distributed around the town outline short, medium and long walking to routes to encourage healthy exercise.

Mike Sim Kintore United, looking for contribution to container purchase, he was sent details on Leylodge turbines community grants availability.

Kintore Railway Station Letter regarding parking provision was replied by Council advising they felt that the proposed provision was adequate.

A request from Knight Frank on behalf of C&M McDonald was received requesting to address CC in the coming months to discuss their plans for expansion of garage display area.

Cllr Cullinane advised on 10th October Broomhill Roundabout access will be closed an diversions set up.

Due to no Area Committee Meetings over the last month there are no further updates

Ann Simpson is retiring from the Garioch partnership and was unanimously agreed that she be thanked formally on behalf of KDCC upon her return from holidays.

Kintore Konnect article submitted on 2nd August for September edition. Date of next Meeting - 20th September 2016 7pm.
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