Minutes of meeting for 17 May 2016

7.00pm on Tuesday 17th May 2016 in Kintore School

Approved Minute

Brian Johnstone, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Ken McEwen, Lesley Monaghan, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Gloria Johnstone.
Councillors: Nan Cullinane, Martin Ford.
Jack Calvert - Evening Express – Multimedia Content Producer.
Jess Lumsden (member of public)
Fiona Cooper – Flood Response representative.
Ann Stephen from Blue Sky Mosaics (Visitor)

Brian Johnstone welcomed all to the meeting.

Fergus Hood

Ann Stephen from Blue Sky Mosaics gave a presentation in the hope of securing work for a community run mosaic project. Ann read out a note from Anne Simpson/Sheila Waterhouse. The question of costs was discussed and obviously the size of the mosaic would determine price. Ann did reiterate that minimal costs for materials would be determined as Ann is not looking to be paid, but would be doing this project for the community.
The rear of the Town House was discussed and a community flavour could be introduced and with the professional guidance from Ann and her team the community could get involved with this project. Also including the primary school is another idea.
The base of the fountain in the town square was discussed. The mosaics are weatherproof so ongoing work can be conducted inside or outside.
Chairman to talk to the architect for the Town House and get ideas as some reference to Kintore and the Roman influence within Kintore could be very capturing for the town. Chairman to keep Ann informed. All councilors thought it was a brilliant idea for the town. If anyone wanted to get involved then this option was encouraged by Ann and reiterated that this community project was not for herself but for the community.

No Police representation but the Police Report was sent prior to meeting and read out accordingly:


There are currently many challenges around resourcing and Supervisors from the Garioch CPT are aware that in recent times the attendance at community council meetings along with the submission of reports has been very sporadic. We are currently looking at options in order to address these. As always, should there be anything pressing, you are asked to contact : Duty Sergeant Garioch area via the Non emergency Tel No:101.


The minutes were approved by Ann Marston and seconded by Joan Thomson.
Lesley Monaghan mentioned Tuach Hill planning application and was most concerned as to how far this had gone and the detrimental impact this road will have on dog-walkers. An email from Dr Paull Davidson was received from a local resident complaining about a road being built at the foot of Tuach Hill, this was discussed and agreed that the complaint was too late to be considered as the plans had already been approved, and that KDCC and local Councillors had a significant input to ensure the Northern face of Tuach Hill was protected. In perpetuity was the word used as mentioned by Lesley as being stated by a member of the council. Jess Lumsden stated that SEPA were involved many years ago and they had their opportunity to put their comments forward. Cllr Ford stated that the councillors moved the boundaries back from the local plan stage. At this stage of play now is that the Master Plan has been approved but the detailed plan could be discussed. Cllr Ford is going to check this. Chairman to bring this up at next month’s meeting and if there is anything as the council can do at this late stage. Lesley was informed by Cllr Ford that she can still object against this if that was her feeling.

Town Park, Pavilion and Cricket Pitch, Meeting has now been arranged for 17th June to discuss the Town Park pavilion and facilities.

East Kintore Development, Site for Sports and Community Hall
It is hoped that the plans for the East Kintore development shall also be included in the 17th June meeting and we will get the opportunity to discuss with planning and roads the opportunities for review of draft layout and consideration of roundabout and flooding area impact. NHS have no plans for the next 5 years but have an option on the land for 10 years.

Town House and Fountain – The CC comments on the Town House plans were acknowledged and have received no further update. Ownership was discussed and Action Kintore have agreed to consider this at their AGM on 18th May.

Kintore Floods Update – Next meeting planned for today 17th May, and Kenny Thomson and Fiona Cooper gave an update report on meeting. Fiona Cooper ran the Legion for 6 weeks, which provided support, food supplies and general support for the people of Kintore and Inverurie in the midst of the flooding in January 2016. Support Groups were set up and people are now getting back into their homes.

Kenny re-iterated the 3 priorities we identified as Macallan Road, Kingsfield Road and Northern Road areas, the Council has categorized the priorities for the whole region including (Ballater, Kemnay, Port Elphinstone and Inverurie) and Kintore has been identified as a category 2 with the plans to start the necessary works in 2022 onwards.
There will be work advised to be done on the bunding at Davidson Park, Port Elphinstone in the next 6-8 weeks. KT then commented that Kingsfield Road could be done a lot quicker and at a lower cost than some of the areas. A council officer agreed to visit the Kingsfield Road area to review what was required and what may be possible. The diversion of the burn behind Northern Road was being considered but this is complicated by the amount of drains run off into the burn from Northern Road.

There is an awards and thank you dinner being organised and Fiona and Kenny were asking for names to be put forward of any of the stalward individuals who supported the community to be recommended for awards. Fiona recommended Kenny Thomson for an award.

There is an 11th June meeting at Inverurie Legion to advise property owners on the option for their own flood protection, such as flood gates, vent guards etc and give them the opportunity to ask questions. It is expected that there will be a SEPA presentation at the meeting.
Every household involved were given £200 and the remainder was to be given out on a needs basis.
SEPA are to look into Flood warning on peoples mobile phones, which will be very helpful. Kenny will give more info on this in his Action Kintore/Bothie report. It was commented Kingsfield Road continually gets flooded and needs something done now. Chairman suggested community generate their own “approved plan” to fix the bund problem, with local businesses and local volunteers, but Jess Lumsden said the bund was never built, the field was raised the bund was never constructed. It was agreed to review this further following with the Council Officers visit and report back at the next meeting.

Community Resilience Planning – As we agreed to start the Kintore CRP. We have received an example of the Culter CRP and Government Guide to CRP, volunteers now needed and a meeting w/c 30th May. Chairman mentioned that we start our own Kintore Resilience Plan – meeting organised with Kenny, Joan, Ken, Sheila, Ann, Lesley to attend a meeting on Tuesday 31st May 2016. Once we get this meeting organised HE would assist us. Set up Community Coordinator for Kintore.
Summer Festival Festival time 11.00 am until 4pm. So we need to set up 0900 to 1045. We have splat the pirate and lucky dip, We will utilise the KDCC 20 ft and 10 ft Gazebos from Kenny and Chairman. Pirate frame and bowser to be collected and delivered to park. Tables x 4 chairs x 4 to be uplifted from Bothie and returned. We were asked to set up Green Dog Walkers campaign, Dog Warden could not attend so asked for volunteers via Kintore Mums page and Kintore.org, a lot of likes and positive comments, but only two volunteers, which threatened the launch and Sheila and Lesley agreed to man this table.
Fireworks Display Fireworx Scotland confirmed they will NOT be able to attend on Sat 5th, due to them doing larger displays elsewhere taking up all their resources. School initially intimated that the disco’s could be Friday night the 4th, so to avoid a clash we need to confirm school night then decide what night to hold it.

BT broadband
Ken McEwen has drafted a summary and timetable of events, in light of lack of information coming from the council or BT, It was considered that we involve the newspapers to put pressure on the Council and BT.

Town Clock
Cllr Cullinane advised the person who looked after the clock had sadly died and will hopefully confirm if a replacement was available. Key for this task is lost. Electrification of the clock was discussed and will be kept on the agenda. This is a very old piece of equipment and the manual winding should be retained. Chairman to check with Susan Adams to find out who has the key. Cllr Cullinane intimated that her husband Drew Cullinane, would happily take this task on if the key holding is resolved.

Cycle Path
We discussed the recent Press release from Cllr Ford on the partial completion of the path, delighted to see that part completed, but comes to a dead end past the Industrial Estate. The councillors advised that the work is continuing to complete the work in due course.

Joan Thomson reported that the balance in the KDCC account this month is £5,822 but £707 is floral display money to be collected. £5,125 in account. Plants to be stored and planted out first week in June. Admin grant coming in due course. KDCC to pay church hall for First Aid training. Councillors to think about how we spend this money. Fireworks display is to be paid for in November.
YOUTH REPORT – Kenny Thomson
The Public Art sculptures have been installed and the Bonded Gravel Substrate, which I’ll refer to simply as BGS, laid around it. It is an excellent finished project and I have written to compliment Bespoke Atelier and Abacus, the Company which prepared and laid the BGS and also Jim Robertson from the Council’s Landscape Services Dept. which financed the project.
The material isn’t what I thought it was to be and as I described in last month’s KDCC report. It is not the same as that which is laid on play areas, but is more like tarmac in texture and not a forgiving material, should you fall on it, but practical and undoubtedly hardwearing.
To complete the external workings, we have now laid slabs from the sculpture area, alongside the wooden fence and under the gate to the storage container donated to The Bothie by Safelift. The entire area is looking tidy, clean and fresh and has a permanent look about it.
The Bothie continues to attract diverse groups of users, the most recent being Jog Scotland, which held a meeting there last night. It is hoped they will be impressed and return for other meetings.
The First Aid / CPR / Defibrillator training will be returning to The Bothie, on the third Wednesday of every month after one monthly session (tonight) in the Church Hall, which was arranged to accommodate those who have other commitments on Wednesday evenings.
Thanks to this Committee for matching the funding provided by Kintore Rotary Club and agreeing to finance 2 sessions and these will be tonight’s session in the Church Hall and the June Course which, as I’ve just said, will be back in The Bothie on Wednesday 15th and already has 4 volunteers. So, the figure will be a maximum of £50 in total for the two sessions.
Digressing slightly, but on the same subject and I’ve been in discussion with June Morrison, from Inverurie First Responders who will be joining our stand at the Summer Festival. She will be using mannequins and a defibrillator and will be inviting members of the public to ‘have a go’ at both. This is of course an ideal opportunity for this Committee to make a start to getting donations for a second defibrillator and June is supportive of that. Post Summer Festival, we could explore other means of raising the money, whether it be by coffee mornings, collection cans in shops etc.
However, back to the Youth Report and preparations for examinations by members of some of The Bothie groups is currently impacting on attendances.
The Tuesday Group I reported on at the last meeting has been practising their face painting skills ahead of this Saturday’s Summer Festival. Following their involvement in the Festival, Stewart Henderson, who is AK Chair and is employed in advertising and marketing with Aberdeen Journals, will be sharing his knowledge and skills and working with them on ways to promote The Bothie and also ideas for future fundraising. Facebook has already been employed to promote The Bothie and interestingly, one of the youngsters has shown some skill and aptitude for using Instagram and is apparently doing a great job, under Rachel’s guidance and supervision.
In my last report I referred to ‘detached’ work, which involves Rachael and Kirsty getting out onto the streets to engage with kids not previously known to them or involved at The Bothie. This is a 6 week trial, targeting S3 – S5 pupils and with 2 weeks already gone, Rachel reports some success, with about 10 youths showing some interest in what The Bothie has to offer, as an alternative to simply hanging about the streets. The 6 week trial will be finished by the June KDCC meeting date, so I should be able to provide an update on that initiative at the meeting.
Also in my last report was reference to the application for 3 year funding for Rachel’s post, which had to be submitted by a deadline date of 30 April and it was, with about 3 hours to spare! Rachel and Kirsty spent many an hour on the application and learned a great deal about the process and there is nothing like having to apply for funding for the continuance of your own job, to focus your mind on the task and getting it right!! Thanks are due to Alasdair Cunningham from the LEADER office, for his enthusiastic assistance in that process.
In conjunction with Kemnay Community Learning Department, ‘Street Sports’ will again feature this summer, with the intention of most Monday evenings being the focus of football. ‘Street Sports’ involves a portable, easily constructed football pitch surrounded by fencing and with goals. This is set up and managed by Kenny Gibb from the Council and has proved very popular in past years, sometimes being located in the car park at the front of The Bothie.
The proposed Nethy Bridge trip referred to in last months’ report hit a snag, in that the adventure centre is closing for refurbishment! Not to be outdone however, a group comprising 4 adults and 15 youths will instead be heading for Splash White Water Rafting, a venue near Perth over the weekend of 3 – 5 June, where there is accommodation and activities. Premier Coaches is supplying the transport, with one car also going, for flexibility.
You may already be aware that when the local Sainsbury’s store at Midmill first opened, the Manager Sankar Kandasamy managed to get The Bothie adopted as its local charity, with collection cans at the tills used to raise funds for us. The first £200 was collected just after New Year and we are expecting another payment soon, when the cans are opened and the money counted, so that is another fundraiser and is akin to the RAGBAG clothes collection container situated outside The Bothie which has generated well over £400 for Action Kintore. A positive aspect of them both of course is that neither income stream requires any work from us, other than the odd phone call.
… and finally, Action Kintore’s AGM will take place tomorrow evening at The Bothie, where it is hoped there will be some new faces wishing to replace Treasurer Isabel Stirling and myself, as we intend standing down, after about 7 years involvement in the management of the organisation. The other three Directors were made aware of this situation several months ago, in a bid to encourage new Directors on board. There’s been a new development though, in that one of these 3 Directors contacted me on Sunday evening to say he was resigning his Directorship!!
If there are no new people wishing to get involved on the management side, then that will impact upon the aspirations of the Town House Project Committee which sensibly seeks to use Action Kintore’s Limited Company and Registered Charity status, as a formal means of progressing that project. We shall see what transpires tomorrow evenings meeting !!

As a postscript to that. Since there were no new volunteers, the existing 4 Directors (Chair Stewart, Treasurer Isabel, members Mike Sim and I) have decided to remain, with the possibility of Brian Johnstone adding to the management team, specifically to focus upon the Town House Project.
Following discussion, it was decided there was no impediment to the Town House project being progressed by Action Kintore. Minor changes to AKs Constitution will be necessary since it is youth focussed and also care would be necessary to ensure there is no clash of interests when funding applications are being made to outside bodies, although the funding needs and objectives of youth versus the Town House are so different this is unlikely to be an issue.

25.4 - Alterations to dwelling House 13 Henderson Crescent
- Application for Change of use - Peerie Pantry Café to Hot Food Takeaway
Northern Road was discussed and the community council has concerns on the amount of takeaways being established in the town. It was therefore unanimously agreed that we object to this on this basis.
Halliburton, Roof Extension at Unit 2A Kintore Business Park
14 Northern Road Alterations and Ext to Dwellinghouse

29.4 - Alt & Ext to Dwellinghouse Forest View, The Hill Kintore

9.5 - At Drumshalloch, Kintore, Approval of matters relating to Layout, siting,
Ext appearance, Landscaping etc relative to another application.

Boghead Farm, Kintore, retrospective application for erection of 4 x temporary residential units requested for workers on AWPR whilst it is being built.

Renewable energy scheme at Tait Mill Site, email from Kirkwood advising there was currently no interest in progressing our application due to the large amount of work going on at the site.

An email received from Geoff Marsden regarding the Graffiti on the Castle Road underpass. The council were contacted and cleaned it up again and Norman Wright, wrote back suggesting there may be an opportunity for an art related subject. It was agreed we look at this and contact Sheila Waterhouse in the Council to discuss the prospects of community art Street Artwork project.

CC Forum AGM and next meeting 1st June Hut 5 Inverurie Academy at 7.00pm - Fire
& Police presentation and perhaps paths maintenance presentation.

Kemnay Defibrillator fundraising concert 23rd June 7-8.30 to raise funds for PADS in
Kemnay, Grammar School Band Playing.

ARI Therapeutic Roof Garden (the chosen charity for the Church Sunflower Festival)
visits available 21st to 29th May before it becomes exclusive to patients.



Kintore Konnect

Date of next Meeting - 21st June 2016

Signed Brian Johnstone, Chairman
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