Minutes of meeting for 21 June 2016

7.00pm on Tuesday 21st June 2016 in Kintore School

Approved Minute

Brian Johnstone, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Lesley Monaghan, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Gloria Johnstone, Glen Reid.
Jess Lumsden
Councillors: Cllr Fergus Hood , Cllr Martin Ford.
Jack Calvert - Evening Express – Multimedia Content Producer.
James Davidson Environmental Planner / Integrated Land Use Officer)

Members of the Community: Isobel Stirling, Philip Taylor, John Thomson, Jamie Percival, Paul Davidson, David Monaghan, James Davidson.

Brian Johnstone welcomed all to the meeting.

Cllr Nan Cullinane, Ken McEwen

James Davidson (Environmental Planner/Integrated Land Use Officer) from Aberdeenshire Council advised that the Council have prepared a management plan for Gauchhill Woods which was eligible for European funding and may be able to obtain grant from the forestry commission “Woods In and Around Towns” (WIAT) initiative. Survey work has been done on site and with Schools etc considering access, anti-social behavior and car parking etc, so have tried to address these things in their plan to develop the woods. The Council, wish to develop the path network with fully “accessible” pathways to create an all-weather, good surface looped pathway. The site totals around 20 acres and there is a plan to look at tree safety and the type of trees currently growing, with a plan to have more pine trees, reduce beech and sycamore, to support the red squirrel population and generally develop the bio-diversity for the future.
Car parking was discussed and a number of issues were raised regarding its location.
Looking to engage with volunteers groups to understand use of the woods and groups aspirations. Ideas such as bird watching was discussed to encourage visitors to the area.
Chairman spoke with Primary School head, who confirmed they regularly use the woods for nature study and total support the initiative. Further discussions to be held with School, The Bothie, Scouts, Guides and other local clubs who will be encouraged to participate in the development and perhaps look to certain areas established for educational use.
Other woodland areas around Kintore were discussed but as these are not in Council ownership it is difficult to develop these as public walkways beyond Public Right of Access.
The Kintore Action Plan includes for improved pathways around Kintore and there are some funds available for items in the action plan, so we welcome this and look forward to moving this forward.
CC thanked James for his presentation and confirmed we will make contact with local groups and school after schools return from holidays to start discussions for ideas and look to recruit volunteers to assist with some of the work to be done.

No Police representation but the Police Report was sent prior to meeting and read out accordingly:


Nothing reported

Some of you may recall a mini crime series back in July / August 2014 whereby a number of houses and sheds were broken into in Kintore and various bikes, gold equipment and alcohol stolen. The 2 individuals responsible finally appeared at court earlier this month and pled guilty. They are to be sentenced in a months time.

The Summer Drink Drive campaign is currently ongoing.

The minutes were approved by Sheila Gray and seconded by Ann Marston.

Town Park, Pavilion and Cricket Pitch, Meeting with Area Manager 17.6.16. Landscape services initially proposed NOT taking over maintenance of grounds, this now with Director for decision at it was an old application over 10 years ago when council policy was to take on the maintenance. Development delays by traffic lights junction, look like being signed off. The amended pavilion design to incorporate requested storage requirements expected soon for review. £250K index linked plus a sum from Council reserves for provision of facilities in the park. DM to confirm finalisation of Council land contribution on the NW corner of the site.
Looking at a meeting with Tim Stephen for an overview of sporting facilities in Kintore.
Propose we canvas all interested sports clubs to identify their requirements versus
resources available now and future plans, including number of Kintore residents in the clubs.

East Kintore Development, Site for Sports and Community Hall
Area Manager is planning a meeting with Roads and Planning to discuss further opportunities to consider changing roundabout to a junction and the layout of the Neighbour-hood Area to accommodate our planned Sports and Community facility.

Town House and Fountain – Discussion with Susan Adams, Area Project Officer, this needs to move forward , council team now needs to discuss the report with the stakeholder group, approve the proposal, confirm proposal for asset transfer, then appropriate steps from Action Kintore to formalise the board and constitution.
KT commented that Action Kintore’s agreement that the Town House project could be managed by AK, was followed by circulating that information to those who formed the Town House Committee and asking that they identify a Treasurer and Secretary, specifically to manage the Town House project. With the exception of Brian, no-one else has volunteered so we have reached an impasse, because the infrastructure is in place but without volunteers, no further progress is possible and no formalisation of Action Kintore's involvement in the Town House project can take place, because if it does and there are still no volunteers, then the expectation will be that the current Action Kintore Directors will take it on and I can say that definitely won’t be happening.

Kintore Floods Update –
2nd June meeting held in the British Legion was attended by two of the flood victims from Kintore which suggests that the others are managing without further assistance or perhaps no longer need assistance. SEPA and Malcolm Thompson were in attendance who were busy and little discussion specifically regarding Kintore.

Community Resilience Planning – First meeting held and now drafted Introduction, Resilient Communities, KDCC Area description and Map, Road Gritting & Snow Clearance, Risk Assessments for Kintore, still to do Key reception centres, Flooding, Communications, Info for volunteers, Household Emergency Plan, Volunteer Questionnaire, Emergency Meeting Agenda. Next meeting to be held in July. It is anticipated this can be completed in a couple of months for review by council Emergency Planning Officer then Community Consultation.

Summer Festival Monies collected was £146.00 plus £26.00 donation to a defibrillator fund, 30 Green Dog Walkers signed up to date. The large gazebo was irreparably damaged by the wind so it is suggested we replace this with two smaller, stronger design. It was also suggested, that we offer to purchase a Gazebo solely for the Bothie’s own use. Some research to be done to identify stronger units.

Fireworks Display School confirmed discos for Friday 28th, so asked Fireworx Scotland about Friday 4th for ours, they confirmed OK, so it was agreed to go for that date.

Town Clock
Mr Drew Cullinane has volunteered to continue with the clock winding, Susan Adams to liaise and organise access.

Community Art Projects
A proposal has been put forward to Susan Adams Area Project Officer, for considering a mosaic for the rear of the Town House. Cllr Ford suggested “welcome to Kintore “ signs at the new railway station and recommended we contact the council transportation team to progress this as now is the time to look at “art displays” for the station. There are also suggestions for mosaics perhaps at the main road entrances to the town.
We have also contacted a Community Art officer to discuss the opportunity to have an art project at the underpass to help reduce the level of graffiti.

East Kintore Development and Tuach Hill
Following last months discussion on the East Kintore development, and a request from Isobel Stirling requesting our support for the communities concerns regarding the development. The Chairman ran through the timetable of events to date regarding this development from inclusion in the Local Development Plan, inclusion of Tuach Hill as a P1 Protected Area, the developers outline planning application and the recent application for the phasing of the development.
We had a lengthy discussion and heard the community members concerns regarding the flooding risk from the development and the routing of the access road across Tuach Hill. There were also complaints from members of the community regarding the limited and inconsistent distribution of the notifications sent to neighbouring properties.
Further complaints were heard regarding letters of objection which had been rejected by the council, as not being related to planning matters and several community members claimed the content had been identical to those accepted.
Councillor Ford delivered a briefing note from the planning team regarding the current application explaining that this application is for the phasing of the development only, and no other matters are currently being considered.
It further went on to explain that whilst the application shows the location of the planned road, the current application is not and cannot approve the final detail of the road location or specification.
The Kintore East Site has an agreed in principle Development Framework, Masterplan and Planning Permission in Principle for 600 house, the indicative road alignment is part of the approved Planning Permission in Principle and forms part of the basis for the design work to date. Full copy of the Briefing Note is posted on the Kintore.org website for all community members to see straight away.

Members of the community will therefore have the opportunity to make comment or objections to the application relating to the road and flooding concerns when the relevant applications are made.

Further discussions were held, with understandably, serious concerns from community members regarding the flood risk from the development. Particularly in the draft plans review and approval in 2014, the SEPA consideration was made on historical data, prior to the January floods. The CC will write to the Council planning department asking that Flood Prevention Team and SEPA be asked, to further review the proposed development plans taking into account the recent flood levels, which were above previous historical records and may subsequently have an impact on the future flooding potential

As well as requesting review of the flood potential, the CC shall ask for clarification of the notifications sent out in 2013 and 2016 and an explanation of what is a “Notifiable Neighbour” in these circumstances. Also the CC will be asking for an explanation of the P1 status of Tuach Hill and how that relates to outline plans for roads to be built upon it.

Joan Thomson reported that the balance in the KDCC account this month is £7124 with £2030 collected for the floral displays. CC funds unallocated stand at £5764. Admin grant received £970. Payments are due to church hall and the Bothie for First Aid training. C.Councillors asked for ideas about how we spend this money we have collected, bearing in mind we have the Fireworks display to be paid for in November. Consideration is asked about purchasing a second defibrillator for the South end of the town, perhaps Gauchhill Road or Midmill area.
YOUTH REPORT – Kenny Thomson
This is the Youth Report for June, most of which is updated information from last month’s Minutes
Of most interest, certainly to us as Directors of Action Kintore, is the situation regarding funding for Rachel and Kirsty's posts and last month I reported the application for funding had been submitted for LEADER funding.
I can report that the application has been rejected due to clarification being sought on some points and it is hoped it can be re-submitted, with the necessary amendments, for the next LEADER meeting. In the meantime, wages will have to be met from Action Kintore funds and that situation is not sustainable in the longer term, so we continue to explore other options.
An Action Kintore meeting is scheduled for tomorrow evening and an encouraging possibility has emerged, in trying to at least partly resolve this, but getting funding for wages is notoriously difficult to access and even more so in the current economic climate here in the North East. At last night's Garioch Partnership AGM, amidst some really good networking, I got some encouraging news on the funding front which will be progressed.
As regards the uses of The Bothie and ironically, there was a LEADER meeting there today, to discuss the projects which are going forward!!
June's First Aid / Defibrillator training took place at The Bothie last Wednesday and that completes 4 consecutive monthly sessions, whereby at total of 46 Kintore folk have been trained and received Certificates. With holidays looming, we now take a two month break over the summer and I’ll resume the Courses again, with a provisional date of 21 September.
Digressing slightly but still on the subject of Defibrillator training and our neighbouring communities of Kemnay and Fintray are also progressing the purchase of equipment and the training within communities.
On Thursday evening, there is to be a fundraising concert in Kemnay Academy where our Rotary Club will help senior pupils in ushering duties and when we met representatives from a Community Association linked with Fintray Hall, at The Garioch Partnership AGM, they told us they have just purchased a unit. Both communities have been in touch to ask about the training we have set up here in Kintore. Kintore is well ahead of the game in respect of the training provision. 4 months ahead in fact.
As you've just heard in Joan’s report, there wasn't a lot of money collected at the Summer Festival for a second defibrillator, but there was a lot of interest, especially by families with children getting involved in CPR with June Morrison the trainer.
Anyway, back to the Youth Report……the outreach trial I spoke of at last month's meeting, which involved Rachel and Kirsty getting out on the streets to engage with local youths, was successful in that boys are seeking sporty activities and outdoor games, while a number of girls expressed an interest in dance sessions, so a ‘taster’ session is to be organised for them. A high percentage of those they engaged with on the streets had no previous experience of The Bothie, so that is a plus.
Also reported at last month's meeting was the youth weekend trip to an adventure centre at Perth. A great success by all accounts, where white water rafting and kayaking were the highlight activities. The kayaking proved to be the most difficult as rowing was involved, whereas white water rafting was a case of getting on board, hanging on and hoping for the best!! I was particularly pleased to learn that Sophie and her wheelchair got loaded aboard the raft and knowing her, I’m sure she entered into the spirit of the activity as well as anyone.

APP/2016/0956 Change of Use to Take Away at 12 Northern Road, Approved.
16.5 1 Northern Road Extension to dwelling house

25.5 Kintore East Development phasing scheme.
14 Price Drive extension to dwelling house

30.5 Clovenstone Farm erection of Agricultural Building

6.6 Castle Walk Kintore, Alterations to dwelling house

13.6 Advantec – Kintore Business Park, erection of 3 Illuminated signs
Burnside Farm, demolition of Steading and erection of new house
Hillhead Kintore, Erection of house and land change of use for access and garden.


Elizabeth Lovie received citizen of the year award from Kintore & Kemnay Rotary Club.

Copy of Notice of Report to Scottish Ministers of changes to electoral boundaries and adding 2 councillors, 1 of which is for our Ward 12 which has been extended in size, see map. Aberdeenshire Council expressed disappointment for the need for the additional councillors.

Kintore Angling Club requested support from CC to them taking over the lease of the Common Good Fishings at Keithhall. This support was confirmed and letter to be sent to the club.


Cllr Hood confirmed that the Station will cost around £11M, so an application for funding is to be to the Scottish Stations Fund for £7M. It is expected that the Scottish Office will support the application, since the station has already been approved by them. The increase in construction cost is due to the change of the upgrade from single track to dual track.
The current design of car park is for 160 spaces, so the Area committee have asked for this to be reviewed as the expected passenger numbers are 300-400,000 per year and don’t feel that 160 are enough, and they are to look at additional land to provide adequate parking.

The application for the Thainstone development which was for buildings to be built at a higher level on the hill area, which the CC had objected to as it was not all in the local development plan and we were concerned about the effect on the landscape, has been deferred for a site visit.

Planning permission in principle was granted for Premier Coaches for erection of a new bus depot and facilities at Cottown.

Kintore Airlie House boiler to be replaced was approved and chimney upgraded at a cost of £85,000

A set of defibrillator (PAD) pads have been replaced, as they were out of date.

It was proposed that Second defibrillator be purchased to be installed at the South end of Hallforest Avenue or Gauchhill Road Area, confirmation of costs and suggested site to be investigated.

CC forum 1st June, 2 x CC members attended, Scottish Fire & Rescue Services, Police Scotland presented their summary reports and Linda Mathieson gave a presentation on Management and Maintenance of our Local Path Network.

Fire & Rescue reported that in our Area there were 254 call outs, 25 RTA, 127 False Alarms, 19 Deliberate Fires.
They advised that on their website there are opportunities to organize free Home Safety Visits and where appropriate will provide free of charge smoke alarms, they co-ordinate visits to vulnerable persons, smokers, drinkers and the elderly. They also advised there is a National Website for problematic tumble dryers.
Fire & Rescue also provide Out of Office cardiac support with Scottish Ambulance Service and Sandpiper Trust Community Shire Safety Hub, work with Community Resilience Plans and when questioned about critical incident with high risk advised they have plans for critical infrastructure response.
The police report will be available at the next meeting.

3 x CC members attended The Garioch Partnership AGM, where it was announced that Ann Simpson was retiring - we also learned there is a sum £1500 in the GPH allocated for the Kintore Action Plan fund available for us to use on AP projects.

A request was made that we support the extension of the Bennachie Special Landscape area by 1KM to include Toms Forest, John’s Forest, Camiestone, Shaw Hill (Bruces Camp), Crichie Plantation and Crichie Farm. The Bennachie Skyline from Kintore includes Thainstone Ridge and Shaw Hill, so all of the areas listed are at risk of insensitive development. It was agreed we support this as we have commented on in our objection to the Thainstone development and a letter will be sent to the Planning department.

It was also reported to the police that cannabis had been found in the bushes on two occasions during the recently held Street Sports events.

Kintore Konnect next due 2nd August for September edition.
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