Minutes of meeting for 19 July 2016

KINTORE AND DISTRICT COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING 7.00pm on Tuesday 19th July 2016 in Kintore School
Approved Minute

Brian Johnstone, Kenny Thomson, Joan Thomson, Lesley Monaghan, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Glen Reid, Ken McEwen
Councillors: Cllr Fergus Hood , Cllr Martin Ford, Nan Cullinane
East Kintore Consortium: Malcolm Allan-Knight Frank, Alan Rae- Kirkwood Homes, Gavin Sharp –Barratt Homes, Colin Wood – Malcolm Allan Homes
Members of the Community: Isobel Stirling, Philip Taylor, John Thomson, Jamie Percival, Paul Davidson, Ian and Irene Davidson, Margaret Sim

Brian Johnstone welcomed all to the meeting.

Gloria Johnstone, Jess Lumsden

Following review of the objections from the community, the East Kintore Consortium requested an opportunity to present their plans for the development and answer any queries from the CC or community.

The Chairman gave a summary of the current phasing application and the community concerns over the flooding risk and plans for the road onto Tuach Hill. He also summarised the issue with the some community objections being rejected by the planning team as they were not deemed relevant to the phasing application and we had been advised they should be submitted following review of the next application, which would contain the relative subject matters.

The Consortium then presented and described their current layout plans, answering questions form the meeting and confirming that the detailed plans for the development had been submitted in the latest planning application and were under validation by the planning department.

They confirmed that this was the application relating to the road, the flood mitigation and many other details that should be reviewed by the community who should then submit any objections they had relative to the items in the application.

The Consortium explained that the road route had been chosen as they had no ownership of the land along the alternate route by the new primary school They also explained the mitigation of any surface water run off from the site by SUDS ponds etc to ensure here was no net effect on the burn flow or increased flood risk. This plan had already been reviewed and approved by SEPA, who will be asked by the council for comment on the plan. The consortium requested the CC and community review the plans once validated and make their relative comments. Comments were made regarding the condition of burn, running through the Midmill site and Colin Wood agreed to take look into this.

No Police representation or Police Report Submitted.

The minutes were approved by Ann Marston and seconded by Sheila Gray.

Town Park, Pavilion and Cricket Pitch, Chairman advised that we still awaited revised plans for the pavilion and a schedule for building from Cala Homes.

Town House and Fountain – A tender has been issued for repairs to fountain circa £20,000 so it is expected that work will be completed and the fountain restored to its former glory. A stakeholders meeting at the Town House confirmed that the next stage was to ask the CC approval of the Feasibility Study and for a properly constituted body to take over the lease of the building to develop the Town House along the lines of the plans presented. This was unanimously agreed. The plans are for Action Kintore to consider this at their next meeting and, if in agreement, for the proposal to be submitted to the Area committee in August. If the council agree then a public meeting will be held to promote the plans.

Kintore Floods Update – KT met with Malcolm Thomson on Kingsfield Road on the afternoon of 2 June, where they discussed the issue of the inadequate bundings in the field adjacent to Kingsfield Road, which is owned by Malcolm Allan. Mr Thomson now understands the issues and possible remedies and was to report to Gavin Penman.

At a later date, Mr Thomson advised he had spoken with Gavin Penman and the unofficial plan is to wait until early 2017 and see what money is available to do the Kingsfield Road work. Whilst that may sound positive, It is hoped that this is not merely a means of deferring action on a situation which can surely be progressed, and long before the original suggested start date for a study of Kintore’s flooding issues, which is 2022 !

It was then proposed that Kintore establish our own Flood Action Group to promote Kintore’s case. Paul Hendy of the Scottish Flood forum helps with the Kemnay group, so Chairman to write to Paul to initiate this.

Community Resilience Planning – Second meeting updated Kintore’s CRP, one more meeting should complete the draft for review by Colin Gray, then go to community consultation. Grants are available for Generators from SSE, so we have asked Colin Gray for advice on this and will report back next meeting.

Community Arts Project Sheila Waterhouse sent in info on project at Fourdon, which was sent to Norman Wright who suggested contacting Tersesa Duffy CLD officer, Kemnay, as something similar was done in Kemnay before CLD was disbanded, Sheila and other local organisations should be able to assist take this forward. Engaging with the youths responsible for the unsightly/obscene type art work might prove to be more of a challenge. If this can be done and they can then feel that they have some ownership of the project it should hopefully sort things.

Discussion on East Kintore Development, residents’ concerns – Email sent to Planning team 28th June and second 18th July progressing a response to the CC and Community Questions regarding rejection of objections
Fireworks Display To progress plans for 4th November we, now need to proceed at next meeting to organise this.

Joan Thomson reported that the balance in the KDCC account this month is £7099 with £900 committed for the floral displays. CC to consider donation to community groups for next meeting.

YOUTH REPORT – Kenny Thomson
Earlier this year, we were successful in an Awards for All funding grant which enabled us to take a group of kids aged 12 to 16 away on a residential, team building weekend to Aberfeldy.

Leaving on the Friday, and returning on the Sunday, the weekend was filled with team building games, personal challenges and lots of laughter.

We booked activities with SPLASH White Water Rafting for the Saturday, so the Kintore YAFTS (Young and free to speak) took part in white water rafting activities in the morning, and duckie canoeing in the afternoon along the River Tay.

The group came together in the evenings to help with supper and to evaluate the day.

The SPLASH weekend was organised for after the exams, so it was chance for all the young people to de-stress and to focus on having fun.

New friendships within the group were created and old ones became stronger, as the group had to work together, had to encourage each other and to push each other to overcome fears and challenges; so the weekend was a great success.

At the end of the weekend member of the SPLASH centre made a very positive comment to the Bothie staff, that considering all of the weekends they run like this, they were very impressed with the behaviour and manners of the group and were are a credit to Kintore.

There has been no success to date in obtaining funding to cover the cost of Rachel’s wages and were still awaiting a response to other applications they had made. This is very unfortunate as unless funds are received they will not be able to continue with Rachel’s post and risk much of the youth programme being cancelled.

Action Kintore are now considering approaching the whole community to see if some contributions can be generated form Kintore residents.

Councillor Hood confirmed that Area Committee approved the Large development at Midmill the CC believe this to be for “ NOV- Elmar”

4.7 Replacement garage at 51 Kingsfield Road

11.7 Windyedge, Kintore House Extension

18.7 Station House, 35 Northern Road, extension & Garage

Alison Lachowski, Henderson Drive offered photos of Bridge Construction in 1986, presented by previous owners of the Kintore Arms Inn.

Liquor Licence application received for New Thai / Chinese Restaurant - Star of The East at Midmill no comments or objections were raised.

Council will be seeking our views on Winter Preparedness plans, will receive communications in due course.

Cllr Hood commented on the plans for the railways station had spaces for only 160cars and asked our views whether we considered this adequate given the problems with parking at Laurencekirk.

We agreed to write to Council querying the numbers and asking their confirmation that these would be adequate and not restrict the passenger numbers by default.

Ann Simpson is retiring from the Garioch partnership and was unanimously agreed that she be thanked formally on behalf of KDCC upon her return from holidays.

Kintore Konnect next submission is requested by 2nd August for September edition.

Date of next Meeting - 16th August 2016 7pm.

Approved; K. Thomson Seconded; J Thomson
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