Minutes of meeting for 19 January 2016


7.00pm on Tuesday 19th January 2016 in Kintore School

Approved Minute

Community Councillors: Lesley Monaghan, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila
Gray, Ken McEwen, Gloria Johnstone.
Councillors: Fergus Hood, Nan Cullinane, Martin Ford
Also attending the meeting: Ken White

Vice Chairman, Lesley Monaghan welcomed all to the first meeting of 2016 and also welcomed
Alexander Burnett, Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate for Aberdeenshire West -
attending to listen and observe, he does not wish to address the CC.

Neil Mayer, Kintore Minister was welcomed also.

Brian Johnstone, Glen Reid.

Mr G.W Simpson Ref Planning Application APP/2015/3579 for demolition of Existing Shed and erection of dwelling house at South Leylodge. It concluded after a long debate that nothing could be done to assist Mr Geoff Fisher’s application since the mandatory 21 days had passed.

PC Russell attended the meeting. People in Kintore still not locking their doors. Report attached.

With the correction of Ken White’s name, the minutes were approved by Joan Thomson and seconded by Kenny Thomson.

Town Park, Pavilion and Cricket Pitch - Kenny Thomson reported on behalf of Brian Johnstone who attended meeting in December with Landscape Services, Planning, Lifelong Learning & Leisure and Kemnay & Kintore Cricket club - discussed pavilion design, raising issues of lack of storage inside and outside for mower and roller. This to be conveyed to developer for review. Doug Milne commented that some funds may be available to add to the limited developer contribution. Expressed our request for combination of football and cricket to be accommodated, this was challenged by cricket club, who sited there will be plenty football provision once primary school surfaces are added.

The sizing of site needs to be confirmed by developer to determine feasibility for cricket and football. Advised planning representative community were seeking outside gym, track all round, space allocated for future potential tennis courts. Discussed if there was a location suitable for a skate-park also asked where a suitable location would be for a children’s playground.

Further investigation was requested into the continuance of the fields at McDonald garage questioning if their provision was part of the developer agreement for a defined period. The adoption of the site was discussed with requests for Cricket Club, or “community” tentatively proposed, since the council are not keen to adopt it. This requires further consideration. Further meeting to be arranged.

East Kintore Development, Site for Sports and Community Hall - No information forthcoming on time limit for developer contribution of the land for NHS. B Johnstone emailed Jill Paterson in developer contributions for advice.

There has been no progress with request for meeting with planning or roads. Need to get a date fixed. Doug Milne to be contacted as soon as possible by Marlin Ford. No flooding in this area as was once thought would be a problem but in light of recent floods this has not happened so stands us in good stead. Councillors will progress this.

Town House, and Fountain
Second meeting held in Aberdeen with Cllr Ford, Kenny Thomson and Chairman discussing ideas for town house including historic displays managed by Garioch Heritage, Museum artefacts managed by Council. Extending the plans at the rear was discussed to accommodate better access. Ownership and lease options were discussed and it was proposed that council ownership with a "community" lease of some form would be the least risky option for the community and would attract more funding.

Susan Adams sent on details of Public Hall lease for 99 years at a low rent, council being responsible for external and Hall trust for internals, fuller details available, not sure if this is for public domain. A sub-committee of Action Kintore was suggested as a possible management option. Provision of a “comfort partnership" for public toilet facilities was discussed.

Also Malcolm Fraser is to give some thought to some form of eye catching “artistic intervention" at the back of the building, such as inscribed glass panels. Drawings will be updated, building uses revisited and a draft feasibility study completed by end January. An email sent in by Mark Zhang suggested a craft centre (major for kids) and a gallery for local artists.

KDCC Renewable Energy Project
No response for Kirkwood to date re hydro scheme.

Car parkinglPavilion Cleanliness and toilets - Nothing to report re pavilion, any comments on parking. Cllr Cullinane reported to the police that residents couldn’t get into the recycling units. Yellow lines on Castle Road is not all on the council roads. Eddie Reid issue with parking at their gate.

Fishing rights at Kintore Council has intimated that it will continue to issue permits for 2016 but proposed to Area Committee that the lnverurie and Kintore waters be offered to local angling clubs for 2017 at peppercorn rents as the Kintore fishing’s is on common good land, can Cllr‘s confirm if this was approved. Cllr Cullinane was at meeting — crown land was given up in December and officers Doug Allan and Brian Shand are to contact council - to go back to the fishing committee - whole year to get process and maintaining river banks —Neil Cameron (Secretary Kintore Fishing).

Kintore Arms Pub agreement signed , due to open March.

Application approved for Cafe Wine Bar at Midmill

Kintore Action Plan Further copies need to be distributed around the town retail and public buildings like doctors, dentists, library etc. Kenny Thomson/Lesley Monahan to give leaflets to Neil Mayor. Brian Johnstone has leaflets so Kenny to get them to distribute.

Kintore Konnect - Meeting with Lorna Gillespie discussing ways to help improve Kintore Konnect, seeking help with distribution, interesting local history or archaeology type articles. Printing costs have risen, so seeking more advertising to cover costs. Find some revenue to cover cost of printing. Kenny Thomson to speak to Thainstone House Hotel and see if they are interested, and expand the advertising base. 2000 copies cost £890 per edition 4 times a year.

Prices up by £300. Printer gone bust. Ask Newmachar News and other local newsletter people to see how they get their copies printed. They make money but the advertising is completely covered and profit is being made. The Kintore Konnect was always run in conjunction with the church as well as the Community Council. Lorna’s assistant at the meeting, Angela has a degree in Graphic Design and could be a huge benefit to making the Kintore Konnect more successful.

Ken McEwen is to give local stories to Lorna for publication. Permission with copyright was being overseen by Ken McEwen. Articles in by 2'“ February 2016 to be done by Chairman.

Joan Thomson gave her treasurer’s report, stating there is not much movement this month. Three donation to Scouts for assisting with the Fireworks. No grant from the council as yet. Should be April.

Kenny Thomson reported that there would be a good article in the next issue of Kintore Konnect. Pressing concern at the moment is the continuance of Rachel Lewis’s post. Encouraged to go for a 3 year package - Expression of Interest for this |eader’s position. This then goes on to a Local Action Group from Chamber of Commerce to see how our application is funded. Rachel’s post ends end of March. Bothie continues to flourish with plenty meetings taking place on a regular basis, including Scottish Flood Forum meetings. Good to see it being used as much.

Sign at new Midmill Hairdressers — in situ.

Demolition of shed and erection of dwelling house, Leylodge Steading - Offices, Warehouse, Workshop, Midmill — plans passed round.

Burnside Cottages, garage erection

Thainstone Park Development to open another industrial units area for 25 mixed size units, objection already about being on a hill, will spoil landscape. Plans reviewed. Ken McEwen has concerns as has Brian Johnstone. We could exercise our statutory consultee rights before 21 days could be implemented on this issue, so need to
consider if we wish to make any comments.

Thainstone site access road, in relation to the above application.

Kintore Arms Inn internal alterations, to make lounge bar and public bar.

Thank You email from Airlie House and Strachan Cottages for donation of flowers for their tub.

Thank you card from Airlie House and Strachan Cottages for £100 which is going to be used for their Burns Supper.

22'“ Feb 8pm Public Hall AGM (BJ cannot attend). Kenny Thomson will attend on our behafi.

Mark Zhang email requesting support for allotments in Kintore. Alexander Burnett informed all that Banchory Community Council has started and undertaken a similar project and Secretary will let Mark know to contact them. Secretary to write and let Mark correspond with Ken McEwen so that an appropriate article can be submitted to the
Kintore website on his behalf. Council have to determine where they would go. First thing is to see if there is enough interest and if the council could give planning aids

Request for comments on street name “Nethermill View” at Midmill. It was agreed to call this new street Newmill View and Secretary will write and inform the Council accordingly.

Councillor Hood reported on budgets. £17M short was reported at last meeting. Local Authority Funding has been cut. Aberdeenshire to take a £6.4M cut, so total shortfall could be £23.4M. Solutions are being worked on to plug the gap with the budget expected to remain around £530M - meeting to be held on 11"‘ February. A question was asked if Council Tax was to rise. Cllr Hood didn’t think this was going to happen as other councils had proposed this and the Scottish government advised that the countrywide teacher retention policy was a help for councils that had vacancies covered by councils that had surplus. Another factor was that John Swinney was planning to protect health services and provide additional funding (£250M) for the Integrated Joint Boards incorporating social and health services the council would normally have to cover, such as adult social care and some NHS budgets. This will help the Council balance their budget without increasing Council Tax.

A question was asked about the £1500 flooding grant being reduced by the council tax not due when the house was unoccupied. Neither of the Councillors had any knowledge of this but would investigate. Cllr Hood also added that if anyone was having problems obtaining their £1500 grant, they should contact him or Cllr Cullinane

A report on Cycle Path to Kintore, was not discussed due to lack of time and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Kintore Floods - Kenny Thomson commented that the worst of the floods was mainly caused, not directly by the River Don, but by the burns close to Macallan Road, Northern Road, Lochburn Drive, and Kingsfield Road and East Park.

There was a fantastic, overwhelming response by Council, agencies and community members, particularly the Public Hall team, and volunteers sandbagging and helping with flooded victims. Assistance with communications from the Kintore.org website and facebook page, Fubar and various additional local Facebook pages. Assistance was overwhelming, with many donations from many of food etc. and Asda with goods are only a few. Mention must be given to the Westhill company Offshore Water Management who gave pumps and time to help pump out
flooded houses. A total of 40 properties were affected to varying degrees. In anticipation of similar events in the future, to enable better co-ordination at a local Kintore level we should prepare a Community Resilience Plan to help communicate, organize, and report all events and actions in a controlled and effective manner.

This will need many community groups/members to be involved as well as the formal agencies. So we suggest a local plan be prepared for Kintore followed by our participation in a bigger and wider review of plans for future prevention and actions with all Council, SEPA, Police and other agencies involved.

Meanwhile, can we still be looking for volunteers to work on the Community Resilience Plan please.

A public meeting was suggested to discuss the overall flooding and crisis management. Neil Mayer intimated that the process on the floods was a bit “unorganized” and could something be done to make it better. Comments were made regarding the lack of information sent via electronic media such as Facebook pages etc. and these should be discussed at the appropriate time. There are a number of assistance schemes and these will be communicated to all affected.

Kintore Konnect next issue published 13‘ March articles due by 2“ February, Chairman to submit our report.

Date of next Meeting - 16"‘ February 2016
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