Minutes of meeting for 16 February 2016

7.00pm on Tuesday 16"‘ February 2016 in Kintore School
Approved Minute

Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Gloria Johnstone. Councillors: Fergus Hood, Martin Ford.
Alison Cumming Aberdeenshire Council.

Brian Johnstone welcomed all to the meeting.

Ken McEwen, Nan Cullinane.

No presentations this month.

Alison mentioned that the next Community Council Forum the Police and Fire will be invited and this would be a chance to ask questions. A simple report is all we need but this is not happening at the moment. Police have moved to a single authority again.

No police presence and no Police Report this month.

The minutes were approved by Sheila Gray and seconded by Ann Marston.

Town Park, Pavilion and Cricket Pitch

Chairman attended meeting in Gordon House and raised a few issues. No update, await meeting.

East Kintore Development, Site for Sports and Community Hall. Answer from Jill re NHS timeline. Await meeting. 10 years. Land will revert back to the proprietor. Still needs to be challenged. Flooding is not an issue now in that area as previous flooding will determine. Worth looking at this and looking at photos that have been taken. 5 and ‘l0 year issue reported by Cllr Hood that no decision was taken. Last meeting no answer until 5 year’s time, but the option they have on it is 10 years. Nothing in the capital plan from 5 years from now. Primary school - when is the 10 year trigger point. From cutting turf to put in drains is the start point.

It would be good to know when the town park is commencing. Speak with Doug Milne again. Cllr Ford mentioned that Doug Milne had indeed sent the Chairman an email but this has been unread due to time constraints. Chairman read out email — agreed some improvements to the pavilion. Needs further discussion on open spaces and policies. Doug will take this forward. Council to lease the pavilion and this was endorsed fully by all. Cllr Hood reported on his correspondence with Cllr Ford.

Town House, and Fountain Await report and further meeting. Cllr Ford spoke with Susan Adams and Malcolm Fraser has
made progress with Historic Scotland. Completed report fairly imminent.

KDCC Renewable Energy Project No change await Kirkwood. Chairman to phone and chase.

Car parkinglPavi|ion Cleanliness and toilets Plenty of spaces. Perhaps someone should speak to the managers of the clubs or get the police

Fishing rights at Kintore: 2016 plans, 2017 plans. Area committee approved common good land should be retained by Kintore and is being offered to Kintore Angling Club for a peppercorn fee. Council agreeing with the fishing for this year. Council own trout and salmon fishing. Boat Farm fishing for trout fishing and Sandy Henderson has agreed £50 a year and £10 of that to go to the club, and youngsters under 15 to fish for free.

Kintore Arms: Looks promising for late l\/larch opening. Delay because of the floor repairs.

Kintore Action Plan: Copies for distribution.

Kintore Floods Update: Elizabeth Lovie, proposed for acknowledgment of her efforts with the public hall as it was the mainstay for the activities of the flooding episode.

Kenny proposed Rotary.

Drop in sessions, 4 weeks, last advised 18“ Feb at Bothie, 5-8 pm. Alison reported that people in Kintore will still get advice and is going very well. Assessment work still ongoing. People in Kintore being really supportive through a very traumatic time. People happy they are getting
information back and there is a real opportunity to set the resilience in place for future. All manned from council staff. Identify people locally for future. Sandbags were an issue as no-one knew where they should go. Everything was happening so quickly so there are lessons learned.

Educate people for future, this is work in progress and will be updated accordingly. Flood defences will be put in place and this will be much more effective. Sandbags being taken away by Council and this hasn’t happened. Alison to chase. Alison was speaking to Doug about Kintore and he is the process of developing a recovery plan for Garioch which will feed into the Aberdeenshire one. He is asking for the top 3 priorities from the community in relation to recovery, however, this would be an opportunity for us to consider putting forward 3 priorities with regard to protection. Can you give this some thought and discuss at the next Community Council meeting and let her have the community top 3 priorities as soon as possible.

Community Resilience Planning: Arrange volunteers for meeting to discuss including Council CRP Officer and Area Officers?
When should we start putting this together? Alison suggested that doing the lessons learned, re communication and use this as a starter. Talk to the people in Kintore. Chairman suggested doing something electronically and take it from there. Colin Gray is to help us with the plan and Chairman is to contact him to get the ball rolling on this subject. Start now. Early flood warnings from SEPA or wherever should be better coordinated. Integration of emergency services is uppermost priority. Kintore seemed to manage itself with a good communication from all concerned.

Newmill View: Street name proposed to Council, acknowledged. No other notice Allotments Details sent to Ken, can’t see if anything was posted, will check with Ken. 6 people required. Area at East Kintore was once discussed in prior years.

Joan Thomson gave her treasurer’s report, stating there is no movement this month. Treasurer suggested we purchase a laptop for KDCC to have everything pertaining to the Council in one place. Chairman will progress this. Alison reported there are training applications available
from the council.

Kenny Thomson reported that the funding for RacheI’s post is still ongoing. Hoping for a 3 year funding year and an assistant for Rachel too. Bothie continues to thrive.

Thainstone Park Development — see plans. Submitted request for Statutory Consultee, what is our response - in 2012 LDP Southern part is classes as SR2 land not released for Dev till 2024-30,E3 approved 2016 Draft LDP SR2 17 ha of strategic reserve employment land (2027-2035). Chairman and Ken McEwen to progress and use the statutory consultee discretion.

18-Jan APP/2015/3715 Hill Of Cottown Storage & Distribution Building - see plans.
25-Jan House Extension at 10 Hallforest Ave...
Polytunnel at SW of Oakfield, Thainstone
1 -Feb Nil
8' Feb Nil
15-Feb Nil

Notice of Tree Protection Order at Goose Croft House, Forest Road - plan discussed.

AWPR Presentation Tuesday 18‘ March, 7- 8pm l\/lain AWPR Contact & Education Space, New Mains of Ury, Stonehaven. Update on proceedings. No impact on Kintore but it was an interesting meeting that Chairman and Secretary attended previously. Bob Gray is still
involved. Cllr Hood informed all that the budgets were capped and all on schedule.

Councillor Ford reported on budgets. Savings of £?? (couldn’t hear Martin). Council tax will be exactly the same next year. Level of interest rates have not gone up. £1.3M saving on this. Fuel and electricity prices down. Income for school meal sen/ice has gone up - which is very interesting.

Subsidy can be reduced so that the service can continue. 5% reduction almost 6%. Discussion on council tax took place. Chairman asked if we could raise some awareness to this matter. Cllr Ford mentioned the present government said they would freeze the council tax for the lifetime of their office and that runs out on 318‘ March 2016. New budget starts on 15‘ April 2016.

Report on Cycle Path to Kintore was discussed.

Request to attend and perhaps present to KDCC from Annie Grant Community Heath in Partnership (CHIP) officers .Wants to learn what we do in the community? Chairman will invite her to next meeting and see if she wants to present.

Kintore Konnect Kenny Thomson spoke with Dentist, Sainsbury’s, Hairdressers and Thainstone House Hotel to see if there was any interest in advertising in the magazine. Size of the magazine was discussed. Ken McEwen has a lot of historical articles which could make the magazine more interesting.

Very few clubs put any news into the magazine. Trying to keep the magazine balanced is quite difficult. Chairman to organize another meeting to help progress the magazine.

Date of next Meeting - 15"‘ March 2016
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