Minutes of meeting for 19 May 2015

7.00pm on Tuesday 19th May 2015 in Kintore School

Community Councillors, Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Glen Reid, Gloria Johnstone, Lesley Monaghan, Ken McEwen.
Cllr Martin Ford, and Cllr Nan Cullinane.

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

Sheila Gray, Cllr Fergus Hood.

Ross Maclennan, Land Manager from Cala Homes gave a presentation on the Town Park Development. Plans were displayed and discussed accordingly. 150 houses with 15 affordable properties are in the plan, and will be mixed through the scheme.

A Cricket Pitch, football pitch, pavilion (with shower facilities, referee room, meeting room etc) are all included in this plan as part of the developer agreement. The pavilion is single storey at the moment but Kenny Thomson asked if at this stage could it be arranged for future to make it double storey. Ross will check this with his colleagues.

Kintore Cricket Club is amalgamated with Kemnay Cricket Club, so the chairman will enquire if there is still a requirement for cricket facilities in the Town Park. Tennis courts were also discussed for this project and it was suggested that the layout should include for space for Tennis Courts and following a comment by Glen Reid regarding an all weather surface like “4G”, it was agreed that we talk with Landscape services to discuss these points, and identify the costs and if this was feasible. A skate-park was also mentioned by a member of the community who wrote to the CC, so another item for consideration.

Cllr Ford commented that the provision of park facilities were limited by budgets. The Council had contributed Council Land in the park area as a contribution to open space, with no specific plans outlined for this area. The Chairman will also discuss this with the Council.

The work will begin on first stage of houses fairly soon. Phasing of the build is under consideration. Start spring/summer 2016. Pavillion could be completed by summer 2017.

Tim Stevens from the Council, is also to be contacted further on the planned Audit of Sports requirements on Sports facilities for Kintore to adequately identify what sustainable sports facilities are appropriate for a town with the planned future population.

Kenny Thomson asked if there was a re-alignment of the main junction and was pedestrian access/footpath allowed for to the Gateway Kintore site. Ross wasn’t sure of this provision but if the two were linked that would be ideal. Council to raise this issue. Shallow excavation was done on the field with the flooding. Traffic lights at the roundabout beside Sandy Thain are proposed as a more viable conclusion to the congestion on this roundabout. It was commented that this was the time to fix this now. Ross to keep in touch with Chairman regarding developments and would be keen to hear of any further comments.

No police representation at this meeting.
Minutes were approved by Kenny Thomson and seconded by Ken McEwen.

Regarding the East Kintore Development and the Site for Sports and Community Hall, we have written to Doug Milne and direct to Mike Ogg. A presentation at the recent Turriff event was given on the Integration of Health & Social Care within the community and we asked him to investigate the opportunity to combine Health and Social care provision within the planned Sport and Community Centre to allow it to be located within the neighbourhood centre. The Chairman has now written to Adam Coldwells and Mike Ogg to further discuss the NHS facility mentioned for Kintore.

Summer Festival – this weekend. Splat the Pirate and Wheel of Fortune to be installed at our stand. Kenny arranging whisky and wine for prizes and will approach Tesco/Morrisons on a sale and return basis. Water tank to be collected. Roll a Penny for children will also be available. Joan has a bottle of single malt that can be raffled. The Bothie could be involved with us too. Gazebo’s and seats and tables are all arranged. KDCC Bookmarks and roller banner will be available again. Badges to be made for each participating volunteer. No leaflets to distribute as they are all finished. Kenny to speak to Alison Cumming regarding the template for the leaflets. Providing burgers was discussed and we asked the Festival Committee, but as there was already two food stalls arranged, they advised that this would not be possible.

Fireworks Display – Chairman wrote to both Skyburst and Fireworks regarding quotes for what we would get for our money. Still awaiting one quote. The booking form for the sports field to be completed and deposit paid.

PESTELO Forms – submitted by end of month by Chairman. Comments from CC members requested this week.

Best Garden Competition – Secretary to contact Jim McColl to see if he will judge again from 2 years ago. Ask Jim what would be the best time to do this. Secretary will head this up with a few volunteers to assist with this. Councillors will take their own areas with their choice of gardens to the next meeting. Joan has volunteered already.

Recycling Access at Playing Fields – Kenny wrote to Carol Sim and to date this has now been resolved.

Town House - fountain filters – Cllr Ford speculated that the previously discussed filtration inspection would not be applicable to our fountain - he contacted Susan Allan and no resolution so we await her response.

KDCC Renewable Energy Project - Trevor Morgan, Council Estates team leader and Allan Whyte looking into council land, Doug Milne helping progress this. Kirkwood Homes to be contacted again to try and progress our interest in the old mill lade for hydro renewable energy project.

We have no news yet on delivery of the Public Access Defibrillator for Kintore

TREASURER’S REPORT Joan Thomson reported £5,307.28 in bank. £1000 is set aside for floral displays. Ainslee Reid has done a sterling job of getting donations to fund a 4 tier floral display which cost £2,000.

Ainslee has negotiated the carriage/transportation of this display on the back of another business transaction to save carriage charges. This is hopefully to be displayed in front of the KA Hotel on the pavement. C & M MacDonald gave £750. Rotary have donated £200 and Strachan the blacksmith gave £100. J W Thomson Plumbing gave £100. QSA at the Town House gave £100 – all specifically towards the floral displays for the town. Ainslee still has more money to come from local businesses who are donating around £40 each which will be forthcoming.

The £902 Admin Grant from the Council is coming shortly. Increased this year with the increase in population. We may also see some funds in October coming towards us from the Leylodge Windturbine community contribution of £900.

We are to ask Alison Cumming if the public music licence fee of £35 needs to be paid if we don’t plan playing music publicly.

YOUTH REPORT Kenny Thomson reported on the AGM of Action Group and the Bothie. Kintore FC are using the Bothie if there is inclement weather preventing outside activity. Two of the Kintore FC are joining as directors increasing the number from 4 to 6 , It is hoped that the increased parent/ youth involvement will all be to the benefit of the organisation. Vandalism should diminish with the parent involvement.

Communication held with pipe band – could they use it to practice?

Art work seats were fixed but people who put them there will touch up.

Application for change of use to stables and indoor riding arena at Forest Farm, out the Lang Stracht Road.
Application to remove sect 75 agreement, where the house provision is tied to business at the site.
Application for house at strip site up at the top of Forest Road, access also linking on to Price Drive.
Thainstone plans to install Steel Container for Biomass Boiler System.
House and stables, SE of Clovenstone Farm, Clovenstone Road.

Thainstone proposed land use for machinery sales, previously excluded from the LDP, subsequently submitted as a planning application, had been rejected by the Area Committee. This was then appealed to Scottish Office who then approved the application.
It is for a limited number of machinery sales per year, with bunds installed close to Clovenstone Road
The Police Report from last month – was circulated and read out.
Area Office – Alison Cumming had a meeting with Police re CC participation – email read out our concerns regarding same officer attendance. Reports will still be sent to us as usual. Alun Harries is our Sergeant who has attended meetings.
There is a Garioch Ward 12 Forum meeting - Kinellar Hall 27th May.
We were advised of the proposal to extend our Ward 12 boundaries and the appointment of one new local councillor – proportional representation was discussed. It was felt that another Councillor was not required. Chairman to report our concern that it would be an unnecessary selection.
There is an AWPR presentation on Thursday 28th May, Northern Lights Room at Beach Ballroom Aberdeen 6.30 - 7.30 pm.
We received an email from resident requesting a skate-park at the Town Park, advised we are investigating what is possible, she is keen to help with fundraising
Email from Sheila Simpson Kemnay CC re digging / levelling at Craigmile Farm back road to Kemnay. No one had any information on this. But this is in Kemnay CC area.
Email re lack of grass cutting around Henderson Drive. Photos provided. We are advised that grass cutting is going in around the area and it is hoped it will be done soon

Cllr Ford reported that the school site has necessitated a CPO which takes 3 months – beginning of August, this will delay the start date so school completion is going to be later than anticipated. Land owners know the Council have bought the site by a Compulsory Purchase Order. It seems that the August 2016 finish date is now unlikely. The opinion was that whilst some landowners were willing sellers, there are some access rights issues and it was thought that the CPO route was the simplest solution. There are issues with one of the landowners who have future planning concerns which may have been the main reason for their objections. (The CC are extremely disappointed in this further delay, considering the inevitability of the sale, and as it is not clear what the delays are, the Chairman will contact Alan Rae of the Kintore Consortium to discuss their position further.)
Given the late start the anticipated finish date is November 2016.

Cllr Cullinane reported that teaching probationers of 127 primary and 51 secondary have been allocated and will liaise with schools. Probations have just come out of college and this is part of their teacher training. The numbers are less than last year.
Gaelic classes are being introduced into schools in Aberdeenshire. These have started in Fraserburgh and next is Inverurie and are run through the libraries.

BJ & GJ attended Supporting Communities Event - Turriff – With presentations on Integration of Health & Social Care within the community, dealing with conflict, Green Dog Walkers, Aberdeen Credit Union.
Next Event 13th June at Banchory and recommend attendance.
The Chairman submitted letter to Planning re LDP, supporting the various Kintore developments and making particular ref to Gateway Kintore site and how much it is required in the community.
Vietchi Homes about to release their 13 homes for sale at the site opposite Sandy Thain. Plans had already been submitted and the site details will be released shortly.
We have written to Tim Steven regarding the audit for Sports facilities in Kintore to assist with provisions in Town Park.
Ken McEwen reported that more people are using their mobile phones to access the internet, so the Kintore.org website has now been modified to accommodate this.
Ken McEwen is to have a meeting with Alford CC to give advice on running their website, since ours is so successful, thanks to Ken’s stringent maintenance of it.
Ken further reported that Facebook is generally a very good source of interaction for all concerned. KDCC have 1800 followers on Facebook and 1000 on Twitter.
Kenny Thomson attended the Summer Forum and AGM of the Garioch Partnership and reported on the subjects. It has been running now for 3 years with 71 members in the Partnership. There were many presentations of financial donations to various organisations many who are start up businesses who are active in the community. Port Elphinstone toddlers, Garioch Community Sports Clubs, The Wee Bobblys, Grampian Opportunities based in the Local Hub in the Square were some of the groups present and Aberdeenshire Food Bank who have emergency food banks set up in Inverurie, Ellon and Huntly. There are many people interested in supporting this. There is a food bank distribution event at Tesco stores in Inverurie on 3rd & 4th July - Joyce Palin from Kintore who is very active in supporting the food banks, is the contact on 07835 793851, if anyone wants to go along and help/see how the food bank works.
Kemnay Garden Share – where people who have gardens they no longer can maintain can be given to groups to tidy up and produce vegetables etc. seemed a very good scheme which is worth considering. Anne Simpson runs these events and is very active in sending CC’s information on various events, schemes and funding opportunities.
The Secret Garden in Fraserburgh was a subject at the Events day at Turriff – this was a piece of waste ground developed for social integration in the Fraserburgh area - this was a good illustration of community gardening activities.
Allotments land was discussed for future development as they seem to be coming back into fashion.
Email regarding walking maps – Anthony Robertson is running a travel towns project – to publish a leaflet on the walks in the Inverurie and surrounding areas. We expressed an interest in being involved in this, for walks around Kintore and plan to attend the planned workshops. Hallforest Woods was discussed and there was a suggestion of a volunteer group to go and tidy up the paths. Balbithan woods was another area proposed for a walking route.
Lesley Monaghan reported mature trees in Goose Croft have been cut down due to disease. Proper permission was sought with some trees having preservation orders on them and 13 new replacement trees are being planted.

KINTORE CONNECT – Nothing to report.

Date of next Meeting - 16th June 2015
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