Minutes of meeting for 17 March 2015

7.00pm on Tuesday 17th March 2015 in Kintore School

Community Councillors, Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Gloria Johnstone, Lesley Marston, Ken McEwen.
Member of the public: Ian Morrison
Cllr Fergus Hood, Cllr Martin Ford, and Cllr Nan Cullinane.
PC David Calvert and PC Jennifer McNaulty

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

Craig Falconer, Glen Reid.

The Kintore Consortium cancelled tonight’s presentation until the April meeting.

An e-mail from the developers agents, advised that the Section 75 planning obligation was still at negotiation stage with the council and they awaited a decision from the council regarding the location of the community facility site options and therefore wished to wait until this was concluded.

They suggested their attendance at the April meeting would be likely and requested attendance of a council officer/s along with a member of the developer obligations team or Aberdeenshire legal services and possibly someone senior from planning such as Bruce Stewart.

In an e-mail from Doug Milne he confirmed that a local ward council member delegation was to take place regarding the East Kintore development.

We understand an agreement had been reached for the developers to provide a 0.6He site for community facilities. (The CC had requested a site of this size to accommodate a Sports and Community centre as recently built in Newmachar).

Cllr Ford then advised that the member delegation meeting had taken place with himself, Cllrs, Hood and Cullinane, where two optional sites were proposed to the neighbourhood centre area just off School Road. They were a site down the link road at the foot of Tuach Hill, at the north end of the housing development and another at the extreme south end of the development, close to its link with the Midmill Industrial area. The reasons given were that the School Road location was not big enough to accommodate the mini supermarket, a planned NHS facility, a Sports and Community Centre and other un-named units, as the proposed road layout needed to be changed.

Further expansion of the site area was not possible due to the flood risk area beyond.

Another site proposed by the CC was the possible Academy site which was rejected as it was not big enough to accommodate an academy and the centre.

It had been proposed that these options be put to the area committee as it took the site further away from the centre of the population, but a vote between the three Cllrs, decided that it should not and was therefore left with the council and developers to determine which site should be selected.

We were advised that a decision was imminent on this and advised that we could express our views and the CC unanimously agreed to write to the council to express our dissatisfaction and for the council to seriously reconsider this position.

Cllr Hood advised that the council had intimated that the original site was no longer an option anymore, so the two other options have now been proposed. He also added that he was pleased we had been offered a site and was concerned that extended section 75 negotiations could potentially delay the land agreement in time to begin the work on the new primary school so agreed to proceed with the two site options the council proposed.

Cllr Cullinane further added that her preference was for the further south site location as the other option was near the flood plain.

The public local enquiry (PLI) is scheduled for 15th April which should hopefully satisfactorily conclude and still enable a final deal to conclude the school ground purchase and not threaten the timetable for the start of the building work.

PC David Calvert read out the monthly report – attached.
Minutes were approved by Sheila Gray and seconded by Ken McEwen.

Kintore Summer Festival letter confirming of our booking was read out with instructions for 23rd May 2015.

The A96 Secondary Schools decision taking the option of a new Academy for Inverurie with an option on the land for a possible future Kintore Academy is a disappointing decision for the pupils from Kintore. We are advised this decision has been taken as Inverurie catchment and school capacity will be seriously compromised without increased capacity. With the current condition of Inverurie it is necessary to build a new school. As it is not clear what the future school roll will be, the option of Kintore land was considered prudent.

Kintore Arms Inn – original application has been refused and a new application has now been submitted to retain the bar with kitchen and toilets and the other separate area to be for casual and formal dining.

Gateway Kintore – Chairman spoke with the developer and he is making sure all requirements for Scottish Planning Policy 2014 and the roads are met before progressing on to the next stage.

CC wrote to Duncan Farms owners of the Leylodge wind farm regarding the £900 contribution for community benefit, but have received no response regarding our suggestions regarding the management and decision making regarding the distribution of the funds.

BT – the apparent lack of awareness within BT of the Kintore and other area’s issues are now being dealt with by Steven Archer, Director of Infrastructure Services to ensure that their substantial £16million investment is being turned into successful delivery of a reliable broadband service.

Following the request from Inverurie CC request to amend the CC boundary to include the old Tate Paper mill site, we confirmed that we had no desire to change the CC boundary.

It was agreed that the Kintore Fireworks display would be on Friday 6th November and was agreed that quotes for comparison be obtained from others providers to ensure competitive service.

The Community Engagement on Saturday 7th March went well with around 50 attendees providing good feedback on what was required for Kintore. The follow up consultation is on Saturday 21st March and some more of the C Councillors were asked for their attendance.

Prior discussions regarding a 30 mph and footpath at south end of Midmill and the issue of the large sign , now across the path. Bob Gray is to be approached by Chairman.

TREASURER’S REPORT Joan Thomson reported – no transactions since last month. £3,284 balance in the account.
Joan reported on correspondence from Alison Cumming regarding the change in the processing of the CC grants from the Council.

YOUTH REPORT Kenny Thomson reported on incidents at the Bothie. Resolved to the satisfaction of the perpetrator. Inter Generalation Meeting happening this weekend at the Bothie. Airlie House residents and Lawrence House to meet there. Isobel Stirling’s husband has passed away and we wish Isobel our condolences.

Castleglen application for Soil Bund at rear of Sainsbury’s site.

Appeal to Scottish Office by Thainstone Marts regarding the rejection of sale area on Clovenstone Road.

Kintore Arms Inn – the proposed internal alterations to the existing building were already discussed.

Co-op application for external freezer and air con units.

E-mail from Andy Farquhar from the Young Carers Service was received – asking to come to one of our meetings to discuss their work. Since there is a heavy workload presently it was decided to contact him saying to come to a meeting later on in the year, when we are less busy. Get Andy to send some information in the meantime.

Chairman received a telephone call from a resident regarding council planting of shrubs at Henderson Drive roundabout. The resident had some concerns regarding underground root damage and Mr Regan from the council had promised to contact the residents but has not to date and is beginning to plant out the area. We will contact Mr Regan on the resident’s behalf.

PESTELO (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environment, Legislative, Organisational ) forms have been sent to us for our review and completion. These relate to what in these subjects influence our lives in our Ward. The CC are invited to express their opinions to contribute to the overall council report and future plans to address the main issues. It was agreed we collectively complete them in the next 3 months.

E-mail from Sadie Leith, Head of Airside Operation at Aberdeen Airport regarding the article published in the recent Kintore newsletter. Helicopter noise complaints should NOT be directed to NATS but to call the airport Noise Complaints on 01224 348420 and the team answering the call will deal with it.

Superfast Broadband grant/voucher scheme for small to medium businesses and social enterprises or charities expires 31st March. Ken McEwen to put this on the website.

Kemnay Community minibus – Mr Ian Morrison of the Kintore Wanderers came along to discuss the fact that the Community Development Group is being disbanded and the bus ownership and running could be passed to a community group to run. Chairman to contact the Director of Education for Community Learning Development to find out what were the options for this service as we totally support this service continuing.

Cllr Ford informed all about the Local Development Plan being published and will be presented in local public areas as part of the consultation process. All community members are urged to look at this and make comments.

Letter read out from Mr Peter Lawrence regarding the Kintore Arms Inn. We will respond accordingly.
New issue has been published. Chairman’s email and telephone number have been published in the latest edition and is pleased to have had more direct contact from members of the community.

Date of next Meeting - 15th April 2015
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