Minutes of meeting for 16 June 2015

7.00pm on Tuesday 16th June 2015 in Kintore School

Community Councillors, Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Gloria Johnstone, Lesley Monaghan, Craig Falconer, Ken McEwen.
Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Fergus Hood and Cllr Nan Cullinane.
PC Mark Chappell

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

Sheila Gray, Glen Reid.

PC Mark Chappell read out the latest police report. (Attached)

An update of the incident at the Torryburn Hotel was requested, to be reported back to the Community Council and local councillors, on the reasons behind the incident, once it has been processed as there is a number of empty buildings in the town, which can be a target for entry and damage. It was agreed if there was anything to report on the Torryburn incident Constable Chappell would email us, rather than wait until the next meeting.

No presentations this evening.

A presentation by Fireworx on their fireworks displays will take place at the next meeting.

Minutes were approved by Ken McEwen and seconded by Lesley Monaghan.

The new Town Park development, from the original council negotiations many years ago, was to include a Pavilion and Cricket Pitch.

Cala confirmed pavilion design is only suitable for single storey, so has not scope for building two storeys and advised that it is a fixed price building as part of the agreed developer contribution, fit for purpose and attractive to complement the area.

Chairman wrote to the merged Kemnay and Kintore Cricket Club and got a reply from Martin Auld, he confirmed that they were still keen on a cricket pitch at Kintore, he expressed concerns about a cricket field along with a football field as stud marks make for a tricky cricket surface and suggested hockey may be a better option. There was also received an email asking for tennis court club and another for a skate-park and further suggestions of a tennis/basketball court, football pitches and Joan Thomson also mentioned an outdoor gym area had been suggested and another idea was play-park facilities.

Although it is normally the developers who provide for some of these facilities it is only the cricket field and pavilion that are committed from the development.

So further discussions will need to be held with council Landscapes Services Department at a future meeting to consider what is feasible in the space available and Doug Milne, Area Manager, has already agreed to a meeting at the end June/July.

We had previously initiated an audit with Tim Stevens of the council to help determine what sports facilities are sustainable by a town the size of Kintore. To date we have had no feed-back from Tim so this will be progressed.

Cllr’s Ford and Hood commented that consideration needs to be given to matured areas of villages and the best locations for play-parks and upon asking about the source of funds for play parks etc, Councillor Hood advised that the “Seizure of proceeds from Crime Fund” – “Cash Back for Communities” were all sources of funding for projects like this and following the discussion with the council, the chairman will investigate this further and find out more about this funding.

Application for this needs to be done now. There is also the Police fund which is still going on and the Communities Initiative Fund , which are the monies from the sale of lost property up to £2,000. Chairman is to find more about this too.

Regarding the East Kintore Development and the site for Sports and Community Hall, Doug Milne commented NHS Grampian is key to what happens at the neighbourhood area and suggested a community planning approach, so will speak with Jill Sowden the Community Planning officer and try and arrange a meeting including the NHS and integrate both together. Slip road at Midmill was discussed and traffic lights. Chairman to progress meeting with Mike Ogg to see what the NHS plan is.

Summer Festival Report on activities, Splat-the Pirate, Lucky dip, Wheel of Fortune £277.30 was raised for the day. Lessons were learned for next year is to do more games for the children.

Fireworks Display have received no reply from Fireworx - have chased again and Mark Copland is coming to give presentation next month.

The Community Planning - PESTELO Forms were completed and submitted to Jill Sowden.

Best Garden Competition – confirmed judging date is Wednesday 12th August at 6.00pm where Jim McColl will select the winning garden. All Councillors were asked to bring garden addresses to the next meeting or correspond with the Secretary as this will be the last time for selection.

Town House - fountain may require filters – Cllr Ford informed all about the cost of keeping this in-tact. Not very straight forward – the fountain is regarded as a high risk for legionella. Tests every month cost of £100 per month giving a running cost close to £650 for a four month period (May, June, July, August) and someone has to find a budget for this. Most councillors wish to retain this piece of Victoriana heritage, and keep the water in the fountain. Plant it up was another discussion. Local companies to be approached for confirmation of testing etc. It was agreed that we are keen to see fountain in use so the Chairman is to look into this further.

KDCC Renewable Energy Project Chairman and Kenny met with two interested landowners interested in Hydro on the Don and possibly Wind Turbine on fields beside the caravan site, one landowner interested in possible Wind Turbines on his land above the golf course. Allan Rae directed us to contact Graeme Sutherland at the Kirkwood Industrial Park, to arrange a meeting to present our proposal for a hydro scheme on the old mill lade. This has been requested and we await a site meeting.

We also wrote to Trevor Morgan, Estates Team Leader at the council, re council land available, and referred us to Eric Walls who has been in touch saying there is limited land available that may be suitable, they own land close to the old paper mill, further discussions will clarify the position. Cllr Hood mentioned that should the wind turbines proposal come to fruition there are some second-hand wind turbines available at a lower cost than new.

Defibrilator - the Chairman gave a run through of the box that had been delivered and the general instructions with the Defibrillator for Kintore which we received at the end of May. Gary Small, First Photographic and Alex McLeod, the building owner are happy to accommodate the unit on right of the building main door.

We discussed training and it was agreed we should do this and Scottish Ambulance can possibly help if we wish to do this - Chairman to arrange a demo/training session organised for public and general community to see how it works etc. in the Public Hall or the Bothy. CCTV was discussed to deter vandalism. The Community Council as the custodian of this defibrillator are responsible to get top-up spares as necessary.

Kenny Thomson suggested we ask the person who donated the defibrillator to the church to relocate that one to the front of First Photographic and install our new one at the school so that more of the village would be covered in case of an emergency. Chairman to write to the Session Clerk regarding the donator at the church be approached to see if they were in agreement with this.

TREASURER’S REPORT Joan Thomson reported £5,135.39 is the balance in Community Council Account. Bank Balance is £7,502.03 difference £2,950 paid in for floral displays from shops/business’s. Floral display plants and planter has been accounted for. The £937.45 council grant has been paid to us. Our questions regarding £35 for Music Licence, may relate to data protection this is still to be resolved, Alison Cumming to come back.

Everyone intimated that the new multi-level planter situated at the front of the Kintore Arms looks stunning and thanks to Ainslee and his team for their hard work in getting this up and running.

Joan, asked if there was any admin expenses to be claimed and CC councillors were reminded that funds were available for such expenses. A discussion was held about potential £900 donation form the Wind Turbine installation at Leylodge, this should be distributed fairly to the community. This will be discussed in due course.

YOUTH REPORT Kenny Thomson reported that the Pipe Band are now regularly practicing in the Bothie without any problems with noise to neighbours etc. Kintore United FC are keen to organise a barbecue and family day.

Discussing football it was noticed that more windows have been broken in the Pavillion in the school park and there is concern that repeated break ins may invite further trouble. Chairman to get in touch with Gordon Young of the Council to discuss the maintenance and the way forward as the pavilion could be used by any number of organisations in Kintore.

  • Town Park details now submitted as part of the planning detail, a staggered traffic light junction and foot-paths look imminent
  • House at Marypark - modifications
  • Demolition and rebuild house at Boghead
  • Braeside Farm, - Building
  • Crichie Bank Business Centre change of use, business to storage
  • Extension to house La Petite Aimee, Kingsfield Road.

The large Malcolm Allan sign across the pathway has not yet been moved but it has been acknowledged by Malcolm Allan so should hopefully be done shortly. To be raised formally if not rectified by next month’s meeting.

The building of 15 new houses has commenced by Tor Ecosse at Ceann Torr (Gaelic version).

The name for the new primary school requested by most local councillors and school children was Tuach Hill school but Committee Councillors Inverurie over-ruled and will be named Midmill School. Our local Councillors did their best but it didn’t happen.

  • Service Contacts spreadsheet from Alison Cumming with data on Community Councils, was received with names of contacts for the various departments, this is to be reviewed by the feedback team.
  • Supporting Communities Event for 13th June was cancelled, due to lack of bookings.
  • Revised Scheme of Establishment and Revised Timescale. Letter read out regarding Community Council empowerment roles in elections etc. Group representative required from the CC to sit on this group. The aspiration for Community Empowerment was challenged and discussed and it was agreed that our CC has very little influence in so many ways on local decisions, our 3 local councillors agreed, commenting that they often have difficulty influencing decisions made by some of the council departments on what are considered operational matters. It was agreed we should have a voice in this group and the Chairman to respond and volunteer to be on this group.
  • Walking maps, Anthony Robertson Strategic Development Officer, is working to prepare an Inverurie Integrated Travel Town – Walking Maps, centred around Inverurie, but intend to include Kintore as well. Will arrange meeting in due course, ask for plans of walks around Kintore.
  • A resident in Castle Walk has made a complaint about cars using the road, sometimes blocking access parking over property access. Cllr Cullinane to discuss with Bob Gray to investigate this and revert.
  • There were two Facebook questions/emails re Sainsbury’s rumours, Scott Strachan, the developer, had sign taken down due to high winds, but will be replaced soon. He also advised that the Chinese takeaway will not be returning.
  • Network Rail Liaison Officer for Aberdeen to Inverness improvements, Stacey Lynch, offered a meeting if required. Invite was sent for July or August and she duly confirmed she would make a presentation at the July meeting.

Cllr Ford reported on the changes to the Administration within the Council Group. 2 Labour Councillors and 2 members of the Independent Progressive Group, have formed an arrangement with the SNP Group forcing a change in the Administration at a full council meeting.

Cllr Ford and the other member of the Democratic Independent Group have reached a supportive agreement with the new Administration subject to agreement delivery of certain policies.

One of the agreements they have sought, is no reduction in budget spend on Community, Learning and Development should any reductions be required.

The new administration will be supported in budget proposals as long as they are involved in the consultations.

This is a new minority Administration – it was suggested that council needed a change which has happened. Budgeting is high priority and is a major headache for all concerned.

With the current council funding and expenditure, there is no more funding coming forth, so the net effect of this year’s budget is an actual decrease in funding, so cuts will have to be made.

A comment was made on Inverness proposing to increase the Council Tax and although Aberdeenshire Council will not increase Council Tax, it was agreed around the table that a nominal increase in Council Tax was now overdue and would not be considered unreasonable by the community.

Cllr Hood advised that there was council underspend of around £10M (1.1.% of total budget), which leaves some money in the kitty for future use. There has been £2.8M more collected in Council Tax and a successful appeal to HMRC regarding VAT on council waste, delivered a refund of £1.0 M and £1.9M was saved in management of the Treasury Management, looking at better management of loans and delayed interest payments that would have been paid on delayed capital projects (e.g. Kintore Primary).

Asking what happens when the council dispose of council assets we were advised that this goes back into the Capital Plan.

Chairman asked about the success of the implemented recycling process, the numbers for recycling has risen was 34-35%, it has increased, but this has not been as successful as the council had hoped as they had opted for a co-mingled collection process resulting in lower income from the lower grade waste sold on.

  • Chairman & Secretary attended Garioch Area 12 Forum Presentation by Police Scotland, NHS Integration of Health and Social Care in the Community, Jill Sowden gave a presentation on the Garioch Community Plan and PESTELO.
  • BT Broadband – found faulty equipment in Inverurie and more in Kintore but now the problem is not so bad.
  • Ken McEwen to put something on the Kintore.org website and Facebook, to get feed-back on the service now being provided. Discussing Fibre Broadband, individuals must sign-up for this increased service, it is not automatic.
  • Kenny asked if AWPR would consider a cycle route. Cllr Ford reported how costly this would be and it is not a council road it is a Scottish Government road, and will raise the subject at the NESTRANS meeting later this year.
  • Cllr Ford advised that the proposed cycle route from Kintore to Inverurie on the north side of the dual carriageway is expected to be completed late summer.
  • This is the year of the sunflower. Ann Marston mentioned the Sunflower Festival in Kintore. Rusty Waldram from the church would like organisations in the village to get involved with this on 5th and 6th September. There may be a Sunflower competition. Ann to e-mail details and we will put this on Facebook to let all know about it. Good to get the community working together.
  • The future A96 dualling was discussed. Ken McEwen mentioned the two routes this is taking. 1 - crossing the River Don north of Kintore and heading east and 2 - East of Thainstone, re-joining at Broomhill roundabout. We need to keep an eye on it. Chairman to look out submitted plans for discussion at the next meeting.

KINTORE CONNECT – Nothing to report.

Date of next Meeting - 21st July 2015

Kintore Community Council
Police Report

ln total 15 offences have been reported to Police Scotland in the time scale in discussion.
These were broken down into the following offences:
Two Drink Drivers were found both after collisions on the A96.
A youth purchased an air gun and had been in possession of this in public.

One incident of a domestic nature was reported with individual appearing from custody.

Two cases of dangerous driving have been reported, one involving a motor bike being driven in excess 110 miles per hour.
Four further dnvers have been reported for being dnven in speeds of around 100 miles per hour.
All of the above taking place on the Kintore bypass

One vehicle was reported for failing to display a rear registration plate on a trailer whilst an individual has been reported for a careless driving after a minor collision within the centre of Kintore.

One individual has been reported for Breaching Bail conditions set by court.

Torryburn Hotel Fire - A fire at a derelict property was report. A report has been foiwarded in relation to the offence with juvenile being responsible.

An enquiry has also been made into a number of youths who have been responsible for throwing stones at cars through out Kintore area. We are following a Positive line of enquiry where a report will be forwarded in due course.

One male resident of Kintore was found in possession of personal quantity of cannabis.

Police in Garioch have taken possession of a portable speed detection sign which will be utilised in the area along with officers involved in conventional speed detection
techniques. This device is currently located on school road outside the Torryburn Hotel. This will be strategically located in areas identified as having speeding issues.

Any suspicious incidents or concerns within the Community should be reported to the Police.

Any information in relation to incidents highlighted should be also forwarded onto Police.
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