Minutes of meeting for 21 July 2015

7.00pm on Tuesday 21st July 2015 in Kintore School
Approved Minute

Community Councillors, Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Gloria Johnstone, Lesley Monaghan, Sheila Gray, Ken McEwen.
Cllr Martin Ford, and Cllr Nan Cullinane.

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

Cllr Fergus Hood, Glen Reid.

No Police representation and no report sent prior to meeting.

Stacey Lynch, Network Rail Liaison Officer - gave an excellent presentation informing on the planned expansion of the capacity on the line from lnverness to Aberdeen, with the two new stations at Dalcross and Kintore and increasing the frequency of the trains to every 30 minutes. The tenders will be announced mid September to cover the expansion workscope. The lnverurie and Aberdeen expansions will account for around 70% of the expenditure. The lnverurie to Aberdeen line will become double tracked for most of the 16 miles, which will require modifications to the existing track and development of existing adjacent land areas. This will demand some heavy engineering and in order to allow train services to continue, this work will need to be done overnight. Obviously this will mean a fair amount of noise during the night time and the work will be scheduled in stages starting Spring 2017 to completing around Spring 2019. In order to keep the residents informed on the work plans and the inevitable noise and disruption, open public meetings will be taking place with extensive notices, leaflets, press and radio announcements and direct mailings etc. The current draft plan of the new Kintore Station being located at the north end of the Town was shown and described as a new modular design. Details of further public meetings will be advised in due course.

Questioning the serious current under capacity of the service, we were advised that due to their being no availability of rolling stock, there is no possibility of increasing the amount of passenger capacity for the next 2 years, until new rolling stock is obtained.

General rail safety was discussed and Stacey advised she would be contacting the schools, primary and secondary to carry rail safety awareness talks.

Mark Copland, Fireworx Scotland - Gave an excellent presentation on his companies firework displays and described what he was proposing for the Kintore Fireworks display in 2015.

Minutes were amended and approved by Kenny Thomson and seconded by Brian Johnstone. It was agreed that the minutes should go on the website only when they are approved and signed.

Town Park, Pavilion and Cricket Pitch - no update, await meeting via Doug Milne who is on holiday presently. KT & JT suggested outdoor gym equipment and a circular path around park has also been suggested, so these will also be discussed with Doug Milne.

East Kintore Development, Site for Sports and Community Hall, we await a meeting with Doug Milne when he returns.

Fireworks Display - on the basis of the excellent presentation by Mark Copland it was unanimously agreed that we go with Fireworx Scotland for the Kintore Fireworks Display on 6"‘ November 2016. BBQ/Hamburger stall again this year would be a good idea - Hygiene course required to be undertaken and a few members will embark on this prior to the event. KT informed all that 10 volunteers from the Rotary were willing to assist and they have undertaken the online course and it was agreed that some of the CC Councillors should also do the same. This to be arranged and preparations for this years’ display to commence after August.

Best Garden Competition - nominations were forthcoming and secretary will circulate this in due course. It was decided that former winners would have a 3 year exclusion before nominations could be forthcoming again for that garden. 5 addresses will be selected from the submitted names for Jim McColl for judging on 12"“ August 2015.

Town House, Fountain filters - Chairman had a meeting with Aberdeen Water Testing regarding pre & post treatment, weekly tests by paper, training available, as long as recorded should be acceptable. KT had some issues with the future upkeep of the fountain for future councillors with imminent repairs and the cost involved. Asset Transfer was discussed — Cllr Ford intimated that Aberdeenshire Council could possibly retain ownership of the fountain and it could be leased to the CC — as there are many implications of future ownership by the community, so the Chairman asked for the details of such a proposal and would obtain details on the testing for future review and discussion on the councils proposals. In the short term the fountain is to be tested for water tightness to comply with the Scottish Water Bye-laws.

KDCC Renewable Energy Project - a site meeting was held at the Kirkwood Mill site with the site manager very supportive of our proposal for a small hydro scheme, but this needs to be reviewed by the Kirkwood senior management, so we await that decision. We visited the impressive Craigpot Hydro Scheme at Keig, which was 6OKW Archimedes Screw which would be similar to what we may possibly install on the Don and could generate £50K plus per year in income from the Feed In Tariff Scheme. Whilst we await the decision on the hydro site, we now have all we need to go to tenders for the feasibility consultation
on the land sites proposed for wind turbines and this will be done in the coming weeks.

We still await a response on Defibrillator training and plan to have the unit installed at First Photographic as soon as possible.

BT Broadband - there have been no further issues raised.

A Sunflower Festival is to be held on Sept 5 & 6, in Church, Hall and garden. This is to be a community fun event with many stalls and activities to be planned. We confirmed CC would have a table. Leaflets advertising this were distributed. There is a meeting on 4”‘ August to discuss further. Alison Cumming to be contacted regarding KDCC leaflets for this event — Lesley will see to this as well as organising a banner for the table.

A96 Dualling — we briefly discussed the route options by Keithhall or west of Thainstone, both coming round to the existing road again at Broomhill roundabout next phase of assessment.

The complaint about car parking on Castle Walk - Nan — no further development.

Joan Thomson reported £4,552 is the balance in Community Council Account. Bank Balance is £5135 difference of £583 is balance for floral displays from shops /business’s. Floral display plants and planter has been accounted for. The balance from floral display contributions will be discussed next month.

Nothing to report.

Given issues lots of complaints with traffic lights at Veitchi homes site staggered traffic lights junction. It was decided that we would inform transport department that this system did not work efficiently or indeed safely. Chairman to write to Roads Department regarding the functionality of this junction. They perhaps should have been automatic lights as opposed to structured traffic light change.

Application by Thainstone Mart for Storage Building at Braeside Farm
Adjacent to 18 Price Drive, Dwelling house erection
Tree removal at Goosecroft House, Forest Road
Marshalls application for Agricultural Building at Boghead Kintore.
Wind Turbine at Hill of Cotton, Animal Protein Plant 45m hub, 67m total. Ardlogie - erection of dwelling house

Anne Simpson has submitted the Garioch Partnership- draft Kintore Action Plan, looking for comments on this and suggestions. There was a disappointing turnout given the level of concerns regularly raised by the community — this to be posted on the website. Anne Simpson will attend next meeting.

Newsline Media (run by Derek lronside) want to go on mailing list - KMcE informed members that this would be alright. Secretary will include Charlotte Thomson on this mailing list to receive Approved Minutes and Agenda.

Aberdeenshire Council asked if we would like the Veitchi Homes Ltd street name to be Ceann Torr Park - unanimously agreed this would be perfectly appropriate and we will accept this. Secretary will revert back with our acceptance.

Nothing to report this month.

Written complaint about the state of the pavilion toilets and a second call direct to Chairman, who called Gordon Young, visited, toilets blocked, soil in showers, clearly washing mud off boots blocking drains, sorry state of a building, not acceptable, not suitable for other users. Gordon to write, either clean it or pay to have it cleaned. We will wait that outcome.

KMcE reported that the parking at the pavilion area/recycling is still fairly problematic but no further action to be taken. Chairman to keep in touch with Gordon Young and will include this issue.

Chairman attended Scheme of Establishment meeting - numerous complaints about council not problems we have is not our 3 local Councillors or Doug Milne and his team it was beyond that. There is a complaints procedure with timelines that we didn’t know about. Vice Chairman will attend.

Ann and Kenny attended Integrated Travel Town walking paths meeting and reported that leaflets for lnverurie will include Kintore walks. Walks were not long walks. The walk at Tuach Hill was discussed. Chairman to speak to owner and see if it can be resurrected. Also write to authority to see what the Council can do.

Discussing walking routes, wrote to Landowner who was not happy with proposal to clear and mark up walkways through Hall Forest, there are issues with bikers, loose dogs and livestock and bonfires in woods, so not keen to advertise more walkers, happy for us to put information of these issues on Kintore.org website to make residents aware of what is happening. Let the police know about this also.

A comment was made about bad smells coming from this Upper Cottown area similar to that from the Animal Protein plant in the past and it was agreed to review this next month.

KINTORE CONNECT - Report due 3"‘ August 2015.

Date of next Meeting - 18”‘ August 2015
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