Minutes of meeting for January 20, 2015

7.00pm on Tuesday 20th January 2015 in Kintore School

Community Councillors, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Gloria Johnstone, Ken McEwan, Lesley Monaghan.
Councillor Fergus Hood, Cllr Nan Cullinane, Cllr Martin Ford
Sergeant John Miller, Graham Ritchie, Ken White, Anne Simpson (Garioch Partnership).

The Vice-Chair welcomed all to the meeting.

Brian Johnstone, Craig Falconer and Glen Reid.

Graham Ritchie intimated his concerns on the traffic calming issues in Kintore, particularly at the Lochburn Drive junction on to Northern Road, where sight of oncoming traffic is restricted by parked cars and speeding cars present a considerable risk. Several residents in the same cul-de-sac have complained about this issue. Sergeant John Miller asked what Mr Ritchie would do to correct the situation and Cllr Hood informed Mr Ritchie that he will speak with Bob Gray again to discuss and further this major concern. There are similar concern’s on other areas in Kintore. The Police agreed to check there was no illegal parking taking place and it was suggested that the CC formally write to the Council to query what options were available to address this.

See Attached report. Sergeant John Miller introduced himself and discussed the Police Report which was sent to all Councillors. In addition he mentioned that sheds and bicycles were being stolen pre-christmas. Nothing since Christmas. Stressed to residents to be vigilant with locking cars and house doors.

Anne Simpson of the Garioch Partnership requested Police presence at the forthcoming community consultation meetings on the 7th and 21st March 2015.

7.30 pm Suller & Clark –Karine Suller and Michael Lawie gave a detailed presentation on the Proposal of Application Notice for the erection of Workshops & Offices at MidMill South East site.

The public community consultation took place in December. The application is expected to be submitted in February, This is a relocation to expanded premises with expected staff working at the site will be around 300, set to increase over the next 5-6 years. Questions were asked regarding noise particularly close to the future housing at the East Kintore development and the CC were assured that adequate banks or screens will be utilised to minimise any noise pollution.

Also due to the likelihood of 24 hours working it was requested that the lighting be reviewed to minimise light pollution again on the future housing. To account for the amount of traffic volume it was confirmed that the development cannot take place until the Broomhill Roundabout is upgraded.

Minutes were approved by Kenny Thomson and seconded by Sheila Gray.

Following representation by CC to ISC, Gateway Kintore was included in LDP. It now lies with the developer to progress this.

Donation of £100 given to Scouts as thanks for their help with Bonfire night.

No news of Town House refurbishment progress or next meeting. Cllr Ford stated that Malcolm Fraser has visited the Town House and it is reported that he was very interested in the building and sees vast potential for development. He has done this survey at no cost and will produce a report on this in due course. He thought the building was a good candidate for funding. The external repairs are still to be done in this financial year. The internal and external work is a longer project. As soon as we have this report from Malcolm Fraser the next meeting will be arranged.

Regarding the discussions regarding a Defibrillator for Kintore, our application to Scottish Ambulance has been acknowledged, a grant of £400 is available from BHF if deemed necessary. Scottish Fire & Rescue confirmed that all Fire Appliances have Defibrillators on board. We await response from Scottish Ambulance and their opinion on whether we have enough cover in Kintore or not.

TREASURER’S REPORT Joan Thomson reported on finances within the account. Profit from fireworks display (£1,300) to be used for next year’s display.

YOUTH REPORT Kenny Thomson as reported in the Police Report on issues of cars around the Bothie car park. Good rental income from local groups is keeping the funds at a reasonable level. Volunteers are dropping off slightly and a meeting is being arranged to discuss why this is the case.

Application for Kintore Arms Inn to be split into two units. Kenny and Brian attended a meeting with the new owner of the KA. He assured us it was not to be a Chinese restaurant or takeaway as he owns the Port Elphinstone Chop Chop business and would take away business from that shop. He wants to refurbish the unit and lease the 2 x units out, one as bar/restaurant and the other is yet to be decided. Planning application is for 2 food units. There was no timescale discussed for this work being completed.

Many community comments, referring to it being a takeaway, should we / can we make a comment that it should remain as a pub / restaurant in some form?

eLearning - email should now have been received with user login details.

Anne Simpson sent summary of Survey Monkey, following on will be a community engagement in the Hall, booked for 2 x Saturdays in 7th & 21st March. Discussed in Police Report.

New Glass Recycling point at – Stonebridge, Midmill, Kintore, Inverurie AB51 0XA.

Gauchhill Woodland Management , develop- site, with footpaths, nature conservation, dog waste bins, seats, red squirrel conservation, wild areas for education. See document already sent – seeking comments from Council.

Leylodge and Green Moss (Castle Fraser, so must be Kemnay) Windfarms, we are meant to be recipients of community benefit from this development, does anyone know of any benefit, here or at Leylodge. Write and find out what benefit funds we may be entitled to. Alexander Fincham to be contacted and developers to progress this.

BT Broadband in Kintore issues, a letter was sent on 12th December and reminder 5th January, await a response.


Cllr Hood reported the Broadband issue has been disappointing in that not too many people are complaining. Council would like to hear from residents and business’s in Kintore as to how bad it is. Ken McEwen reported that they were fed up complaining and they were to give up. Might need to re-iterate to residents again. Cllr Hood was asked to collate landline number, internet provider and the nature of their problem. Ken McEwen has these details and will pass to Cllr Hood who will pass to the Director.

A meeting was scheduled this week with Council and East Kintore Consortium – site for the school. Outstanding objections to the compulsory purchase order, therefore a Public Local Enquiry may be required. If an agreement is reached with the developers then there will be no need for a PLE and hopefully will enable the purchase to proceed.

Kenny Thomson had a confusing meeting Carol McKenzie Inspector of Schools who did not seem to know about another school in Kintore. She was under the impression that Scottish Government had not approved the second primary school. Cllr Hood intimated that Carol McKenzie might have something to do with the Reporters Unit and HMI will be involved with a re-zoning exercise. Cllrs commented that the Scottish government would not be approving or disapproving a school build and they advised that they will take this to the Director of Education on our behalf and report back.

AOCB Following this being presented, in error, to Inverurie CC. They ( Inverurie CC) requested by email, then telephone discussion, that the old Tait Papermill site be included in their CC area. It was suggested he write to us and we would discuss and advise our views. It was agreed that we keep the area in the Kintore CC area.

The noise of helicopters was raised by Mr Ken White and has been advised to contact NATS who should answer this question. They will require: date, time and location in order to review complaints. It was important that this be reported at the time and not the following day in order to allow NATS to identify the aircraft and this was also raised at local meetings at Potterton and , Blackburn.

KINTORE KONNECT - next submission due by 2nd February

Date of next Meeting - 17th February 2015

Police Scotland Report

Any suspicious incidents or concerns within the Community should be reported to the Police.

Any information in relation to incidents highlighted should be also forwarded onto Police.

Sergeant Graham Ritchie also intimated that it was still necessary to keep residents very aware of locking doors and keeping cars safe in driveways to deter thieves.

REPORTED AT MEETING on 20th January 2015
Sergeant John Miller reported at the meeting that people have been held in custody for stealing high quality cars from residents in Kintore. They feed off each other and there are 80 – 90 individuals from Aberdeen come out to Kintore and steal cars. Most of these cars had been taken from insecure homes where the perpetrator enters the house takes the keys and steals the car. PLEASE LOCK YOUR PROPERTY AND SAFEGUARD YOUR POSSESSIONS.

Police officers actually went round Kintore trying doors that looked insecure and informed residents accordingly and hopefully this will get the message across, but it is a time consuming exercise.

Cllr Hood informed all these councillors had been trying to get this message out for two years now.

PC Alun Harries has been assigned to Kintore and will be attending future meetings as and when he can. A few initiatives will be forthcoming in the future.

Kenny Thomson mentioned the Bothie and his concerns with youths and cars. Kenny read out a note from Rachel at the Bothie about youths defacing the new £17K sculpture. Car park area is a public car park and is owned by the Council and youths have been entering this car park at 30mph and are intimidating the youngsters there. Sergeant Miller will take a look at this and report back accordingly. Question of Wifi was discussed. This could be switched off so that the youngsters cannot use it.

Ward Policing plans was mentioned by Cllr Hood – Sergeant Miller to look at this.

Anne Simpson requested a police presence at the 2 meetings in March (7th & 21st) for the results of the survey which was taken at the Summer Festival in 2014 and any further progress on this. 10 – 2pm in the Kintore Hall – Community Learning Staff are involved and a leaflet will be distributed to every house prior to these dates.
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