Minutes of meeting for February , 2015

7.00pm on Tuesday 17th February 2015 in Kintore School

Unapproved Minute

Community Councillors, Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Gloria Johnstone, Craig Falconer, Ken McEwen.
Member of the public: Lorraine Reid.
Councillor Fergus Hood, Cllr Martin Ford.
PC Daniel Mestecky

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

Cllr Nan Cullinane.

Presentation and discussion with the Kintore Consortium cancelled until next month. Chairman read out pertaining correspondence.

We had some correspondence regarding the progress with the sale of the new primary school land, and the Consortium’s agent advised that discussions were still ongoing with the council regarding the Section 75 agreement ( developer commitments for a new development) the delays in obtaining planning consent had caused complications with landowners which in turn has delayed the transfer of the land for the primary school.

For the scheduled meeting with the consortium, they asked what questions we had and we advised that we were asking what their proposals were for community facilities. We advised them that the Community Council were keen to establish a Sports and Community Centre along the lines of that recently built in Newmachar which had a land area around 0.6 He.

We noted that the Area Committee minuted a request for a 0.6 He site be included in the Neighbourhood Centre area in the Consortium's plans.

Was the Consortium in agreement with this request?

Also elsewhere in the Consortium's plans it was noted that the developer contribution would be land or financial contribution.

Elsewhere in the Consortium's draft there was a reference to it being located close to the schools, so the schools could utilise the facilities.

If the Academy is going ahead then the council will need to purchase the land, so if they include for 0.6 He within these grounds then we would not need the land from the Neighbourhood Centre area leaving that for the Consortium to utilise accordingly.

We would then seek a financial contribution from the Consortium towards the building cost in lieu of providing land.

What were the Consortium's thoughts on this.

Cllr Hood updated all regarding correspondence from Alan Rae - they were at a late stage coming to an agreement with the Council in regard to the objections submitted in relation to the Compulsory Purchase Order progress. The Public Local Enquiry meeting is 4th April 2015 and the Reporter has set aside 1 day for a resolution and the objections to the CPO have to be lodged by 10th March.

There is one Final landowners objection relating to a planning issue which is not considered a “competent objection” and is outwith what can be resolved by the Council. The hopeful outcome is for the objectors to withdraw their objections. This was confirmed by Cllr Ford who commented that this should hopefully not impact on the school building timescale and still deliver by August 2016.

A new build Inverurie Academy looks like it is being presented as the best option in an enlarged form along with a recommendation to reserve the site at Kintore for future education needs should the roll increase beyond the current forecast.

See attached report which was distributed at the meeting by PC Daniel Mestecky. 2 road traffic incidents on the A96 were reported. There were two break-ins in remote properties relating to theft of building trade items.

The police were involved in an incident involving damage to a large wheelie bin, the persons involved had been identified and this was dealt with direct with the families involved who paid for the damage repairs.

The parking and restricted vision issue reported at the last meeting around Lochburn Drive, had been reported and the police await a response form the council on this.

A number of house breaking and attempted housebreaking incidents have occurred and the police have a positive lead on these and await forensic evidence results to confirm this.

Police Scotland again encourage all householders to ensure all property, vehicle and outbuilding doors are locked at all times to minimise opportunistic crimes,

Cllr Hood asked about the update of the fatal accident which happened outside Kintore a few weeks ago. PC could not respond to the question but will make enquiries and advise.

Member of public asked about the 40mph and 30mph speed limit off the Broomhill roundabout, it was questioned if this should now be a 30mph zone as there is a footpath on the East side of the road.

A comment was also raised regarding the Malcolm Allan sign which is completely across the extended footpath on the East side of the main road, blocking access recently for a wheelchair user.

Cllr Hood confirmed he would look into the footpath and the possibility of extending the 30mph zone.

Minutes were approved by Ann Marston and seconded by Kenny Thomson.

Draft LDP Notice from Piers Blaxter distributed to everyone. This will need to be live and be implemented by January 2017.
No further information on Town House – Cllr Ford informed all that he communicated with Susan Adam and we are waiting for the report from Malcolm Fraser (the Edinburgh historic building architect ) who confirmed informally that a lift internally is possible. Photos displayed in the shop of John Dossett (local butcher) will be sourced which confirm the original ground level which will assist in ensuring adequate levels are established for disabled access to all areas. Cllr Ford will speak with Mr Dossett. Sheila also has photos for Cllr Ford.

Scottish Ambulance are to consider having a defibrillator in Kintore by end February. If it is determined Kintore need one then Kintore Hall could be considered as a suitable most central location.

TREASURER’S REPORT Joan Thomson reported – no transactions since last month.

YOUTH REPORT Kenny Thomson reported the incident regarding the wheelie bin but this has now been resolved with the families paying for the repairs to the bin. Youth sessions continuing weekly but finding finance for the Youth Coordinator is still causing concern. Since this is a salary most businesses are not interested in committing to this open ended cost. There is a shortfall of around £10,000 to continue funding the position and letters to be written to local businesses seeking support.

There were no significant application’s warranting CC discussion. Cllr Ford discussed the application relating to Town Park which was initiated in 2003 and because developers were still arguing about the time scale in resolving a number of issues regarding the application, which were contravening the timetable set by the planning department for processing applications.

Summer Festival Form received and we confirmed that we would participate again this year. Comments were made regarding the amount of dog fouling in the park. Craig confirmed that he will raise the issue of dog fouling with the Festival Committee.
Voluntary Action Funding opportunities were passed to Ken McEwen for inclusion on the website. Deadline for this was 27th Feb 2015.

Further funding opportunities through Children in Need were received and again given to Ken McEwen for website.

2nd Phase of the Review of the Community Council Scheme of Establishment was received and was sent to all for review & comments.

We received notice of a “Dealing with “Death” meeting on Thursday 26th Feb in the KA, Inverurie. Councillor Hood re-iterated the need for people of all ages to make a will to ease the problems for family members in the event of there being no will.

The Aberdeen Council of Volunteer Organisations Bulletin sent to all CC members

There is the Kintore Public Hall AGM Monday 23rd Feb

Garioch Area Partnership - Kintore Action plan meetings Sat 7th March, 10-2.00, 21st March 10.30 or 12.30 in the Kintore Hall , there is an 1800 leaflet drop to be completed by 23rd Feb by CC Members.

We received from Duncan Farms an email regarding the £900 PA contribution to the Community from the Wind Turbine development at Leylodge. This is to commence being received every year commencing October 2015. Chairman to approach offering assistance in receiving and processing applications.
The next Garioch Area Community Council Forum meeting is on the 4th March, 7pm Inverurie Academy - a presentation will be made on Community Resilience.
Aberdeenshire Community Planning partnership publication was received and circulated to all members.
Community IT “getITon” free sessions are arranged for all over 55’s to learn about computing in Inverurie on 18th & 25th March - Given to Ken McEwen for insertion to Kintore.org website.

The annual, 2015 Liability Insurance certificate was received and given to Treasurer.

The council have a Green Dog Walkers initiative and are looking for Green Dog Walker members to support and encourage responsible dog walking particularly in relation to fouling. The initiative is published on the Council website and was passed to Ken McEwen for insertion to Kintore.org website.

It was re-iterated that dog fouling is a health hazard for children and should not be evident on football pitches, dog owners are encouraged to be responsible and considerate.

Cllr Ford & Cllr Hood gave a report on Council Budgets. There is a balanced budget agreed for the next financial year. We have a new Chief Executive Mr. Jim Savege from 16th February. As the Council Tax has remained frozen for the last 8 years further efficiency savings and cuts have been discussed and will be brought into public debate, but this means there are likely to be further cuts in the services they are able to deliver. The problem is deciding what cuts should be made.

It was stated that realistically the population receive significant services funded by their Council Tax payments and Aberdeenshire Council are investing greatly in many areas including education and advised that ½ of the council budget is spent on education with a further 1/4 on social work and housing, leaving the balance of services to be funded form the remaining ¼.

There is still a cumulative saving to be made by the council of £50M by 2020.

The Council is striving to make savings where possible and one item being looked at is the large cost of “Out of Authority” children placements and the money that could be saved if these specialist services/ facilities could be provided in the Council area.

The 84 Public Toilet’s in Aberdeenshire were discussed which cost the council £1 million per year and it is being considered if it would be cheaper to have them managed by a private business.

Items like these are all being looked at by the council.

AOCB The planning application for the Kintore Arms Inn was discussed and it is clear that the provision of a Bar and Restaurant service was clearly a requirement from the community.

Cllr Hood mentioned the Broadband issue and it seems things seem to be improving but residents with problems should continue to make their complaints to BT.
Volunteers to distribute the community council consultation leaflets were arranged and the leaflets handed out.

Next publication is the first week in March.

Date of next Meeting - 17th March 2015
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