Minutes of meeting for 15 April 2015

7.00pm on Wednesday 15th April 2015 in Kintore School

Community Councillors, Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Sheila Gray, Gloria Johnstone, Lesley Marston, Ken McEwen, Craig Falconer.
Cllr Fergus Hood, Cllr Martin Ford, and Cllr Nan Cullinane.

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

Ann Marston, Glen Reid.

Alan Rae, Bruce Allan, Malcolm Campbell & Conan Farnghan from the Kintore Consortium gave a presentation regarding the Section 75 planning obligation and plans were distributed for CC’s to view.
The current position of the Section 75 (developer obligation) negotiations are that the agreement had been drafted and was issued for signing to the developers.

The developers confirmed that a 0.6H site was agreed to be provided for community facilities and a financial contribution in excess of £400,000 within the East Kintore development. Original ideas were to place the community facilities in the Neighbourhood / Community area beside the main road, which was proposed to include a mini supermarket and other community and commercial / retail units but as the reviews by the planning team progressed there were two main issues that restricted the space available for all the facilities proposed. The two issues were that the initially proposed T junction had to be changed to an enlarged roundabout which then encroached into the Neighbourhood Area and a specified requirement for a significant area of ground to be set aside for future NHS health facilities, the resultant land area left was then too small to accommodate the 0.6He site for community facilities.

Consideration was given to the site being placed within the proposed school sites, but this was identified as being too small. Subsequent discussions with the Councillors and Council officers identified a site at the South end of the development close to the Midmill Industrial area, which then gave early accessibility as the site was developed.

The Community Council presented the plans for Newmachar Community & Sport Centre which represented the size of the facility we are keen to establish in the development and asked if layout could be amended to place the buildings within the neighbourhood area and have the car parking adjacent to the identified flood plain area. Given that in some areas it is acceptable for parking areas to flood occasionally.

The CC also expressed concern that the southerly location presented would not work as it was too far away to provide adequate footfall and sustainable quested a sports facility to be favourable in this area and asked if the plans could be varied to take this necessary facility into account.

Further discussion suggested that the draft section 75 agreement allowed for the site position to be flexible, therefore it was agreed that the CC contact the Council planning team and NHS to identify what the restrictions / requirements were for the site and seek some compromise on what goes in to the area whether this could be shared with the NHS as is being done in Newmachar.

As there has been no recent community discussion on future NHS provisions for Kintore, the Chairman will write to Mike Ogg to request his attendance at a future meeting to discuss the future development of NHS facilities in Kintore, taking into account that the hospital grounds in Inverurie is going to be the new Health Centre. Cllr Hood suggested that Health Hubs might be forthcoming in the future because of the state of the NHS and the issues of flexibility and sustainability in the NHS is clearly highlighted with the current situation at the Brimmond Centre identified by Cllr Cullinane.

The Garioch area manager , Doug Milne, is to be contacted to try and progress this for us.

No police representation at this meeting.
Minutes were approved by Kenny Thomson and seconded by Brian Johnstone.

Public Local enquiry was concluded today we will await the result of this. Initially three landowners objected but all objections had been withdrawn prior to the enquiry. The Reporter would hope to have the result after the Minister makes the decision tomorrow.

Cllr Hood was speaking with the Project Manager for the school and was told it would be an extremely tight timeline for the school progress to be still online for August 2016.

Summer Festival 23rd May 2015 – committee from last year will organise a meeting to organise this again this year. Wheel of Fortune has been acquired by Kenny Thomson and Splat the Pirate will be available again this year. Chairman will organise a committee to bring this together. Burgers for sale was discussed and still to be decided.

The Fireworks display is confirmed for Friday 6th November 2015. Further discussions to be held and formal quotations sought to determine who should be awarded the contract for this event.
Bob Gray from the Council informed us that speeding recording unit signs will be installed on Hallforest Avenue and Northern Road to monitor speeding in this area and then deliver the results to the police and council to consider taking further actions to help reduce speeding.

Bob Gray will also look at the sign across the pathway at the south end of Kintore at Midmill.
There has been no response from Kenneth Regan regarding the planting of shrubs on Henderson Avenue. Chairman to progress.

PESTELO forms have been sent out to all CC members and some responses have been returned and we have till end of May to complete.

Best Garden Competition will continue again this year and a date for judging to be decided, adverts to be arranged in the Library and in Kintore.org and team organised for coordinating this. Jim McColl to be contacted regarding judging and a suggested date for this.

Chairman proposed that we continue with the CC meetings in August as there is so much to get through. All agreed.

TREASURER’S REPORT Joan Thomson reported – 2 transactions this month. £3,362.27 balance in the account. A donation was received from the PTA of £96 from their Christmas Card Delivery Project to go towards the Fireworks Display. Joan wrote and acknowledged this donation.

Ainslee Reid had a cheque for £18.

Invoices for all the donations for the floral displays have been completed by Joan also, and will be sent out soon. Ainslee will organise the planting of this.

Lochburn area was discussed regarding the placing of a seat here and it was suggested that the seats being replaced at the Townhouse could be used elsewhere.

Joan Thomson has applied for the CC grant through Alison Cumming at the Garioch Area Office.

YOUTH REPORT Kenny Thomson reported on a meeting he had with Kintore United Football Club and the possibility of a joint partnership with the running of the Bothie. 150 children including girls are involved in this club. Nominate Directors to overcome the situation. Biggest expense for the running of the Bothie is the Wifi / Broadband / BT costs. Kenny will keep the CC informed of future discussions with the Football Club.

The sports Pavillion came under discussion regarding accessibility and future use for other organisations. As the Council own the building, Doug Allan is to be approached as it’s use should not be restricted to one or two groups.

Ken McEwen brought up the issue of access to the Recycling Unit adjacent to the Pavillion with people who park very awkwardly during football matches at the playing fields. Waste Services – Bob Allan to be contacted to see if this can be resolved , but Kenny Thomson suggested that the football club organisers should best to be contacted first.

There were a few house applications, 1 x change from occupancy related to business.
Application to upgrade signage on Co-Op.
Kintore Arms application was discussed and the sustainability of the Pub part of the premises is under debate. Observation – welcome the re-opening but the two isolated units – Chairman to submit the CC response to the application.

E-mail from Scottish Health Council advising of their support to communities to become involved in the work and decision making of health boards by:
Organising focus groups.
Conducting surveys
Meeting with groups to discuss specific topics
Working with primary care practices to establish and develop Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)
Meeting with health service and local authority staff to talk about how communities could be involved in the integration of health and social care and;
Working with third sector colleagues to involve people from seldom heard groups

They are happy to attend meetings if required and it was decided to invite them along to a future meeting. East Kintore discussion will be taken into this issue.

Community Council Questionnaire - has been circulated to everyone for comment to be submitted to Alison Cumming by end April 2015. This is now complete and ready for submission,

Cala Homes requested meeting to present their draft proposal for Town Park site, we discussed plans for cricket pitch and pavilion, football field, tennis court area. Cala plans to start building spring/summer 2016. Cllr Hood questioned the cricket pitch provision since Kintore already had one. From meetings away back in 2003 - this new one at the Town Park will replace the original one. This needs to be re-visited because of the time this has taken. Chairman will discuss further. A future Skate Park provision was also discussed.

Alison Cumming from the Area office is to have a meeting with Police Chief Inspector – and asked if we had any issues relating to Police support/attendance at CC meetings. CC had no complaints regarding the service we receive and will answer to Alison by 22nd April.

Alison Cumming advised of the Supporting Communities Event – in Turriff Sat 9th May - notice (already sent to all) plus another in Banchory 13th June and Kemnay again 7th November. These events are well worth attending and gives attendees the opportunity to network with other Community Council members and share experiences and knowledge accordingly.

Cllr Ford informed all about the update on the Town House and in particular the recommendations to re-install the fountain with water and the filtration system, which requires regular maintenance. It was decided to get full details of the requirements from the relevant party and bring it to the next meeting for discussion.
The one way system in front of the Butchers shop is causing concern with some drivers, not keeping left, or thinking it is one way down to Northern Road. The situation will be monitored and if further instances are reported then it will be passed onto the Roads Department and police for further review


The KDCC Renewable Energy Project issued a Press Release which was published in the Advertiser, Herald & P&J
Two landowners have expressed interest and will be contacted further.

CC has written to Council re land availability and one other landowner to enquire about his interest.
CC to issue tenders to a number of consultants initially for Hydro and Wind reports on potential sites.

We have been advised that we are to receive a Defibrillator for Kintore , this was initially suggested it could be placed on the Public Hall and we sought suggestions from the community with a subsequent offer from First Photography to place the unit on their building adjacent to the ATM providing good awareness, access and being in an open location would deter it from vandalism.– CC’s felt this would be a good choice of location. We will wait for any more ideas to come through, pending further communication from Scottish Ambulance Association.

KINTORE KONNECT – Nothing to report.

Date of next Meeting - 19th May 2015
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