Minutes for AGM and monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 15


7.00pm on Tuesday 15"‘ September 2015 in Kintore School
Approved Minute

Community Councillors, Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Gloria Johnstone, Sheila Gray. Kintore resident Bruce Norval attended.
Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Fergus Hood.

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

Lesley Monaghan, Ken McEwen, and Cllr Nan Cullinane.

No Police Report or Police attendance at this meeting.

The following would have been reported to the Police: Gauchhill Woods issue - Alison Sutherland the Garioch Ranger reported to us that bird and bat boxes had been vandalised and ripped apart and strewn across the woodland. Catherine Wylie of the press was informed and a quote from the CC will be done by Kenny/Brian. Brian will report this to the police.

Cllr Hood reported that there were a number of vandalism incidents happening in a few Aberdeenshire villages — this to be reported to Police.

Graffiti in the underpass is another issue.

No presentations at this meeting.

Minutes from the August meeting were approved by Ann Marston and seconded by Joan Thomson.


Town Park, Pavilion and Cricket Pitch
No update, await meeting via Doug Milne. Letter sent expressing concerns over traffic lights Additional letter sent in requesting access from all Northerly situated housing areas and a pathway all around the park area. Discussion still needs to take place with Landscape services about the football fields/cricket pitch and make area as multi-purpose as possible.

The Council Sports Audit remains outstanding — Cllr Ford raised the subject with John Harding who will endeavour to deliver something as quick as possible. Chairman to email also.

East Kintore Development, Site for Sports and Community Hall, Meeting arranged for 18th September with Mike Ogg and Gerry Donald plus others. In Gordon House to understand the NHS provision which is taking up the space we were hoping to have for our facility with a view to establishing if a combined facility in the neighbourhood area is feasible. Thanks to Cllr Ford for progressing this. Chairman and Kenny Thomson attending.

Fireworks Display - Planning meetings, now to be arranged. Fireworx Scotland and Pyromancy confirmed for displays. Meeting to be held very soon. Brian, Kenny, Joan, Ann, Gloria all volunteered to start the planning process and then co-ordinate further help on the night. Display confirmed for 6"‘ November 2015 commencing 6pm.

Town House - fountain filters. Chairman spoke to Aberdeen Water Testing who advised that testing for legionnaires was not required and chlorine dosing / testing was all that was required which could be done by CC volunteers at very little cost. This information to be passed to Susan by Chairman asking for a review further comment by the council on the feasibility of this being acceptable as there was a liability risk .CIlr Ford informed all that the fountain is indeed now fenced off and as it failed the water tightness test, further work needs to be done to fix this.

Town House - the area committee has agreed to give £5k for a feasibility study, but this is only for a feasibility study at this stage, not a commitment towards any development. The architect Malcolm Fraser will act as a consultant on this study. Decision to be made if the CC would like to contribute towards the feasibility study. CC Asset Transfer was discussed and would allow the CC to own the building. Upper floor access and disability access was discussed. Ownership was discussed but will not be happening soon, as the CC or other body can have access to more funding opportunities, such as European Grants, then the Council will be able to access, but this should be considered after the feasibility study to be done initially.

There are considerable risks and commitments that need to be considered for CC leasing and ownership so we would like to see what the options and terms available from the Council for similar assets transfer leasing agreements.

Susan Adams and Doug Milne to be contacted to bring this project forward and advise on ownership etc. Cllr Ford emphasised that the building scope for the community is the prime focus of this project in whatever form the building ownership / management takes.

KDCC Renewable Energy Project update. Tender document drafted for wind turbine feasibility study on two offered sites plus any other sites within our CC area considered suitable. Await decision from Kirkwood on Tait Mill Lade. No Change and nothing back from Local Energy Scotland, Chairman to progress this.

Defibrillator for Kintore Training completed - 8 attended. Machine has been erected outside First Photographic in the square.

Sunflower Festival ran for 2 days Sept 5”‘ & 6*“ - very successful 2 days large attendance with many local organisations represented and all had different takes on the sunflower theme. Childrens outside, KDCC gave away small sunflower windmills to children. Treasure Hunt, Tea & Cakes and Barbecue on Sunday. We received £40 in donations taken for the Roof Garden at ARI. Ainslie arranged with Alex Black for an archway to be made at the church entrance which was covered with sunflowers and will be used for future weddings at the church.

Pavilion Cleanliness and toilets was raised again by another resident and Gordon Young to be contacted again regarding this. The light switch for the ladies toilet is in a locked cupboard so arrangements need to be made to correct this and ensure it is clean and all users leave the Pavilion as they find them. It was suggested that a management committee be established so this will be discussed with Gordon Young when we meet to discuss Fireworks access.

The updated draft Kintore Action Plan was returned to Anne Simpson with no further comments or amendments.

Joan Thomson advised the report was incorporated into the AGM Treasurers Report to follow.

Kenny Thomson reported things are running generally well with the Bothie and neighbouring resident
congratulated him on the running of the Bothie, so well done to Rachel and her band of volunteers and the
children using the building.

Damage to the public art — Doug Milne to be contacted by Cllr Hood. Photographs have been produced
with the evidence that it is considered that a council lawn mower damaged the art.

A Straw Store on Clovenstone Road
New House at Hlllhead Kintore
KA Inn internal alterations and blocking off internal door
Application for change of use unit 4 Midmill (Sainsburys) to cafe ,wine bar
Point Of Application Notice (POAN) Thainstone wishing to develop the land at West of
Thainstone for class 4, 5 & 6 uses.
A Biomass Boiler store applied for at Thainstone

Cllr Ford - issued a Press Release on the works done at the fountain.
Further Supporting Communities Event arranged for 7"“ November, book by 2"“ October.
Community Empowerment Bill Conference Thursday 15‘ October 10-4pm in Kintore Arms Hotel
Telephone call taken from Mrs Jennifer Heaney, who has inherited 1 acre land at Broomhill, enquiring if the CC were interested in purchasing the land. Given we had no aspirations or funds to buy the land, as it was within the proposed Gateway Kintore development site, Chairman passed this information on to Hamish McDonald.
Hamish advised that the status on the Gateway Kintore plans were that he was awaiting formal approval of the LDP by the Scottish Office, before progressing things.
Notice of application of Pharmacy at Blackburn to replace the Indian take away.
Road Closure B994 at Vietchi homes on 28"‘ Sept for water works.
Garage Door Kintore, looking for a receipt for donation — Joan has completed this.

Cllr Ford reported that an application was rejected on various grounds on the Safelift site for a convenience store, main reason was parking and access for delivery vehicles.

Kenny attended CC Forum meeting and reported that the meeting was quite uneventful.
KDCC Leaflet Printed 250 @ £33.56 done at Woodhill House and gave an excellent sen/ice.
A suggestion was raised that the runner-up in the Garden Competition should also receive an award, but
as this had never been done, it was decided that we would continue with only a winner’s award.
Bruce Norval came along to the meeting to see what goes on, so it was nice to welcome Bruce along and he will attend other meetings.

KINTORE CONNECT - next issue published 18" December 2015.

Date of next Meeting 20"‘ October 2015


Welcome — as above
Present — as above
Apologies- as above

Vote of Thanks was given to Ainslie Reid & Jim Coutts, but neither attended as Ainslie was unwell. It was agreed that Ainslee would be visited by CC members and give him and Jim their vouchers and get a photo taken for the lnverurie Advertiser.

Chairman’s Report - Brian Johnstone read out the Report.

Years Treasurers report - Joan Thomson produced a very detailed and informative report for the

Member resignations and nominations for next year. Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer & Secretary all resigned and were all re-elected accordingly:

Chairman - Brian Johnstone was nominated by Kenny Thomson and seconded by Ann Marston

Vice-Chair - Lesley Monaghan was nominated by Brian Johnstone and seconded by Joan Thomson

Treasurer — Joan Thomson was nominated by Brian Johnstone and seconded by Ann Marston

Secretary — Gloria Johnstone was nominated by Sheila Gray and seconded by Ann Marston

Community Council Members were duly re-elected accordingly:
Sheila Gray was nominated by Brian Johnstone and seconded by Joan Thomson
Ann Marston was nominated by Brian Johnstone and seconded by Kenny Thomson.
Kenny Thomson was nominated by Brian Johnstone and seconded by Ann Marston.
Ken McEwan was co-opted onto the KDCC by Brian Johnstone and seconded by Gloria Johnstone.
Craig Falconer and Glen Reid in their absence were nominated for re-election by Brian Johnstone and seconded by Kenny Thomson and we await their confirmation.

The chairman thanked all for their attendance and the AGM was then concluded.
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