Minutes of meeting for 17 November 2015

7.00pm on Tuesday 17th November 2015 in Kintore School

Approved Minute

Community Councillors: Lesley Monaghan, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Ken McEwen, Glen Reid.
Councillors: Fergus Hood, Nan Cullinane, Martin Ford
Also attending part of the meeting: Ken White

Lesley Monaghan welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that Chairman Brian Johnstone was on holiday.

Brian Johnstone, Gloria Johnstone

No presentations this evening.

Lesley Monaghan said there was no police report. Sheila Gray reported she had been told the community police officer had been instructed not to come. Cllr Hood said he would follow this up again.

The minutes were approved by Ann Marston and seconded by Sheila Gray.

Town Park, Pavilion and Cricket Pitch – Lesley Monaghan distributed a discussion document on sports and community planning produced by Aberdeen shire Council. Cllr Ford said this document was intended to establish what are the current facilities in Kintore and what is needed for future. Cllr Hood added that there was a need to establish what sort of facilities a community like Kintore should have, indeed we should ask Aberdeenshire Council what facilities similar communities have. Glen Reid said it was important to make sure that any facilities provided are ones for which there is a proven demand.

On that point it was clear that Kintore needs a gym, but the question was also what should be put in it. Cllr Ford raised the question of how many people work in Kintore and would use the facilities of a gym at lunchtime. He believed this discussion document was “a starter”. We should now (1) check that nothing has been missed, (2) go back and ask about the sort of facilities in similar sized communities, (3) examine the demand for particular facilities. He also suggested we consider inviting an official to attend the next community council meeting. Kenny Thomson asked if facilities would be financed by developer contributions. Cllr Ford said it would be a mix of funding, part developer contributions and part capital funding.

Ken White asked if what we have and will get from the Town Park was adequate. Kenny Thomson felt that, as in other areas, facilities had not kept pace with development. Cllr Hood concurred that it was down to the community to negotiate with Aberdeenshire Council over what will be provided at the Town Park. Kenny Thomson asked who would provide the items of equipment – such as nets and sports equipment. Cllr Ford said it was important to remember that part of the purpose of the Town Park was to compensate for facilities lost when the school was built and this issue had been clouded by the long delay in the enabling development. Ken White said he had not been aware that the Denhead football fields were temporary and that this needed to be taken into consideration.

Ken White asked if it was still the intention that Tuach Hill would be a park. Cllr Hood said that, in considering Kintore East, councillors had taken on board the stated desire of the community that Tuach Hill should remain as unspoiled open space, but not as a park in any formal sense.

East Kintore Development, Site for Sports and Community Hall – Cllr Hood said it was clear that the NHS would not be in a position to commit to any facilities in the next five years, but that they would require new facilities within a ten-year timescale. While they had been open to considering a joint NHS/Sports and Community Hall, the fact that they could not commit within five years was a problem and would be outwith the Section 75 timeframe.

Brian Johnstone has written to Doug Milne regarding the issue of sports facilities and the NHS, in conjunction with related matters pertaining to the junction design and flood plain issues. The councillors at this meeting agreed to push the issue forward.

Fireworks Display – Joan Thomson confirmed that the event had received £1,400 of sponsorship and, consequently, the community council had been able to purchase equipment that will be usable in future years.

Ken McEwen said that there had been an issue with the timing of the fireworks. In the initial Facebook and Kintore.org.uk notifications he had given just the one time of 6 pm for the event. But there had been requests for the actual time of the fireworks. Seeing the time of 7.30 pm given in the P&J and Evening Express (and the fact that it correlated with the timing for 2014) he had felt confident in adding the 7.30 pm time to Facebook and Kintore.org.uk. The question remains who gave the 7.30 pm time to the papers?

It was agreed it had been an excellent event and the general impression from the public was that it was “really good for a small place like Kintore”.

Kenny Thomson suggested a £200 donation be made to the scouts for their work at the fireworks display. This was agreed.

Town House, and Fountain – Lesley Monaghan confirmed that there was a meeting in the Town House on November 24 which she and Ken McEwen planned to attend. Ken McEwen has also spoken with John Dossett who hopes to be able to attend.

KDCC Renewable Energy Project – Lesley Monaghan reported that Brian Johnston had received advice that the change to the feed-in tariff meant the wind turbines may not now be viable financially. Consequently the focus was now on the potential hydro project.

Car parking/Pavilion Cleanliness and toilets – Lesley Monaghan referred to the photographs of the parking on the double yellow lines around the pavilion and the recycling point, making access to the recycling facility impossible other than stopping in the roadway. Ken White said he understood the recycling location was temporary. Cllr Ford said the problem was that there was nowhere else to put it.

There followed discussion as to whether the road was public and whether the parking restrictions were enforceable. It was confirmed that, on each occasion, there was ample parking a few yards away in the school car park. Cllr Ford suggested asking the police as they would know. Sheila Gray suggested printing notices for windscreens stating that, if the problem persists, the matter will be reported to the police.

On the pavilion it was reported the toilets are now clean, but there remain issues with boarded up windows and a locked door to the cupboard with the lights for the ladies toilet. Cllr Hood said it needs to be pointed out to users that the pavilion is an Aberdeenshire Council-owned property and is not there for the exclusive use of any one organisation. Glen Reid suggested the locks should be changed and organisations would have to apply for a new key.

Other matters arising –
Defibrillator – The community council had purchased an infant key for the PAD defibrillator. Ken McEwen reported that, in addition to the various posts on Kintore.org.uk and the Facebook page, so that people do not need to search for vital information, he has put details of the location in a red outlined box on the front page of the website with links to both the video and CPR instructions. Glen Reid reported that someone from Kintore had had a heart attack in the Post Office. He felt there should be even more publicity about the PAD.

Fishing rights – Cllr Cullinane reported that Crown Land has been given notice of Aberdeenshire Council ceasing the fishing rights in Kintore. There is another meeting in January, but that permits would be the same price for next year, this was important because some people give permits as Christmas presents. Sheila Gray said she had heard one angler complain he couldn’t buy a permit for 2016. Cllr Cullinane assured her that permits were on sale.

Kintore Arms Inn – Ken McEwen reported that the lessee for the bar had contacted the community council and wanted to meet to see that his plans were in tune with the desire of the community. Kenny Thomson suggested he and Brian Johnston would meet with him.

Kintore Action Plan – Copies of the plan were now with Kenny Thomson and copies would be distributed to the Library, vet, church and Post Office. This will be publicised and a digital copy made available on the Kintore.org.uk website.

Joan Thomson gave her treasurer’s report. She also reported the council had paid for winter planting of the flower beds in Kintore. Glen Reid said that a group he was involved with in Inverurie had raised considerable funds from putting collection pots into shops and he felt this was worth considering for Kintore.

YOUTH REPORT Kenny Thomson reported that there would be a good article in the next issue of Kintore Konnect. He also reported that Bespoke Atelier had said they will replace all three pieces of artwork and they will be remade in fibreglass. These new items will be located in an area with bark, rather than on a lawn, to avoid risk from mowers. The cracks in the Bothie have now been filled and the building is half painted.

POAN (Proposal of Application Notice) ENQ/2015/1870 by Scotbeef for an abattoir at Thainstone. There are obvious concerns about odours from the facility if it is built. This led to some discussion regarding the rendering plant at Cottown and whether that facility was in use.
Welfare facilities for haulage company at Thainstone. Ken McEwen said he had been concerned as his house looks across the valley to Thainstone, but it appears to be a number of portable cabins in a field screened by trees.
Full planning for demolishing caravan park and building seven detached houses at Broomhill Caravan Park. Brian Johnstone had left a note that he, Gloria Johnstone and Kenny Thomson had looked at this site following residents’ complaint and thought it should be retained for low cost housing and thought residents were legally protected to prevent this. Cllr Ford said that legal ownership issues were not a planning consideration and if the residents feel they have some legal protection, they would need to take legal advice.

Email from Jill Sowden asking for attendance at meeting to discuss the Factoring of Landscape. It was reported that several residents groups are looking at alternative factoring arrangements. Cllr Hood said he had not had any complaints recently. Cllr Cullinane said there were issues with grass cuttings blocking drains. This led to questions about gully sucking in Kintore.
Police attendance – this had been discussed earlier in the meeting.
Sainsbury’s opening had been conducted by the ‘Citizen of the Year’.

Cllr Hood reported there was a potential funding gap of £17 million for next year. This would mean that services would have to be limited or stopped. We will have to wait for the government announcement in December to see if funding is cut to safeguard the health service. The new Aberdeenshire Council budget will be drawn up in February.

Brian Johnstone has been in contact with Kintore Konnect regarding expanding its role.
Echt and Skene Community Council had written to ask for support in trying to get Aberdeen City Council to rescind their proposal to demolish Strathcona House for the new AECC. Ken McEwen said he had been at a meeting, at which the chief executives of Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council and their council leaders had spoken, regarding the £2.9 billion Aberdeen City Region deal. A key part of this was to anchor the oil and gas service sector in Aberdeen and the new AECC was seen as critical to this. It was suggested that the AECC could be built around Strathcona House and it was agreed to support Echt and Skene Community Council.
Ainslie Reid had written thanking the community council for the funding and the beehive planter in particular, saying it was the realisation of a dream and adding how much he enjoys the work on floral displays in Kintore.
Issue of 50 acres of land at Thainstone have been allocated for commercial and industrial use. Cllr Ford said this may be a matter of asking for something that has already happened.
Lesley Monaghan suggested that members of the community council get together for a Christmas event. She proposed Peerie Pantry on December 4 or 11.

Date of next meeting – Lesley Monaghan asked the members if there should be a December meeting on December 15, or whether we should continue the tradition of no meeting in December and have the next meeting on January 19. After discussion January 19 was agreed.
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