Minutes of meeting for 18 August 2015

7.00pm on Tuesday 18th August 2015 in Kintore School

Approved Minute

Community Councillors, Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Gloria Johnstone, Sheila Gray, Ken McEwen, Glen Reid, Craig Falconer.
Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Fergus Hood and Cllr Nan Cullinane.

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting, including Anne Simpson and Mr & Mrs McIntosh who were the winners of the Best Garden Competition.

Lesley Monaghan

PC Wallace Dixon along with PC Karen McArthur gave the report, attached.

Chairman reported about the concerns regarding the Hallforest Woods with fire lighting and youths vandalising certain parts of the woods. There were also reports of off road motor cycling around the Hallforest Castle area causing distress to walkers and residents in the area. Another issue was dogs worrying livestock. Youths congregating on Tuach Hill and the risk of fires and other damage is a concern. The Police acknowledged the issue and agreed to patrol the areas concerned.

Best Garden Competition Mr & Mrs McIntosh, of 2 Sunnyside View, Kintore – were the winning garden as judged by Mr Jim McColl and both were present at the meeting and received vouchers and the Best Garden Competition Cup for 2 years.
The other shortlisted gardens and their final placings were:- 2nd   Mr & Mrs Heron, Cosyneuk, The Hill, Kintore 3rd - Mr & Mrs Jessiman, 9 Newlands Drive,    Kintore                  4th - Mrs Strachan, Greenacres, 55 Forest Road, Kintore      5th - Mr & Mrs Christie, Cherrybank East Park Road, Kintore 
Anne Simpson - Draft Kintore Action Plan – plan discussed in detail and everyone was delighted with Anne’s contributions and dedication to our village of Kintore. This document is still in Draft format and the Community Council will get a chance to comment and view before it goes to print. A question from resident Mr Dossett is whether Kintore still remains as a “The Royal and Ancient Burgh of Kintore” was discussed and as a resident, had queried the status.

Anne Simpson will enquire and is going to find out about this for us and the Garioch Heritage Trust is to be contacted about the regularities of this. Anne went through the whole draft Action plan and we discussed each item with responsibilities and timescale for completion. Even though the numbers were not very high for residents attending these sessions – Anne wasn’t too concerned as there was a consistent response throughout all of the consultations This Plan is a living document and can be added to.
Anne informed Councillors that the Kintore Scouts have taken the possibility of a new skate-park forward. Councillors to be involved and Chairman will contact the Scout Leader to bring this forward.
Anne would like one or two Councillors to meet with her and take to the next step to populate the narrative before the document goes to print. New primary school was discussed with information that the school will take 68 weeks to complete. Community mini-bus was discussed. Walks in Kintore was discussed. Cycle path and footpath between Kintore, Thainstone and Inverurie whereby people can cycle from Kintore to Inverurie without crossing the A96 on the river side was raised and our councillors confirmed that this was scheduled for completion this financial year, possibly October / November. Leaflets will be printed to display long and short walks in Inverurie and Kintore as a joint venture.

Creation of Nature reserve was discussed – the large water area along quarry road was an option and the pond along from Hallforest Castle. Gauchhill Woods and Rollomyre boardwalks has been spoken about before but this could be a flood area. It is proposed that a group be formed to review the possibilities and take this forward. Ken mentioned Balbithan wood and that might be a good area for a nature reserve as the wood is largely Scots pine but this could be outwith our council boundary.
Litter and dog mess was another issue – our street sweeper is an excellent example of keeping Kintore clean and tidy. Very commendable gentleman doing a wonderful job. Ken McEwen mentioned the litter on his side of the river was a bit concerning. Rotary are involved with an annual litter-pick along with the Scouts.

The NHS Grampian allocated site within the plans for East Kintore development was discussed and the Community Council are actively promoting the need for a sports/health facility in the midst of the town. Contact still needs to be made with Mike Ogg of NHS along with area manager Doug Milne to coordinate a meeting to discuss the opportunity for a combined facility. Cllr Ford expects to meet with Gerry Donald of the NHS on an informal basis and agreed to see if a combined facility could be introduced and enquire if there is a serious plan for NHS to take a site forward.

As the community expressed concerns about NHS facilities as Kintore expands, the split of responsibility for NHS provisions between the Medical Practice and NHS departments will hopefully be discussed at the forthcoming meeting.

The community felt Kintore was a safe place to live, with little serious crime.

Affordable appropriate housing to buy or rent was raised by the community consultations and was requested. New developments are required to provide 25% in affordable housing. Single person, starter homes and one bedroom homes were more the issue and no downsizing homes were available which exasperates the situation. As housing developments mainly lie with developers and Housing Association it is they who would provide the spectrum of housing required by Scottish Planning policy. Cllr Hood is to find out about the housing that the Council is building and report at the next meeting.
Cllr Ford commented that it was mainly one bedroom properties that were least available generally. Anne will put more into the narrative of the document.
Improved Pub, Hotel, Restaurant and shopping requirements were raised and some of these are now being addressed short term, but these generally rely on private development. So there is little the community council can do to change this other than support and lobby the council when formal applications are made.

Broadband was discussed. BT have the contract and it is up to them to fully establish the fibre broadband. Cllr Hood stressed that we should still be pushing to let BT know that Broadband is not up to standard. Blackburn are having a successful service. Brendan Dick to be contacted regarding our unsuccessful service and the installation of the cabinets. Cllr Hood advised that a number of the fibre broadband communication cards had repeatedly failed, so BT were having quality issues and will find out how many cabinets were still to be installed. Residents who were still experiencing problems are requested to contact BT direct to continue the pressure on BT.

Anne divulged that a lot of people raised the issue about communication and do not know about what is going on in the community and even what the Community Council do, even although we have Kintore Konnect to keep residents up to speed with what is happening within the community.
It was suggested that a directory and calendar be updated of all clubs, organisations and events on the Kintore.org website.

In order to improve Kintore communication, there was a suggestion that Kintore Konnect is not published often enough, to keep people informed. Kemnay have a monthly newsletter which seems to be very successful, but this requires a lot of volunteers and funding and support. Kintore.org is our best way to keep residents informed and there is a directory in there for all to see. The concensus was that Kintore Konnect was well done and does an excellent job but the Chairman agreed to discuss with Lorna at Kintore Konnect and see what can be done to improve the frequency and content, as there was possibly help with funding and possible hands on help with Kintore Konnect.

Anne will keep us informed of the next stage and a means of getting the document out to the residents.
Minutes from the July meeting were approved by Ann Marston and seconded by Joan Thomson.

Town Park, Pavilion and Cricket Pitch. No update, await meeting via Doug Milne. Letter sent expressing concerns over traffic lights submitted to the planning team. Letter received from planning asking our views on the building timeline, hard and soft landscaping and the staggered junction, which was read out and discussed. It was fairly generic in content. Pathways into Gauchhill are to be requested to link the Town Park into existing housing areas. Comments about the traffic lights at Ceann Torr was discussed.
Cricket pitch / football pitch’s were discussed. New primary school pitches were also discussed as an option for the growing population. These will be discussed in more detail when the meeting is arranged with Landscape services as to what is possible with the spaces available in the town.
East Kintore Development, Site for Sports and Community Hall. Doug Milne to be contacted as we are not getting answers and responses to the requests we made to the planning and roads department. The Chairman will progress this.

Fireworks Display - Decision made to proceed with Fireworx this year, plans now need to be made for overall organisation with lessons learned from last year. The fire spinners from last year have agreed to give a performance again this year. A cheque with booking form required to go to the council landscape services booking the playing fields.

Best Garden Competition - judging completed. It was mentioned that Jim McColl is 80 next month and it was confirmed that we send him a card and gift for his time and effort in assisting with the judging over the years, as he wouldn’t accept any expenses or payment for his time.

Town House, Fountain filters. Susan Adams confirmed that things are progressing albeit slowly. Doug Milne is putting a bid to Area Committee to ask for part of the funding towards the Malcolm Fraser feasibility study, we are hoping this can be matched from a potential Infrastructure Services budget underspend to make up the total £9k. Annika Samland has arranged for a water tightness test to be carried out on the fountain and is awaiting this to take place.  This will satisfy the Scottish Water bylaws about ensuring there is no ‘loss’ of water from the fountain. Aberdeen Water Testing are going to advise what needs to be done as Pre & Post treatment, weekly tests by paper, training available, as long as recorded should be OK. Community Asset Transfer was raised and will be looked into further.

KDCC Renewable Energy Project update. Tender document drafted for wind turbine feasibility study on two offered sites plus any other sites within our CC area considered suitable. Await decision from one landowner for one hydro site before that tender can be issued. The Scottish Office subsidies for community renewable projects will not be affected by the UK government’s notice of removal of subsidies for wind-farms.

Defibrillator for Kintore Training booked for Sat 29th August at Bothie 10 – 12noon. CC numbers needed so we can invite other attendees.
Sunflower Festival 2 days Sept 5th & 6th, discuss plans, set up in morning and runs from 2 – 4pm. Joan organising a table for the CC with different things going on. Small “Sunflower” windmills have been purchased as hand outs and any donations will go towards the roof garden at ARI.

Joyce Reid car parking – Nan reported of the update from Joyce. Bob trying to find out who owns the land outside her property. Joyce and Bob are communicating to help resolve this.

Ceann Torr name confirmed to Council for the Vietchi homes development.

Pavilion cleanliness and toilets discussed with Gordon Young. Chairman to contact the council regarding this and it was agreed that steps will be taken to inspect the property more regularly.

Upper Cottown bad smells – no further concerns.

TREASURER’S REPORT Joan Thomson reported £4,592 is the balance in Community Council Account. Bank Balance is £5181 difference of £583 is balance for floral displays from shops /business’s.

YOUTH REPORT Kenny Thomson reported of exciting new projects which Rachel has organised for youth groups. New volunteer to assist – Katie Taylor. Courses to be run. Public Art Project – 3 sculptures – pink one has been damaged needs to be completely repaired and Kenny Thomson is looking into the cost and will let Cllr Hood know . Volunteer Awards night is arranged Friday 4th September as a thank you for their help and efforts over the last year. The cracks on front of building are being looked at and this will be resolved before the winter.

27.7 Tree felling Toms Forest quarry
Forties Bus Centre, 32 School Road, change from business to retail.
New house at the Neuk
C & N Macdonald for application for illuminated Suzuki signage

Stacey Lynch Network Rail letter sent to resident within 200m of planned work taking core samples at Thainstone Bridge 19/9 to 2/10 and Kinellar 12/8 to 18/8 both works being done between 2300 and 0700 hrs.

Letter from Local Boundary Commission re consultation on additional local councillor for East Garioch Ward . Do we wish to make a formal comment by 22nd Oct. Cllrs Hood and Ford informed all that an extra Councillor will be put in place in due course because of the per population quota. Reflects population growth in our area. As this will increase the voice of Kintore in the area committee it was agreed that we will endorse this extra councillor.
CC scheme of establishment working group, meeting postponed due to holidays.

Citizens Viewpoint Panel newsletter was discussed and its content recommended for reading by CC members.

New primary school ground work now started.
New administration budget is being worked on as reported by Cllr Hood – this will be made public in November.
There is an ongoing lack of teachers including Kintore and this could be challenging under the current financial climate, there will be recruitment for the new primary school.

AOCB Archie Peebles (Inverurie CC) sent an e-mail regarding an event that he wishes to promote Group-Fest in Inverurie and district. KDCC will take a table on the evening of 7th September in Garioch Community Centre and Chairman will inform Archie accordingly.

Agenda for CC Forum on September and Kenny will attend as Chairman is away on business.

Cllr Cullinane asked about the form for ordering the bedding plants plants to remind Ainslee about the form which she handed to Joan for completion. This should also include Airlee House
Cllr Hood reported that the next bus forum meeting is on Thursday 1st October in Kemnay. School Road buses will be discussed as it looks like there will be one bus per hour along School Road.
Sheila reported some neighbours complained about a bad smell coming from the Lochburn – Sepa to be contacted as the cause could be coming from the quarry. It is recommended that whenever there is an issue that photos be taken and a resident from that area report it.
Our next September meeting is the AGM

KINTORE CONNECT – Best Garden Competition Winners – photo to be submitted.

Date of next Meeting AGM - 15th September 2015
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