Minutes of meeting for September 16, 2014

Kintore and District Community Council
Meeting & AGM - 7pm 16th September 2014 in Kintore School

Community Councillors Brian Johnstone (Chair), Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan, Sheila Gray, Gloria Johnstone, Glen Reid, Craig Falconer
Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Fergus Hood
PC Mark Chappell (Inverurie) and WPC Sam Wedderburn (Westhill).

The Chair welcomed all to the meeting

Cllr Nan Cullinane, Drew Cullinane – Chairman informed all present that Drew is resigning from the Council. Ken McEwen.

Ainslee Reid and Jim Coutts were presented with cheques for their loyal and hard work with maintaining the lovely floral displays distributed all around the town. Everyone is in agreement that they do a sterling job and with the assistance of loyal and dedicated volunteers to carry out watering and maintaining of the plants throughout the summer – it has become a well recognised community effort for all to enjoy.
Community Council received an order form from the Council to order plants for next year.

Chairman read out his report (attached).

PC Mark Chappell and WPC Sam Wedderburn gave the police report. (attached).
PC Chappell handed out questionnaires for everyone to be completed and returned on the night.
Councillor Hood mentioned that the Police Constables take all the time to convict these perpetrators but then the fiscal stamps incidents as “No Proceedings”. He made it very clear he was not happy about this situation and will be taking it further. CC to write to fiscal to see if we can help at all. PC Chappell will respond at the next meeting of any further outcome.
Reiterated to all about the safe keeping of households and keeping doors locked. This will also be re-iterated through the website.

MINUTE OF PREVIOUS MEETING held on 15th July 2014.
Minute approved and proposed by Kenny Thomson and seconded by Sheila Gray.

MATTERS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MINUTE Chairman asked Councillor Hood about the letter he wrote to all council’s about Gateway Kintore. 1 reply from Cllr. Iris Walker who advised she would speak to the Area Committee Chair about the letter. This apparently had not happened yet. The point the Chairman was trying to make is the inconsistency of planning applications as it seems the Gateway Kintore application seems to have been treated differently to other applicants, this we considered was unfair on the developer.
Cllr Ford could not recall any prior application for “out of town retail” for our area – in the past sites had been approved for general commercial use but not retail, subsequent applications would then have come in for a retail business, so for an Area Committee consideration for a “retail” development to be included Cllr Ford proposed that the 3 provisions be included in the recommendation to the ISC.

Cllr Hood’s understanding was that the 3 caveats stated to the ISC were to be covered in the normal downstream planning process not as a requirement for inclusion in the LDP .

His opinion was that it was recognised that there was a deficiency in commercial developments of this type in Kintore and he did not think it was reasonable for the developer to comply with the provisions prior to the ISC meeting. He and other members of the Area Committee believed that the site would be approved by the ISC with the 3 caveats to be fulfilled as part of further relevant planning application.

Cllr Hood further commented that the developer had remedies to address the situation through an objection through the LDP process with an objection to the reporter on how his application was processed by the ISC committee or can bring forward a planning application which would then be processed through the planning process and taken to the Area Committee for consideration. This was explained to the developer by Cllr Hood.

Cllr Hood then went on to say that had it been put to him that the 3 caveats were a requirement for approval by the ISC he would not have agreed to it.

Cllr Hood wanted to make it clear that no applications either for planning or, for in this case, the LDP are never discussed prior to the date of the Area Committee review, so there is no debating or other considerations prior to the Area Committee meeting.

Cllr Hood asked Cllr Ford to clarify his expectations in making the recommendation of the 3 caveats,

Cllr Ford advised that the request for compliance with the new Scottish Planning policy SPP 2014 was necessary as the committee were not aware of what the SPP retail requirement was as it had not been published but as it would have been, prior to the ISC meeting and was a relevant request. In terms of the road access, he believed the developer had an agreement with Transport Scotland and so in order to be confident in approving a plan he was seeking confirmation of appropriate transport access capabilities. Transport Scotland confirmed to the planning team that there was no agreement regarding Broomhill Roundabout access.

Regarding the retail impact assessment his concern was that approval of a retail site would have then lost the opportunity for a proper retail impact assessment which would normally be required.

His opinion is that this site should not be included without formal retail impact assessment and without confirmation of an adequate Transport Scotland solution for access off Broomhill roundabout. Unfortunately this was the only time the Area Committee had to consider this, hence the request for the caveats at this time.

The conclusion by the chairman was that the requests by the Area Committee set a precedent for the ISC meeting and as it now stands we do not have this site approved, Kintore is again left with no opportunities for retail development, more houses are being built with no opportunity for the facilities desired by the community.

The Community Council asks for a formal response from the Area Committee and seeks fair, consistent and timely considerations by the Area Committee in reviewing all planning applications consistent with the process adopted across all of the Aberdeenshire Council areas.

Councillor Hood is going to look at the minutes of this particular meeting to clarify the considerations made.

Regarding the East Kintore development and the possibility of a Kintore Community Centre - Chairman spoke with Doug Milne, Area manager and Jill Paterson a member of the planning negotiators about what was achievable through planning gain as community facilities. There have been options of land and or financial contribution in the drafts from the developers and an indication that there may be a preference for such a facility adjacent to schools area.

All community councillors were in agreement that Kintore would like a Community Centre.

Torryburn Hotel – new owner does not want to sell the property so is free do as he wishes with the building and site.

Kintore Arms has been sold but no idea who the new owners are yet. Kitchen being renovated at present.

Fireworks Display – Craig Falconer from Starburst will be assisting with this. This is in hand for Thursday 6th November 2014. Pyromancy the (Fire display team) have been contacted and will be performing a display (donation to be given as opposed to being paid). 32 companies in Kintore have been approached regarding contributions/sponsorship. £100 and £500 have been promised to date. Glow bracelets and burger stalls will be discussed. Volunteers are to be sourced from the Scouts and Rotary Club and perhaps Bothie attendees.

Town House meeting had taken place with Geoff Marston and Ainslee Reid and other local Councillors. Options for upper floors with limited access and disabled access were discussed. Police Museum is under consideration as an idea going forward. Brian to send Cllr Hood details of this next meeting so that he can attend. Part of the lower floors are currently leased to a company for 6 years, the council media unit are in part of the building and the scope for the other areas are to be reviewed.

Outside ground levels to be reviewed to ensure future disabled access. A consultant is to be approached to discuss options that were available with the overall building design.

Next meeting scheduled for some date in October.

Fly tipping signs at East Park Road have been placed but are not totally in the correct position – only on one side and needs to be both sides. Councillor Ford will take this on-board to get more signs erected.

Community and Rural Renewable energy – there is an opportunity for the Community Council to receive grants and funding to investigate and possibly establish a community renewable energy project.
This would generate substantial income for the community with little risk and little investment. Potentially up £120K per annum. Wind turbine is the best money income generator. A £10K grant to do the survey is available and if we don’t go ahead it is then written off. Bio-mass, solar energy are other options but wind turbine is best option. VG at Thainstone and Scene Consulting have been consulted with and they do a lot of community projects and would keep us right. The Udny Community Turbine project is a good example of what can be achieved. Chairman to collate information and distribute to councillors for review at next meeting. TREASURERS REPORT
Joan Thomson distributed copies of the AGM Treasurers Report.
Discussion was held to spend money on tidying up walk-ways around Kintore.
Joan now requires more cheque signatories as Drew has resigned. Signatories at the moment are Joan, Kenny, Sheila and Brian will also be a new signatory. Joan will get the paperwork set up on next meeting from the bank.

Nomination forms were completed by all residing Community Councillors and will be submitted to the Council in Inverurie, in due course.
The nominations are as follows:
Chairman – Brian Johnstone – proposed by Kenny Thomson and seconded by Lesley Monaghan
Vice Chairman – Lesley Monaghan - proposed by Brian Johnstone and seconded by Kenny Thomson
Treasurer – Joan Thomson - proposed by Ann Marston and seconded by Gloria Johnstone
Secretary – Gloria Johnstone - proposed by Brian Johnstone and seconded by Sheila Gray
Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Kenny Thomson, Glen Reid, are proposed and accepted as ordinary members.
Craig Falconer is keen to join the council and will inform us of this accordingly.
Ken McEwen is outwith the Kintore jurisdiction area but is keen to attend meetings as a co-opted member in future but have no voting powers.
Drew Cullinane has retired from the council.
More members required. We need 10 for full compliment as stated in the constitution.

Kenny Thomson reported that the Bothie is going well. Kintore Konnect article is as submitted. Finance for Youth Developer – An Aberdeen oil company have contributed £5K and other sources taking the total to £14K which is the required sum for the post to continue. Need this concluded by end October 2014. Front of building is cracking quite badly. Builder has been approached and negotiations are on-going. A suggestion to move the Clothes bank to the rear of the building was discussed and was confirmed as a great source of income towards the running costs of the Bothie. The treasurer, Isobel Stirling is doing a wonderful job of keeping the finances under control. Councillor Hood asked if there was evidence of the energy efficiency feature of the building was within expectations.

PLANNING MATTERS Third mini supermarket on School Road gap site and Sainsbury’s development approved.
South Leylodge convert Art Gallery to dwelling house.
East Neuk site application for 13 houses on already outline approved site.
The water levels discussed. SEPA were alright with the qualifications and it was questioned why the proposed Garden Centre that was applied for in the LDP was refused on flood risk grounds. It seems this was classified as a significantly greater flood risk and this would need to be addressed should a further application be made.
Surradale, Kintore, Kennels to be demolished and 3 houses built.
Forest Road – 8 houses are applied for in principle on the vacant “commercial” site – Consideration should be given if we are happy with this Commercial / Retail site changed to residential. Cllr Hood recommended that we make a comment on this application.

CORRESPONDENCE Community Planning Partnership, Garioch Ward 12 meeting will be held on 1st October at the Bothie. Joan and Gloria attending as is Councillors Hood and Ford.
Natural Energy Project Exhibition Thainstone this weekend.
Model scheme of establishment for community councils, proposed new scheme– new map with no change, do we wish to propose any changes to the existing area mapped.. Chairman to circulate this to Councillors.

ABERDEENSHIRE COUNCIL UPDATE Cllr Hood informed Councillors that the Chief Executive Colin McKenzie is resigning, a committee of 11 councillors will be established, with political balance along with members of the appointments committee to prepare for his appointing his successor. Discussion on Council budgets from Cllr Hood confirmed that the Council will complete the financial year generally in accordance with budget forecasts of £518 million. The Capital Plan is due to spend £150 million pounds on for example ,schools, care homes and affordable housing.
Primary school still planned to open August 2016, there is a compulsory purchase order with Scottish Ministers – all 4 landowners objected and the reporter/Scottish minister is involved with the confirmation of the compulsory order on the land.
Area Manager advised the Community Council that Kintore is looking favourable for an academy at Kintore adjacent to the primary school site.

KINTORE KONNECT The next input for Kintore connect magazine is due by 30th November. Chairman will put note round prior to this for any items to be included.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 21st October 2014.

Police report to meeting


There have been 33 reported incidents within the Kintore area.

A large proportion of these reports related to housebreakings and/or thefts from residential properties. Two males have been reported for the majority of these crimes.

A couple of reports relate to incidents of threatening or aggressive behaviour. 1 person has been reported with positive lines of enquiry being followed for the other report.

4 reports of Assault were recorded over the period, two of which have been detected with the remaining two being followed up.

There have been 6 reports of Vandalism, 2 detected, 4 undetected. Several of these incidents involved damage to motor vehicles by unknown means and enquiries are still ongoing. 1 report was to a chain and involved a land dispute. Another report involved the damage to decorative stones on top of driveway pillars.

1 report of a debit card Fraud which has positive lines of enquiry ongoing.

A report was received for a hit and run whereby the driver failed to stop and failed to report the accident, the driver has since been traced and reported.
1 person was reported for drink driving.
1 person was reported for driving without insurance and valid MOT.
1 person was reported for Theft of a motor car, driving whilst disqualified and without valid insurance.
1 person was reported for possession of a class B drug and appeared from custody for breaching their bail conditions.






Police Scotland continue to encourage householders to secure their property, any outbuilding's, vehicles and property of value at all times, in an effort to prevent opportunist thefts that continue to occur within Garioch.

Any suspicious incidents or concerns within the Community should be reported to the Police.

Any information in relation to incidents highlighted should be also forwarded onto Police.
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