Minutes of meeting for October 22, 2014

Kintore and District Community Council
Meeting & AGM - 7pm 22nd October 2014 in Kintore School

Unapproved Minute

Community Councillors Brian Johnstone (Chair), Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Gloria Johnstone, Glen Reid, Craig Falconer, Ken McEwen, Anne Simpson ( The Garioch Partnership).
Rev. Neil Meyer.( Parish Minister for Kintore)
Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Fergus Hood, Cllr Nan Cullinane
PC Ken Russell (Inverurie) and WPC Sam Wedderburn (Westhill).

The Chair welcomed all to the meeting

Lesley Monaghan, Glen Reid.

No presentations this evening.

Police representation and Ambulance/First Aid to be present at the Fireworks display. Paperwork to be put in place by the Fireworks committee.

MINUTE OF PREVIOUS MEETING held on 16th September 2014.
Minute approved and proposed by Ann Marston and seconded by Joan Thomson.

MATTERS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MINUTE Gateway Kintore – Cllr Hood advised that he has heard that the Gateway Kintore application for inclusion in the LDP is to be represented to the ISC in November.

East Kintore – Doug Milne, Garioch Area Manager advised that during the developer contribution discussions, the council had included a number of possible community facility options including a new build to be handed to the community at a new cost in order to go for flexibility and would advise further as the discussions proceed. The Council were hoping to include a condition that whatever comes forward has to be acceptable to the community council and Aberdeenshire Council.

The developers’ initial drafts advised that land or financial contribution would be made and a statement was made that there was a preference for any sport facilities to be located close to the new school area.

We shall hear in due course what is agreed between the council and the developers.

Anne Simpson reported that the survey from the Summer Fayre was in favour of a joint venture with community council and residents who run the community centre. Co-production is best way forward as agreed by all. We await to hear about the availability of an academy in Kintore.

Newmachar community centre was discussed and it was agreed a large piece of land is not necessary even with the car parking around it.

Following Cllr Ford’s question to the police, the Chairman confirmed he had written to the procurator fiscal to request a summary of the number of cases presented to them and the number which then went on to prosecution, the request has been acknowledged and we await the response..

Torryburn Hotel – Nothing new to add this month.

Kintore Arms - Nothing new to add this month.

Fireworks Display – CC members will meet outwith this meeting to finalise the arrangements for the 6th November 2014. Kintore Rotary are willing to contribute to this event by holding a Casino Night on 15th November to which everyone was encouraged to attend. This is really appreciated. Council will purchase “glow-necklace’s, bracelet’s, stick’s” to sell on the evening. BBQ will also be in operation, selling burgers, crisps and juice. Bonfire will be 3 oil drums. Donations have been received from ESD, Castleglen, STATS Group, Norman Lawie.

Town House – There is no further notice of the date for the next meeting.

Community and Rural Renewable energy – A renewable energy project for Kintore under the Scottish office (Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) was discussed as a project to earn annual income for the benefit of the community, similar to what has been done at Udny.

It was unanimously agreed that we should proceed with the funded study to determine what renewable energy options were available to us in our surrounding area.

Chairman to put the wheels in motion so that it can be done as quickly as possible.
Joan Thomson reported on the status of the bank. £2,290.75. Ainslee Reid had advised that he would like some of the funds for some winter plants.

Kenny Thomson reported that the Bothie is going well, with a variety of groups now using the facility including the Youth & Community groups – Jaguar Motor Club – Tai Chi classes.

Additional lighting at the front of the building has been installed. Storage container has been donated and delivered. Pool table from Ken McEwen has been greatly appreciated. Funding for the Youth Leader post is still under consideration as contributing companies are not too keen to support salaries. It was commented that this was the type of project that could be funded by a renewable energy project.

PLANNING MATTERS Chairman read out relevant applications and discussed the following significant applications.

Outline planning permission for the site in Forest Road to be used for housing was discussed and there are traffic concerns and the feeling of the council members was to retain the site for retail purposes at this time. If after a further period of time passed with no development then we would consider it for housing.

Council will write to Planning and record our concerns.
Outline Planning Application to demolish the caravan site at Broomhill for luxury housing, Three councillors met with Mr & Mrs Morrison who were very concerned about the application on their site to demolish and remove all homes to make way for 7 new houses. Council will write to Planning and record our concerns for retaining the site for affordable housing. It is believed that the owners had security of tenure over the site, to be confirmed.

A notice of application was received for workshops and offices complex to the rear of Midmill site, the developer advised that they will make a presentation to the CC sometime soon.

CORRESPONDENCE A new Scheme of Establishment has been received regarding the proposed changes to the Community Councils, this will be reviewd and responded to in due course.

There is a tree preservation notice being served on trees at the Torryburn Hotel area.

Community training event at Mintlaw was well represented. Next one is in Kemnay on 1st November 2014. Chairman, Kenny, Joan, Gloria are attending and the invitation is open to all.

The Summer Festival committee have advised that volunteers are desperately required to help with the organisation of this event otherwise there is a risk it may not proceed otherwise.

Cllr Hood informed Councillors that the Chief Executive Colin McKenzie is resigning, so in the process of finding a replacement for this position.

AOCB Defibrillators in the community were discussed and the Kintore Minister informed all that there is one in the church and it was thought that more should be installed in Kintore.

Ken McEwen is in favour of getting defibrillators in supermarkets. Automated external defibrillators do save lives and it might be something we could contribute to. Suggestions to see where these should be sited in Kintore to cater for all areas. Chairman to contact Scottish Ambulance to confirm if the first responders have them and if there are guidelines for the number placed based on population etc.

Further Cheque signatories are required Joan, Kenny, Sheila, Brian & Gloria all agreed to fill in forms in due course.

Journalist from STV contacted Ken McEwen regarding the 5p the supermarkets get from carrier bags – would this be welcome in Kintore, to put this money back into the community. Of Course!

Broadband in Kintore – there are major issues with the speed of the broadband. Cllr Hood informed all that he would research this more for the next meeting. Fibre optic to be in town already but no-one was very sure. Cllrs Hood and Cullinane will make enquiries for next meeting.

KINTORE KONNECT The next input for Kintore connect magazine is due by 30th November. Chairman will put note round prior to this for any items to be included.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 18th November 2014.
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