Minutes of meeting for November 18, 2014

7.00pm on Tuesday 18th November 2014 in Kintore School

Community Councillors Brian Johnstone (Chair), Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Gloria Johnstone, Ken McEwen, Lesley Monaghan.
Councillor Fergus Hood, Cllr Nan Cullinane
PC Richard Barnwell

The Chair welcomed all to the meeting

Councillor Martin Ford, Craig Falconer and Glen Reid.

No presentations this evening.


Cllr Cullinane reported that a resident on Kingsfield Road had reported speeding cars and there are general concerns of speeding in most of Kintore’s main streets.

Regarding the flashing speeding sign requested for installation at Midmill, Cllr Cullinane reported that the Road Safety Unit has declined this but when the new school and Midmill housing development come to fruition then this should be applied for again, or it may be possible to move the interactive sign near the Torryburn Hotel nearer to the Midmill location.

Cllr Cullinane advised that the previously reported poor condition seat at Allendale gardens is to be replaced.

Following Cllr Hood’s concern regarding cases reported to the Fiscal resulting in “No Proceedings” cases, we received a report from the Fiscals office that stated that for Aberdeen and Stonehaven courts, there were 16,747 cases reported and 1,456 declared as having no action taken, 742 of these being due to insufficient evidence and 88 deemed not a criminal offence.

Cllr Hood was still concerned regarding cases reported for repeated offences where no action had been taken and advised that he is going to discuss further with the new Inspector at Inverurie, Inspector Miller.

Kenny Thomson expressed concern that there was different PC’s attending the council meetings and never the same PC. Constable Barnwell advised that this was due to their shift patterns and other operational reasons. Alun Harris is our dedicated PC.

Minutes had minor amendments and were approved by Kenny Thomson and seconded by Sheila Gray.

The Gateway Kintore consideration at the ISC on 27th Nov – Representation is to be made by KDCC. Brian Johnstone and Kenny Thomson to attend.

East Kintore development plans latest draft was passed by the Area Committee with no further comments by the local councillors. The developers are planning to come to our January meeting in 2015 to discuss this further. With the CC plans to progress a Sport and Community Centre in Kintore.

The response from Procurator Fiscals office was discussed during the Police report.

The Kintore Fireworks was a great success with ample positive feedback from the community. Over £2100 was collected on the evening , leaving £1300 after costs.
The treasurer, Mrs Thomson distributed a very detailed Financial Statement. Mr Dosset (Butcher) gave a donation. There was £172 made on extra burgers, cola, crisps etc being sold afterwards and there were Glowsticks left to the value of £150 for next year.
A Lessons Learned questionnaire was being circulated to all involved for improving next years’ event.
It was agreed that a small donation should be given to Scouts Group for their valued assistance on the night.

Cllr Hood asked if we could share our information with Newmachar Community Council as they would like to run a fireworks event next year and this was agreed.

Town House - Susan Adams advised a visit was arranged for Malcolm Fraser Architect specialising in historic building work visiting 21st November. There is no disabled access upstairs at the moment and this was a restriction on its use. We discussed other properties and Cllr Hood asked who uses the Hub as he had been asked about the possibility of renting the property and was confirmed it was Grampian Opportunities who use it for meetings. Mr Thomson confirmed that The Bothie was available for rent for general meetings.

Meeting with Energy Scotland re renewable project. Kenny Thomson and the Chairman met with the representative of Energy Scotland who co-ordinates the CARES (Scottish Government) grant funding. There are a number of tasks to be completed for us to submit a grant application

  • Summarise a Community Plan for the use of any funds generated
  • Identify structure of a controlling body and likely members needed
  • Consult with Community, confirming their aspirations for community projects.
  • Try and recruit professional members ( Accountant, Project Manager, Legal Advisor)
  • Research Land Owner Opportunities - perhaps place an advert in paper
  • Generate a brief for tendering to a number of consultants to prepare a study on
  • Hydro, Solar, Wind opportunities and geographical considerations etc.
  • A template for tendering is available for this from Energy Scotland.
  • We found out that there was an Archimedes Screw installed at the Tait’s Papermill,in Inverurie, this was to be discussed with Alan Rae of Kirkwood Properties.
  • We are to contact NATS (Air Traffic Control Systems) and MOD(Ministry of
  • Defence) and contact SSE to identify Feed In Connections available.

We expect to complete the application in the next few weeks.

There has been discussions regarding the need for a Defibrillator in the town.

The Church is planning to install one, local 1st aid responders are believed to have them so we have written to the Scottish Ambulance Assoc. to confirm this and await reply. There are grants available from SAS so await a response from them.

Cllr Hood reported that the Scottish Fire Service are carrying out a survey of all of the defibrillators in the country. The plan is that this would tie in with all of the community groups, 1st responders, golf clubs, local halls etc to prepare a database of all of the locations and may possibly include all fire stations.

Chairman to connect the fire & rescue service to find out more about this.

There was a notice in the local papers of Scottish Ambulance Assoc grants, so we will complete this application along with an application to British Heart Foundation who offer a £400 grant towards a unit.

Once it is clear what provisions there are in Kintore we will decide if we feel we need a unit in Kintore.


Mrs Thomson submitted a treasurers report and Signatories have been attained from Sheila Gray and Gloria Johnstone to become bank signatories.

YOUTH REPORT Kenny Thomson reported it is a year since The Bothie opened and there was a celebration planned for the 6th December. The same day as the Kintore Xmas Lights are being switched.

Ken McEwen confirmed he would post all of the times on the Kintore.org website.

They are seeking sponsor/contributors to continue the funding of the youth co-ordinator. Unfortunately Kintore is seen as not being a deprived area and is therefore difficult to attract funding. The Chairman suggested we approach some of the local companies in Kintore to see if we can obtain funds for this position, or indeed let the community try and raise funds – or perhaps some of it.

Cllr Hood suggested that the Communities Initiative Fund might be a source to find funds also he will find contacts for KDCC to contact and revert back. St Andrews Church funding might be another source of resourcing as well as Local Area Groups (LAGS). It was suggested that Anne Simpson of the Garioch Partnership is a good contact for funding sources so might be worth speaking to her.

APP/2014/3591 Steading Conversion, Thainstone – it was questioned why an old area map had been submitted by applicant.

APP/2014/3609 Permission for 5 houses, Wyness Way, Kintore. An old map submitted again which showed Tennis courts on the map which has been replaced with 3 houses. Cllr Hood will bring to the attention of the Planning Services.

APP/2014/3482 Additional Asphalt plant, Toms Forrest Quarry.

ENQ/2014/2560 Large Area Workshops,Offices, Yard South Midmill Public event on 12 December 2014 . Applicants want to visit the KDCC to discuss.

TRE/2014/1073 Removal and Pruning of Trees,Hawthorn Way, Kintore


Planning Aid Scotland, training for Community Councillors on Scotland’s planning system. On 27th Nov, Acorn Centre, Inverurie West Church if anyone is interested.

Townhouse Clock facebook comment read out regarding the clock being at the wrong time. Cllr Ford had informed us this service was provided by a local resident. Kenny reported that he will contact Ken White and find out who the resident is.

Broadband dissatisfaction – Ken McEwen & Cllr Hood – letter from Mrs Alison McInnes was discussed. Dreadful problems with fibre broadband and the loss of it from lots of different residents, and not only in Kintore. Something desperately wrong with the BT network. Cllr Hood is to speak with council members - Steven Archer and Roddy Mathieson - £16M into upgrading broadband speeds in Aberdeenshire. Chairman to try and chase at the BT end. Brendan Dick is the man for Cllr Hood and our chairman to contact. IOD meeting in Aberdeen is the 2nd poorest energy city in the world for broadband. Profile needs to be raised and try and get some resolution.

Bus Forum - Facebook complaint about lack of School Road buses.
Lesley to attend the next Bus Forum Meeting in Kemnay.
Chairman to write to Stage Coach and invite them to one of the KDCC meetings - Steve Walker and get some of the public to attend too.

There has been an email request for Compost and flowers for Airlie House Sheltered Housing complex – Ainslee has been contacted and he will keep us posted.

Review of scheme of establishment, no boundary changes are proposed, minor changes in constitution bringing more responsibility to CC but this will need support / training to CC’s.

The Council e-learning system is now available to all CC members who are interested in registering. Secretary to write to Alison Cumming, with names. Courses include:

  1. Why do you want to be a Community Councillor?
  2. Role of the Secretary
  3. Role of the Chair
  4. Role of the Treasurer
  5. Getting the most out of meetings
  6. Letter writing
  7. Minute taking
  8. Dealing with the Press.
  9. MS Word
  10. MS Excel
  11. European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)

We will all have access to these systems online and you do the course yourself at your leisure. 1st December is the date to have this registered. Names from Lesley, Gloria, Brian, Joan and will be forwarded to take this up. ALDO is the name of this Council’s in house e-learning system.

Play park review by Landscape Services extended - comments will still be accepted. We need to let them know our feedback. Playpark locations will be sourced from Doug Milne which we have not received yet and we will give feedback then. Mums in the town should be consulted. Lesley suggested the big “spider’s web” in the East Park Road should be moved to the Town Park play park in Kintore. We need to address even at this late stage if possible.

Supporting Communities Event in Kemnay – 1st November Joan, Gloria and Brian attended. Training Sessions included: Getting the most out of meetings and the role of Chairman and Treasurer.
There were Best Practice Presentations on the Bothy and the Udny wind turbine project.
Community Planning and Social Media Presentations which included the Kintore Action plan and the KDCC interaction with facebook, twitter and the website.
The Planning Workshop included running through actual planning applications through to completion, this was very helpful and gave a good insight to the planning process..
It was a well attended session and it gave us the opportunity to meet other community councillors from other areas.

Community Planning Partnership November update – Ward 12 (East Garioch) – Kintore Town House – Malcolm Fraser Architects of Edinburgh. The CC are awaiting survey monkey report from Ann Simpson to see what the community would want for Kintore.


Most items have been covered within the meeting above.

Cllr Hood stipulated that the second primary – 2016 date is still on track, no change to the progress to date.
Kintore Academy to be discussed at the next Council administration meeting – officers will take the results away and then goes to Area Committee and then the Resources Committee– this process could deliver a decision on a Kintore Academy by end of this year.

Chairman to invite a member of the Town Park development to come along and give a presentation on the updated version of events.

The proposed Railway Station situation is to be progressed by Cllrs Cullinane and Ford. Work has begun on clearing vegetation and the drilling of bore holes as part of required track doubling.


Kintore Public Toilets provision was discussed and questioned why were they closed, this was possibly due to vandals and given the closure of the Kintore Arms Inn, which provided this as part of a business partnership, we now have no access to public toilet facilities. Toilets within the Town House could be an option. CC will write to Infrastructure Services to see what can be resolved.

There was a consultation on the second Primary School zoning, with little turnout. There has been little comments regarding the zoning which seems due to the flexibility of the zoning and no subsequent negativity is reported.

KINTORE KONNECT Nothing to report.

Date of next Meeting - 20th January 2015
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