Minutes of meeting for May 20, 2014

Kintore and District Community Council
Meeting - 7pm 20"‘ May 2014 in Kintore School
Approved Minute

Community Councillors Lesley Monaghan (Chair), Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Sheila Gray, Gloria Johnstone, Glen Reid, Anne Simpson, Alison Elriok (resident). Hamish McDonald and Steve Crawford, PC Sandra Duncan & Stuart Gibbon. Councillors Martin Ford, Nan Cullinane & Fergus Hood.

The Chair welcomed all to the meeting

Ann Marston, Drew Cullinane, Brian Johnstone.

PC Sandra Duncan gave the police report.

Hamish McDonald & Steve Crawford (proposed Gateway Kintore developers) updated Councillors on the progress of Gateway Kintore advising that they had some interest from developers and expressed hope that the site’s inclusion into the local development plan would be supported by the Area Committee.

Alison Elrick commented that Kintore seriously lacks facilities and hopes opportunities would be provided soon for further retail and employment choices in Kintore for young and old.

Councillors Ford gave an update on the audit being done by Tim Stephen’s team in the Councll’s Lifelong Learning Service team who, from a previous meeting with the local councillors and members of the community council, agreed to perform the audit on appropriate levels of facilities that would match the population of Kintore.

They were asked to benchmark different communities in Aberdeenshire of a similar size to Kintore and see what facilities they had and to match what is missing. There is a Sports Scotland model and this would be reviewed to see the gaps. Progress is being made and they will report their findings as soon as possible.

Anne Simpson (Garioch Partnership) reported on the Community Action Plan update Summer Festival on 318‘ May 2014 and CAP will join the Community Council stall on the day and improve the resident’s support for Kintore. Susan Adams is coming along too to promote the Town House. Anne intimated that the Community Council will be leading this plan and any decision making will be with the Community Council only.

MINUTE OF PREVIOUS MEETING held on 15"" April 2014.
The Minute was amended and approved by Sheila Gray and seconded by Joan Thomson.


Joan reported same figures as last month with imminent purchases of £146 for the floral displays but this will be balanced out with the sponsorships from local organisations. Ainslee Reid is on board with this project.

No purchases being made for the Summer Festival — Anne bringing lollipops and Council will provide bookmarks from last year.

Kenny Thomson reported that there has been a good build—up of volunteers to 14 now. 26 children attended the Monday afternoon after school group. The rear of the Bothie requires tidying up. Garden Centre at Clovenstone has donated materials which is appreciated. Alastair Mowat has offered his truck for this project. Running costs are favourable.

Sign for the Bothie — Cllr Ford hasn’t heard back but will follow it up.

Stewart Heddle has asked us to write a further letter opposing the plan. Council agreed and letter will be submitted on their behalf.

Nothing new to report.

Councillor Ford intimated that Kintore Railway Station date is now 2019. lt is going to happen but it is taking a ridiculously long time.
Cllr Ford stated how disappointed they were that the new primary school has been delayed by another year. Compulsory Purchase Order may be necessary to implement now. Cap on school numbers could be implemented by Head Teacher.

Kenny Thomson congratulated Cllr Hood of his position of Chairman of the Area Committee

Kintore Summer Festival — short of members for helping out, but Anne has previously mentioned they will help man our stall, in conjunction with her project. Big tent and good area for the event. Some comments that the square was better than the park,
but decision has been made.

Lochburn area has been sprayed with weed-killer and is ready for the next stage of this project. Anne said she would find out about providing funding from the Community initiative Fund, for a bench for this area. Sheila asked if the Aberdeenshire Council went round the village to clean the gullies.

Cllr Hood confirmed this is being done and is going to find out about this particular

Chairman submitted a report from last meeting.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING — 17"‘ June 2014

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