Minutes of meeting for March 18, 2014

Kintore and District Community Council (KDCCl
7pm 18‘ March 2014 at Klntore Primary School
Approved Minutes

Welcome: Chairman Brian Johnstone welcomed all to the meeting.

Present: Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Gloria Johnstone, Lesley Monaghan, Councillor Martin Ford, Cllr Nan Cullinane, Cllr Fergus Hood, Drew Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston.
Apologies: Kenny Thomson, Glen Reid,

Police Report: No police correspondence. Chairman to send Brian Pirie an email. Report to follow.

Presentation: Harry Jameson, Supply Director, Estover Energy Ltd distributed information about the log yard proposal at Harthill Forest. Estover Energy intend establishing a 10 acre log yard at Harthills Wood just to the west of Cottown, for storage and delivery of logs to Stoneywood Paper Mill. Two issues of concern are noise and lorry movements. Chairman to voice our concerns.

Roddy Matheson (Aberdeenshire Council) and Robert Patrick of CKD Galbraith informed all on the proposal before any information appears in the public domain regarding a wind-turbine at Burnside Quarry Development. Because this proposal is a council one this will be considered at the Area Committee.

Minutes of Previous Meeting
Approved by Ann Marston and seconded by Sheila Gray.

Matters Arising from the Minute:
Following Mike Ogg’s visit and talk from last month the Chairman wrote to Practice Manager at lnverurie Health Centre. Interested to see statistics on patients going to lnverurie although they stay in Kintore. One of the developers got away £500 payment - planning appeal decision. Very recently gone through Section 75 planning gain process. Should this come from the Scottish Office? Strict legal A requirement. Would have to demonstrate that it would be detrimental. Depends on the circumstances.

List the health restrictions for Kintore. Local development plan would ask for contributions. Wilf Weir and the Chairman conversed about this. Chairman wrote to Sports Council. John Hardy has been informed by Cllr Martin Ford that this is urgent at this stage. Garioch Sports Centre Trust look at Newmachar and look at costs etc. Look at Blackburn and MacBe in Mintlaw. Chairman to contact Doug Milne re the next step. Brian and Cllr Ford to speak to John Hardie and get a meeting soon before the next monthly meeting.

Brian & Gloria met with Susan Adam - funding presentation minimum ‘l year contract - Town Hall and Fountain are her projects and ask her to come along to the next meeting and get some understanding of what is happening.

Lighting at Bothie — Cllr Ford is awaiting a response about this.

Rollomire - it was reported from Colin Stirling — natural bog for natural bugs and would not paleo environment to catchment. Cannot do anything within it so hence it is all fenced off. Possible path would be a wooden deck but this would not be safe for children and animals. Leave at moment. Brian to phone Colin Sterling.

Treasurer’s Report : Joan updated all members on expenditure.

Ideas to spend some of the money on the fireworks and the “No Mans Land” - at the bottom of Lochburn was agreed a way the Council could spend some money . Kenny Thomson spoke with Peter Strachan (son of the old provost Mr. Strachan) to put a bench there in his memory with baskets with flowers and make this area memorable. Council agreed to take this forward and Ainslee Reid is keen to
develop this idea and seek sponsorship from local businesses. It was agreed that along with Ainslee Reid’s expertise volunteers would get involved in the near future to develop this area.

Youth Report: In Kenny’s absence Joan informed all that they were busy preparing for the car boot sale at the Bothie shortly. Joan to find out about the licence for this. Residents have all been informed also.

Street pastoring in Kintore to reach out to the youngsters in Kintore.

Planning Matters:
Drew Cullinane informed and circulated the latest planning applications, none were considered significant requiring any council comment. Malcolm Allan application at Midmill — nothing heard yet.

Correspondence: Good success for canvassing for the bus service. All No 37 buses will be going along Hallforest Avenue, Gauchhill, will all be going past ARI. Every 20 minutes. No buses in School Road. No 37A buses any more. Stagecoach will monitor this.

Kintore station - timetable going fonrvard. E-planning as opposed to paper plans.

Renewable energy South Aberdeen Area Group (SALAG) All communities were at this meeting and ideas were all recorded. We asked for a community centre for Kintore. Who do we go to for advice? Where do we go from here. What not to do! All good ideas and a good source of information to take forward.

Wind-turbines - profit making for community? Brian to circulate information and see if we could replicate the idea that Udny Community Council are adopting. Brian to contact SCOPE initially.

Summer Festival: 31 May 2014 — need to get a committee meeting organised soon. Brian to circulate
ideas now.

Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update:
Pavements in Kintore are in a shocking state having all been re-tarred. Henderson Drive is particularly bad and East Park Road. Cllr Hood to report this.

Brander outside Sheila’s house - a sunken drain is causing considerable noise outside Shei|a’s house on Northern Road. Cllr Hood to report this.

Hospital project has been circulated and is in Kintore.org.uk

People fly-tipping in the East Park burn. Chairman to put something in Kintore.org to dissuade people doing this. Cllr Hood to see about erecting a No Fly-Tipping sign.

Question asked by Chairman about what councillors thought about a KDCC face-book page to highlight incidents like this. All thought it was a good idea.

Kintore Konnect: nothing to report.

Date of Next Meeting -- 15"‘ April 2014 — Apologies from Gloria & Brian for April meeting. Lesley to chair this meeting and Kenny has been nominated to do the minutes.
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