Minutes of meeting for June 17, 2014

Kintore and District Community Council
Meeting - 7pm 17"‘ June 2014 in Kintore School
Approved Minute

Community Councillors Brian Johnstone (Chair), Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan, Gloria Johnstone, Alison Cumming, PC Ross Fraser.
Councillors Martin Ford & Fergus Hood.

The Chair welcomed all to the meeting

Sheila Grey, Cllr Nan Cullinane, Drew Cullinane, Glen Reid.

PC Ross Fraser gave the police report.

No presentations this month.

MINUTE OF PREVIOUS MEETING held on 20*“ May 2014.
Minute approved by Joan Thomson and seconded by Lesley Monaghan.

The councillors confirmed that they were recommending the inclusion of the Gateway Kintore proposal in the LDP with three caviats:-
1.That the development should comply with SPP14 —The latest Scottish Government Planning Policy
2. A retail impact assessment report would be completed and
3.A Transport Scotland agreement to the mitigation to Broomhill roundabout.

The proposed application for the machinery sales area at Thainstone was not accepted by the Area committee so will not be included in the LDP.

The lnfrastucture Sen/ices Committee (ISC) will then meet on 3"’ July and consider all of the LDP bids and comments to the proposed bids for all of the 6 area committees.

The Fireworks display planned for 2014 funding was discussed with ideas to generate funds for this project. Suggestions of having the Kintore Pipe Band in attendance as well as burger van, band, etc.Chairman to discuss further the proceedings with Skyburst Firework displays.

The Summer Festival was considered a success with terrific weather and a good turnout, some further ideas were proposed for next year, so these will be researched further.

The planned timber felling and chipping proposal by Estover Energy at Harthill Woods and the associated transportation of timber into the site for chipping is being reviewed by the planning department to determine if this will be classed as a development requiring planning consent.

The Summer Festival made a profit of £170 on the day. Joan gave an update on the banking situation with the receipt of the donations and outgoings for the floral displays in the village. The annual grant from the Council is due in the coming week or so.

Kenny Thomson reported that they now had 14 volunteers to assist with supervision, there were now 4 youth sessions weekly and this will be increased soon to 5. There was a fair amount of use of the facilities including some after-school attendance, council meetings, police service and other local
community groups, all making use of the facility.

A council grant has been made for a public art project and an art company had been commissioned to look at the village and come up with some ideas for producing something representing the characteristics of the area. Some ideas were a mural on the gable end of the Bothie representing the character of
Kintore and the surrounding area.

The Bothie landscaping has now been completed at no charge, with thanks to contributions from local businesses of materials and helpers for assisting with the area to the rear of the Bothie.

The Community Council now receive a copy of the weekly planning lists for the garioch area. One item was the demolition of the existing buildings and erection of 4 commercial units for the proposed Sainsbury Local supermarket, hairdresser, dentist and take away. There is also a planning request by the
M1 consortium for a small supermarket at the proposed site adjacent to Crossraguel, School Road, ( at the entrance to the proposed access road to the M1 development).This was included in the draft plan submitted by the developers for 2017 which showed this area allocated for community facilities such as this. One other proposal was changes to offices at Midmill to form a physiotherapy clinic. The other proposals were not considered significant for review.

The Queen’s Baton Relay is coming through Kintore on Sunday 29"‘ June 2014. More marshalling volunteers are required.

Part of the Town House has been leased for 6 years for a commercial office use. The Council Media unit is in another part of the building. The remainder is unused. This will not hinder the upgrading work of the building externals and surround ground area. Meetings are planned from August onwards to discuss potential uses for the main part of the building, volunteers from the community are encouraged to participate in this decision process with ideas from the community on its use are being sought. A visit to the Town House can be organised by Doug Milne for the Councillors who haven’t seen the
inside before.

Approaches have been made regarding a community Renewable Energy Project - with grants available for much of the initial work. Potentially there is scope for this to generate significant income for community use. The chairman to research on the detail of this and report back to Councillors.

Bus stops are proposed on the B994 on the Kemnay road from the turn off opposite Sandy Thain site. Comments were made regarding the changes to the 37 bus route through Kintore, the route via Hallforest Avenue seems not to be for the residents close to School Road. All comments can be presented to the next bus forum meeting in September, comments are requested from the community on this and the chairman will write to the Bus Forum.

The new household waste recycling system was presented at the Garioch Community Forum and explained the implementation of food recycling, collected weekly, larger recycling wheelie bin to be collected fort-nightly alternating with non re-cyclable waste. The only items that cannot be recycled will
be glass, which will have to be delivered by the householder to local glass recycling areas. A postcard will be sent out in August, a letter in September with the 1st collection scheduled for week commencing 22”“ September. The recycled food is sent for composting and overall this new system will increase the
recycling and decrease the amount of landfill.

An A96 Secondary Schools Stakeholder Consultation meeting was attended, where following the study of all the options for secondary schooling in the lnverurie, Kemnay and Kintore area were presented. These considered expanding or re-building lnverurie Academy, leaving Kemnay Academy as is and building a new Academy in Kintore which would potentially incorporate St Andrews School. Based on the increased forecast of the secondary school roll to 2600, the building of an Academy at Kintore scored the best, another low scoring option was a very large lnverurie Academy being built and no Kintore Academy, this however had some serious planning considerations as it would entail building a 3-4 storey building and may prevent additional issues for transport etc. This is an assessment at this stage and these are only options for consideration, with hopefully the Kintore Academy option being recommended to the area committee in August for a school possibly completed by 2018 with larger core facility capacity (dining, toilets etc) will initially be built, giving the scope for building expansion at a later date.

Most of the items discussed during the meeting included the planned input from the councillors. One additional item is the Town Park development, where we were reminded that planning consent for this development exists to allow occupancy in August 2015. The timeline for progress on this site will
then depend on the developers plans.

Alison Cumming informed Councillors that the next round of presentations at the Garioch CC forum sessions will include Health & Social Care in September, Community Engagement in November and Community Resilience in March 2015.

Alison also reminded the members of the Supporting Community events organised by the council for CC members and any interested community person - the last one in June at Banchory was very well attended with good feedback on the content.

Further meetings planned in Huntly and Kemnay will provide training on social media, a hands on understanding of the planning system, roles of the Chairman, and Secretary, data protection along with best practice presentations from other Community Councils.

A request was made for a proposal of an example of best practice for the Garioch area for the Kemnay meeting on 18‘ November, to which all Community Councillors and those interested in becoming a Community Councillor are invited.

Chairman asked if the members opinion on having our own Facebook page, we have excellent support from the Kintore.org website and we agreed we should reconsider this after some social media training and understanding had been carried out.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING - 15"" July 2014
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