Minutes of meeting for January 21, 2014

Kintore and District Community Council lKDCC)
7pm 21 January 2014 at Kintore Primary School

Approved Minutes

Welcome: Vice Chairman Lesley Monaghan welcomed all to the meeting.
Present: Joan Thomson, Gloria Johnstone, Kenny Thomson, Councillor Martin Ford, Cllr Nan Cullinane, Cllr Fergus Hood, Drew Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Donna and Stuart Heron.
Stewart Heddle, and Ken Brown - local resident’s. Craig Falconer (Skyburst Firework displays).
Apologies: Brian Johnstone, Glen Reid, Ava Rennie

Police Report: PC Catherine Cumming from the lnverurie office gave a resume of the crime factors in and around Kintore. Petty crime still an issue. Careless driving, a domestic assault, failed to stop road traffic issue, vandalism on East Park Road. Breach of bail after a domestic incident and reckless misconduct. Motor vehicle damaged during hit & run at the Co-op. There are still some speeding issues in the village. PC Cumming re-iterated that residents should still be very, very vigilant with locking cars and house doors as perpetrators are still managing to enter houses and steal cars. The Council were informed of incidents on Klngsfield Road and East Park Road regarding valves being taken, tyres deflated on cars and apples being thrown at residents’ windows. All of these incidents
were reported to police.

Stewart Heddle gave an indication of his concern and opposition of the proposed development at Clovenstone re the Thainstone Marts’ development contained in the Main Issues Report, the précis to the Local Development Plan. The Council reviewed the plans and listening to the basis of the opposition agreed that we would submit a letter to the Planning Department and support his opposition to this.

Ken Brown attended the meeting and conveyed his concerns/objections of the plans on the Caravan Park to create hard standing areas for static caravans. Again the Council agreed to support his objection to the planning application.

Cllr Martin Ford left the meeting at this stage.

Minutes of Previous Meeting
Approved by Kenny Thomson and seconded by Sheila Gray. Matters Arising from the Minute:

ACTION: Cllr’s Cullinane 8t Hood have still not had a response from Mike Ogg (NHS) and a representative or himself to attend our next meeting as there has been no response by e-mails. This is to discuss the current health care facilities in Kintore - immediate and long term concerns.

ACTION: Cllr Cullinane & Cllr Hood - fountain situation — Doug Milne put this issue to Landscape Services and are on board with the restoration of the said fountain and awaiting estimates for the repair. Steel pin needs to be inserted into the centre of the fountain.

Bus infrastructure — Bus Forum next meeting is in March 2014. Still complaints about 2 white vans parked on School Road. If he could park slightly further back the bus drivers would see waiting passengers. Cllr Hood to speak to Roads Department to see if the car parking area here could be re- addressed. Taking the pavement back would make it more accessible. Police could speak to him and ask for his consideration as he is not committing any offence.

Access to Tuach Hill — Kevin Wright to be contacted — this was initially considered an access enforcement issue but is possibly now a planning issue. Cllr Hood gave Chairman an e-mail address to write and find out about this. (From last meeting - Klngsfield Road pathway onto Tuach Hill came under discussion as it appears the pathway has been closed off. Linda Mathieson is the contact also to be
contacted.) Cllr Nan Cullinane informed of the e-mail she received that planning had been approved for garden extension and had been approved, with no access provision included. If the council considered going to court, as it was not considered a winnable case and therefore be a waste of council monies.

Lochburn Drive “No-man’s land” — still don’t know who owns this land (a Mrs Anderson in Mintlaw is thought to be an owner but the title deeds have not been found to confirm this). Craig’s and Stewart Milne builders were developers of the adjacent area. Community Council with Ainslee Reid are prepared to tidy up this area. Cllr Ford suggested that we can ask the police if there would be any offence committed if we carried out some work.

Chairman to write a letter to Police asking if this can be done by the Council members, on a voluntary basis.

A resident has asked if the old, large copper beech trees surrounding the large farmhouse at the end of the village were protected as a resident was concerned that a developer would come and cut them down.
ACTION: Cllr Fergus Hood will find out about this.

Treasurer’s Report 1 Joan updated all members on expenditure. £100 was donated to both Provost Lawrence Court and Airlie House for their Christmas meal. Leaving £865 in the bank. No Mans Land — money could be used to cultivate this area of land. Summer Festival was another way the council could assist with funds for this, there is speculation the venue may be moved to the School Park, Ian
Burgess is to be spoken to — Joan to confirm, if there were any areas where we could help with funding.

Youth Report: Kenny informed all that the Bothie is open and 17 — 25 children are attending classes in the building on a regular basis. Art classes are using it on Wednesday mornings. There are now 18 volunteers workers at present, meetings are to be held to review the opportunities to opening more evenings. There are no reported problems with neighbours to date, so all looking good. Cllr Hood suggested contacting Kintore Mums with young children who could be considered to use the Bothie - Liz McKay is on board with this to see if the facility could be utilised a few mornings a week. Kemnay Youth Club is concluding next year so this might perhaps have a knock on effect on Kintore. Joan mentioned that the Youth Workers would encourage any kids hanging around the Bothie and get
them involved in coming in to the Bothie and not hang around the streets.

Planning Matters:
Main Issues Report (MIR) -— The council will have to make their submissions before 31 January, regarding Gateway Kintore, the original 1000 signature petition has no bearing at all according to Piers Blaxter, as it was submitted prior to the MIR being published and is not relevant to the MIR, however the 1000 people are being encouraged to re-send their nomination’s again and Kintore.org website has an online facility to help with this.

Cllr Fergus Hood concurred with this information.

lnverurie Business Association are concerned about the lack of shopping facilities in Kintore and would welcome Gateway Kintore.
There is a Minutes from a meeting tomorrow night with members the community and the M1 Consortium at the Bothie regarding the forthcoming housing developments to re-affirm the community facilities requirements.

It was requested that the outcome from this meeting be fed back to Cllr’s Cullinane and Hood, who are unable to attend.

Wind Turbine application at Midmill — letter of objection sent to Council on 13"“ January 2014.

Hamish McDonald (Gateway Kintore and resident at Denhead Croft) asking for our support in objecting to the proposed wind turbine application by Malcolm Allan, to be installed between Denhead Croft and Ferneybrae Croft in between the power lines. Secretary read out the letter Chairman wrote to Mr White of the Planning Department stating our concerns. M1 Consortium -Chairman submitted letter advising of our wish to be statutory consultees for application.

Drew Cullinane issued plans on mainly residential planning matters and all were discussed with no related comments.

11. Correspondence:
Torryburn Hotel: E-mail from Bob Milton Properties of Fochabers who confirmed purchase of the hotel. No plans declared.
Garden Centre at Midmill (temporary football pitch) — e-mail from Gary Purves, Knight Frank. To be created after 2017. Discussed at last meeting and the Council thought it was a good idea.

Polling places in Kintore — Council have to review polling places — have we concerns about the Village Hall being used for this? Council do not have an issue with the village hall being used for this. Community Transport Vehicle Fund: for voluntary and community organisations - monies available to buy new vehicles or replace older ones. Deadline for applications is 31$‘ January 2014. Should we be applying for this? Discussions took place regarding the different aspects of driver training, maintaining of vehicle, running costs, pool of drivers would be required, etc. It was considered too short notice for the council to consider. Garioch Partnership: not discussed.

12. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update:
CC Forum Meeting presentation on roads and transportation - upgrade of Broomhill roundabout and the 3 lane roundabout at Blackhall Road. The forum mentioned looking at staggered junction at Thainstone and the link road to Crichie. A96 upgrade mentioned that Nairn is first to be done, hoping lnverurie study to be next.

Cllr Hood discussed the ongoing consultation at the moment considering the A96 corridor secondary education requirements for the forecast 2440 secondary pupils in the area including the existing lnverurie & Kemnay Academy Schools and the consideration for a new academy in Kintore.

Cllr Hood informed us the 2014/15 budget considerations include indications of continued provision of existing services, with no significant reductions planned for 2014/15, but will have to save around £50m by 2018, due to inflationary price increases, there are many cost saving projects going on including installation of low energy LED Street lights, solar panels on school roofs and other environmental projects which become self-funding with the savings they make.

Kintore primary still continues to have a very pressured school role. There are plans to use some of the other rooms within the school, which are currently community rooms. Some groups using these rooms will have to somewhere else. These groups will get back into the school when the new school is built and Cllr Hood wanted to reassure everyone that the rumour that these groups will not be able to gain access to the new school is completely unfounded.

New primary school to be built by August 2015 — still on track according to Cllr. Hood.

The likelihood of a secondary school depends on the outcome of the A96 corridor secondary schools consultation, and indication of this happening is expected around end of April.

High Speed Broadband installation is scheduled to be in lnverurie, Westhill and Kintore by end of July 2014.

13. AOCB
Kenny organising the M1 Consortium in the Bothie on 22"“ January 2014.

14. Kintore Konnect: report to be submitted by 18‘ February 2014 by Chairman, with input from Kenny about the Bothie.

15. Date of Next Meeting - 18"‘ February 2014
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