Minutes of meeting February 18, 2014

Kintore and District Community Council (KDCC)
7pm 18th February 2014 at Kintore Primary School

Approved Minutes

1. Welcome: Chairman Brian Johnstone welcomed all to the meeting.

2. Present: Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Gloria Johnstone, Kenny Thomson, Lesley Monaghan, Councillor Martin Ford, Cllr Nan Cullinane, Cllr Fergus Hood, Drew Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Glen Reid, Craig Falconer (Skyburst Firework displays).

3. Apologies: Donna & Stewart Heron

4. Police Report: PC Alex Carnie gave a brief overview of incidents in Kintore. Thefts of motor vehicles still an issue in Kintore. Vandalism in East Park Road/Newlands Drive - 4 suspects. Residents still not being very mindful in locking their properties as these thefts are opportunistic, entering unsecured properties and cars. A vandalism was being investigated where a stone had been thrown through a house window on School Road, 3 youths were reported hanging around the Village Hall opposite the house, so enquiries are ongoing on this. A vandalism to a car was reported in the Gauchill Road area, no suspects at present. 4 youths were found in the possession of cannabis. A number of youths were spoken to regarding the bothy and were unaware what activities were on offer, arrangements were to be made to advise them on the activities available to them and look into other activities which may entice them to use the Bothie. Separately to the police report it was reported that the glass panel above the front door on the Bothie had been smashed 2 weeks ago. Police Officers are considering an operation to look at the parking issues around the school area including the safe crossing following some specific concerns that had been raised. Speed checks are still ongoing in Kintore. There are reports of recurring issues in the East Park area where 3-4 youths are regularly knocking on doors, stealing car tyre valves, throwing apples at windows, these incidents have been reported a number of times and investigations into this are ongoing.

5. Presentation
Mike Ogg – Deputy General Manager NHS gave a report on the primary work and future health services in our area in conjunction with the proposed relocation of a new Inverurie GP surgery at the developed Inverurie Hospital site, which is to include x-ray and community maternity services.

There is evidence to suggest that when a General Practice is located adjacent to a local hospital, services are improved and accessibility to additional services affords a speedier response. The current hospital site is not fit for purpose with many porta-cabins utilised to provide the required services. It is very much over capacity with the space required for the growing number of patient’s notes necessitating the relocating of the health visitors and midwifes to the Health Centre in Kintore. This is limiting the provision of general practice services in Kintore.

The Kintore general practice delivery is a contract with the doctors who own the Inverurie Medical Group Practice, as their boundary also includes Kintore. Therefore any expansion on Kintore services will need to be discussed with the Inverurie Medical Group Practice.

NHS review all of the primary care general medical priorities to determine where most appropriate to spend the limited funds they have available and currently the Kintore practice is not identified as a priority site for development as the building is in reasonably good condition.
When asked, Mike responded that they receive no increase in funding from the Scottish Government per head of capita.
They are looking to proposed housing developments to provide the opportunity for improved community services but the NHS has a poor track record obtaining any gain from this.
Generally planning gain provides capital cost for buildings, but not for operational costs.
It was reported that a recent developers obligation for planning gain health care contribution, per house built, was removed as it was viewed that this is a Scottish Office obligation.
But currently it appears there is no increase in funding to the local NHS when new houses are being built.

Mike reported that the 20/20 health care provision for Kintore is to provide local and accessible services, live at home and live within their communities, Health and Social care will become a single entity. As most people utilise much more services than purely general practice, like health visitors, midwife, podiatry, and speech and language they are looking to bolster local health and social care services rather than purely focus on a building for general practice.
Regarding taking up space in new primary school, Mike advised that Ritchie Johnson had some preliminary discussions and they would hope to utilise some of the space within the school to deliver some health services.
As the design of the school is fairly well advanced Mike is going to see about taking this further on our behalf.

Mike agreed to make enquiries with their property team regarding the Kintore East development with some urgency, as discussions are in the early stages with the developers regarding the facilities required from them, as community facilities.

Mike Ogg has been asked to return to give his report on this and ongoing developments at a future meeting.

Chairman to write to find out more from the planning department, NHS and Inverurie Medical Practice regarding the future NHS services in Kintore.

Scott Strachan from CastleGlen informed members that there is to be approx. 4-4500 sq ft. Sainsbury’s shop in Kintore (slightly larger than the existing Co-op). This is Sainsbury’s first store in Aberdeenshire. It took substantial effort to obtain interest from a Supermarket, who until now, none had shown any interest in opening a store. No petrol station is planned at this stage for Kintore.

Opening for store is 1st quarter 2015. (1 year from now). There are two further units to be built, one will be the continuance of the Chinese takeaway. Another possible occupant will be advised in due course following completion of contracts. Stuart will return once the plans are prepared for the site and will advise details of second unit business.

Craig Falconer from Skyburst Firework Displays gave a further report and we discussed the risk assessment for using the playing fields beside the primary school.
Approximately £2K is the cost for what is charged for Kemnay for 15-18 minutes of fireworks.
Council thought it would be a good idea to progress and have this as a KDCC event in November this year. Craig would contact residents and a licence (probably under £100) would be required from the Council. Donations on the night to be considered along with crowd control. Craig is to organise the night and will come back to us to organise raising the funds to pay for this. Kemnay date is 5th November, Thainstone is 8th November and possible date for Kintore is 7th November 2014. All agreed it would be a KDCC event. A further meeting will be organised to sort this event out. The council will require volunteers to organise this event.

6. Minutes of Previous Meeting
One amendment was made to the Minutes and they were then approved by Drew Cullinane and seconded by Kenny Thomson.

7. Matters Arising from the Minute:
A meeting with the M1 consortium by Kenny Thomson took place at the Bothie to discuss community facilities– it was a good meeting and generally came to the same conclusions of the meeting held 3 years ago.
Results of this meeting are to be proposed as community facilities by the M1 consortium as part of the East Kintore development.
One common factor that came out of the meeting was a community centre.
Provided operational funding of a community centre could be an issue, and an ideal solution would be as volunteer funding committee group. This should be done as soon as possible and start negotiating with developers and progress as soon as possible.
Do we need this? The proposed Town Park development potentially will accommodate football pitches, cricket and or tennis. Newmachar and Kinellar Community Centre’s have been completed and are up and running with a range of facilities available, therefore a review of the requirements of what is currently available, what is potentially to come from the town park, the new primary school and what we would then need from a community centre needs to be done as soon as possible.
The sports and recreational team within the council can assist with this and we shall contact them to help in identifying a typical mix of facilities for a town the size of Kintore. The MacB facilty at Mintlaw is a good example of a community managed facility with an exercise gym, and a franchised café.
All of this needs to take into account the future 600 new houses to be built in Kintore.
Perhaps Action Kintore could be utilised as the charitable body to facilitate this exploratory work.
Chair will contact the council sports and recreation team for advice to begin with, and then arrange a discussion with the M1 consortium to discuss the building options available at this stage.

Objections to the LDP Main Issues Report were to be submitted by 1st February, and 355 objections were lodged objecting to the exclusion of the Gateway Kintore proposed site. The hopefully revised MIR, along with the objections will be submitted to Council in May for review and a Council proposal for the LDP is then submitted for consultation and in time will make a recommendation to the Reporter as to the final LDP.

The fountain repair and proposed town hall redevelopment are being set as projects for a newly appointed project officer - Susan Adam.

Councillor Hood advised that the beech trees at the north end of the village are not under a preservation order, the council can place a preservation order on the trees.The council agreed to do this and should write to the head of planning Mr Bruce Strachan at the council expressing this wish.

8. Treasurer’s Report : Joan updated all members on expenditure. Fireworks is a good example for spending the Council funds. Consideration was to make a contribution towards the summer festival committee but a discussion with the treasurer advised their funds were in a fairly healthy position and recommended we offer funds to a more deserving cause.
The “No Mans Land” – at the bottom of Lochburn was agreed a way the Council could spend some money . Kenny Thomson spoke with Peter Strachan (son of the old provost Mr. Strachan) to put a bench there in his memory with baskets with flowers and make this area memorable. Council agreed to take this forward and Ainslee Reid is keen to develop this idea and seek sponsorship from local businesses.

9. Youth Report: Kenny informed that there had been some publicity in the press and that 1400 leaflets were circulated round houses in Kintore with some response from this mailing. A Coffee morning was held this month to let people see the Bothie, and was pleased that they have 2-3 more potential volunteers considering assisting with the youth work. There is a fund raising Car Boot sale planned for the end of March. There are currently 8-10 volunteers in place for helping with the Bothie and they are hoping to increase to around 12. There has been some disquiet about the motion access delay in lighting up the exit from the Bothie. The motion sensor, only lights up the front door of the Bothie. There are also concerns about the lack of lighting in the car park, unobtrusive low bollard lighting might be the answer, but there are many issues to consider for lighting particularly the effect on local residents and Councillor Ford is to investigate the lighting options with the Council.

Regarding the vandalism to the Bothie, a group of 6 youths are believed to be potential suspects for committing the vandalism to the Bothie and the hope is that youths could be invited to come into the Bothie and perhaps see some benefit from attending and therefore be inclined not to cause any more damage.

10. Planning Matters:
Drew Cullinane informed and circulated the latest planning applications, none were considered significant requiring any council comment.

11. Correspondence:
Torryburn Hotel: E-mail from Bob Milton Properties of Fochabers who confirmed purchase of the hotel. Demolition application has been granted but he has not decided what to do with the premises. He promised to advise us in due course of his plans for the site.

There are a number of Community Council Training Courses being organised by the council throughout the year – Brian and Gloria are attending the first of these at Mintlaw in March 2014. These courses are open to all KDCC Members.

Summer Festival: The Community Council have committed to having another stand at the Summer festival - a suggestion of “Play your Cards Right” and “Find the Treasure Square” , a “Bottle Stall” all could be included. This will take place in the park beside the school this year and not in the Square which will give a lot more space for more stalls. Bothie children could perhaps organise laptop games with a prize for highest score. Volunteers will be needed to help with this.
Brian volunteered his name as the contact for this event, which is happening on the 31st May this year.

Anne Simpson – Anne Simpson of the Garioch Partnership discussed the Garioch Community Action Plan for Kintore which includes “To work with the Community of Kintore to identify the needs and aspirations of the community, through a community wide engagement” and the partners to take this forward to be - The Garioch Partnership, Council Voluntary Service , Aberdeenshire Council Community Learning and Development, Kintore Community Council and the Community of Kintore.
The council acknowledged that we are doing some of this in an “itty bitty” way, but to pull this together formally, would a very good idea.
The Garioch Partnership are already having some success with this project in Insch and Kingseat and Anne suggested we carry out some consultation with the community to come up with ideas and suggestions for expanding community activities. Anne shared the news on the exciting new MacB Centre in Mintlaw and this might be something Kintore would like to have.
Anne proposed we have an Open Space consultation– no set agenda – discuss what is happening in your community and by the end of the session – issues should be voiced. Hopefully this can capture the interest first and things could be improved.
We agreed the council will take this on and the Chairman to make up a contacts list to encourage residents to take this forward and arrange a further meeting with Anne to discuss this.

12. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update:
The Aberdeenshire Council financial budget for 2014/15 has been agreed at £517M for next year, this is a no increase flat cash budget. Planned increase in Council staff salary is 1% for 2 years and a living wage to be paid as a minimum to staff (above minimum wage levels).
A96 secondary schools study provision – Cllr Hood to report at a future meeting.
Garioch Bus Forum Meeting on 6th March – Sheila and Ann to attend.
Chairman asked if Cllr Ford or Hood could ask if the bus parking on school road could be hatched off to improve the bus drivers visibility.
Rollomire and Torryburn woods – in order to determine the possibility of developing this area, we need to identify the owners, Colin Stirling might know and it is to be investigated by Lesley.

13. AOCB
Andrew Troup giving a presentation on Harthill Woods at next meeting.

14. Kintore Konnect: nothing to report.

15. Date of Next Meeting – 18th March 2014 – Apologies from Gloria & Brian for April meeting.
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