Minutes of meeting September 17, 2013

Kintore and District Community Council (KDCC)
7pm 17*“ September 2013 at Kintore Primary School
Approved Minutes

Joan Thomson, Gloria Johnstone, Councillor Fergus Hood (part-attendance), Councillor Martin Ford (part- attendance), Brian Johnstone, Kenny Thomson, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, PC Brian Pirie and PC Chloe Adam. Members of the public.

Apologies: Councillor Nan Cullinane, Drew Cullinane, Ava Rennie, Lesley Monaghan.

Kenny Thomson (previous Chairman) welcomed all to the Annual General Meeting of KDCC. He intimated that the Chairman, Kevin Watt had submitted his apologies for not attending the meeting and his resignation as he is moving to lnsch. Kevin had prepared his Chairman’s report.

Kenny’s first duty was to thank Ainslie Reid and Jim Coutts for the management of the floral displays in the town. The article that Kenny submitted to Kintore Konnect stated there are many other un-sung heroes, who help with planting out the plants, positioning tubs, watering etc; Malcolm Allan and Reids garage supply and maintain the vehicle to make this possible; 20 local businesses pay £40 each towards assisting with the financing of this project as did the Rotary Club of Kintore and the Kintore Arms Inn, paying £80 each. Without these generous contributions the project would not be possible.

The ancient fountain was referred to, as Mr Reid had an idea that might bring it back to life as a floral display. Kenny thanked both gentleman for all their hard work during yet another successful year. Kenny handed over vouchers to both gentlemen, as a token of the community’s appreciation.

Hector Hunter won the Best Garden Competition and his partner Francis Robson was there to accept vouchers, in Hector’s absence.

A photograph was taken of the presentations.

Ainslie Reid thanked eveiyone for the vouchers. He highlighted that if it wasn't for the many volunteers this project would never happen. The water fountain idea from Ainslie is to make a bracket for the top and hanging baskets to cover the fountain. A bee-hive shape with a pole in the middle and 3 hanging baskets — cost about £1,000 but Ainslie would ask for the funds for this. Amberol products will be ideal for thejob and would be left to Ainslie to get prices for this.

Jim Coutts mentioned that lots of different people were involved in the floral displays and a special thanks to the local farmer for storing the baskets over the winter months, which was a big bonus for the project.

Most non-committee members then left and the AGM took place.

Chairman’s Report - Kenny read out Kevin Watt’s report. (attached). Gloria is to write a letter to thank Kevin for all his efforts and hard work in Kintore.

Treasurer’s Report — Joan produced an Income and Expenditure Statement for year ended 313‘ August 2013 for everyone present. An Accountant had examined and signed the accounts accordingly.

Election of Office Bearers:
AGM rules constitute that all KDCC members shall retire and an election will follow. Thereafter, elections will be held every two years.

Chairman — Kenny proposed Brian and Joan seconded — Brian accepted.
Vice Chairman - Lesley was proposed but was not present. Kenny nominated Lesley and Brian seconded. Lesley to be approached regarding this election.
Secretary — Gloria was proposed again by Ann and seconded by Joan — Gloria accepted.
Treasurer — Joan was proposed again by Ann and seconded by Sheila - Joan accepted.
Other community council members namely Ann was nominated by Joan and seconded by Kenny and Sheila was nominated by Brian and seconded by Joan.
10 members constitute the Council and with vacancies, Glen Reid nominated himself as wishing to be a new member and was welcomed by all. Stuart Heron and Donna joined the meeting and were also welcomed by all.

Kenny then handed the meeting over to new Chairman Brian Johnstone.

Aberdeenshire Council Update:
Cllr Martin Ford reported on the Area Committee meeting he attended that day discussing the development framework presented by the Kintore East Consortium for the Kintore East site, setting out principles for development after 2016. The developers presented their plans to extend the development up Tuach Hill and an area for commercial and community facilities between Carnie Brae and Gauchill Road.

The committee agreed the development framework with some alterations. They did not agree to allow the extension of housing onto the protected area on Tuach hill, however they did agree on their proposed development of the previously designated protected (from housing) area for community and commercial facilities between Carnie Brae and Gauchill Road. This is the nearest site closest to the town centre Kintore will have. Developers will come fon/vard themselves for these community and commercial facilities, which should precede the housing. This was considered as being good progress for Kintore, the Council and KDCC views being re-iterated that community and amenity facilities must be in place before any more houses are built.

Kenny mentioned that the contentious issue concerning the Broomhill roundabout needs to be discussed further to make this junction suitable for the future.

Cllr Ford alerted KDCC members to the meeting of the Education Committee 3 weeks ago — the school roll projections for the whole of Aberdeenshire suggests that school pupil population will rise by 10.3% by 2018 which is a very large increase, with a knock on effect of a 5% increase in pupils in Academies. This will mean an increase in the roll projections for Kemnay and lnverurie, which might suggest that another academy in this general area is necessary. The possibility of an Academy in Kintore does not address the projected roll numbers for the lnverurie area, and the Kemnay extension should be able to accommodate the Kemnay increase only. The council have promised some proposals by the end of the year to address this. The proposed new Port Elphinstone community is zoned to lnverurie for schooling.

Police Report:
Brian Pirie distributed the latest Police Report, highlighting the issues relevant to the last 2 months.

Summarised as:-
Report in relation to 2 males, reported by the public, seen acting suspiciously and as a result some damage was noted to and there are some positive lines of enquiry.
A male was reported for a neighbour dispute in a rural area outwith the village.
An increase in patrols has reported an individual for speeding along School Road.
There was a theft from 2 containers broken into on the Kintore Business Park and high value power tools and some scrap metal taken.
A male was reported for driving with no licence and his vehicle was seized.
A disturbance initiated inside the Kintore Arms Inn spilled outside resulting in a female being assaulted.
A theft of mail reported from a rural property.
There was a mobile phone stolen, a person who laid their mobile phone on top of their car and drive off, the phone was then taken and is being tracked as being used.
Speeding within Kintore is as ongoing issue and has resulted in one arrest.
The deployment of the police office in the village is still planned and it hoped this can be confirmed in the nearfuture.
PC Pirie wanted to emphasise the 101 telephone number instead of the 0845 number for non emergency
contact with the police.
Ann reported that an adult had complained that adult cyclists are cycling far too fast on the pavements and potentially risking an accident. The police agreed to monitor this.
There is no report of any issues regarding the new Bothie building, which is due for opening soon.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (16“‘ July 2013):
Minutes were approved by Ann and seconded by Sheila.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes:
Mike Ogg has been contacted from NHS to request attendance at a future meeting. Trying to make the October meeting.

Ann & Sheila attended Bus Forum meeting — a bus stop outside Sandy Thain garage on the Kemnay road is being considered in next financial year.
The Bus stop on School Road opposite East Park Road — bus drivers are not stopping, as caravans parked on the main road are obstructing his view.
Buses drivers filling in time at the Post office - an ongoing issue. Late night buses after midnight on weekends from lnverurie to Blackburn are being considered.
A Park-n-ride is proposed at Dyce — within 18 months.

New fleet of buses from Aberdeen to Alford.

There is a new chairman and he is keen to help improve the service and emphasised that if there are any problems, please note the bus number, the time and please let them know.

Sports Pavilion - council want bigger and better pavilion in the Town Park. Doug Milne (Garioch Area Manager) advised discussions are still on-going.

Small Grants — 3 individual institutions within Kintore applied for donations.
  1. Bowling Club — extension to their clubhouse.
  2. Kintore WRI — 90"‘ birthday in February and
  3. The Group which supports parents of multiple births

The committee agreed that all 3 groups will receive a £50 cheque and Gloria will write to each.

Sheila suggested sending a thank-you letter to Kevin Watt for his chairmanship. This had been agreed earlier under ‘Chairman’s Report’

Youth Report:
Bothie update from Kenny — builder needs to get off site then painting can commence — kids have selected internal colour schemes and are keen to get on and paint it themselves. Kenny was at Laing’s to get economical prices for kitchen units and he is to contact Mr Moar who lives local to the Bothie, about proposal for flooring. Interviews taking place for youth development posts on 23/10. There were 4 applicants.

Ava has already assisted and to be asked again to put an update on The Bothie on facebook. Hoping to let the public know that there will be open evenings of at least a week’s duration to invite the public along to see what it looks like and hopefully get volunteers involved into assisting with the running of the Bothie.

PC Brian Pirie offered to take the dates from Kenny to the school to let pupils know.

Neighbours have volunteered to get involved in the landscaping outside so this is all very positive. Car park is to be tarred.

Planning Matters:
N0 planning matters on hand to discuss this month.

East Garioch Community Council - Kenny heard from Doug Milne about the suggestion that Kinmuck / Keithhall / lnverurie / Bennachie CCs would absorb the E Garioch area into their. Kintore is not involved.

Brian & Gloria will notify relevant bodies of new e-mail addresses. As per the constitution the address of the council will be the secretary’s address.

Kenny informed us of Mr Eddie Strachan’s death and his wish was for Kenny to organise the saltire flag to be flown on the day of his funeral. Stuart Heron offered to ask the Fire Service to assist with this .

Sheila mentioned the “no-man's land” area on the end of Lochburn Road onto the main road. It is vew untidy and spoils a nice entrance to the village. Perhaps KDCC members could take this exercise in hand to tidy up and plant accordingly. Clear area, ground cover, bark and shrubs. KDCC will seek volunteers to sort this area out. Sheila asked if Stuart‘s father Charlie would take this on. Stuart will ask and report back.

Stuart Heron and Donna stayed for the whole meeting and showed an interest in joining the community council. Gloria will send them minutes for next meeting.

Sheila nominated and Ann seconded Kenny remaining a KDCC member. He accepted, but declined the position of Vice Chairman.

Stuart and Donna mentioned a pedestrian crossing on Forest Road near Wellpark Gardens. There has been a survey done by the roads department as this is a bad junction and traffic is travelling far too fast.

Schools are back and the issue is being highlighted again. We agreed to mention this to our Local Councillors at the next meeting and see if they can assist with this.

Kintore Konnect:
Photographs will be submitted for the Best Garden competition and the Ainslie Reid and Jim Coutts presentations for the next issue.

Date of Next Meeting: 15"‘ October 2013 at 7pm.
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