Minutes of meeting October 15, 2013

Kintore and District Community Council (KDCC]
7pm 15 October 2013 at Kintore Primary School

Approved Minutes

Welcome: Chairman Brian Johnstone welcomed all to the meeting.

Present: Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Gloria Johnstone, Councillor Martin Ford, Kenny Thomson (part-attendance), Drew Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan, Glen Field, Craig Falconer (Fireworks for Kintore), Alison Cumming (Aberdeenshire Council)

Apologies: Councillor Nan Cullinane, Councillor Fergus Hood, Ava Rennie, Donna & Stuart Heron. Police Report: No Police attendance at this meeting.

Presentation from Craig Falconer -- Fireworks display for Kintore for Guy Fawkes Night in 2014. Craig Informed all about the display at Kemnay and he thought that Kintore could benefit from a similar display. Sky Burst in Bristol is the company that presents these displays and is fully manned with qualified staff to perform the display and stringent safety standards are adhered to. Craig thought the football field could be one venue to hold this event as this wouldn't cause parking problems. 25 metres by 25 metres is the area required to accommodate this. Fund raising could be done to fund this event next year. A Public Entertainment Licence would be required. Riaised Burning Barrels are used at Kemnay and not a bonfire so minimal damage to the pitch is guaranteed. Dates would have to be co-ordinated with Kemnay as they
always book the night of the 5"‘ November. A Saturday night, either side of the 5"‘ might be best for Kintore to avoid football training sessions. lt was agreed that this seemed a good idea and will be discussed at further meetings.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Minutes were approved by Ann and seconded by Brian.

Matters Arising from the Minute:
Letter written to Kevin Watt for his hard work as chairman was acknowledged and Kevin responded accordingly.

Best Garden competition all completed.

Ainslee Fieid’s fountain idea — we are still waiting to hear if Ainslee has got the prices for this. The fountain was discussed. Martin informed us that the Town House was discussed at a recent council meeting and he felt the council should progress matters to the future use of the Town House. Council to think about using the building. Historic Scotland would need to be involved and there are funds available for this type of project. Nan has been involved with the fountain and this might be taken into consideration with the renovation of the Town House. Could the fountain be returned to its original working condition? The top of the fountain is in Oldmeldrum but possibly may not be replaced as it has been vandalised so many times.

Election of office bearers was confirmed and as Lesley was not present at the AGM she was asked if she would accept the proposed post of Vice Chairman — Lesley accepted.

Mike Ogg (NHS) still has not responded regarding a visit to discuss NHS plans for future provisions. Gloria will write to him again and ask him to the next meeting in November.

Bus infrastructure - new bus stops in Kintore all complete, strategy plan is available online. Bus drivers stopping in main road to make up time, too many bus drivers to inform seems to be the problem — we will write again as it still seems to be a problem and not improving in any way. Use a “timed stop" somewhere else. Buses not stopping because of a van sitting in the parking area in School Road beside the school. Up to The bus drivers to be more vigilant.

Sports pavilion on Town Park - still in discussion with Doug Milne.

Donations given to 3 organisations in Kintore — cheques all delivered.

Treasurer's Report : Joan updated all members on expenditure. Further expenditure is scheduled for Winter planting of flower baskets.

Youth Report: Kenny informed all that the Bothie is finished and is up and running and many supporters were involved with the painting and decorating. Youngsters helping to lay slabs and are involved in outside work for disabled persons access. Groups showing interest in using the Bothie, which is very encouraging. Mark Davidson has been approached by lots of different people to set up future events. Nexen have Donated £10K to assist with the employment of Co-ordinators , etc. Beth Low is heavily involved with the Bothie, and is very enthusiastic. Ken McEwen is doing the PR and photos by Paul Douglas from the Herald, so all in all things are going very well. An opening date is fairly imminent and Kenny will keep councillors informed of this. Public Art funds available of around £17K which will be looked at. Kenny
approached Kemnay Quarries and they are donating “stone chippings” for the area around the outside of The Bothie.

Planning Matters: Bowling Green extension was reviewed. Plans were distributed.

Brian read out e-mail from Andrew Troup, Estover Energy regarding Harthills Wood which is to be used for fuel, storage and subsequent transport to Stoneywood Mill, there were some concerns expressed and he will be invited to the next meeting. Planning permission would be required. As the site is also close to Kemnay we should approach Kemnay Council for their comments. There was also a discussion about the state of the woods at the back of the castle area.

Notice was received of the Aberdeenshire Council Budget Engagement with online budget simulator – and an Aberdeenshire Budget Engagement meeting on 30"‘ October 2013 was intimated. Alison Cumming reported on wind turbines applications and approvals in Aberdeenshire with maps passed Round Councillors. Alison has A3 copies which we will obtain in due course. 25 years expected lifespan of a wind turbine. Alison explained because of the back-log of planning applications for wind turbines there has been a Wind-turbine team set up to deal with the many applications. There is currently no planned end to the installation of wind turbines as we are still a way short of the Scottish Government renewable electricity target.

Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update:
The new Local Development Plan - Main Issues report had been agreed for publishing and this will be presented at a public meeting-to be held on 26"‘ November in Kintore, location still to be advised. Cllr. Ford reported that this was a very important stage in the production of the Local Plan and compared to the last local plan, it is expected there are relatively fewer changes than the last local plan as many of the proposed development for housing etc was not completed for various reasons. Policies need to be re-visited because things have changed.

Regarding the Gateway Kintore development - Brian met with the proposed developer of Gateway Kintore who confirmed that discussions were still going on putting forward the case for its inclusion into the LDP. An email from the planning department was read out from Piers Blaxter to Kenny advising that there were challenges with the proposed Gateway Kintore development. We will endeavour through the council to determine what these challenges are and how we can address them to deliver the required resources for Kintore.

The East Kintore development around Tuach Hill is in the current development plan and the fine tuning of the outline framework is on-going, including areas for housing and a proposed area for community facilities in the gap site opposite the bottom of Gauch Hill Road. Cllr Martin Ford commented that there are no disagreements with the local Councillors that Kintore do need facilities. They are all in agreement with this. We must make our case --where is the best site - commenting on the main issues report at the public meeting and available on the council website. The Main issues Report will be available at the Public Meeting, the previously identified 17 main issues for areas in the Garioch area will be discussed.

Any proposed sites I developments need to be as close to the town centre as possible and being credible with any proposal the Council make is very important. Supermarket/petrol station/Sports facilities was discussed for Kintore available sites. Supermarkets tend to make their own applications separately. Separate to the Gateway Kintore proposal we as a council could pro-actively ask the supermarkets if they want to bring their supermarket to Kintore.

lt was agreed that letters to be written to all supermarkets asking if they were interested in coming to Kintore considering the sites currently having retail planning permission. The roundabout at Broomhill was under discussion and as part of the East Kintore development Scottish Government (Transport Scotland) is involved with this futuristic project.

Torryburn Hotel was a concern for all councillors, we will endeavour to confirm the status. Community ownership was discussed but that could only be considered if it was not already sold.

Alison Cumming informed councillors about the system within Aberdeenshire Council being set up to make it easier and improve the way the public can access forms etc. Cllr Ford is chairing a meeting about this in November 2013. Anyone can attend. Individuals can find what is on the agenda and attend the issues they wish to be involved in. Kingsfield Road pathway onto Tuach Hill came under discussion as it appears the pathway has been closed off. The Community Council will write to the council and ask if he could throw any light on the matter. Linda Mathieson is the contact also to be contacted.

Alison mentioned that the Area Committee had reviewed the allocation of the East Garoich Community Council — and that this had been allocated to the relevant Community Councils. Alison also mentioned that at the next Community Council Forum meeting- Transportation and Roads - Peter McAllan would be discussing how roads are developing and the Western Peripheral route. Bob Gray will also be attending to discuss speed limits on the roads. - The next meeting is on 4"‘ December 2013 at Gordon House.

Garioch Community Council Forum, Mission Statement comments are welcome and will be discussed at the next meeting Alison told all at Gordon House 7.00pm. Mobile Office for the Police - Alison gave the e-mail addresses for contacts to progress this.

lt was reported that 5 cars have had their catalytic convertors removed from cars at the Kintore garage.

The area named “no-man’s land" at the bottom of Lochburn Drive was discussed and it was suggested the council take this area on and make it good. We need to contact the developers of the area to either identify who owns the land or the Community Council arrange for it to be tidied up and made low maintenance.

It was discussed at the last meeting the danger of crossing the Wellpark Road onto Forest Road. It was confirmed that a survey had been done recently and the conclusion was that there is not enough traffic to justify any action. Residents were encouraged to manage the situation accordingly.

Kintore Konnect: report to be submitted by 1”‘ November 2013 by Chairman, with input from Kenny about the Bothie.

Date of Next Meeting-19th“ November 2013.
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