Minutes of meeting November 19, 2013

Kintore and District Community Council (KDCC)
7pm 19‘ November 2013 at Kintore Primary School

Approved Minutes

Welcome: Chairman Brian Johnstone welcomed all to the meeting.

Present: Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Gloria Johnstone, Councillor Martin Ford, Kenny Thomson, Cllr Nan Cullinane, Cllr Fergus Hood, Drew Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Donna and Stuart Heron, M1 Consortium - Malcolm Campbell (Knight Frank), James Slater (TC Abtex), Alan Rae (Kirkwood Homes), Bruce Allan(Malcolm Allan Homes). Chris Ross from Barratts sent his apologies. Scott Strachan Castleglen Properties. PC Alex Carnie

Members of the public. Ken.....

Apologies: Lesley Monaghan, Glen Reid, Ava Rennie

Police Report: PC Alex Carnie of the Westhill Office arrived later and gave the current report. Last month’s report was forwarded to Kintore Konnect. 4 items - break in at Jim Reid’s car sales. 1 domestic, disturbance at KA hotel, Marshalls farm shop break-in. Re-iterate the need for business as well as household security. PC Carnie was asked about the report of last month about the sensitivity of one of the items on the report. PC Carnie will mention to his supervisory council and see what they
think about the filtering process. The council members were happy that the report was not being diluted. Cllr Hood re-enforced the fact that residents should be even more vigilant in locking their houses and cars. Even the smallest event should be reported to the police There has been reports of persons trying doors and there were some reports of scare-mongering going on in Kintore — through Kintore Mums and this was not always accurately reported. Speeding in Kintore will be monitored and
a presence of the mobile PC would be beneficial again.

Presentation by M1 Consortium - 4 developers gave a presentation and distributed maps of the M1development. Draft Master Plan for Kintore site 600 houses to period 2017. Submit planning in principle and prepare a master plan in tandem. Bringing project forward to accommodate the new primary school which should be completed in August 2015. This is a tight schedule and the land has to be bought from the developers and completed by this date. Community facilities are to be brought into
the planning application and affordable housing will be taken into consideration, which the M1 Consortium confirmed they have a vested interest in providing. The Masterplan surrounding layout and Proposed Site Layout drawings were presented and discussed.

The commercial phase was advised as being developed first. Brian informed the Consortium that the council have written to the 4 local supermarkets (Tesco, Asda, Morrison, Sainsbury’s) to see if there is any interest in coming to Kintore. The consortium asked if the Co-op had been contacted which we advised not, expressing an opinion that another Co-op in Kintore was not considered a good idea as the community would welcome an alternative shopping provider.

The housing link roads was discussed and concerns were raised regarding the lack of a link road directly to the primary school road, requiring cars to access the primary school down Brae Crescent from the main road. The consortium advised that a traffic assessment was in progress and would look at this if considered necessary.

Community facilities are built into the new primary school and this is indicative of the plans. There is still a significant lack of sports/fitness suite/community facilities and the lack of a pavilion was discussed and will be taken on-board. The proposed Town Park development (150 houses) which includes the potential provision of a pavilion has not reached a resolution to the phasing of the proposed houses. A sports complex similar to Kinellar was an aspiration of the community and this would have to be looked at very carefully how this could be provided and ran as Cllr. Ford confirmed that Kinellar hall was not provided by or run by the council.

As well as sports facilities the NHS facilities were a concern. Mike Ogg is NHS planner and in spite of many approaches has not yet responded or attended any meetings. The provision of future Health Services was discussed and was advised that the current centre was owned by the lnverurie Medical Practice, not the NHS. So discussions with both parties would seem prudent.

Given the current amenity proposals meet some of the basic internal hall space requirements for community facilities, there is still a lack of other facilities such as gym type exercise facilities, so the Community Council shall review the list of community amenities already requested and submit to the council planning department.
The Community Council shall report back to M1 Consortium in January 2014 with any comments/concerns from the community.

It was also proposed that another meeting be organised again and bring local communities together and re-affirm the community requirements at this stage.

When asked about his Midmill site Scott Strachan confirmed that his outline planning application for his site had been renewed a few years ago and he did have some plans for the site at Midmill but was unable to advise on this at this moment in time.

The phasing of the new school was brought forward to meet the forecast numbers of children in 2015 and 2017, from the 600 plus 180 houses currently proposed.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Minor amendments were advised which will be rectified and the minutes in principle were approved by Sheila and seconded by Joan.

The personal records of Community Councillors details for Alison Cumming are to be dealt with. No police report from last meeting. Kenny prepared a KDCC summary report for Kintore Konnect and one element within the police report was causing concern to certain residents and this was discussed.

The Chair-person from Parent Council wrote in and commented that this should not have been publicised. Debate confirmed that police information should be highlighted to all but sensitivity and anonymity should be taken into account. Council members felt that we shouldn’t be taking information out of the police report. Chairman to ask Brian Pirie again his opinion to ensure we were not disclosing overly sensitive information into the public domain.

Cllr Ford mentioned that discussions on the Town House will be taking place before Christmas. Kenny was approached by a member of the public who wants the fountain to be restored to its original state. Mr Calder to be contacted as he did the original work on the fountain. Doug Milne is to set off this Town House issue on our behalf.

Matters Arising from the Minute:
ACTION: Cllr’s Cullinane & Hood have agreed to take responsibility for getting a response from Mike Ogg (NHS) and a representative or himself to attend our next meeting as there has been no response by e-mails.

ACTION: Cllr Cullinane & Cllr Hood to try and get the fountain situation rectified by the next meeting. Bus infrastructure — Letter received from Neil Stewart (Principal Officer Local Bus Services) saying they will take another look at this when the plan changes in April 2014 and timing points will be adjusted. The School Road issue about not stopping shouldn’t be happening, Mr Stewart of Graeme Leslie (Operations Manager) would like a list of dates and times of buses failing to stop so that he can deal with the staff directly, so if Councillors could co-operate in this exercise it would be helpful to all concerned.

No update on sports pavilion on Town Park.

Harthills wood - Andrew Troup is coming to do a presentation in January 2014.

Budget simulation presentation -— the council payroll is extensive with the running of schools, social work etc. there is not much of a budget left to play with, which makes adjusting the budget very difficult normally resulting in taking funds from one area to go to another. The amount debated by councillors accounts for only 1% of the total budget.

Access to Tuach Hill - Kevin Wright to be contacted -— this was initially considered an access enforcement issue but is possibly now a planning issue. Cllr Hood gave Chairman an e-mail address to write and find out about this. (From last meeting - Kingsfield Road pathway onto Tuach Hill came under discussion as it appears the pathway has been closed off. The Community Council will write to the council and ask if he could throw any light on the matter. Linda Mathieson is the contact also to be

Lochburn Drive “No-man’s land” - still don’t know who owns this land. Community Council with Ainslee Reid are prepared to tidy up this area but we need to find out who own’s this strip of land. Cllr Ford suggested that we can ask the police if there would be any offence committed if we carried out some work.

Treasurer’s Report :
Joan updated all members on expenditure. Councillors to think about how we should spend the monies still available in the account.

Youth Report: Kenny informed all that the Bothie has an imminent opening day in a couple of weeks. All going well, Councillors were encouraged to visit and view the premises when they could. Police were invited to attend. Volunteers are still required to support the operation of the Bothie.

Planning Matters: There were no planning matters discussed

Main issues report — we need justifiable reasons for including the Gateway Kintore site. We have a letter from Sainsbury’s saying they are looking for a site for a local convenience store. We need to look and advise the sites available and proposed. Chairman to contact Piers Blaxter by 31st‘ January 2014 so a speedy response would be anticipated. lt was commented that Supermarkets tend to lead any demand on this matter and not driven by community aspirations.

Road closure on Gauch-hill Road advised.

Acorn Centre meeting regarding A96 Dualling Aberdeen to lnverness which will be attended by Councillors.

A site proposed for housing in the main issues report has now been changed to a proposal for a garden centre .

Cllr Hood suggested a Playbarn/Softplay centre - concern could be a thought for this area of land beside the football pitch. This was felt to be a good idea. Cllr Ford mentioned it was a designated area that would be more relevant for this.

A96 Secondary School Capacity assessment meeting — 26“ November in Kintore School.

Pressured housing was mentioned and the right to buy provision has been removed.

Garioch Partnership for Ward 10 Forum meeting — Anne Simpson. Garioch Partnership Winter Forum meeting is scheduled for early December.

Attachments from Anne Simpson were causing some councillors concerns in not being able to read them. Brian explained what these were.
LDP copies were distributed.

Aberdeenshire Design Award — any views. Bothie is a definite contender for this award. Kenny has taken the paperwork away with him.

Mr Ken Whyte arrived at this stage —- concerned about building on Tuach Hill. He was assured this would not happen, he was happy with this.

Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update:
None discussed due to time issues

Kintore Konnect: report to be submitted by 18‘ February 2014 by Chairman, with input from Kenny about the Bothie.

Date of Next Meeting — 21st 7pm January 2014
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