Minutes of meeting July 16, 2013

Kintore and District Community Council
1pm 16*“ July 2013 at Kintore Primary School
Approved Minutes

Kevin Watt (Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Gloria Johnstone (Secretary), Councillor Fergus Hood, lCouncillor Nan Cullinane, Councillor Martin Ford, Brian Johnstone, Kenny Thomson, Sheila Gray, Ann ‘Marston, Lesley Monaghan, Ava Rennie, PC Brian Pirie and PC Chloe Adam.

Nil. Full compliment of members in attendance.

Kevin opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Presentation by Alan Rae (Kirkwood Homes) and Greig Ewan (PPS) Energy From Waste (EFW)
Alan proceeded to inform all about the site at the lnverurie Paper Mill, displayed maps and informed ycouncillors regarding the status of their exhibitions and consultations and the progress of development of the site to date. Alan will keep the council informed throughout the proceedings. Residual waste will be burned in this Energy from Waste unit - burning materials that cannot be re-cycled. Live rail connection, will be implemented as this rail track is still in place and can be made fully functional. 400 — 600 jobs will be created in the process. Good news for area. There are no environmental risks from the burning of 'waste in the plant as all emissions will be monitored accordingly with electronic sensors in accordance with
the Scottish Environmental Agency (SEPA).

Police Report:
Brian Pirie distributed the latest Police Report, highlighting the issues relevant to the current month. Kevin informed all that the Council would be submitting an article to the Kintore Konnect regarding security.

Miinutes of Previous Meeting (18"‘ June 2013):
Minutes were approved by Kevin Watt and seconded by Brian Johnstone.

lMatters Arising from the Previous Minutes:
Howieslap -— police are aware and will keep a vigilant eye on this area.
Kenny infommed all about the Bothie status. Volunteers required and article in Kintore Konnect should influence potential. More details later.
Mike Ogg has been contacted from NHS to request attendance at a future meeting.
Bus-stops installed in Hallforest Avenue. Seem to be working efficiently. Some buses are stopping in Northern Road are parking in the bus stop opposite the post office as they are ahead of their time, thus bausing a hazard in the main street. Could park somewhere more appropriate — Broomhill perhaps. Kevin to write to Bus Forum reporting this.
Best Garden Nominations — two gardens have been nominated and Jim McColl will be contacted to make the decision in August/September.
Sports Pavilion in Town Park - in Planning Gain Team (Banchory) — shouldn’t be any smaller than the one in the park. Kenny, Brian and Gloria met Doug and Jill and Doug informed us that £250K is the figure quoted for a better pavilion. Now the school plans are on track and we as a council wanted to know where we are with the Town Park needs and what the shortfall was for the village.

Treasurers Report:
Joan informed all present of the monies.
Admin grant has been received £872.50. Under the supervision of Ainslee Reid £40 has been spent on the floral displays waterering tank and £71 ,64 Hi-Viz Vests x 6 purchased for Ainslee’s for Kintore Community Support - notification of this project and sponsors will be submitted to Kintore Konnect.
Kevin mentioned that we would like some of this £1,718.19 to go to some worthwhile community within the village. Kintore Konnect submission to be worded properly for small amounts for community groups are available on application.
Senior Citizens outing doesn’t seem to be a viable proposition now as with the bus passes, bus trips are free for them.

outh Report:
Bothie update from Kenny - all going to schedule and Kenny will inform press of the status, photographer involved, STV —- so this will happen in the next few weeks. Kenny to chase application submitted to Alan Rae (Kirkwood Homes) for funding to assist with this venture. Funding for next 3 years and fundraising is required to maintain the Bothie. Public meeting to be happening in mid September to let all residents know what is happening.
KK article — Kevin will put article together. Brian suggested a summary of Police reports to make people know of the crime and security issues, and Kevin will produce a summary for submission. Brian will put something together to KK for community facilities.
Bothie needs lots of publicity and include in KK with photographs, to encourage volunteers to come forward and hopefully engage future support.
New school proposals - plans discussed. We asked if the Community Room can be extended but we are waiting the outcome on this request.

Planning Matters:
Drew highlighted 3 planning applications and were discussed by all, no issues were raised on these New school - Fergus discussed M1 Framework document of March 2013. Very important that we get this school delivered by August 2015 and Fergus is working hard with planning/development to get resolution.

East Garioch letter -Looks like Keith-hall/Kinmuck is included in Kintore. Get Alison to clarify the document.
Letter from Piers Baxter — Port Elphinstone boundary - Kenny to contact.
Bus shelters x 3 installed in Hallforest Avenue.

Aberdeenshire Council Update:
Kemnay Academy - official turf cutting ceremony, start of new building work on the £14M extension to the schooL
£2M for road repairs is filtering out now. Using asphalt as opposed to tarmac as this is more sustainable.
Fergus reported that the white line on main road at Florists shop has been agreed.
Pavillion — Fergus discussed with Doug Milne that the councillors should have been involved in the meeting about why the historical incidents happened. Fergus to bring up with Area Manager.
School plans published - meetings with Blackburn Community Centre Manager and Graeme Geddes of Newmachar Community Hall to discuss what the needs of Kintore to be. From this Kenny, Brian and Gloria met up with Doug and Jill to discuss the shortfall of community facilities in Kintore. From this meeting it was {established that a skatepark/tennis courts should be considered and perhaps a Community Centre. Once the Pavillion sizes have been established - Gateway Kintore could be progressed write to Stephen Archer and Robert Gray. Community Centre unlikely to be funded by Planning Gain or Local planning.
Existing pavilion needs upgrading. Jill shared with us that 2.2 hectares set aside for community space at Midmill.
Jill mentioned the Planning For Real initiative in lnsch — developing village centres and this might be an idea for Kintore.
Gateway Kintore — given the local support for this Kevin to request meeting with policy team via Doug Milne to progress this. The Council Head of Planning Policy — Robert Gray, to be asked to attend meeting with Council. Next local development phase is 2016. Sites identified for this are expected to be in by end of this year. Should we wait till end of the year? This is still a developing situation between the council and developers.

Brian & Kevin to discuss a Greenbelt issue with Fergus — Brian will send Fergus an e-mail as no time to discuss at this meeting.
Best Garden Competition — Community Council members to nominate a garden each and bring results to ‘next meeting.. 2 garden nominations have been submitted already. Ask Jim McColl to make the final decision and nominate a winner.
Current Pavillion was visited by Brian and Gloria and it is in need of upgrading, this has been mentioned to Councillors.
Toilets in Kintore will be removed by end of the year.
Next meeting is the AGM in September 2013 in school.
Lesley thanked Fergus for organising the white lines at the florist shop.

Kintore Konnect:
Summary of relevant articles will be posted for submission on 1st August for September 2013 issue as above.
Date of Next Meeting (AGM): 17*“ September 2013 at 7pm.
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