Minutes of meeting June 18, 2013

Kintore and District Community Council

7pm 18 June 2013 at Kintore Primary School

Approved Minutes
Kevin Watt (Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Gloria Johnstone (Secretary), Councillor Fergus Hood, Ian Johnstone, Kenny Thomson, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan, Sergeant Alun Harries (Inverurie), Jill Sowden (Garioch Community Planning Officer).
May Mclntosh returned the Best Garden Cup and thanked the council for the title.

Councillor Nan Cullinane, Drew Cullinane, Councillor Martin Ford

Kevin opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Police Report:
Sergeant Alun Harries read out the current report.
Kevin stipulated the real need for speed-watching in Kintore. Officers require being speed-gun trained.
Forest Park Road also bad for cars speeding. Children cycling on pavements — safety of children and safety of pedestrian - don’t seem to have any respect for pedestrians. Once Bothy is built the council could reinforce the need for respect to other users. Howieslap football pitches — being used by youngsters arriving in cars — foul language, drinking etc. Brian Pirie is aware of this problem.

Locking of properties/cars/garages/sheds was highlighted again. Top end vehicles are being targeted, predominantly Audi and Porsche cars. Audi garage have written to each customer to let them be aware of the second key located in the glove compartment of their cars and for them to be vigilant over their vehicles. Kintore Konnect, Facebook and Kintore Mums will be informed of the concern regarding this.

Presentation: Development Framework — Community Facilities
Jill Sowden mentioned the speeding in Kintore and the introduction of round-road safety.
Fergus mentioned the police will still have liaison officers going into schools but will be un-badged officers. Important work and want to continue - will be struggling to support proficiency cycling training but if specific requests are asked for then they will be willing to do the tests. Down to each Head Teacher to apply for this if they deem it necessary.

JilI wants to know what Kintore require in community facilities to tie in with the development including with the new primary school. Urgent requirement for facilities for the public to engage in. Facilities should be buit before the new houses are erected as doing it the other way round. Everything in Kintore is stretched to the limit and within 10 years there will be over 1,000 children in Kintore so getting the facilities correct at this stage is very important. Child-care in Community Centre needs to be a reasonable size for these organisations to be successful. Day care and out of school care has a 2 year waiting list at the moment so having this housed is an urgent necessity. Indications that there could be private individuals ready to take this child care on, but premises are paramount. Kintore Kids Club could increase their numbers immediately if premises were available. Being part of the school would be more convenient and if the community centre were self-contained and be separate from the school but part of the school infrastructure. The community centre room at the new primary school is not of an adequate size as on the plans at the moment. Separate Community Centre is a more reasonable option. 40 metre squared is not nearly adequate in size.

Jill read out the points pertaining to the report — area and size of community facility there are concerns if it is big enough - school delivery in advance of housing — school facilities to be openly available and accessible at affordable prices - need for retail provision and supermarket - health centre need to be upgraded and reviewed — mix of housing and special needs housing — need for sports facilities and pitches. Need for the child care which was not mentioned in above but a big urgency now since there is a 2 year waiting list. Jill realises this is an issue and she will take it up for us. Facilities should be up and running before any more houses are built as newcomers to Kintore will have nowhere to go. Allotments are perceived not to be much of an issue in Kintore. Future health facilities — invite someone to our meetings and hear what their plans are for health care in Kintore. Mike Ogg to be contacted and asked to attend one of our meetings to discuss this and make our feelings heard. 22,000 patients in the lnverurie (& Kintore) Health practice area. Provision of a nurses’ office, chiropody, eye test, blood pressure etc could looked at to retain a health centre in Kintore. Proposing the lnverurie Hospital site as a new health centre would not be a good idea. Once the Reporters Office gives the go ahead for appealed planning applications (previously rejected by the Council) it’s a done thing and the planning gain for the community is. lost. it is perceived that perhaps the developers have too much power. Jill commented that there is atually a term “Kintored” used by the planning team describing the past situation of approval on appeal. Ian mentioned that there was mention of a new health centre facility at Gauchhill. Invite someone from Health Services to explain this to us as a council.

Town Park - sports pavilion size - will be making contact with the community council to be of adequate size Douglas Milne has been informed and this should be in the system. Fergus will bring this up as it hasn’t been discussed with local councillors yet. Wish list to be sent to Fergus. Jill to feed all this back to Planning as an urgent requirement for Kintore.

Miinutes of Previous Meeting (21 May 2013):
Minutes were approved by Kevin Watt and seconded by Kenny Thomson.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes:
Bothie issues on-going and update in July.

Nothing from Lyn Docherty and Fergus to chase on Network Rail.

Summer Festival went very well and seven people have shown an interest in joining the council. We will keep them involved and e-mail them the minutes and police reports to see if we can get them on-board. Good for the council to be a bit more visual in the community.

Jean Munro advised that she does not want to pursue Community Council but keen to get involved more in fundraising. Kevin gave Jean’s number to Liz Mackay, Community Learning and Development to get involved in fund raising for the youngsters in Kintore.

Kenny confirmed at the Community Council Forum AGM new committee officers were elected: John Hem Chairman; Archie Peebles vice Chair, Sheila Simpson is community planning officer from Kemnay Community Council.

There are plans for presentations to community councils on training for new community councillors and inviting persons form Council to explain what the departments do. East Garioch Community Council being split up— we confirmed will assist if we can. Kinmuck could be included in our jurisdiction. A share of the grant previously awarded to Kinmuck would be shared amongst those taking a share of the area.

Brian thought there was a lack of clarity on all these various councils groups’ purposes and strategies.

Fergus said Ward Forums are more to do with the groups like NHS, Fire and Police and bringing community groups together. Least amount of duplication would be better there is certainly more engagement but it is questionable how much is implemented from these engagements

It seems that the public will have access to the sports halls and other rooms in the new primary with obvious school areas being kept separate and secure.

Treasurers Report:
Joan informed all present that there were a few payments made since the last meeting.

Banff was late in getting the grant approved but £833 coming.

Brian got a cheque for the pop-up banner, pens and bookmarks used for the Summer Festival of £487.18.

Swvailend Nurseries came to £655 for Ainslie Reid’s plants.

Collected £980 from local businesses. £20 donation from Mr Lessel Rennie at the Summer Festival for the council.

In bank £2,100 before we get grant and 2 cheques still outstanding. £1,790 in bank after all these is transacted. Kevin still keen to benefit the community with this money.

Family fun day in the Kintore Hall was a suggestion for spending the money. Few different charities doing this but we could all integrate resources, and make this work for the town. Could the Summer Fare extend on after the festival finishes with a dance? Gala queen, pet parade etc, are some ideas to mark the occasion. Summer family Picnic.

Youth Forum and Bothie team are thinking about a shared event and if we could offer to facilitate this for them and lend our support - to be looked at.

Youth Report:
Bothie ongoing - Leader match funding de-committing the grant for the project.

Fergus said once the Bothie is about to be completed re-apply for this position. Kevin organising an open eeting proposal to council by Fergus, Nan and Martin. Commitment for 2 nights a week. 16 hours a week allocated for Bothie.

Without volunteers these organisations will not survive.

Rob Steele is interested in the Community Council and Kevin has been in touch with him asking for his assistance as he is involved in football with primary 7 students and their parents.

If members of the public complain about issues in the town ask them to come along and voice their concerns at the Community Council meetings as they are open to the public.

Planning Matters:

No planning applications to discuss.

Bus Infrastructure in Hallforest Avenue and Gauchhill Road — maps passed round to see raised kerbs, wheelchair access and install bus shelters. Brian thought the 2 stops were too close to each other. Kevin to speak to Martin about the stops not precluding stops at other end of Hallforest Avenue and Gauchhill Road.

Kenny got a phone call from pressured area status — low cost housing — ban on buying these houses – should the ban be allowed to continue for another 10 years. Kenny will complete the questionnaire and return. Fergus informed all that grants are still available for people wanting to down-size.

Aberdeenshire Council Update:
Fergus attended Stakeholder meeting for 2"“ primary school and the purpose in accordance with the statutory consultation, was to introduce the concept of 2"“ primary school to parents and parent council. “After School” and “Breakfast School Clubs” still required. Some parents concerned about new school, why we were getting a new school, could we not keep the village the same size, with no new houses and no school, Fergus explained that Kintore was in the area development corridor from Aberdeen to Huntly. This calls for new housing, improved roads infrastructure et, which required new housing. All (approx. 200) voted for new school apart from 2 people in audience lf parents want their children to remain at current school, then they could. These will be discussed and all options will be considered for all circumstances. Porta-cabins (relocation units) belong to the council and once new school built can be taken out and used somewhere else. Plans for the new school to be brought to next meeting.

£1 4M approved for Kemnay Academy. Fergus will be attending the ground-cutting very soon. Fergus will keep us posted about the Kinellar school also.

Additional £2M funds have been put into roads maintenance budget. A947 stretch needs immediate repair.

Brian & Kevin to discuss a Greenbelt issue with Fergus — Brian will send Fergus an e-mail as no time to discuss at this meeting.

Best Garden Competition - Community Council members to nominate a garden each and bring results to next meeting. Ask Jim McCo|l to make the final decision and nominate a winner.

Kenny mentioned Community Council Constitution and whether 3 no-shows constitute dismissal as was the procedure years ago. Amendments to the constitution should be considered to enable an increase in council member numbers. This can be arranged and amended at an AGM or EGM but co-option of members is feasible but they would have no voting rights.

Lesley asked Fergus about the white line at the Flower shop and he will ask again.

Kiintore Konnect:
Summary of relevant articles will be posted for submission on 15‘ August for September 2013 issue. We wlll definitely prepare some articles including the Police Reports, the summer festival, KDCC being heavily involved on future developments. Plan is for everyone to consider what to include for discussion at next meeting for submission...

Date of Next Meeting: 16"‘ July 2013 at 7pm. (Sheila’s providing the Shortbreadll)
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