Minutes of meeting April 16, 2013

Kintore and District Community Council

7pm 16th April 2013 at Kintore Primary School

Approved Minutes

Kevin Watt (Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Gloria Johnstone (Secretary), Councillor Fergus Hood, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Brian Johnstone, Lesley Monaghan, Ken Brown (resident), Jean Munro (resident) PC Dave Calvert and WPC Jennifer McNulty
Councillor Nan Cullinane, Drew Cullinane, Councillor Martin Ford

Kevin opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Police Report:
A police report was received from both PC’s present informing all of the relevant points pertaining to Kintore. E-mail sent on 19th April 2013. Attached.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (19th March 2013):
Minutes Approved by Ami Marston and seconded by Sheila Gray.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes:
Hillhead Caravans — report circulated and is ongoing.

Gateway Kintore — ongoing.

Treasurers Report:
£1,100.00 in bank account. Joan has submitted the annual financial grant form to Banff which is approximately £800. Kevin asked if Councillors had any ideas for re-investing monies in the community.

Floral display, compost and boxes in Kintore are all being handled by Ainslie Reid and Joan intimated that £208 is left over from last year ring-fenced for further purchase of flowers etc and there was no anticipation of buying any more equipment this year.

Kevin re-iterated if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions to give financial support for any organisations in Kintore to get in touch with him.

Brian suggested supporting the Summer Fare and how we could help locally and let people know what the community council do.

Youth Report:
Bothie Progress — contract all signed and the new facility will be complete in 4 months time. Kenny informed all that although the location for the Bothie is quite restricted — neighbours have been contacted and their initial negativity is now deemed to be more of a positive aspect. £135K to build the Bothie. Co-ordinator would cost approx £12k pa to employ to run the Bothie.

Youth development workers are to be available from the Council to be employed for 2 nights a week to start with and already funding has been achieved for that. Another positive aspect of the Bothie being built is that this building will be used for various activities during the day, not just evenings. There are not many places for organisations in Kintore. Ongoing project to make the project an asset to Kintore.

Street football to be starting up again on 28th May 2013 to end of September 2013.

Planning Matters:
Kenny informed all present of the most recent planning applications, which he got from Drew.

Hillhead caravans ongoing. Ken Brown thanked the council for the deputation visit on-site.

Craig’s joinery — still ongoing on this issue of noise levels.

Kenny had received no correspondence.

Gateway Kintore - Kevin read out the letter from Stuart Murison. Planner from Garioch & Marr — Gateway a no-go as it is not in line with the Local Development Plan. We supported as a council and Kevin will reply to Stuart and officially advise him of our disappointment of the decision and for it to go on record.

Current plan is up to 2016. Bids for next Development plan to be submitted by 26th April 2013.

Brian mentioned that there was a negative comment made at the Grampian Forum meeting to the proposed site as there could have been a better site across from the garage which is already identified in the plan as a potential supermarket site. Kevin mentioned that accessibility was not
an issue on the Gateway Kintore site as plans for 230 new houses being built at Town Park and 600 houses at Midmill would seem to indicate this area would be a good situation.

Fergus informed Councillors that applications from developers for new housing have been staged out to accommodate the new primary school in Kintore which is scheduled for 2015.

Aberdeenshire Council Update:
Not a lot happening because of the Easter break. Kemnay Academy £14M extension approved. Plans for next five years include new academy at Ellon. New academy/primary school at Alford, Drumoak, Turriff, Mearns and the 2nd primary at Kintore. Uryside primary school, Inverurie primary school. Biggest school building programme in the council for 30 years. Scottish Futures Trust are funding and not going to the private sector.

Stakeholder meeting for Kintore primary, invitations being issued by Naomi Wood Wed 15*)‘ May 2013 — Kevin to contact to ask for invitation.

Kintore Train Station - Fergus suggested that we write to the Transport Minister, Keith Brown to know more about the timescale since the allocated time is 2014 — 2018 and we need a clearer idea of what is happening. Kevin to contact the Development Manager for Network Rail — Lyn Docheity to inform her that we are to write to Keith Brown, Transport Minister, and ask the scope and timescales of the rail station in Kintore. There are 2 options and the council would like to know more. £l6M for double track option and £6.5M for single track. £250M allocated for Scotland so more information on the agreement would be good to get our bid in first.

We should be looking to a Community Centre/Sports Centre for Kintore like the Newmachar one (which is community led). Need to get this delivered along with the housing. The only caveat is to ask questions at the primary school stakeholder meeting — new school will be capital funded by the Council and much better community access to it should be progressed as opposed to the present school which is owned by Robertson’s.

Brian commented there was a community provision in Gateway Kintore and the close proximity to Town Park. Is it possible the planned pavilion could be extended to a community centre, to capture the new houses provision? No size given until detail application comes through. Wish-list submitted previously mentioned cricket pitch, skate park (similar to Kemnay) football pitches, pedestrian access. Kenny felt there was a reluctance of the council to provide a community centre because of the maintenance aspect whereas if it is part of a school then it is internally provided.

Kenny also mentioned that Robertson owning and managing the present primary school has been very beneficial and they have done a marvellous job in maintaining the school. Robertson’s maintain school for 25 years. After this the facility is handed over to the council. But PPI very expensive.

An email from Ann Simpson advised of a funding source up to £10,000 for local community projects.

Kenny informed all that the Community Council Forum held quarterly requires nominations for post of Chair and Vice Chair from community councils by 7‘ June. No persons present were forthcoming. Kenny is chair at the moment and is standing down.

Garioch Community Ward Forum meeting 24"‘ April at Kintore Primary School (putting the community into community planning).

Kevin thanked Jean Munro for coming along and encouraged her to keep coming to our meetings and he will discuss with Kenny the options of joining the council, fundraising opportunities etc.

Summer Festival ~ important element of having a presence to spread the word about the Community Council. Kenny will find out if we can get a stall and sharing the day 8th June 2013, between councillors — all in agreement. Chatting to people — more leaflets — what have we done — what are we doing and what we can do in the future. Hallforest bus initiated by Sheila and Ann and no-one knows it was Community Council. Input on all local planning matters. Brian asked about a pull up display banner and the council could pay for the printing. More awareness is important to cascade to the public. Kevin to let Brian know about sizes etc as time is running out. Kenny suggested t-shirts — with Kintore Community Council printed. Lucky-dip to bring people into the stall. This will be discussed.

Sheila and Ann didn’t go to the bus meeting but informed all the prices will increase and new timetables will be issued.

Apologies from Brian and Arm for next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting: 21“ May 2013 at 7pm.

Police Information for Kintore and District Community Council Meeting

Tuesday 16 April 1900 hours Community Learning Room within Kintore School.

Crimefiles raised by Grampian Police regarding the Kintore and District Community Council area:
February 2013
Road Traffic 4
Drugs 2
Theft 1
Breach of the Peace. 1
Communications Breach 1
Vandalism 1

Total 10

There have been a relatively low number of incidents reported to Police covering this period. Kintore remains a focal point for local officers and would appreciate any information or concerns that residents have. The Kintore Focus officer's numbers have been doubled as PC Pirie has PC Adam join him.

The Main A96 Continues to be an Issue with a number of offences being identified and local policing units and Traffic officers have identified a number of offences including Speeding Drink and Drug Driving, vehicle Licence/ Insurance offences individuals will be reported for these.

A minor assault took place within Hallforrest area between mother and son. A domestic assault took place after which related to a Vandalism where one individual was heavily under the influence of alcohol. This took place outwith the village. These Incidents have has been reported to Procurator Fiscal.

A report was received about a theft of £10 from a Birthday card within the Carnie Brae area of Kintore.

There have been 2 non Kintore residents been found in possession of a nominal amount of Class B and class A drugs.

There has been a youth assault reported which has a positive line of enquiry.

Forthcoming issues:
Mobile Police office will be deployed as the lighter nights come in and will be located within the square and the School area.
Bikeability- School Pupils P6 and P7 – Due to No training being provided last year a system has been arranged to provide cycle education for the previous year. Council and police will be working together along with NHS staff to provide details about the benefits of Cycling.
Speed checks will be stepped up in various locations through out the residential area of Kintore.

No Issues outstanding from previous meeting to resolve.
Noted: Next meeting is on Tuesday 14 May 2013.
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