Minutes of meeting March 19, 2013

Kintore and District Community Council

1pm 19"‘ March 2013 at Kintore Primary School

Approved Minutes

Kevin Watt (Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Gloria Johnstone (Secretary), Councillor Nan Cullinane, Councillor Fergus Hood, Councillor Martin Ford, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Drew Cullinane, Brian Johnstone, Lesley Monaghan, Ken Brown (resident), Chris Foote (Evening Express), PC Barry Wallace and PC Ross Fraser.

Ava Rennie

Kevin opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Police Report:
A police report was received from both PC’s present informing all of the 10 relevant points
pertaining to Kintore.
3 road traffic incidents
2 theft incidents, at the currently empty Torryburn hotel and theft from the Henderson Drive area
of a large kayak.
1 break in with intent
3 unlawful removals of higher end value motor vehicles in Kintore. It was suspected that the
motor removal incidents were being carried out by gangs from the Aberdeen area targeting
the “higher value “ vehicles in Kintore and other rural villages.
1 theft of a motor vehicle from a rural property during the hours of darkness.

It was emphasised that vehicles and premises should not be left unlocked when retiring at night.

There have been complaints regarding the behaviour of a number of youths around the village, these have been spoken to with their parents present, which appears to have initially resolved the issues meantime. The police will continue to monitor the Youth activities in the area.

Arrangements are being made to arrange for bikeability education for primary 6 & 7’s by the council, police and NHS staff on the benefits of cycling.

The mobile police office will hopefully be introduced again shortly to allow the residents to talk to the police and discuss any concems they may have in the local community. This will be advertised to give everyone ample notice of the dates it will be in the village.

There have been a number of complaints regarding speeding particularly around the school areas, so further speed checks will be stepped up in the coming weeks.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (19“' February 2013):
Minutes Approved by Kenny Thomson and seconded by Brian Johnstone.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes:
Hillhead Caravans Kevin is keen for Councillors to visit Calum at his property at the site — Kenny and Drew volunteered. A formal KDCC letter of objection against the planning applications was sent and Ken Brown (who is a close neighbour of Calum’s) was happy this letter has been submitted. The Planning Committee meets 23rd April 2013.

Gateway Kintore — petition handed in to council — case of waiting to hear what is next on the plan.

Treasurers Report:
£1,600.00 in account. Donation of £500 granted to Action Kintore. This sum will assist with the employment of a Development Worker. Joan agreed the sum of £500 and Brian seconded.

Youth Report:
Bothie Progress — an announcement will be forthcoming in the next few weeks about the building of the Bothie. Tender acceptance should be completed by end of March. Kevin is meeting with Douglas this week to progress final issues.
Wee Bothie — giving up lease of premises expired in March. Another invoice received and Fergus to chase on our behalf to get written confiration of this expiry.

Planning Matters:
Drew informed all present of the most recent planning applications. Hillhead caravans ongoing. Craig’s joinery, workshop noise levels — proposed working from 7.00am — 7.00pm.
80 Kingsfield Road — extension.
Malcolm Allan Midmill business park — re-positioning access gates. Concrete slabbed area.

Aberdeenshire Council are progressing with bus infrastructure improvements — a number of bus
stops to be erected in Hallforest Avenue and Castlefields.
Aberdeenshire Council Update:
Town Park — phasing of housing — approved planning in principal with the phasing a reserved matter.
Town house — Nan involved already. Repair of fountain ongoing. Steps at front of Town House needs sympathetic repair to enhance this lovely building.
Town Park — cut back on houses. 3.8 hectares — 230 houses. Development of more houses and on the build of the 50th house the pavilion will be built. More smaller houses deemed important. This will have to go through the Master Planning process. Kevin stipulated that the Kintore
Community Council are keen to be involved with all the planning issues etc.
Major step forward - Fergus reported that the new primary school Gateway Stage 2 proposals will be presented to committee on 23rd April.
Second primary school — negotiation for site under way - end of Carnie Brae. Capacity - 540 primary school existing school is 450. 0.45 children per dwelling is the expectation.
Nan informed all about road maintenance budget is under by £27M. Planned expenditure for winter maintenance under £5M. There are 950 footway 1400 bridges in Aberdeenshire.
Kintore work on Henderson Crescent, School Road kerbs and 2 bridges to be fixed. All passed today.

Lesley mentioned the lack of a road line round by the florist - this will be handled by Nan and Fergus again. Gate at Tuach hill (planning enforcement matter).
Sheila mentioned the pot holes in the car park in the square behind town House - Nan will phone about this.
Kevin - Public Information display board — this will be reported by Nan again.
Underpass has 1 light left and the graffiti is looking unsightly - all issues will be reported by Nan and Fergus.
Suggestion of another flashing speed limit between the Sandy Thain Garage and the Torryburn Hotel.
Chris Foote introduced himself and told everyone to get in touch with him regarding any relevant events or happenings in Kintore. Hoping to work with the council in the future.
Apologies from Nan for next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting: 163' April 2013 at 7pm.
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